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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #895

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey yo! Not a whole lot going on today.

      Looks like we had some problems with our 'Fan Talk' forum over the past
      few days. We tested it again and it's now working. You can post your
      opinions on the news found here in 'Fan Talk', our discussion board.
      Anyone can post. Check it out at


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      - With The Rock's feature film debut just two months away, Universal
      Pictures released the second trailer of the upcoming movie 'Mummy
      Returns'. The Rock will play the part of the Scorpion King in the movie
      which will also be followed by a movie totally dedicated to his
      character. To view the new trailer, go to our Info Central page at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral and click on the special
      section of 'The Rock In Mummy Returns'. The trailer is available for
      download in two sizes, small - 6MB in total - and large - 31MB in total.
      Quicktime movie player is needed.

      - Six shows went on sale earlier this morning. RAW Is WAR live from Ft.
      Worth, TX., on Monday April 2nd at the Ft. Worth Convention Center;
      Smackdown! tapings at the Myriad in Oklahoma City, OK on Tuesday April
      3rd; Smackdown! tapings from Philadelphia, PA., on April 10th at the
      First Union Center; House show in Tallahassee, FL., on Wednesday April
      11th at the Leon City Civic Center; House show on Thursday April 12th at
      the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, FL.; And another house show on
      Thursday April 12th in Ft. Myers, FL., at the Teco Arena. For more
      ticket information please call the arena box office or else check out

      - Warner Brothers' Exit Wounds movie in association with the World
      Wrestling Federation are doing a contest where a lucky winner will get 2
      round trips to New York City, a two nights hotel, free dinner at WWFNY
      and a chance to see the April PPV 'Backlash' at the entertainment
      complex. Second placed winners will receive a WrestleMania box set and a
      video of last year's WrestleMania. The contest is only open to US
      residents. To participate go to

      - A couple of readers sent in a word that at the merchandise stands this
      past Tuesday at Smackdown! tapings, they were selling shirts that had
      "Finally, the Rock has come back to Tucson" printed on them. The WWF
      usually have shirts for each city they visit. However, there was a
      stupid mistake in the printing of all t-shirts. Apparently the genius
      who wrote it, spelled the name of the city wrong, and wrote 'Tuscon'
      instead of 'Tucson' and every shirt was printed with the city name
      spelled wrong! Hey, where's quality control?! Needless to say, Dave
      Meltzer adds to the story that merchandise money was very high despite
      the glitch that day cashing almost $13 from every person who attended
      the event!

      - Here's this week RAW Is WAR preview from DirecTV. Hour one is listed
      as "The possible return of Triple H has the WWF on edge." and hour two
      has "Trish ponders her future." Triple H has been kept off TV for the
      whole week after a 40 minute match with Steve Austin last Sunday at No
      Way Out.


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      - The Dusty Rhodes vs Jeff Jarrett match on Nitro has been scrapped and
      all mentioning of Dusty has been removed from the WCW.COM Nitro preview
      page. Bob Ryder of 1wrestling.com reports that communication between the
      two parties broke down on Friday.


      By Andrew Bulik, [andrew.bulik@...]

      Okay, okay. So maybe I was a bit depressing with my predictions of No
      Way Out last week. The Pay per view was fine, on the whole. There were
      weak spots and there were strong spots, but it was hardly one of the
      all- ime great cards was it? I got a so-so 4 out of 7 with my
      predictions too.

      Big Show bt. Raven - This match was just a mess, right from the very
      beginning of the bout when Tori, oops - my bad, the NINJA, attacked Big
      Slow (I'm going to look REALLY stupid if they change whoever is in the
      costume, but that ninja definitely has Tori's frame and stance). The
      match was basically just a platform for midcarders who didn't get a
      match of their own, to make an appearance on the PPV. And Silly Gunn
      getting a second
      hardcore title, give me a break.

      Jericho bt. Benoit, Guerrero & X-Pac - This was a superb matchup. I was
      pleased by the performance of ALL four competitors, yes, that includes
      X-Pac's! As far as I'm
      concerned it was the second best match on the card.

      Stephanie bt. Trish - Oh there's a surprise, the next night was a real
      surprise though. But Vince dumping Trish? Is he insane? Trish, I'm free!
      This match was above par and a better match than I had actually
      expected. But I would still rather have seen the unused
      talent such as Test/Snow/Hardyz/Hollys/Tazz wrestle in their place.

      Triple H bt. Austin - Enough with the I-told-you-so's already. This
      match was a scorcher. It brought some of my faith back to Austin and it
      was very entertaining. But
      still, it was marred by the end of the bout, which reeked of politics.
      Triple H wins by FALLING on top of Austin, NOT my drilling him to the
      mat and defeating him via
      standard pinfall. The whole end was designed to compensate Triple H for
      not being in the WrestleMania main event (yet!) and so not to damage
      Austin's reputation as the unbeatable one (even though he was beaten, if
      that makes sense). Calls for this match to be proclaimed match of the
      year are FAR too early. It is only March and besides, I reckon the
      Benoit/Y2J ladder match was better.

      Steven Richards bt. Jerry Lawler - Sadly, possibly Jerry's last PPV, but
      more on that later. I was never excited by this match so I wasn't really
      disappointed by it being
      quite poor. The angle just really wasn't all that interesting anyway.

