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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Chris Ciolfitto actually remembered that he used to write a weekly
      article here...so after a couple of months he decided to submit an
      article after learning that his favorite wrestler Bret Hart called it
      quits. Yay. You can find his article under the ECW news section.

      That's all for today...back tomorrow!


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      - The Parents TV Council made their presence felt again, when members of
      the PTC board contacted the folks at Burger King regarding their ads on
      WWF Smackdown! Today, Stefan Bomhard Sr., Vice President of Marketing at
      Burger King informed the PTC that BK has officially removed all ads from
      the show on UPN. Burger King is the latest company to pull its ads from
      Smackdown, following the path of the Coast Guard, Air Force, Army,
      Kellogg's, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines and some twenty other sponsors.

      - X-Pac will be hosting the RAW Is WAR party live tonight from WWF New
      York. X-Pac has been MIA from WWF TV since No Mercy. RAW will be shown
      on the jumbo screens with live cut-ins from the broadcast. More at

      - WWF.COM conducted an interview with "The King" Jerry Lawler. Lawler
      talks about Foley's Christmas book, the "hard job" overseeing the XFL
      cheerleader tryouts, politics and more! Check it out at

      - Tonight's RAW comes to you live from the Fleet Center, in Boston, MA.!
      Rikishi will face Stone Cold Steve Austin in a steel cage match! The
      Rock battles Chris Jericho, with the winner facing Kurt Angle on
      Smackdown for the WWF title; Chyna takes on Eddie Guerrero for the IC
      title; Mr Ass vs Steven Richards; Hardy Boyz & Lita vs Bull, Goodfather
      & Ivory. Triple H, Kurt Angle and all the rest of the WWF superstars
      will also be in the house.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 15 3/16, a 3.19% decrease over the previous trade.
      The day's range was 15 1/16 - 15 11/16.

      - Our good friend Ralph Aversa attended yesterday's WWF show in Buffalo.
      He was at the back of the arena before the show started and got some
      good notes about what went down.

      - Tony Garea and Jack Lanza pulled up. They were visible around ringside
      night long; Dave and Earl Hebner pulled up; Triple H pulled up in a
      White Expedition, he was accompanied by Steven Regal and Chyna; Billy
      Gunn was with what many thought was his wife. There was a state of
      confusion because no one could recognize him with his now short hair;
      Edge pulled up with a car that had Canadian license plates. He was
      accompanied by his fiancee; Bull Buchanan was traveling with Teddy Long
      and Jackie; Stone Cold Steve Austin pulled up with Debra. He was the
      ONLY wrestler to walk over to the fans and sign autographs. In talking
      with Austin, he said his neck feels great. Austin said that after the
      match he went through the night before at the Air Canada Center in
      Toronto, his neck is feeling strong. Austin not only signed autographs
      with everyone but posed for pictures. Debra walked right into the arena
      when they pulled up.

      - Mideon and Scotty 2 Hotty were in the car together; Trish Stratus
      pulled up, by herself, in a New Jersey plated car; Kurt Angle pulled up
      with Christian; Steven Richards and Crash drove in; Rikishi and the
      Goodfather came in together; The Dudley Boyz traveled together; Dean
      Malenko drove up along with Perry Saturn and Terri; The Hardy Boyz w/
      Lita pulled up; The Rock pulled up in a limo. Behind him in a limo was
      Adam Sandler according to a security guard. They talked and laughed for
      a few minutes; Jim Dotson was on the attendance list given to the
      parking security guard but did not show up!

      - As far as matches go, here are the results. Too Cool lost to Godfather
      & Bull; Regal over Crash; Gunn defeated Guerrero by DQ; Jackie & T&A
      defeated Hardyz & Lita; Al Snow over Perry Saturn; Dudley Boyz win
      against Edge & Christian; Dean Malenko vs X-Pac...Ralph forgot who won!
      Nice :); Kane defeats Road Dogg; Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock &
      Triple H defeated Rikishi, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit. After the match,
      all drank beer and Triple H started to spit it on Jack Lanza and other
      WWF security guards and officials that are ringside. Everyone was
      completely out of character. It was truly classic.


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      - Mike Mooneyham of the Charlston Post & Courier newspaper reports that
      Scott Hall has been arrested this past Thursday in Sanford, FL., after
      violating probation of a case that dates back to 1998. In '98, Hall did
      several damage to a $65,000 limousine which was parked outside. Police
      arrested the former champ after Hall requested a child custody hearing,
      trying to get the custody of his son and daughter from his wife Dana,
      who he described as "emotionally and mentally unstable, and an unfit
      parent." Wow, I guess Hall never looks in the mirror. Anyways, the guy
      who owned the limo showed up in court and basically busted Hall for
      having an outstanding warrant for violation of probation. Hall failed to
      finish up his community service which was ordered by the court back at
      that time.

