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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #836

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Oh my, we're just a few hours away from the end of the year 2000. This
      year passed by pretty fast.

      We had some great stuff going for the newsletter as well as the website
      this year. In June the Bagpipe Report mailing list merged with our
      newsletter, and even though I had to go through 3,000+ e-mails
      unsubscribing people who didn't want to receive our newsletter, I guess
      it was worth it for the others. Apart from that, I think we really
      improved in terms of news writing and how stories are presented and I
      hope each and every one of you enjoy the product we present to you each

      The newsletter wouldn't be possible without all the columnists and the
      fans who send in their reports from shows they attend. There are a lot
      of people to mention, so I'm just going to say a big thank you to
      everyone, I know I'm going to miss someone out, so it's better like
      this. As all of you know, everyone works for free here, and those
      individuals who in some way, shape or form help with the newsletter are
      volunteers who take time from their busy schedule to help making this
      newsletter. I really appreciate that and once again I thank everyone

      I think we excel the most in two things. First, this newsletter. We're
      going in the fifth year now, something no other newsletter managed to do
      as of yet. We're going to hit the 1000 issues in 2001 too, and that will
      be big, believe me. And second, our live play by play coverage of

      It takes a lot of hard work and some pretty fast fingers to do real time
      live coverage of these events. For those of you who never joined, try to
      be there sometime and see what goes down. Over the past 12 months, play
      by play was done by myself, Lekisha Faith Oliver, Ralph Aversa, and
      Justin Pass. For three hours, your fingers don't stop. Chris Ciolfitto,
      Katie Carpenter and Jude Gore have been regulars in helping doing color
      commentary as well. Hundreds of people seem to like what we do and how
      we do it judging from attendance, so thank you guys for keeping popping
      up when we do these events.

      And speaking of live coverage, I have to mention our sponsors. David
      Oser from WWFTees, Craig Henderson from Advanced Graphics, Wendy Moore
      from Athletic Expressions, Mike Sprouse from Danbury Mint Sports, JoAnn
      Shirilla from Keepsakes-ETC, Brian Sutnick from Palm Pictures
      representing Fozzy, Robert Green from Wrestlers' Formula and the folks
      at ChatSystems. These are the guys responsible for the free stuff we
      give out during our coverage. Hopefully we'll have more sponsors in the
      coming year and that means more free stuff for those who join us.

      The new year seems promising, and we will do everything we can to keep
      presenting the best newsletter on the Internet. New subscribers will
      join and new ideas will pop up. I can't say I have new ideas for the
      newsletter at the moment, because I don't. The only thing I can tell you
      right now is that we will have small coverage of WOW, the Women of
      Wrestling federation. The news, press releases and any other information
      will come directly from the offices of WOW in a deal we cut early this
      past week. However the section of WOW in the newsletter will only appear
      when we receive news. No other newsletter covers WOW and the folks at
      WOW are pretty excited about having a place in our daily publication.
      You can check out their very well-put website at http://www.wowe.com .
      Their site also tells you on what channel you can watch WOW on TV.

      And speaking of subscribers, thanks for all the e-mails of encouragement
      that you send. Feedback is always appreciated, both bad and good. It's
      nice to get feedback when you don't mess up in one of the issues. :) We
      have subscribers from all corners of the globe...US, Canada, Africa,
      Australia, UK, Germany, India...you name it, we have 'em. We also have
      tons of people who are in the US Air Force, Army and mostly Navy. I
      receive many e-mails from fans who are on board aircraft carriers or
      other naval ships saying that since they have no wrestling coverage on
      TV the only way to find out what goes on is through our newsletter. Some
      of the subs are on the USS George Washington, USS Constellation, USS
      Harry S. Truman, USS Enterprise, USS Kearsarge and other ships. Many
      subscribers also come via word of mouth. It would certainly be nice if
      you tell a friend that you know he/she might be interested to subscribe.
      Hey, hopefully we'll pass the 30,000 subscribers next year. You know the
      e-mail that you have to send your subscriptions to!

      Alrighty, it's time to close the year 2000 here at Wrestling-Online. I
      hope you'll have fun tonight where ever you are. It's the perfect time
      to find an excuse to drink and go nuts. :) Just make sure you come back
      for the next issues, if you know what I mean. :)

      Happy new year everyone and be good. We'll see you again on Tuesday,
      January 2nd for the first issue of 2001. In the meantime, here's today's
      short issue with only a few WWF notes and an interview by Lekisha Faith

      Over and out.

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      By Lekisha Faith Oliver, [lekisha@...]

      Several days ago, I conducted an interview with a young and upcoming
      wrestler named Venom. She has wrestled all over the southern part of the
      United States. Ms. Venom has been trained by the likes of Sherri Martell
      and Mike Marcell. Please visit her website and let me introduce you to
      one of the futures brightest hopes.

