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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #779

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      There's not much going on today, it's pretty dead on weekends. Halloween
      Havoc is on tonight, although we won't offer live play by play, the chat
      will be opened. Check the WCW news section for more.

      Over and out.


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      - Here's the DirecTV RAW Is WAR preview for tomorrow night. Hour one is
      listed as "Who attacked Stone Cold?" and hour two is listed as "Stone
      Cold vs Rikishi". The only match announced for RAW is the cage match
      between the two mentioned.

      - Former WWF Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho will be at WWF New
      York tonight to co-host WWF Heat with DJ Skribble, Rebecca Budig,
      Michael Cole & Tazz! Also, Jericho's favorite band Fozzy will be live to
      perform at the WWF entertainment complex. You can check out Fozzy at
      http://www.fozzyrock.com and join the online army for a chance to meet
      the group at mailto:fozzyonlinearmy-subscribe@egroups.com . Heat is on
      tonight at 7PM EST on MTV!

      - Yesterday evening the World Wrestling Federation made its debut in
      Toronto's Air Canada Center. The WWF will now call the ACC their home in
      Toronto after earlier this year stopped shows from the Sky Dome.
      Yesterday it also marked the return of SCSA at house shows. Austin
      teamed up with the Rock to face Benoit & Rikishi. The rest of the
      Radicals - minus Eddie - stormed in the ring to help the heel team after
      Austin pinned Benoit. Triple H saved the day by helping Austin and the
      Rock. After the match, Rock, Austin and HHH drank some beer.

      - Yesterday, the UK newspaper Daily Mirror gave away some WWF Slam game
      cards with the newspaper. The Sunday Mirror and the Daily Mirror will
      print small pictures of WWF superstars which have to be cut out and kept
      for a game that everyone will have the opportunity to win. Prizes
      include a family trip with VIP tickets, flight and accommodation to see
      a WWF event in the 2001; VIP tickets for Rebellion 2000 and a meeting
      with WWF superstars; several Smackdown! 2 PSX games; the TLC video; WWF
      action figures; collectibles postcard sets and posters. How to play?
      Simple. Three WWF superstars will be printed on the Mirror for the next
      14 days, each carrying a prize. When you see a superstar that matches
      one on your game card, cut it out and attach it to the appropriate
      square. Once you reach all eight superstars, you will see that there are
      three identical prizes - and that will be your prize. Everyone WILL win.
      Info on how to claim your prize will be in each edition of the
      newspaper! Good luck!


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      byteback@... for quality chat, trivia and laughs on an
      almost regular basis!



      - Live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV., WCW present Halloween
      Havoc! Here's the current card:

      Booker T defends his title against Scott Steiner; Goldberg takes on
      Kronik in a handicap match; Jeff Jarrett battles Sting; General Rection
      vs Lance Storm & Jim Duggan in a handicap match for the US/Canadian
      title; The Franchise & Torrie Wilson team up to go against Konnan &
      Tygress; Reno takes on A-Wall in a Hardcore title match; Buff Bagwell vs
      David Flair in a DNA match; Mike Awesome vs Vampiro; Mike Sanders vs The
      Cat in a 3 round kickboxing match for the sole commisionership of WCW!
      Card is subject to change.

      Wrestling-Online.com will not have live coverage of this event. However,
      the chatroom will be open for business! If you want to join in for an
      unmoderated chat, check out http://www.livewrestlingppv.com for more
      information. You can join via mIRC or the web based chat room. For those
      of you who joined us before, same server, same channel, that's Undernet


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      By Lekisha Faith Oliver, [lekisha@...]

      The merger to end all mergers is at hand. The WWF finally commented on
      their possible merger with the WCW. With Linda McMahon commenting on
      their bid on the race, this finally puts some truth to the rumors.
      However, the WWF is not the only runners in the race. With Eric Bischoff
      et. al, and Mandalay Entertainment in the bid war, the WWF has quite a
      run ahead.

      First there is Mandalay Entertainment. They are trying to extend their
      company to sports entertainment. So they move from movies to television
      to sports entertainment. Making transitions like that takes money and
      connections. The possible buyout of WCW will make their industry more
      for the entertainment of the people and not the purity of the sport.

      (Editor's Note: Even if Mandalay stated that there have never been talks
      of buying the company, Bischoff's team include them as financial
      backups, probably under a differet name)

      Next is the WWF. There are many people who would love to see that
      combination’s matches alone. However, think of the problems. No other
      organization to have to make separate negotiations, no competition in
      the market, and no take over of the entire amount of talent. How could
      any independent compete? Even the ECW couldn’t compete. So down to the
      last shot, and the last shot would be, Eric Bischoff.

      Eric Bischoff is one of the last shots that the WCW has. He has taken
      the company in both good times and bad times. He has put the company on
      the map and made it into a major a player. Eric is one person that could
      remake or rebreak the company.

      With these ideas and suggestions, Eric Bischoff is my choice for the
      company, the WWF for the money and Mandalay for the people. So,
      hopefully, the choice will be made soon. The public and the workers have
      a right to know and know soon.

      In this week’s column, I would like to extend my most heartfelt
      condolences to the family of Yokozuna. May he rest in peace. Also, best
      wishes and good luck in the future to Bret Hart, Scott Hall, and Juvi.

      This week’s been crazy, but here’s the Question of the week… WHAT IS THE
      BEST THING FOR THE WCW? Email your answers to

      The best answer will win something. Don’t know what it is yet, but
      something. Until next week, stay safe and have a Happy Halloween. As for
      me VACATION!!!!!!!!


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