      - Several sources are reporting that Goldberg won't be traveling to
      Germany for their "Millennium Final" pay-per-view. The reason is because
      Goldberg is Jewish and he feels uncomfortable in some places in Germany.
      The main event has already been announced for that Germany-only PPV.
      Sting will defend his European Cup he won in 1994 against the winner of
      a 4 way match between Nash, Steiner, Jarrett and Vampiro. The PPV will
      be live from the Oberhausen Arena and shown live on Premiere World. A
      note for UK fans, Goldberg will participate in the UK tour which is only
      days before the German PPV.

      - The only match announced for tonight's Nitro show is former ECW world
      champion Mike Awesome taking on Booker T for the WCW Heavyweight Title.
      The Buff Bagwell/Flair storyline will also be continued. Goldberg will
      also be in action trying to keep his winning streak alive. The new
      commissioner Mike Sanders will be in the house as well. And obviously
      the rest of the big stars will be there as well. Thunder tapings follow
      the live Nitro.

      - To read the full WCW Halloween Havoc 2000 report, point your browsers
      to http://www.wcw.com/2000/10/29/ppv/frameset.exclude.html


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      >> RANTS & RAVES
      By Chris Cioflitto, [rantsandraves@...]

      I'm sure as most of you know, I haven't written a Rants & Raves column
      in about 9 months or so, the last one was in March I believe, either way
      it's been awhile. Now some of you may ask why I haven't written in
      awhile, well, it's because I feel that I'm not a very good writer
      therefore I realized that I must've looked like a major asshole when
      writing opinion columns and such, but the more I thought about it, I
      realized that Colin's had much bigger assholes then myself writing for
      this here rag, so I figured, what the hell, let's start writing again,
      and you can all behold the glory of my shitty run on sentences and
      points that go nowhere...much like this one :) Now, I don't know if
      this'll be a regular column like it has been in the past but I will try
      and right every once in awhile as there's a lot in the wrestling world
      these days that's pissing me off :) As for right now, I'll focus on one

      Bret Hart.

      Now as you all know by now, on Thursday, Bret Hart announced his
      retirement from wrestling, and those who know me well know that I'm one
      of Bret Hart's biggest fans, I even run a Bret Hart website
      (http://hart.cjb.net) and I just wanted to say a few things if I may,
      about Bret Hart.

      First of all, Bret is one of the greatest wrestlers who ever lived, and
      even if you don't see it that way, you have to admit that he was at
      least one of the greatest wrestlers to ever set foot in a wrestling ring
      among other greats like Curt Hennig, Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, The
      Dynamite Kid, Chris Benoit and many others, I still feel that he is the
      best. Bret always had a way of drawing me into his matches because he
      excelled at them so much that you just knew that no matter who we was
      wresting, be it Shawn Michaels or Skinner, you just knew that it'd be a
      good match. That's what I liked about him, also I liked how he was
      generally a nice guy outside the ring as well. From all the people who
      know Bret, who've met Bret, who've worked with Bret etc. have only had
      nice things to say about him. In fact, the two times I've been
      fortunate to meet Bret at autograph sessions, it struck how nice he was
      to everybody and anybody, even though there were many people in the line
      waiting to get his autograph, he spent a few minutes talking with each
      person, shaking hands and taking pictures and that struck me how he was
      like that, a true gentleman in every respect.

      Unfortunately for Bret though, his wrestling career ended when Bill
      Goldberg kicked him in the head with full force at Starrcade back on
      December 19th, although some may say that his career really ended when
      his brother Owen died earlier that year, but in any event Bret has
      officially retired from wrestling and therefore I feel, what better time
      to look back at his amazing career which included 7 World Titles (5 WWF
      and 2 WCW). So I present to you, the top 5 matches (in my opinion of
      course) of Bret Hart's career...

      1. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart - WrestleMania 10 - March 23, 1994

      I think this match was the the best Bret Hart's ever wrestled for a
      couple of reasons. First the angle behind match was that Bret was the
      older, wiser, more experienced of the two Hart brothers therefore it
      would be a mere pushover for him to defeat Owen, much like how Bret
      would destroy some poor jobber on WWF Superstars. Owen defeating Bret
      was next to impossible. The match itself was a technical classic with
      great psychology to boot with Owen working on Bret's injured knee for
      the entire match, this was the same knee that had been injured at the
      previous Royal Rumble. You really don't see psychology like that
      anymore these days. The ending of the match was about as surprising as
      you're ever gonna get, Owen reversed Bret attempted victory roll and
      covered him for the 3 count shocking most fans in attendance at Madison
      Square Garden and the fans watching the event at the same place that I
      was watching it at. In short, even though Bret didn't win, I still
      consider this match Bret's greatest match ever.

