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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #837

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2001
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Happy...hm.....New Year, right? Oh hey, welcome to the first issue of
      the year 2001! I have to get used to type 2001 now instead of 2000.
      Let's see how many times I will mess up.

      In this issue we have the 2000 Wrestling-Online Newsletter awards. We
      also included all the past winners, and a small write up on the 2000
      winners. Great response for this year's awards. Thank you very much for

      That's all for today. We'll be back tomorrow. See ya!


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      Compiled by Colin Vassallo, [editor@...]
      Contribution by Chris Ciolfitto, [chrisc@...]
      Voted by the readers

      The 5th annual Wrestling-Online Newsletter Awards wrapped up on December
      31st, 2000. This year we had the biggest response in the five years that
      we've been doing these. A total of 11,971 votes were placed in 14
      different categories. Here are the winners of the previous years.

      Wrestler Of The Year:
      1996 - Shawn Michaels
      1997 - Steve Austin
      1998 - (WWF) The Rock; (WCW) Chris Jericho
      1999 - The Rock

      Tag Team Of The Year:
      1996 - Owen Hart & British Bulldog
      1997 - The Headbangers
      1998 - (WWF) New Age Outlaws
      1999 - The Hardy Boyz

      Rookie Of The Year:
      1996 - (Tie) Rocky Maivia / Marc Mero
      1997 - Ken Shamrock
      1998 - (Tie) (WWF) Val Venis / Edge; (WCW) Bret Hart / Bam Bam Bigelow
      1999 - Kurt Angle

      Manager Of The Year:
      1996 - Sunny
      1997 - The Commandant
      1998 - (WWF) Paul Bearer; (WCW) Sunny Onoo
      1999 - Tammy Lynn Sytch

      Match Of The Year:
      1996 - Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 12)
      1997 - The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - Hell In The Cell (IYH: Badd
      1998 - (WWF) The Undertaker vs. Mankind - Hell In The Cell (King Of The
      Ring); (WCW) Hollywood Hogan vs. Goldberg (Monday Nitro 7/6/98)
      1999 - Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit (WCW Monday Nitro 10/4/99)

      Tag Team Match Of The Year:
      1996 - Smoking Gunns vs Owen Hart & British Bulldog (IYH: Mind Games)
      1997 - The Hart Foundation vs. Steve Austin, Goldust, Ken Shamrock & The
      LOD (IYH: Canadian Stampede)
      1998 - (WWF) Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. New Age Outlaws -
      Dumpster Match (WrestleMania 14)
      1999 - Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian Ladder Match (WWF No Mercy)

      Face Of The Year:
      1996 - Shawn Michaels
      1997 - Steve Austin
      1998 - (WWF) Steve Austin; (WCW) Kevin Nash
      1999 - The Rock

      Heel Of The Year:
      1996 - Steve Austin
      1997 - Bret Hart
      1998 - (WWF) The Rock; (WCW) Chris Jericho
      1999 - Jeff Jarrett

      PPV Of The Year:
      1996 - WrestleMania 12
      1997 - IYH: Canadian Stampede
      1998 - (WWF) WrestleMania 14; (WCW) World War 3
      1999 - WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre

      Angle Of The Year:
      1996 - Shawn Michaels/British Bulldog/Diana Smith affair angle
      1997 - Canada vs. USA angle
      1998 - (WWF) Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon; (WCW) Chris Jericho vs.
      1999 - The Corporate Ministry

      Commentator Of The Year:
      1996 - Jerry Lawler
      1997 - Jerry Lawler
      1998 - (WWF) Jerry Lawler; (WCW) Bobby Heenan
      1999 - Jim Ross

      Finishing Move Of The Year:
      1996 - Bret Hart's Sharpshooter
      1997 - Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner
      1998 - (WWF) Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner; (WCW) Goldberg's
      1999 - Jeff Hardy's Swantan Bomb

      Best Entrance:
      1996 - Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XII
      1997 - The Hart Foundation at Canadian Stampede
      1998 - (WWF) The Brood; (WCW) Goldberg
      1999 - Not done

      · In 1996 and 1997, the awards were WWF only
      · In 1998, the awards for the WWF and WCW were given separately
      · In 1999, ECW was added to the ballot and the federations were no
      longer voted for separately
      · In 2000, the Best Entrance category was unretired
      · In 2000, a new category, Story Of The Year, was added to the ballot

      And now, ladies and gentleman, the 2000 Wrestling-Online Newsletter
      Awards winners!

