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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #892

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Well, yesterday I said it was a "quiet Tuesday"....until Lawler quit the
      WWF later in the day. It's an unbelievable story which is a must read in
      the WWF news section below.

      We also uploaded a new "Fan Talk" section to our website with a new
      design and layout and more new features. This is the place where
      everyone can post his or her opinions. A new topic regarding the Lawler
      story is up already. Check it out at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/index2.html and participate in the


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      - In a shocking turn of events, both Jerry "The King" Lawler and "The
      Kat" Stacey Carter are gone from the World Wrestling Federation. The WWF
      released The Kat yesterday afternoon and Lawler protested and resigned.
      WWF.COM confirmed the story late yesterday about the two leaving the
      federation. According to several sources, McMahon told Ross to release
      Carter from her WWF contract, and since Ross is in charge of talent
      relations, he had to do whatever McMahon told him. Ross and Lawler are
      big friends in real life and this is a huge blow to WWF when it comes to
      TV broadcasts. Lawler has been doing RAW's for the past six years and
      did Smackdown! since it started. No replacement has been announced yet,
      but it seems like Tazz will benefit the most out of this horrible

      - According to the official Lawler website at
      http://www.kinglawler.com/, Lawler had a meeting with the WWF regarding
      the RTC/RTN angle that would happen on Smackdown! later in the day. At
      4:00PM when they came back, Ross informed them about the Kat being
      released and Lawler told JR and Vince that if she's gone, he's out as
      well. Nevertheless, none of them changed their minds and Lawler and Kat
      left the building. Lawler said during a phone conversation with the
      webmaster that there was no incident or provocation of any kind that
      could have led to the firing of the Kat. Michael Cole & Jim Ross did the
      play by play for this week's Smackdown! broadcast.

      - Lawler quitting the WWF sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling
      industry. A vital part of WWF and XFL programming, Lawler has been the
      best color commentator in the business for the past few years. According
      to several industry sources, Lawler has still 2 years on his WWF
      contract, thus he can't go to WCW for the next 24 months. Apparently
      Lawler was very vocal regarding his wife's role on WWF television. He
      wanted the WWF team to put her on TV fulltime, and after a lot of
      complaining, they finally found an angle in Right To Nudity. But still,
      problems persisted between the two sides and finally McMahon decided it
      was over. They never asked Lawler to quit, they released the Kat. Lawler
      quit by himself after he tried to play a 'do or die' game with WWF
      officials and obviously lost. But in this crazy world of pro wrestling,
      you can never say never. Jim Ross was fired twice, hired back and now in
      charge of talents. Lawler could come back. One thing is crystal clear,
      no matter what's your position in the company, never cross your boss.

      - All the promotion and marketing from the WWF regarding their 5th
      installment in their "Music" series paid off after the CD debuted in the
      #2 position in the Billboard Top 200. It's the highest debut of the
      week, with the album already Certified Gold in the United States,
      Canada, and the UK and soon to follow in Australia and Chile. According
      to the press release, Smackdown! Records and KOCH Entertainment
      delivered over 1.5 million copies of the CD worldwide, with 1 million in
      the US, 100,000 in the UK and 70,000 in Canada.

      > WWF STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 13.80, a 0.44% increase over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 13.50 - 14.39.


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      - Here are the matches scheduled for tonight's Thunder broadcast. The
      Jung Dragons vs Mike Sanders & Kwee Wee; Johnny The Bull vs Shawn
      Stasiak; Shane Helms vs Johnny Swinger; Mike Awesome vs Konnan; Chuck
      Palumbo vs DISQO; Big Vito vs Rick Steiner; Booker T. vs Scott Steiner.

      - Dave Meltzer of the Observer reports that the partnership between
      World Championship Wrestling and NWA Wildside has been canceled. No
      information was released why this happened. NWA Wildside was the
      'developmental farm' for upcoming WCW wrestlers. Stars such as the
      Natural Born Thrillaz, David Flair and others competed their against
      other soon-to-be stars on weekly basis.

      - Tonight's WCW Live! guests include Tony Schiavone before Thunder, and
      WCW champion Scott Steiner right after Thunder. To listen to the show
      RealPlayer is needed. More at http://www.wcw.com/2001/wcwlive/


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