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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #867

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Yesterday talks between W-O Newsletter and an Internet ad agency broke
      down after several days of negotiations for this particular agency to
      represent our publication as clients.

      The reason we weren't accepted was not because of our quality, but
      because, well, guess....because it's wrestling. But most of all, the
      most idiotic rejected answer I received from this company is that
      "pro-wrestling fans are lower income, poorly educated males who do not
      purchase online."

      Poorly educated males? Hello? I beg to differ. I replied to this company
      after I received that ridiculous reply. I wasn't offended that he called
      me - as a wrestling fan - a poorly educated man, but the guys simply
      pushed the wrong damn button. Nothing pisses me off more then retarded
      comments like that.

      Anyway, my friend and IGNWreslting columnist Chris Sabga did a story
      based on our case. It includes the exact e-mail I received from this
      company and an interesting rant about their reply. You can read it at
      http://wrestling.ign.com/news/30956.html . I suggest you go read it.

      On a different subject, tomorrow we should have two pictures and two
      video clips from Mick Foley's appearance at IUP. That comes thanks to
      our W-O friends from the University. Katie Carpenter attended the event
      along with other W-O jabronies and filed her report. It's in the WWF
      News section.

      New subscribers should be added tomorrow due to lack of time today. It's
      2:15AM over here, so I better turn off my jets and get some sleep.

      Back tomorrow.


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      - Today WWF.COM confirmed that the WWF signed Justin Credible, and
      reached verbal agreements with Jerry Lynn and Rhino. These three great
      performers come from ECW, and will be signed with Heyman's blessing.
      Credible is already locked, but Lynn and Rhino have yet to sign a
      contract according to Jim Ross. Ross also said that all of them will be
      available to ECW anytime Paul Heyman wants, even after they become full
      time WWF employees. No debut date has been set. This is one of the best
      additions to the WWF roster and it looks like they hit a double when
      also last year the Radicalz joined together from WCW approximately in
      the same time.

      - WWF spokesman Judd Everhart announced that World Wrestling Federation
      Entertainment are looking for a new place to call home. Currently
      located on East Main Street in Stamford, CT., Everhart said that due to
      the huge addition in WWF staff, space is running out in WWFE HQs. The
      WWF currently employs over 400 people at the moment thanks to the
      addition of the XFL personnel and Smackdown! Records staff. Stephen
      MacKenzie, director of economic development for the city of Stamford
      said, "We are certainly going to do whatever we can do to keep a
      successful and growing company like the WWF in our city." This report
      was sent to the AP wires earlier today.

      - Looks like HBK is coming back soon. In an interview with WWF.COM,
      Michaels made it clear. "I'm in negotiations about coming back to work."
      When asked when will be the day he will make his in-ring return, HBK
      said that that date is still not known due to some remaining paper work
      needed to get done. Another interesting point made was that although he
      won't be wrestling every week, he won't be just coming back for one
      final match. Michaels last wrestled for the WWF at WrestleMania 14 where
      he dropped the belt to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

      - Smackdown! didn't exactly survive a friendly night (get it?) yesterday
      as the composite rating for the show was a 4.0 with a 6.1 share. Last
      week the show did a strong 4.9 composite. Survivor did a 17.3 while the
      extended version of Friends did a 14.2 in the same head to head hour
      with Smackdown! Looks like it will be one hell of a season for

      - WWF's own Mick Foley visited the Indiana University of Pennsylvania
      yesterday for a little talk with the students. Wrestling-Online.com
      jabronies Katie Carpenter, Jude Gore and Brian Miller all attended this
      event and Katie filed the following report.

      "Foley came out on stage about 10 minutes late, but was met with
      thunderous applause. He used the same cheap pops he always does, saying
      repeatedly, "RIGHT HERE IN INDIANA, PA!" The crowd ate it up, though.
      The hardcore legend spoke out on L. Brent Bozzell (President of the PTC)
      and the fact that the WWF is losing sponsors because of him. In fact, he
      did some great impressions of the guy. He also talked about his new book
      coming out, claiming he was on the that chapter, which he promised to
      write in his Indiana hotel room last night. He told a lot of stories
      about being on the road, including what has to be the FUNNIEST Bob Holly
      and Al Snow story on record. He let us in on his new video that's coming
      out (The name escapes me, but it will be out soon) in which there is a
      "Special Bonus" for those who buy it. The video is of the best matches
      of his career, but as a treat, Mick included the FAMOUS Al Snow Kennel
      of Hell match. I'm sure we all remember that one vividly. After the
      talk, Mick answered about 7 or 8 questions from the audience. They were
      mostly good questions, except for one man who went on the attack of Pro
      Wrestling, claiming that the pro wrestlers steal money from amateurs.
      The audience booed him, but Mick shut us all up and honestly answered
      the guy. An independent wrestling promoter of the area also offered
      Mick a blank check to come wrestle on the 25th of May at the Omny, where
      Mick once wrestled a match. He politely declined. After Q & A, there was
      a signing session in the mezzenine. Mick tried to talk to everyone, but
      there was a HUGE line going both ways. I was only 10 feet away from him,
      but it took me almost a half hour to get up there. When I did, he smiled
      and pulled my hair. He signed my book and said to say hello to my mother
      (he read in my book that my mother had given HAVE A NICE DAY to me for
      Christmas of 99). Then I wished him a safe and happy trip the next day.
      He stopped what he was doing and looked me right in the eyes. He
      solemnly said, "Thank you." I then walked away with the memory of having
      met Mick Foley. It was a great night all in all."


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      - 1wrestling.com reports that five women from World Championship
      Wrestling have been released from the company. These are Tygress,
      Paisley, Major Gunns, Leia Meow and Daffney. I guess women won't have a
      big role in the new WCW under Bischoff's lead. No reason was given why
      these women were released from the company.

      - Crowbar will be at the 2nd Annual Make-A-Wish Foundation police
      basketball tournament tomorrow afternoon in Fairlawn, NJ at the Fairlawn
      High School. The time of appearance will be from 1PM till 6:30PM EST.
      Buff Bagwell will be attending an auto show at the Multi Purpose Event
      Center in Wichita Fallas, KS., tomorrow as well. Buff will be there
      between 1PM and 3PM taking pictures and signing autographs.


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