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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #781

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Pretty interesting news day today.

      We have the debut of a new columnist. He's Jude Gore, the second
      columnist from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Sooner or later
      we'll have like a class full of IUP students writing for the newsletter
      :) His column is called Lord Of The Rings and can be read in the final
      section of the newsletter.

      Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it!

      Back tomorrow.


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      - After an encouraging 5.6 rating from last week, ratings for RAW took a
      0.6 dive down, receiving a 5.0 composite with a 7.4 share off hours 4.6
      and 5.3. Quarter hour breakdowns are as follows: 4.2, 4.7, 4.8, 4.6,
      5.6, 5.5, 5.3, 5.0 and another 5.0 for the overrun. Ratings for the
      second hour continued to drop every quarter of an hour. RAW's
      opposition, Monday Night Football received a 13.8 with a 23.0 share. It
      seems the WWF are a long, long way from achieving the 7's and 8's they
      pulled a few months ago. (Scherer)

      > RAW REPORT
      - You can read the full WWF RAW Is WAR report at

      - Livewire did a 1.1 with a 3.5 share; Superstars did a 1.2 with a 2.9
      share; Heat did a 2.2 with a 3.3 share. (Scherer)

      - After talks broke down two weeks ago, the World Wrestling Federation
      and the Hart family settled their pending lawsuit outside court. The
      settlement now needs a final approve from the court after they filed the
      motion late Friday afternoon in the Missouri Court of Appeals. Dan
      Margolies, legal reporter of The Kansas City Star reports that the Harts
      and WWF officials limited their talks to the media, saying that they
      have come to an amicable agreement satisfactory to the parties. However
      the WWF will continue on with the lawsuit against the manufacturers of
      the equipment that Owen Hart used on May 1999. Sources close to the Star
      say that the WWF agreed to pay the Hart family a whopping $18 million to
      settle the case out of court. The case should be wrapped up on November
      7th, where Martha Hart and her two children will also be in attendance.
      Apart from suing the WWF over the death of Owen Hart, the Harts also
      sued the Kemper Arena, City of Kansas, manufacturers of the equipment
      and stunt co-ordinators on hand that night. If the motion is approved by
      the court, the Harts will drop the case, however, the WWF will continue
      to go after the manufacturers of the harness and rigging equipment. The
      Calgary Sun through SLAM! Wrestling adds to the story that Martha Hart
      stated that she's satisfied with the agreement, and hopefully everything
      will end on Tuesday. The WWF are escaping the bad media coverage that
      they would have received if the case went all the way to court next
      year. It should be interesting also to see how the WWF shareholders will
      react after - and if - the motion is approved.

      - A few days after Burger King pulled ads from WWF Smackdown!, WWF
      chairman Vince McMahon said to the NY Post that a lawsuit against the
      PTC will most likely be filed as early as this week. McMahon told the
      Post that out of the 35 plus advertisers that the PTC advertise as they
      pulled from Smackdown, around 25 of them never bought national
      advertising with the WWF. "It's the Big Lie Theory and that's what
      they're doing, they're lying their way through this thing," said
      McMahon. Vince McMahon is planning to go 'all out' on L Brent Bozell,
      head of the Parents TV Council. The WWF chairman also made a brief
      comment about the possible WCW buyout when asked by the NY Post. "As a
      public company, I need to be careful what I say, but we have had
      conversations with them," he said.

      - IGN Wrestling reviews the latest offerings from the WWF book
      collection: Mick Foley's Christmas Chaos and J.R.'s Can You Take The
      Heat? More at

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 15 1/8, a 0.41% decrease over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 15 - 15 3/16.

      - The Calgary Sun reports that British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith has been
      released from jail, however has agreed to check into drug rehab despite
      denying any drug problems in court. However, the judge "smacked" some
      other important conditions apart from drug rehab. Smith will have no
      contact at all with his wife Diana, his sister-in-law Ellie and two
      other named by the court, he has to pay $2,000 cash for each charge or a
      $20,000 surety, no alcohol can be taken as well as non-prescription
      drugs. The Bulldog is also barred from being near five residences,
      including the house of Stu & Helen Hart. He's expected to check into
      rehab within 48 hours, either in US or Alberta, Canada. Full story on
      this by the Calgary Sun can be read at SLAM! Wrestling @


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      - Nitro improved by a 0.3 over last week's rating. The show did a
      composite of a 2.5 with a 3.6 share off hours 2.9 and 2.1. Quarter hour
      breakdowns are as follows: 2.5, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 2.7, 1.9, 1.8, 2.0.
      Whenever a show follows a PPV, it usually rises in ratings, as seen last
      week for RAW. Nitro was no different either. RAW suffered the most in
      their second hour, which was wrestling-unopposed. (Scherer)

      - You can read the full WCW Nitro report at

      - The new WCW US champion will be on WCW Live tonight, although the
      interview has been pre-taped. In a recent interview with Alex Marvez of
      the Observer, Buff Bagwell took some low shots at the man formerly known
      as Hugh Morrus, and rumors are flying around that the comments didn't
      sit well with the General. WCW Live starts at 8PM EST on WCW.COM with
      hosts Jeremy Borash and Bob Ryder.

