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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #808

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      There won't be a newsletter tomorrow due to the reason that I have to be
      at my brother's wedding. That also explains why I'm not over in the UK
      for WWF Rebellion! AARGH!

      We won't have any coverage of Rebellion, however the folks at
      Wrestlingdotcom.com will have match by match reports on their newsboard
      starting tomorrow at 2PM EST.

      Today will be the first day you can vote for the 2000 Wrestling-Online
      Awards. This is the 5th year we're doing this, and this year we are
      going to use simple polls instead of you having to e-mail the results.
      Results will be counted at the end of this month and winners will be
      announced on January 2nd 2000.

      Here are the categories and nominations. Voting URL will follow.

      <> Wrestler Of The Year: Triple H; Kurt Angle; Chris Benoit; Booker T;
      Lance Storm

      <> Tag Team Of The Year: Edge & Christian; Hardy Boyz; Dudley Boyz;
      Jindrak & O'Haire; Kronik

      <> Rookie Of The Year: Mike Sanders; David Flair; Mark Jindrak; Sean
      O'Haire; Elix Skipper

      <> Manager Of The Year: Steven Richards; Trish Stratus; Lita; Torrie
      Wilson; Midajah

      <> Match Of The Year: Triple H vs Cactus Jack at Royal Rumble 2000;
      Triple H vs Cactus Jack at No Way Out 2000; The Rock vs Triple H at
      Judgment Day 2000; Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett at Bash At The Beach 2000;
      Chris Jericho vs Triple H at Fully Loaded 2000

      <> Tag Team Match Of The Year: Triple H/X-Pac/Radicalz vs
      Rock/Rikishi/Cactus Jack/Too Cool at RAW on February 7th; Dudley Boyz vs
      Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz Tables & Ladders match at WM 2000; Dudley
      Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz TLC match at SummerSlam 2000;
      Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boyz Ladder match at RAW on September 25th.

      <> Face Of The Year: The Rock; Undertaker; Steve Austin; Goldberg;
      Booker T

      <> Heel Of The Year: Triple H; Kurt Angle; Scott Steiner; Jeff Jarrett;
      Lance Storm

      <> PPV Of The Year: WWF WrestleMania 2000; WCW Bash At The Beach 2000;
      WWF SummerSlam 2000; WCW Halloween Havoc 2000; ECW Heat Wave 2000

      <> Angle Of The Year: Triple H/Stephanie/Kurt Angle love triangle; The
      case to solve who ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin; The Radicalz turning
      on Mick Foley; The new WCW era; Tazz going to ECW to beat Mike Awesome
      for the ECW title

      <> Story Of The Year: Radicalz going from WCW to WWF in January; WWF
      trying to acquire WCW from Time Warner; WWF moving its programs from USA
      Network to Viacom's TNN & MTV; Russo & Bischoff teaming up to head WCW;
      Scott Hall gets fired from WCW and shows up in ECW

      <> Commentator Of The Year: Jim Ross; Jerry "The King" Lawler; Mike
      Tenay; Mark Madden; Joey Styles

      <> Finishing Move Of The Year: Chris Benoit's Crippler Crossface; Chris
      Jericho's Walls Of Jericho; Undertaker's Last Ride; Jeff Jarret's
      Stroke; Booker T's Book End

      <> Entrance Of The Year: Undertaker; Goldberg; Triple H; Scott Steiner;
      Chris Jericho

      Those are the 14 categories and the nominees. You will be able to vote
      until December 31st, 2000. To vote, simply go to:

      ** http://www.wrestling-online.com/infocentral/special/2000awards/ **

      and cast your vote in each category.

      We'll be back on Sunday!


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      - Tomorrow the WWF will present its second UK PPV of the year,
      Rebellion, live from the sold out Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England.
      Here's the current card:

      Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock vs Rikishi vs Kurt Angle for the WWF
      title in a fatal four way match; Undertaker vs Chris Benoit; Chris
      Jericho vs Kane; The Hardy Boyz vs Bull Buchanan & Goodfather for the
      tag team titles; Lita vs. Ivory for the Women's title; William Regal vs
      Crash for the European title; Chyna teams up with Billy Gunn to take on
      Eddie Guerrero & Dean Malenko; Steve Blackman battles Perry Saturn for
      the Hardcore title; Edge & Christian vs T&A vs Dudley Boyz in a three
      team elimination table match; Bradshaw vs Val Venis. Mick Foley and
      Debra will also be in the house while Jim Ross and Tazz - replacing
      Jerry Lawler - will do play by play.

      The event starts at 7:00PM GMT, approximately at 2PM EST. If you live in
      the US, the only way to see the PPV is at WWF New York which will screen
      it for free.

      - Since Rebellion is sold out, the only way to see it is by ordering the
      event on SKY Box Office. To order the event, go to channel 770 and you
      can use your remote control to order, or else call on 08705 800 8888 to
      talk with a customer representative. The show will cost £17 and it will
      air on the same channel tomorrow at 7PM GMT. For more information, check
      out the SKY text page 175 or else go online at

      - Smackdown! received a 5.7 rating with an 8 share for yesterday's show
      on UPN. For a full review of Smackdown! check out WWF.COM's coverage at

      - WWF chairman Vince McMahon will be interviewed by Playboy and a story
      will be done for the February 2001 issue. Playboy keeps getting
      wrestling personalities on their magazine, as the January 2001 issue
      will have Goldberg and parts of his book published.

      > WWF STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 12 15/16, a 4.61% decrease over the previous trade.
      The day's range was 12 15/16 - 13 15/16.


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      - The folks at Playboy.com has an interview up with Goldberg, who will
      be featured in next month's issue. Goldberg comments on his book, Vince
      McMahon, the XFL and wrestling! It's funny that a few months ago,
      Goldberg was complaining about the direction WCW were going to....too
      much 'attitude' and lots of skin. Now he's on Playboy! How things
      change! Check it out at http://www.playboy.com/rouze/features/

      - The match between Lex Luger and Goldberg at Starrcade 2000 has been
      change to a No Holds Barred, with no DQs, no countounts, anything goes!
      This was announced on the WCW.COM website today. More details on this
      match will be given on WCW TV.

      - Here are few matches that were announced for this Monday's Nitro! Elix
      Skipper takes on Crowbar for the Hardcore title; Goldberg vs Norman
      Smiley; Jeff Jarrett vs Konnan; Big Puppa Pump battles against General
      Rection for the WCW title. DDP and Kevin Nash will defend their titles
      as well.


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      > ECW TIX
      - Tickets for the ECW show in Queens, NY., will go on sale this coming
      Sunday night at the ECW PPV. The Queens show was moved to the 15th
      December, and it will be the day that the Dudley Boyz will return to ECW
      for one night only! Fans attending the PPV this Sunday will get a chance
      to get the best tickets!


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