      Lekisha Oliver (Belle of the Brawl) BB: Who trained you?

      Ms. Venom: Several have trained me. Steve Armstrong taught me how to
      kick and punch. Dory Funk taught me how to give a solid clothesline and
      to lock up. Bobby Doll taught me to do the leg sissors off the top rope.
      A few different folks have taught me down in Central Florida where I
      improved my technical wrestling skills. I have learned a lot of moves
      from old women's wrestling tapes that fans have sent to me. Havoc taught
      me the Victory Roll. Jaguar taught me the Humpty Dumpty. Mike Marcell
      (sp could be wrong..he
      died a few months back) taught me how to land on my feet from a hip
      toss, not to mention a lot of really cool moves I've never seen done
      elsewhere (veterans are golden for us newcomers). He was a great
      teacher. He encouraged the best out of people. I was always afraid to
      flip but his belief in my ability made me feel like I never had any
      fear. I only trained with him that one time...but I walked away a better
      worker. Sherry Martel, more than anything else, has taught me the
      importance of energy and professionalism in the ring. I've never worked
      anyone with anywhere near her charisma. Just working her is an
      incredible learning experience. There are many others I have learned
      from. I have been blessed to have trained with many workers in a few
      different territories. You find that wrestlers work differently in
      different territories. So all his increases one's work rate and ability
      to work in different styles.

      BB: Why did you choose wrestling?

      Venom: Wrestling had always been a dream of mine. I love to wrestle. It
      is an accomplishment I am very proud of.

      BB: Any problems getting started in the business?

      Venom: None. I have been welcomed with open arms. There are few women
      wrestlers in the business, so a woman can find a lot of work.

      BB: What was your best/worst moment or memory?

      Venom: I have several most memorable moments. I went to a UCW show
      trying to get on their card. It was my first time there. The promoter,
      Bud Collins, had Sherry Martel working against Bobby Doll for the main
      event. Bud asked Sherry if I could walk out with her. Well, Sherry used
      me as her sidekick and allowed me to work a few spots (she taught me the
      rowboat that night hehe). After the show I told her that 'I had hated
      her for years'. Hehe! She said that was one of the nicest compliments
      she could get. The lady is a true professional. Since then Sherry has
      special referreed several matches I've worked. A few months back she and
      I worked a singles match against each other. She is by far the most
      seasoned, charismatic and professional wrestler I've been in the ring
      against. Her ring ability is a shining example to us newer wrestlers of
      how much otential there is and how far we still have to go.

      Another very memorable moment is when I won the MSWA Women's
      Championship Belt from Dakota. Dakota has a couple years in the
      business, has a true love for the business, and is another true
      professional. Winning the belt from someone I respect as much as I do
      her was an honor.

      BB: In and out of the ring, who was your inspiration?

      Venom: Well, I was initially inspired years ago....here are a few of the
      talent that inspired me back then: The Undertaker, The Ultimate Warrior,
      Shawn Michaels, Sonny, Sherry Martel, Macho Man Randy Savage, Big Boss
      Man. The inspiring wrestlers from todays times include The Undertaker,
      Dakota & Sherry Martel (both from indy work), The Hardy Boys, Edge, Dean
      Malenko, Chyna and many more.

      BB: If you could wrestling anyone in the entire sports
      entertainment/wrestling world, who would it be? Why?

      Venom: Trish Stratus. I know she's not the best worker, but she is
      flexible, wants to learn and can pull off a good match. She is creative
      in her ring work. I think she has a lot of potential and is open-minded.
      From my experience, this makes for a great opponent and good matches.

      BB: What are your plans for the present/future?

      Venom: To keep wrestling. To improve on my craft. To get better.

      BB: Who do you think caused the most commotion in the business? Why?

      Venom: Hulk Hogan. Ego.

      BB: If you had one wish, what would it be and why?

      Venom: Wrestling Related: I'd wish for a strong women's division in the
      WWF with fun, creative, skilled and interesting matches that grabbed the
      audience's attention and brought Women's Wrestling to an equal plane as
      the Men's Wrestling.

      BB: Do you have any regrets or hopes about your career?

      Venom: I hope to stay on the path I am on now. I love wrestling. I've
      been blessed to have worked a lot and against an array of competant
      workers. I hope to continue to learn, work and increase my work rate.

      BB: Would you like the enter the big three one day? And if so, which one
      would you like to work with most? And Why?

      Venom: I'd be happy if the WWF signed me. It is, of course, an
      incredible federation. Anyone would be honored to be noticed by them.
      But if I never get there, I am still very proud of the work I have done
      and would have no regrets whatsoever. The indies have been good to me.

      Take a look over at Venom’s website. She has several pictures from her
      career, as well as her list of matches thus far. Her address is:

      I would like to thank Ms. Venom in doing this interview and wish her all
      the best.


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