      Wrestler Of The Year:
      - 61% of the votes - Triple H
      - 19% of the votes - Kurt Angle
      - 8% of the votes - Booker T
      - 7% of the votes - Chris Benoit
      - 5% of the votes - Lance Storm

      Did you have any doubts about who'd win this category? Triple H
      completely swept away the competition with a whopping 61% of the votes.
      He ended Foley's career, defeated the Rock in a couple of matches, lost
      to Brooklyn Brawler, turned semi-face and was revealed as the mastermind
      behind the Austin car attack. Triple H did it all this year, and
      rightfully deserves the MVP of 2000.

      Tag Team Of The Year:
      - 37% of the votes - Edge & Christian
      - 32% of the votes - Hardy Boyz
      - 21% of the votes - Dudley Boyz
      - 7% of the votes - KroniK
      - 3% of the votes - Jindrak & O'Haire

      Edge & Christian so totally reek of awesomeness. It's been quite a few
      years that the WWF had an exciting, yet funny tag team combination like
      these duo. Coming all the way from the Brood, to singles, and then tag
      team again, these multiple-time WWF tag team champs are still in the
      beginning of their respective careers and we will see a lot of Edge,
      Christian and their silly kazoos in the 2001!

      Rookie Of The Year:
      - 42% of the votes - Mike Sanders
      - 20% of the votes - David Flair
      - 18% of the votes - Sean O'Haire
      - 13% of the votes - Elix Skipper
      - 7% of the votes - Mike Jindrak

      If last year we told you that some unknown wrestler from the WCW Power
      Plant would be on Nitro sharing the same mic time with the Nature Boy
      Ric Flair, you'd be laughing your butt off. But that's the way it is,
      Mike Sanders proved everyone that he can be terrific both on the mic,
      and in the ring. Certainly the MVP of the WCW Power Plant in the 2000.

      Manager Of The Year:
      - 39% of the votes - Lita
      - 27% of the votes - Trish Stratus
      - 24% of the votes - Steven Richards
      - 7% of the votes - Midajah
      - 4% of the votes - Torrie Wilson

      She's sexy, she can fly and she can wrestle....and she looks damn hot in
      lingerie! Lita is the diva that took the 2000 by storm, first teaming
      with Esse Rios and then forming Team Xtreme with the Hardy Boyz. This
      former WWF Woman's Champion certainly have what it takes to be the very
      best in her category.

      Match Of The Year:
      - 35% of the votes - Triple H vs Cactus Jack at No Way Out 2000
      - 27% of the votes - Triple H vs Cactus Jack at Royal Rumble 2000
      - 18% of the votes - Chris Jericho vs Triple H at Fully Loaded 2000
      - 13% of the votes - The Rock vs Triple H at Judgment Day 2000
      - 6% of the votes - Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett at Bash At The Beach 2000

      The supposed "final" match for Mick Foley came against the MVP of the
      year 2000, Triple H. This Hell In A Cell match had some pretty exciting
      moments, some fire and Foley going through the cage and destroying the
      ring. Hell In A Cell matches never disappoint (well, the last one did)!

