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  • icysnow7
    Life is hard for most of us no matter how you choose to look at it, but when you re teenage parents name you something that you truly hate, life seems to take
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2012
      Life is hard for most of us no matter how you choose to look at it, but when you're teenage parents name you something that you truly hate, life seems to take on an almost angry and in many ways a different path than the other people around you. I'm not saying that my life has been any harder than anyone else's, but I will say I can really relate to that old country music song, A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash! I have spent my whole life explaining, and hiding from my not so common, not so pretty, and not so easy to pronounce name, although it's a basically easy name as far as names go. My parents were want a be hippies from a small town in Oklahoma, who didn't really understand Woodstock or the amazing music that it gave the world, which is why I believe they let my dear granny name me Edwina Gay, instead of giving me a cool name like Sunflower or Moon Star. I often wonder how different my life would have been had only my parents made that trip to see Woodstock instead of doing the right thing and staying home and trying to finish school. Speaking of school, on my first day and many of the days after, I would always know when the teacher had reached my name on the roll sheet by the awkward pause and then of course the mispronunciation of my embarrassing name. The class would erupt in loud hateful laughter and I would be mortified. To this day nothing quite gets me like being embarrassed. I have always been so jealous of the girls who were named, Lisa, Tammy, Donna, or any other cute little common name that everyone can spell or read without having to ask how to pronounce. All those girls who could always find a bookmark or cup with their name on it! On the playground kids started calling me eggs and wieners and that was almost more than my second grade self could take so I took it upon my self to change my name to Wina. The kids still made fun of me and most of the teachers refused to call me Wina instead of Edwina, but it was my first attempt of changing and becoming the person I am today. My great grandmother's name was Icy snow and her best friends name was sunshine so I was not the first in my family to have to deal with unusual names, but at least her name was pretty. My second husband's last name was Ball, so wrap your head around that. My name for a few short years was Edwina Gay Ball! That's right, I was Misses Edwina Gay Ball and even I can see the humor in that. He was in the United States Air Force, which is the main reason I married him, and we lived in base housing. If you have never seen base housing then I should tell you that your last names are on the front of your house. My neighbor's last name was Butt, I kid you not. I know it sounds hard to believe, but yes you could drive down our street and see the Butts and the Balls. I know someone in the office my have thought that would be really funny to move us beside each other, but I Misses Edwina Gay Ball sure didn't find it amusing at all. Soon after I fell in love with the bartender at the Officers club on base and divorced Mr. Ball and married Mr. King. Yes I was Edwina Gay King. I used to wonder if his name had been something different would I have stayed, but know I wouldn't have. He was my second husband and I was only twenty when we married and I am not on my forth marriage. My husband now is Mr. Richardson and I am pretty sure that his last name is about as good as it gets. Throughout my life my name has been both a nightmare and a gift and I still don't know whether I love it or hate it, but I've had it for forty-five years so I guess I had better just live with it. Truth is I have wonderful parents even though I feel like I have had to and still go though more crap than the average named person, I owe them more than I could ever explain. I really do kina hate my name though.
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