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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #809

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Hey yo! We're back with another edition after a one day off, To all new
      subscribers, check out our annual awards and vote. There are 14
      categories, hope you vote in each and every one of 'em. You can vote at

      That's all for now folks, we'll be back tomorrow!


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      - ECW superstar Jerry Lynn met with Jim Ross this past Tuesday at the
      Smackdown tapings to see if there's a possibility of him in the WWF. The
      Observer reports that Ross asked Lynn to send a tape so the writing team
      can view it for some ideas. This would be another blow for ECW if they
      lose Lynn from their roster, who, by the way, is headlining tonight's
      ECW PPV with Corino & Credible. However everyone is aware of the strong
      relationship between the WWF and ECW so if Lynn does indeed move to the
      WWF, it will be with Heyman's blessing!

      - UK tabloid newspaper "The Sun" has an interview with Chris Jericho.
      Y2J was at "The Sun" offices to promote the WWF Rebellion PPV which took
      place yesterday. To read the interview with questions submitted by the
      fans, check out http://www.the-sun.co.uk/news/13206374

      - The World Wrestling Federation will be returning to the United Kingdom
      on May 5th for the 2001 Insurrextion PPV event! This will be held at
      Earls' Court, in London England, the same place where this year's
      Insurrextion took place. Insurrextion and Rebellion are the two UK PPVs
      that have been added to the WWF yearly calendar.

      - Before Rebellion started, Val Venis wrestled Bradshaw in a dark match.
      This was supposed to be on pay-per-view but for some unknown reason it
      was moved to a dark match. After cameras stopped rolling, Austin
      stunnered Chris Benoit and the Rock rock bottomed Latino Heat. Then
      Austin proceeded to ask the crowd that if they want to see him and Rock
      drink some beer they needed to give him a "hell yeah". The crowd did
      their part and Rock and Austin drank a couple of beer with Austin's
      music in the background.

      - In this week's Ross Report, JR says that Kurt Angle's older brother
      Eric has agreed to a developmental contract with the WWF and will be
      soon sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, KY. K-Kwik signed a
      new deal with the WWF while Al Snow and Jackie's contracts are being
      prepared to be extended since both expire in mid-2001. In the meantime,
      former Headbanger Trasher, Bobcat and Tracy Smothers have been released
      from their developmental contracts. In other interesting news, Ross said
      that right now there are no interest in Buff Bagwell or Torrie Wilson.

      - The Great One. The People's Champion. The Brahma Bull. Call him
      whatever you want, but know this -- The Rock is this week's special
      guest-host on HEAT, this Sunday at 7/6 CT on MTV, live from WWF New
      York! The Rock will no doubt have Armageddon on his mind, and we will
      hear from him about the Six Way Hell in a Cell Match at that event. And
      you never know what will happen on HEAT -- what else will The Rock have
      in store? Tune in to find out! Also this Sunday, Chris Benoit will be in
      the house. What will the Wolverine have to say? Two matches have already
      been signed for Sunday. The Dudley Boyz look for revenge against the
      team that beat them in a table match on SmackDown! -- Lo Down. Plus,
      Molly Holly and Crash team up against Ivory and Val Venis of the Right
      to Censor in mixed tag action. So make your plans now to join Michael
      Cole, Tazz and The Rock for HEAT, this Sunday at 7/6 CT LIVE on MTV!


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      - After bashing World Championship Wrestling on numerous occasions and
      leaving the wrestling business to concentrate on his music career,
      Vampiro reportedly wants to go back to WCW. The question now is if WCW
      will take Vampiro back after what he said about the company. Talk about
      weird guys!

      - IGNWrestling.com conducted an interview with Jimmy Hart. Hart talks
      about his career in the music business, how he and Jerry Lawler worked
      together in the past, the WWF, WCW, Hulk Hogan, Andy Kaufman, and more.
      Check it out at

      - The WCW Fall Brawl 2000 home video will be released by WCW on
      Christmas day, and will have a retail regular price of $59.97. It should
      be available for pre-order on the WrestlingMegastore.com site at the end
      of next week.


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      - Live tonight from the sold out Hamerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, NY.,
      ECW will present the Massacre On The 34th Street pay-per-view! Here's
      the full card:

      Steve Corino defends the ECW title against Justin Credible and Jerry
      Lynn; Spike Dudley vs Rhino for the TV title; FBI vs Danny Doring &
      Roadkill for the tag team titles; Tommy Dreamer against CW Anderson in
      an Extreme Grudge match; Mikey Whipwerck & Tajiri vs Super Crazy and a
      mystery partner. More matches will be announced during the show.

      Wrestling-Online.com will not have live coverage of this event, however
      the chatroom will be opened at livewrestlingppv.com for an unmoderated
      chat of the event.