      Tag Team Match Of The Year:
      - 49% of the votes - Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz TLC
      match at SummerSlam 2000
      - 31% of the votes - Dudley Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz
      Tables & Ladders match at WM 2000
      - 12% of the votes - Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz Ladder match at RAW
      on September 25th
      - 7% of the votes - Triple H/X-Pac/Radicalz vs Rock/Rikishi/Cactus
      Jack/Too Cool at RAW on February 7th

      The TLC match at SummerSlam provided a dozen of what we call "Holy shit"
      moments. Everyone took some serious bumps, mostly Buh Buh Ray Dudley and
      Matt Hardy, both falling from the top of the ladders and down on the
      tables outside the ring. Amazing stuff from six competitors who risked
      their lives in some weird stunts to entertain the viewers.

      Face Of The Year:
      - 62% of the votes - The Rock
      - 12% of the votes - Undertaker
      - 11% of the votes - Stone Cold Steve Austin
      - 9% of the votes - Booker T
      - 7% of the votes - Goldberg

      The Rock retains his Face Of The Year award from last year, once again
      getting the majority of the votes with a whopping 62%. There are quite a
      few faces in the WWF, but no one does a job better then the People's
      champ. And besides that, he's the best in having the whole arena in the
      palm of his hands.

      Heel Of The Year:
      - 60% of the votes - Triple H
      - 19% of the votes - Kurt Angle
      - 15% of the votes - Scott Steiner
      - 3% of the votes - Jeff Jarrett
      - 3% of the votes - Lance Storm

      Almost identical votes from the Wrestler Of The Year for Triple H and
      Kurt Angle in this category, however Triple H once again destroyed the
      competition in the heel department. Possibly the best heel in the
      business over the past few years.

      PPV Of The Year:
      - 41% of the votes - WWF SummerSlam 2000
      - 37% of the votes - WWF WrestleMania 2000
      - 11% of the votes - ECW Heat Wave 2000
      - 7% of the votes - WCW Bash At The Beach 2000
      - 3% of the votes - Halloween Havoc 2000

      This was a close call, with both WrestleMania 2000 and SummerSlam 2000
      being top-notch WWF pay-per-views. However despite WM being the mega
      event of the year, SummerSlam provided better in-ring action and some
      tables, ladders and chairs (oh my!).

      Angle Of The Year:
      - 49% of the votes - Triple H/Stephanie/Kurt Angle love triangle
      - 25% of the votes - The case to solve who ran over Stone Cold Steve
      - 13% of the votes - Tazz going to ECW to beat Mike Awesome for the ECW
      - 10% of the votes - The new WCW era
      - 3% of the votes - The Radicalz turning on Mick Foley

      The HHH/Steph/Kurt love triangle was portrayed on WWF television for
      months. Thanks to this angle, we saw the "face" side of Triple H with
      some of the most humorous segments with Mick Foley as well. Who can
      forget the RAW when HHH "exposed" the real Angle? Too bad WWF officials
      didn't end this angle, it's now like it never happened.

      Story Of The Year:
      - 41% of the votes - Radicalz going from WCW to WWF in January
      - 25% of the votes - WWF moving from USA Network to Viacom's TNN & MTV
      - 17% of the votes - WWF trying to acquire WCW from Time Warner
      - 9% of the votes - Russo & Bischoff teaming up to head WCW
      - 7% of the votes - Scott Hall gets fired from WCW and shows up in ECW

      Back in January of last year, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko
      and Perry Saturn shocked the wrestling world when they collectively
      walked out of WCW and went up north to join the World Wrestling
      Federation. And not to mention that Benoit won the WCW championship a
      couple of hours before he left! Something similar and that effective
      only happened in 1996 when Hall and Nash jumped to WCW and made history

      Commentator Of The Year:
      - 44% of the votes - Jerry "The King" Lawler
      - 40% of the votes - Jim Ross
      - 8% of the votes - Joey Styles
      - 5% of the votes - Mark Madden
      - 2% of the votes - Mike Tenay

      Puppy lover Jerry Lawler regains this award after last year losing it to
      good 'ol JR! The King is the best play-by-play in this business at the
      moment with his funny one-liners and tremendous chemistry with Jim Ross.
      Hey, he also wrestles, gets knocked out, spend a few minutes backstage,
      and comes back for commentary! Only the King does that.