      - Jeff Jacobson reports that WCW changed the names of three
      pay-per-views. The January PPV "Souled Out" will not be "Sin".
      "Superbrawl" got an extension to its name, which is now "Superbrawl
      Revenge". "Uncensored", which is usually the worst PPV in the WCW
      calendar is now known as "GREED". Rumors of WCW changing names to some
      of their PPVs actually started to spread around a few months ago but
      only now they have been made official.


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      By Jude Gore, [jude@...]

      Hey, everyone... Jude Gore, here; those of you that caught the
      play-by-play for No Mercy might have seen me in the channel as
      Chronodin. Looks like I'll be getting my weekly chance to express my
      views on the wrestling situation, past, present and future. Perhaps the
      reason I acquired the desire to write an article on wrestling is that I
      read other articles, had opposing views, and wanted to express them
      somehow... what better newsletter to write an article for than
      Wrestling-Online Newsletter? (Ok, Colin, can I have my free t-shirt now?

      ( Editor's Note: Better yet, here's $100 for that effort :) )

      As some people may have picked up during the PBP, I go to the same
      college as everyone's favorite Katie Carpenter; in fact, I live just
      down the hall from her. And it's from her article that I will draw my
      first subject matter: Kurt Angle as world champion! I think this was a
      great move by the WWF (even if it WAS a last-minute decision). The
      reason being is that The Rock as world champion, as many people seem to
      agree on right now, was getting old. The Rock may be able to draw heat
      from the crowd as nobody can, but he was simply a boring champion. Look
      at it this way... what's the last actual storyline
      The Rock has been involved in? Feuds, maybe, but few storylines. The
      most interesting thing on Raw every week should involve the World
      Title... hence why the title is held as the most prestigious reward in
      the federation, and with WWF being the leader in pro wrestling, the most
      prestigious in the entire industry. It's THE title... but when you just
      hold it and don't really do much with it, people get bored, and that's
      what I feel The Rock has done. Kurt Angle, love him or love to hate
      him, has talent oozing from his red, white and blue latex-laden body.
      It was his wrestling ability that first got the WWF interested in him,
      and turns out that he's a natural on the mic... it's true, it's true.
      (Oh, c'mon, you know I had to fit that in SOMEWHERE!)

      Speaking of world champions, it reminds me of Triple H, whom I have more
      respect for than any other active wrestler (I say active wrestler, as
      there are other non-wrestling figures, such as Mick Foley, who top my
      list). I don't know if anybody else noticed, but Triple H, being world
      champion only a matter of months previously, was pushed down to
      mid-card. [cue the gasps of shock] Perhaps 'pushed' wasn't the correct
      word. As many people know, Hunter Hearst Helmsley has quite a bit of say
      so in WWF booking, so it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it were his
      idea to back away from the main event. And even if it wasn't his idea,
      how many reports have you read about him complaining? Simply put, he
      knew to step aside and let others move up. Involving Chris Benoit and
      Kurt Angle in storylines with the bigger names has given them pushes the
      likes of which many wrestlers only dream about. Speaking of Benoit,
      here's somebody that has impressed me quite a bit. It was never a
      question as to how much talent Benoit had... heck, that's where the
      whole "best damn technical wrestler" thing came from. But Benoit has
      never really had much of an opportunity to practice his mic skills. It's
      good that he has, though, because he's quickly developing into an
      amazing heel, and in my opinion has the potential to be the top heel in
      the WWF.

      What about Triple H, you ask? Triple H has become one of the best heels
      in the industry, but lately, I'm seeing more and more face-like actions
      coming from The Game, hinting at his supposed upcoming face-turn. Why
      would they turn Triple H face? If it's not broke, why fix it? Because
      stuff in wrestling rarely 'breaks' when left alone, and to wrestling
      fans, that's just plain boring. They WANT to see things 'break,' so to
      speak. It's all about change, ladies and gentlemen. When The Rock comes
      out and makes indications to turning things sideways and shoving them
      straight up people's candyasses, as much as the people love it (Hell,
      it's live, you'd cheer like that too if you were live) you come to
      expect it and it becomes routine. But how often does Rock say that now?
      Not nearly as often as he used to, which sets up the situation where
      when he DOES say it, we're caught off-guard and are forced to think,
      "Hey! I forgot about that! Awesome!"

      Now, that I've commented on a few things the WWF is doing right, I'll
      comment on a few things the WWF is doing WRONG. One... X-Pac having
      air-time. Let me sum a lot up in just one message to the WWF: The fans
      aren't booing X-Pac because he's doing a good job of being a heel. It's
      not the same as the normal, "He insulted our hometown!" booing. They're
      booing because, quite frankly, they don't want to see him. He's
      annoying. Simply put, X-Pac makes one God-awful heel. As a face and a
      yes-man to Triple H, he was tolerable (and that's just my opinion, I've
      never been that crazy about X-Pac anyway,
      but now he's just plain BAD). Well, that was the big thing I'm not crazy
      about. Another thing is that there really is no major faction in the
      WWF. Lots of guys on their own, but few alliances. As cliché as it may
      be, I'm feeling the need for at least one major stable in the WWF,
      ideally a heel stable (as face stables are usually formed to combat heel

      So, that should about do it for this week's edition of The Lord of the
      Rings. Feel free to send me e-mails with your comments, suggestions and
      whatnot. See ya.

      PS: Bra and panties matches with Lita and Trish = GOOD! Also, go buy
      November's issue of WWF Magazine. Contains Stephanie McMahon pictures,
      which also = GOOD.


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