      By Lekisha Faith Oliver, [lekisha@...]

      All hell has broken loose with the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin
      over the past couple of weeks. Since his triumphant return a couple
      weeks ago, Steve Austin has brought in a train of distruction. He has
      uncovered a plot, which is still ongoing, to “take him out”.

      This plot has run its course from Rikishi to the Rock to HHH. How many
      more people will be “revealed” as a part of the plot? However, it only
      took Steve Austin a couple weeks compared with the nearly full year of
      Mick Foley and Good Ol’ J.R. to uncover one of the masterminds. There
      has to be more to this than what meets the eye.

      Steve has attacked all of the people who have, shall we say, came into
      greatness since his “accident”. Lets see what all he has done.

      Starting off with Rikishi. As all of us know, he confessed a couple of
      weeks ago to cover up for his cousin. But, look at the damage that
      Rikishi has done to his career since the revelation. Gone from face to
      heel in a blink of an eye and kicked away his sidekicks without even
      acknowledging it.

      This heel turn has made him one of the most dispised men in the entire
      WWF. This little brainstorm of the writers tried to push Rikishi into
      the top heel spot, and that idea worked for about two seconds until the
      next idea came along. They did his heel push and its working, put a belt
      on the man and move him along to the next angle.

      Next is the Radicalz bunch. Benoit, Saturn, Malenko, and Guerrero have
      been pushed like crazy since their arrival into the WWF. However, these
      athletes have been pushed into several different directions.

      Chris Benoit is one of the best technical people in the entire business
      and I would love to see him with a title soon. They pushed him into the
      loner status and made him to work on his mic skills. And I will admit,
      these skills are getting better, but still needing work. They basically
      pushed him from the front of WCW to the front of the WWF in a short
      amount of time. This type of push will push him straight to the top, if
      the writers do
      not typecast him into a “lacky” status.

      Now onto Saturn. This poor, little dude has been passed over repeatedly.
      Finally putting him with Terri is one of the best things for him. She
      can put anyone over…sorry pun intended. But he still isn’t really well
      liked yet. And from what I have seen over the past couple of days, they
      are trying to take them apart…err..umm..break them up. Better words. I
      say, place him into the hardcore division and let him work his way up.
      I better get away from this guy or I’ll say something I’ll regret…

      Onto Malenko. This man of a thousand sayings/catchphrases has been into
      the Godfather’s old closet with his ladies. With him wrestling in the
      lightweight division, he has been more of a just-there type of person
      and is not getting a lot of prime television time. This angle could
      only help his chances, since his ladies have left him.

      And onto Eddie. I like him as a face and as a heel. The problem with the
      face turn is that he had to put Chyna with him. Now, do not get me
      wrong, I liked seeing Chyna smile, but the heel turn can only make Eddie
      more popular. This angle, if pushed correctly, could put him over the

      The Rock. This idea about him being in on it floated about as long as
      the Titanic did. Can we say bad idea? I think so. By putting its major
      babyface into a heel position shows that the writes can spot a big

      But onto Triple H. This guy has major heel talent, even though he is
      more loosened up when he is a babyface. But he has carried the heel heat
      for a long time. And with Steve “trying” to inflict bodily harm and then
      not following up on the storyline is compeltely pointless. Yeah he
      needed a week or two off to heal his back, but come on, putting the man
      into an interesting Hollywood stunt looking thing…over the top. Sorry.
      Everyone knows that he wasn’t in the car.

      Even though Austin’s ring rust is finally starting to wear off, which
      showed during the techinal match with Benoit, Austin will still continue
      to fight with his fellow workman. Whether it be in the ring or out in
      the parking lot, Austin will have his revenge. Just like a saying I have
      heard, be careful of a sleeping snake, it’s strike can be deadlist. And
      Austin is showing that to be true.

      Now onto the old business…I like this part. The interview with Steve
      Corino is emailed to him and I am awaiting his response. Also, the
      interview with Lady Victoria is still on the working side. We are still
      playing email tag.

      I would like to thank those who sent in questions for them.

      Now onto explination of last week’s absense of a column…the truth is
      that I had and still have the full blown flu…which explains a lot of the
      comments. I am feeling better; hopefully I’ll be back to myself soon.
      And since Colin is gone again this weekend…hehe… I’ll just say that
      ya’ll go and vote at the site Colin gave. This way we all can keep him

      I am sorry, but the question of the week is to send in your questions,
      since my brain is half-asleep. Send in your questions to

      Hopefully everything will be back to normal. And in case you all are
      wondering, I still haven’t heard anything from Jeff Docherty. Hopefully
      he’ll feel better soon and give us an insight to that mind of his. But
      until next time. Stay safe.


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