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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #865

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey yo. Welcome to issue #865. Nothing to say today, back tomorrow with
      another issue.


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      - ScoopsWrestling.com published a letter today regarding the closing of
      the HBK Academy. In the letter to all pending individuals who signed up
      to be trained by the former champ it was written that due to other
      business commitments, the school will be closed and the January class
      will be the last one they did. What would those other business
      commitments be? Jim Ross confirmed that he will be back sometime this
      year for a TV role, but the question now is when.

      - Today the Chyna biography "If They Only Knew" is released in the
      United States. The book has 304 pages and comes in hardcover format. You
      can get it from the Wrestling Megastore website at
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      - The ninth wonder of the world Chyna will be on "Late Night" with Conan
      O'Brien tonight. The two other guests lined up for the show are Tracy
      Morgan and Wanda Syke. The show airs at 12:35AM on NBC. In the meantime,
      the WWF launched Chyna's new website at http://www.wwfchyna9.com

      - The Big Show will be the special guest on tomorrow's Byte This!
      WWF.COM audio show. To talk with the Big Show call on 1-888-LIVEWWF
      between 6PM and 7PM EST or else e-mail your questions to
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      - In his latest message to his fans, Diamond Dallas page wrote about
      something very interesting that happened on Nitro which wasn't planned
      this past Monday. During the segment when Luger and Buff were ripping on
      the Ravens, Benny Thompson, a Baltimore Ravens special teams coach
      approached the railing to have a word with Buff. Buff kept calling him
      and the Ravens coach kept coming. Security guards came over and Thompson
      went back to his seat to enjoy the rest of the show!

      - Tonight right after WCW Thunder, Diamond Dallas Page will be the guest
      on the WCW Live! audio show on WCW.COM. Shane Douglas and Daffney are
      scheduled for tomorrow and WCW official Ricky Santana will be on Friday.
      Check out WCW.COM for more information. RealPlayer is needed to listen
      to WCW Live!

      - On the verge of his break into the big time, "The Fallen Angel"
      Christopher Daniels, arguably the most gifted talent on the Indy
      circuit, sat down for a one on one interview to talk about his
      opportunities and the injury that nearly cut short not only his tryout
      match with WCW but his career as well. IGNWrestling's Miss Galatea is
      your host. Read it at http://wrestling.ign.com/news/30805.html

      Here are the matches scheduled for tonight's Thunder broadcast on TBS.
      Shane Helms vs Kidman; Konan vs Reno; Rick Steiner vs Jeff Jarrett; Lash
      LeRoux vs Ron Harris; Bam Bam Bigelow vs Norman Smiley; Totally Buff vs


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      By Jude Gore, [jude@...]

      Whew... been a little while, huh?

      Instead of make excuses as to lack of articles, I'll just apologize and
      get on with this one. Let's just say a combination of final exams,
      winter break and getting back to school had to do with it.

      The idea for this concept came to me when I had a discussion with a
      friend of mine over what exactly made a wrestler a "face" and what made
      one a "heel." I'll start with his definition of faces and heels, what I
      like to call "old school."

      Old school faces and heels are like night and day, up and down, black
      and white... faces are the good guys, heels are the bad guys. To be
      quite frank, there really isn't anything else to it. Now, granted, you
      had your heelish faces (perfect example: Ric Flair... could play a huge
      face and use every cheap tactic in the book at the same time) and your
      face-like heels. But the good guys were the ones that went out there
      and gave it all up for their fans.

      "Drink your school, go to drugs and don't do milk," or something like
      that. They did for their country, the role-models, etc. The heels were
      the sneaky ones that were always out to get the good guys, came out and
      insulted the fans obviously to get a rise out of them and so on.

      Faces and heels today are similar to old school faces and heels, but not

      Today, there's a very simple difference. Faces are cheered, heels are

      That's all there is to it, folks.

      Prime example...Kurt Angle. Yes, now, he's a true heel, it's true, it's
      true. (I HAD to include that somewhere in this! You KNOW I did!). But
      when he first came into the WWF, his character didn't try to be a heel.
      (On a side note, I realize that the writers intended for him to be a
      heel, but the on-screen character Kurt Angle was trying to be a hero...
      still does sometimes now, but not as often.) It was simply his ignorance
      that caused him to get boos whenever he came out and inadvertently
      insulted the hometown.

      "But since nobody talented has ever come out of this town, lord knows
      (insert famous sports star here) doesn't have any talent, I'll take it
      upon myself to be your new hero."

      "Booo!" Angle looks around in confusion, thinking, "What? I was trying
      to do these people a favor by being their hero, and now they're booing
      me! I don't get it." Well, ok, that's not what he's thinking, but he
      acts as if it was. You get my point. His character wasn't trying to be a
      heel, but the fans didn't like him, and thus, boos. Boos = heel.

      Another good example is (Sir!) William Regal. He's doing us a favor,
      dang it! But all that we "stupid Americans" do is boo. We're uncivilized
      rednecks and proud of it! (That last statement was from the perspective
      of William Regal... please don't e-mail me saying, "I'm not a redneck!"
      I'm from West Virginia, for goodness sake, I don't have any place
      calling anyone a redneck.)

      As for faces, all they have to do is be cheered. Look at one of the top
      faces in the WWF... "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Sure, he plays to the

      "If you want to see (insert random WWF superstar) (insert random act),
      gimme a hell yeah!"

      "HELL YEAH!!!"

      He's nowhere near a typical face, though. At least an old school one.
      Think about it... Austin is only out for his own benefit, for gold. He
      doesn't trust anyone, including other faces, and isn't afraid to stunner
      anybody for no particular reason, INCLUDING The Rock or Chris Jericho.
      Let's see... he's only out for himself, he attacks other faces for no
      reason sometimes, no respect for authority... and yet he's a face?

      Yep. The fans eat it up, and that means he's a face.

      Honestly, I don't know if you COULD make Austin a heel without
      completely changing his character. The only way you could make him a
      heel would be by aligning him with one, and Austin rarely aligns with
      anybody. If they really wanted to make Austin a heel, best way to do
      it... align him with Vince McMahon. But then he's just not "Stone Cold"
      anymore. He hates Vince McMahon, and an alliance of that sort just
      wouldn't happen.

      So he's as heelish as he can possibly get. And yet he's still a face...

      My friend argued that sometimes the crowd boos somebody because they
      suck. X-Pac, for example. Yes yes, I think it's obvious that I would boo
      X-Pac no matter what. Truth be told, though, when people WERE booing
      X-Pac because he sucks, he was still a heel at the time. When they
      wanted to play X-Pac as a face...he just didn't get any response. They
      don't boo, but they don't dare cheer.

      So will faces and heels change again? I doubt it. Wrestling has evolved,
      and people say that some things work in circles, but I don't think this
      is one of them. Besides, this is truly what wrestling is about... the
      fans. Now, the script writers can influence the heels and faces, but in
      the end, WE decide. Nice to actually be able to decide something, huh?
      (Ok, ok, no more election comments.)

      Peace out.


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