      Dudleyz bt. E&C & Taker & Kane - This one was overbooked and again
      reeked of politics. The action was alright, with E & C carrying a lot of
      it (as they always do). But why did we need The New Islanders to
      interfere? When is the WWF going to "Get It"?

      No-one is interested in the Islanders - Dead Men feud. The whole reason
      they came down was to distract the "main- eventers" from what the other
      teams were doing so that Kane & Taker did not look bad. I hate all this
      backroom politics thing!

      Rock bt. Angle - Is Rock better than Hogan? Probably. But is he better
      than Bret Hart? Most definitely not! No matter how many moves Rocky
      'borrows' from Bret's repertoire, he will never be greater than the
      Hitman. But still, he is now a record-breaking six times champion. This
      match, for me, was the most disappointing. I expected better. Rock
      didn't know what leg was supposed to be injured and The Big Show's
      run-in was one of the stupidest things that they could have done. This
      sort of thing happening on RAW is fine, but it should not happen when
      you are trying to have a headlining bout on the pre-WrestleMania PPV. I
      don't care if it was to set up an Angle/Show feud, that should
      have been done on Raw or Smackdown.

      So like I said, No Way Out had its plus points and negative, if I had to
      grade it, I'd give it 7 out of 10. But when you compare it to last years
      No Way Out, the event pales in comparison.

      The WWF has made a huge mistake, sorry, scratch that Vince has made a
      huge mistake. The loss of Jerry 'The King' Lawler could cause serious
      problems for Titan Towers.

      Why did it happen? Personally I think it's a case of Mr. V. K. McMahon
      trying to flex his muscles in the locker room and showing who's boss.
      Some say it was a measure to prevent Kat becoming another Sable. Excuse
      me? But Kat has had nowhere near the exposure
      Sable has had and surely that was not a threat at this moment in time.
      I'm with the King on this one, the WWF is wrong. Why weren't The Kat's
      problems discussed with her before? Why did they allow the angle to
      develop on RAW if they clearly had a problem with her at the PPV? Why
      did they not anticipate King's reaction? So many questions yet so little
      answers that we may not ever find out.

      I cannot see Vince granting Lawler his full release, I just don't see it
      happening. It would suit McMahon to have the King sitting on the
      sidelines rather than have him
      surface in a potentially resurgent WCW. So what would be Vince's
      incentive on letting Jerry go to Atlanta? Exactly, nothing.

      But there has also been much speculation on who could replace King. I
      argue that he is irreplaceable, but a void is there and it needs to be

      Tazz - I cringe when I hear him on the mic. I don't believe he is the
      natural in the commentating booth that the WWF seems to think. His laugh
      is annoying and he seems to be unable to speak sense. I can handle him
      on HeAt, as I don't have to listen to him on
      HeAt in the UK, we get the Coach and Hayes, hurrah!

      Coachman & Kelly - Put simply: NO!

      Raven - Has done his bit in WCW and ECW before, and is a decent
      commentator. But his wrestling career in the WWF does have some momentum
      just now, so would it be wise to sit him next to JR? I don't think so.

      Styles & Gertner - I can't see it happening. Although I have only
      listened to some of their stuff, but I think the WWF will be trying to
      distance itself from extending its
      mini-ECW family that exists with Tazz, Credible, Lynn, Rhino et al,
      despite their attempts to get Paul Heyman.

      Paul Heyman - Although I believe he would be a good commentator, again
      he would create too much of the image of an ECW diaspora within the WWF,
      if WWF did sign him, I think he would work in a booking/behind-scenes

      Michael 'PS' Hayes - I think he should get one of the shows, Smackdown
      maybe? He has proved himself as a decent performer in the past. Lawler's
      departure has definitely increased Dok Hendrix's market value.

      Larry Zbyszko - I don't want him in WWF. When my only access to WCW was
      via Channel 5's WCW Worldwide, I cringed everytime I heard the supposed
      'living legend' on the mic. He is a hopeless announcer.

      Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan - My hopeful! I hope he makes a comeback, even
      though senility does seem to be setting in with him these days. Sadly, I
      can't see it happening, the WWF has shown no interest in him before now,
      so why should they just because of Lawler's

      As much as I don't want it to happen, I see Tazz taking King's place,
      which is a shame. I don't think he will ever be able to fill Jerry's
      boots. On a slightly different note,
      if relations between King and Vince continue to deteriorate, can you
      really see Brian
      Christopher "Grandmaster Sex-ay" Lawler's career scaling to new heights?
      No, me neither.

      I have so much more I’d like to say this week like the WWF is doing an
      excellent job in building the angles between the Hardyz, The Radicalz
      and Rock & Austin but alas I’m running out of column-space. I would
      really like to see Matt vs. Jeff at WrestleMania, and remember, it is a
      4 hour show, so it could happen…

      That’s all from me this week, if you have any points you would like to
      bring up with me just mail me at andrew.bulik@... .
      I’ll do my best to reply. My preliminary plans for next week’s column
      are looking to WrestleMania and where is the next top star in the WWF
      coming from? So if you have any comments on that, just mail me too.



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