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194Poem> "Tiny Mystery"

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  • Samantha
    Jul 17, 2006
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      I wonder if she hears me
      and if each flutter of her wings
      is a flutter of her heart's passion.
      Did she feel me touch her wing
      of gentle webbing and intricate pattern?
      Perhaps I broke her wing,
      when I asked her to sprinkle
      her majesty upon my palm;
      to inhale its scent
      and be intoxicated by its fragrance.
      Does she know to weep
      when I pour fountains from these burning eyes?
      May she know my treatise of slavery
      that I entrap myself in
      each time I try to take hold of her in my slender fingers;
      that I entrap her life-giving glow
      from spilling out before this death?
      I felt her breathe one last time
      as each time I have demolished her
      with the ignorance of my strength.