      Finishing Move Of The Year:
      - 39% of the votes - Undertaker's Last Ride
      - 33% of the votes - Chris Benoit's Crippler Crossface
      - 19% of the votes - Chris Jericho's Walls Of Jericho
      - 5% of the votes - Jeff Jarrett's Stroke
      - 4% of the votes - Booker T's Book End

      The returning Undertaker gave a new meaning to the move powerbomb. It
      takes a heck lot of power to do the powerbomb 'Taker style, however it
      seems that he manages to take everyone on the Last Ride. I call it the
      wedgie-style powerbomb. I guess it hurts more while up, then going down!

      Entrance Of The Year:
      - 39% of the votes - Chris Jericho
      - 24% of the votes - Undertaker
      - 21% of the votes - Triple H
      - 11% of the votes - Goldberg
      - 5% of the votes - Scott Steiner

      3...2...1...boom! Jericho's entrance is one of the best ever in the WWF.
      Combined with those loud pyrotechnics and a kick-ass entrace video, the
      way Y2J enters the arena makes great TV, not to mention the adrenaline
      rush you get if you are in that arena!



      - Last week's Smackdown! got its lowest rating ever since the show
      started back in August of 1998. Several subscribers sent in word that
      Smackdown! didn't air in their area because other sports shows took the
      spot instead. One example is in Connecticut where a college basketball
      game aired in Smackdown's! timeslot. This without any doubt effected the
      numbers of the show. (Thanks to Julie, Mark, Warren and the rest)

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      Federation are doing a contest where the lucky winner will get a trip
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      spending money, 4 tickets to the WrestleMania event and 4 Axxess tickets
      which total up to approximately $3,000! Contest is opened till March 7,
      2001. Weider are currently doing commercials featuring Triple H. To
      participate (US residents only) and read the rules go to

      - The WWF Hardcore champion will not be at Smackdown! this week because
      he will be busy hosting the Smackdown! party at WWF New York in Times
      Square. So if you're in the New York area, drop by WWF New York where
      you'll get to see all the action on the jumbo screens and hang out with
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      - Recent reports indicate that if Sid gets healthier by the time Sin
      pay-per-view comes, the monster from Arkansas will be included in the
      main event, which already features a three way match between Scott
      Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and a mystery opponent. A few weeks ago Sid walked
      out of Nitro and Thunder complaining he injured his arm against Scott
      Steiner the previous night, and now he gets awarded with another main
      event spot!

      - The WCW Hotline which Mean Gene Okerlund hosted touched the issue of
      Mark Madden getting fired by WCW. Although WCW.COM never mentioned
      Madden by his name, the report said that and I quote, "since the
      announcer's debut on Nitro months earlier, WCW management has grown more
      and more dissatisfied with his work." A reason of backstage problems was
      given for his release from the federation. No one is sure who will
      replace Madden in his commentary spot on Nitro, but we will find out
      next Monday when Nitro returns live after being pre-empted for two

      - We've been informed by Channel 5 (and dozens of subscribers) that WCW
      World Wide in the UK will return on Friday, January 12th in the same
      timeslot as before. In the meantime, BattleDome will continue to take
      WCW's slot for the next two weeks.


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      - The ECWWrestling.com website reports that ECW owner and executive
      producer Paul Heyman will have an "absolutely, positively, 'Holy Shit'
      surprise guaranteed to change the face of ECW." This surprise will
      probably have to do something with the current storylines and not an
      announcement regarding the company.

      - Here are the matches announced for the upcoming ECW PPV "Guilty As
      Charged". Steve Corino vs Sandman vs Justin Credible in a tables,
      ladders, chairs, canes match for the ECW title; Tommy Dreamer vs CW
      Anderson in an I Quit match; Danny Doring & Roadkill vs EZ Money &
      Roadkill for the ECW tag team belts; Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck vs Kid
      Kash & Super Crazy; Christian York & Joey Matthews vs Jerry Lynn &


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