      2. Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit - WCW Monday Nitro - October 5, 1999

      The above match had Owen in it, and this match was about Owen. As you
      know, Owen had died the previous May in the Kemper Arena in Kansas City,
      and this edition of Nitro took place in the very same arena so WCW (in
      one of their better decisions) decided to have a tribute match in Owen's
      memory between two of the best Canadian wrestlers who ever lived, Bret
      Hart and Chris Benoit. The match itself had no angle or back story
      behind it, is was just two of the greatest wrestlers ever putting on a
      wrestling clinic for 35 minutes straight and that's what made it so
      great. After the match Bret pointed to the ceiling of the arena where
      Owen had fallen from...this match truly was for Owen, and I'm sure he
      enjoyed it wherever his is right now.

      3. Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin - WrestleMania 13 - March 23, 1997

      Bret had returned to the WWF at the 1996 Survivor Series and found that
      a man named "Stone Cold" Steve Austin had been challenging Bret since
      winning the King Of The Ring earlier that year. Bret came back to the
      WWF and faced the upstart (yeah yeah yeah, I know, but in terms of the
      angle, he was an upstart) in his first match back and defeated him 1-2-3
      in the center of the ring. Naturally Austin was a little bit pissed off
      so he tossed Bret out of the 97 Royal Rumble illegally, which set up the
      4-way match at WWF Final Four with Hart, Austin, Undertaker and Vader.
      Bret came out on top in that match winning his 4th WWF World Title, the
      next night on RAW during a Title defence against Sycho Sid cost Bret the
      Title setting up the Submission Match at WrestleMania 13 between the
      two. The match itself was one of the most unbelievable brawls you will
      ever see, both guys just tore into each other after the opening bell,
      they used many different weapons, they brawled into the stands and just
      basically beat the shit out of each other. The climax of the match came
      when Bret threw Austin into the metal guardrail cutting Austin's
      forehead open leading up to the dramatic end which saw Bret put the
      Sharpshooter on Austin who tried to struggle his way out of it but
      eventually passed out in a pool of his own blood, giving the match to
      Bret. The match itself was great, but the aftermath of this match were
      far reaching as well because it was this match that turned Bret heel in
      the USA started the excellent Canada vs. US war which lasted throughout
      the spring, summer and fall of 1997. Even without the angle, this match
      was a thrill to watch.

      4. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania 12 - March 31, 1996

      Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels may have respected each other
      professionally but personally they didn't care much for each other (at
      this point anyway) but Bret was the WWF World Champion at the time and
      the WWF wanted to give Shawn a chance to run with the ball, but Bret
      didn't exactly see it that way, which caused the screwy ending to this
      match (sudden death OT) but nonetheless I believe that this match was a
      classic. WWF announced a 60 minute Iron Man Match between the two for
      the Title at WrestleMania with whoever scored the most amount of falls
      in the match would be declared the winner. The match may be a little
      slow for some people's taste as Bret and Shawn exchanged, what seemed
      like, every armor known to man in order to pace themselves for 60
      minutes but I believe that the tension is what made this match so
      great. You knew that these two really didn't like each other and that's
      what made you want to keep watching, it was very compelling. Both
      competitors kicked it up a notch in the last 10 minutes which included
      Bret blocking an attempted Shawn dropkick from the top rope and putting
      him in the Sharpshooter for the last 35 seconds which Shawn
      unfortunately hung on for and ended up winning the match and the Title
      in overtime. Shitty ending aside, I still enjoy watching this match
      today and it was truly one of the greatest.

      5. Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect - SummerSlam 91 - August 26, 1991

      This is the match that truly started Bret's singles career as it was his
      first shot for Bret at a singles Title in the WWF following the breakup
      of the Hart Foundation after losing the WWF Tag Team Titles at
      WrestleMania 7. The match itself was awesome, well when you have two of
      the greatest (possibly THE greatest) wrestlers ever going at it, how can
      it be anything but awesome? Now Perfect's (Curt Hennig for the
      uninformed) well documented back problems started a couple weeks before
      this match, so him getting into the ring was a courageous act in itself
      but putting on the match that the two put on was probably unfathomable
      for him. These two being the two great technical wrestlers really
      worked well with each other and as such ended up putting on a classic,
      including a memorable side headlock sequence...yes, you heard me
      correctly, a memorable side headlock sequence, that's how good these two
      were, they made a side headlock memorable. During the course of the
      match Bret also kicked out of the PerfectPlex which no one had ever done
      before (to my knowledge) and the final seconds where Bret turned Perfect
      over into the Sharpshooter and Perfect gave up practically right away
      bringing Bret the Intercontinental Title, he also got a congratulatory
      hug from his parents after the match which just added to the great
      moment. Another thing that made the match great was the crowd, the
      crowd was into the match from beginning to end and the eruption when
      Bret won the Title was unbelievable, even the people in Madison Square
      Garden that day realized what they had just seen and the topped
      themselves buy giving Bret a great ovation as his celebrated his Title

      There you have it, in my opinion, Bret's 5 greatest matches of all time,
      but those just scratch the surface of his great 24 year career. So, in
      closing, thanks to you Bret for all the great memories over the years, I
      know I and many other people will never forget you or your contribution
      to the world of professional wrestling. Good luck in all your future

      You truly are the best there is, the best there was and the best that
      there ever will be.


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