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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #810

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Tomorrow the prizes for the Armageddon pay-per-view broadcast will be
      announced. A new writer debuts today, check out the column "Around The
      Ring", found right below the ECW news section

      Over and out.

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      - Here's this week RAW Is WAR preview from DirecTV. Hour one is listed
      as "Armageddon for Kurt Angle?" and hour two lists "Triple H and
      Stephanie, one year later." Many believe that Vince McMahon will make an
      appearance tonight after he got trashed by Triple H on Smackdown! by
      mistake. In the meantime, here are the confirmed matches for tonight's
      broadcast. Undertaker vs Rikishi; Right To Censor vs Hardy Boyz; Val
      Venis vs Billy Gunn; William Regal vs Crash; Hardcore Holly vs Chris
      Benoit. Other matches will be announced throughout the show.

      - The WWF website confirmed that the location for the No Way Out PPV
      this coming February will be changed from Florida to Las Vegas, NV. This
      will be the first time a WWF PPV will be live from Vegas.

      - The poster for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view has been released. It
      looks like the poster from the 1992 Royal Rumble, with several WWF
      superstars in cartoon drawings near each other. The 2001 Rumble poster
      features all the top WWF stars including Austin, Triple H, Rock, Angle,
      'Taker, Chyna, Jericho etc in front of a building. Also there's a new
      Royal Rumble logo. You can view the logo at

      - If you have season tickets for the XFL Birmingham Bolts, you will be
      eligible to go to the WWF Armageddon PPV for free according to XFL.COM.
      Armageddon is being held in B'gham at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic
      Center this coming Sunday. Fans who already own season tickets or will
      buy them by the end of this week will receive the free WWF Armageddon
      ticket. This definitely means that the PPV is far from being sold out!

      > WWF STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 13 1/8, a 1.45% increase over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 13 1/16 - 13 5/16.


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      - 1wrestling.com reports that Vampiro and his agent Bob Barnett parted
      ways and Barnett won't represent Vamp anymore. Instead, Psychopathic
      Records will be his representatives. Both of them 'raised some hell'
      with their comments on the Internet in the past few weeks and Vampiro
      ended up 'leaving' WCW although still under contract. Vampiro also
      apologized for the comments he made towards WCW and the people who work
      there. Currently Vamp is sidelined after was on the receiving end of two
      Awesome bombs which caused a serious concussion.

      - Four matches have been signed for tonight's Nitro show on TNT! Elix
      Skipper takes on Crowbar for the Hardcore title; Goldberg vs Norman
      Smiley; Jeff Jarrett vs Konnan; Big Puppa Pump battles against General
      Rection for the WCW title. Also, DDP and Kevin Nash will be in action
      defending their tag team titles. All the other top WCW stars will also
      be in the house.


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      - After a few weeks not getting paid, ECW superstars were finally paid
      last night during the ECW PPV in New York, however, they're still behind
      when it comes to payments. Heyman also said in a meeting after the PPV,
      that who ever wants to leave ECW, he could have his release right away.
      That's something the WWF and WCW will never do to its talent!

      - The January PPV "Guilty As Charged" will also take place in the
      Hamerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, NY. This was the place where
      yesterday's PPV was held. Seems like ECW loves the NY crowd!

      - To read the full review from yesterday's ECW "Massacre On The 34th
      Street" pay-per-view, check out IGNWrestling.com's coverage at


      By Eric Knudsen, [dekiscool@...]

      Welcome Ladies and Gentleman, kids and all. This is the first and I hope
      a long last edition of Around The Ring. I am your loyal host Eric.
      Before I get to today’s topic, I would just like to thank Colin for the
      opportunity to write for this incredible newsletter. Just a little bit
      about myself…I have been watching wrestling for the better part of 23
      years and have watched both old and new wrestling. I think that right
      there says it all. Today’s topic is on the extreme-ness of this “sport”
      we all love.

      Today as wrestling grows ever more popular and is attracting new
      generations of wrestling fanatics, the demand on the wrestlers also
      seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. The fans are always
      appreciative of a spirited brawl, however how far is too far?

      Case in point… the late, great Owen Hart.

      Now I have to wonder what need there is for such a stunt in an angle
      that would take the life of a valued member of the wrestling community.
      Sure you can say..”Oh yeah, Sting has done the repelling act many times
      without incident.” And yes it is true, but it only takes that one time
      and (I don’t want this to sound hurtful or too harsh, but…) the fun is
      over. I was watching that PPV when Owen lost his life in a completely
      ridiculous angle. There was no need to have him repelling down to the
      ring…I was perfectly content to see him running idiotically to and from
      the ring claiming not to be Owen Hart.

      These wrestlers go in and beat each other night after night and I know
      they work well over 250 days of the year. That leaves very little time
      for anything else. Yes the matches and outcomes are scripted. However,
      injuries do occur. Case in point...Buff Bagwell. He received a "stinger"
      (a temporary paralysis) when he was bulldogged off the top rope by Rick
      Steiner. He was out for months. Now my point is that wrestling itself,
      even if it is fake, is still dangerous. One miscue, one slip, one
      mistiming can be the
      difference in a well excuted move and a serious or fatal injury.

      What we need is to get back to the basics. We shouldn’t expect the world
      of these athletes. We are the ones, the wrestling fans, that put these
      wrestlers in harms way. The bookers, the writers see the fans reaction
      to an incredible situation that happens during a match and they figure
      they somehow have to top that. So the wrestlers are encouraged and have
      it set in their minds that they have to go and do some sort of crazy
      move that will wow the crowd for that one night. And that’s it. It’s
      just that one night. I think it’s safe to say that, although he’d rather
      not, Mick Foley will be remember for being thrown 20 feet off a steel
      cell. That wowed people…for that night. Now it is up to the next
      generation of wrestlers to try and top that. So they have these tables,
      ladders, and chairs (Oh My!) matches. Luckily for the men involved in
      those matches have all walked out without serious injury.

      So what I am saying is we need to learn to say when enough is enough. I
      could deal without all this dangerous match and or angle stuff. I love
      wrestling and grew up in the time of technical wrestling. I would love
      to see a technical match. Those are what impress me and I think that’s
      what the new generation of fans need to see. As Bret Hart said in an
      interview, “We are not stuntmen.” We as fans need to realize this

      Before I wrap this up, on a side note, I am a big Hardy Boys fan and see
      a great future for them…IF they can stay healthy. I have noticed Jeff
      “mothering” his left arm as of late. And I will say that I hold my
      breath everytime he performs the “Swanton” Bomb. Like I said before…one
      slip up, one miscue…and its all over.

      Thank you all for joining me. Come back next week for another intriguing
      addition of Around The Ring. That’s my opinion and I’m standing by it.


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