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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #766

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Some readers have been complaining over the lack of news in the past few
      days. Folks, if there's no news, we can't give you news. We don't make
      the stuff up. If nothing is going on, we can't say otherwise. There are
      times when the newsletter is packed with news, and there are times when
      there's absolutely nothing to report. It's not our fault!

      Katie Carpenter returns with another column, under the ECW section.


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      - They're all back on the crime scene! Tonight RAW explodes from the Joe
      Louis Arena, in Detroit, MI., the same place where Rikishi ran over
      Stone Cold last November! Both superstars are expected to be in the
      house. In addition, Triple H takes on Kane; Eddie Guerrero vs Chris
      Jericho; Al Snow vs William Regal; Test & Albert vs Acolytes; Road Dogg
      vs Val Venis; Dudley Boys vs The Conquistadors and The Rock along with
      the Hardy Boys take on Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian.

      - Tonight, The Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin will appear on the
      Howard Stern show, on the E! Network. This interview aired on radio the
      day after the Unforgiven pay-per-view. Howard Stern show airs tonight at
      11PM EST on E!

      - The popular duo of Mandy and Victoria will be hosting the RAW Is WAR
      party from WWF New York in Times Square tonight! RAW will be shown on
      the jumbo screens and will have live cut-ins from RAW.

      - Mike Johnson of 1wrestling.com reports that the former manager of Sgt
      Slaughter, General Adnan had to undergo a hip replacement in Minnesota
      recently. Adnan, real name Sheik Adnan-Al Kaissey, is also a former
      professional wrestler but is mostly remembered for his time with Sgt
      Slaughter in the WWF during the early 90s in the USA vs Iraq angle.

      - The WWF added the Mick Foley "Christmas Chaos" children book to their
      Shopzone website at WWFShopzone.com. The book will be released on
      October 23rd, for a price of $16.95. Jerry "The King" Lawler did all the
      illustrations while Foley did all the stories. You can preorder at

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      - Here's the full spoiler-free preview for tonight's Nitro from
      Melbourne, Australia. Kwee Wee vs Johnny The Bull; Team Canada vs MIA;
      The Perfect Event vs Crowbar & Mike Awesome; Boogie Knights vs Jindrak &
      O'Haire; Sting vs Kevin Nash in a lumberjack match. This is the last
      Nitro from the Australian tour. The show will return live next Monday.

      - In a story published by the LA Times, Macho Man Randy Savage has sued
      Seth Warshavsky of Seattle, a porn distributor who's best known for the
      release of the infamous Pamela Anderson Lee / Tommy Lee sex video.
      Warshavsky - owner of porn website clublove.com - has been using the
      name "Gorgeous George" to market the 'solo' video of Macho Man's former
      fiancé, Stephanie Bellars, better known to fans as Gorgeous George.
      Savage holds the rights for the name "Gorgeous George", and he allowed
      Bellars to use the name while she was his manager during his last WCW
      stint. However, Bellars' temporary rights to the name expired, and
      Warschavsky is still using it to promote her video. Savage filed the
      lawsuit against Warschavsky and his company called Internet
      Entertainment Group in the U.S. District Court of Los Angeles to stop
      marketing and promoting Bellars' "flick" using his trademarked and
      copyrighted name.

      - Kevin Nash will undergo knee surgery now that the WCW crew is back in
      the United States after a some days in Australia. Nash has been
      competing with an injured knee for the past weeks and it's now time to
      fix the problem before it's too late. There's no word when Big Sexy will
      return to active competition.


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      By Katie Carpenter, [katiemattjeff@...]

      DeGeneration X...In its time, what a great concept. Now, what a total
      waste. A couple of years ago, you couldn’t ask for a better group. I’m
      not really talking about the original DX, with Shawn Michaels, but the
      DX with HHH, Chyna, X-Pac, and the best damn tag team ever, The New Age
      Outlaws. Now I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with what I’m about
      to say, but I don’t give a damn. I am not writing to please everyone,
      I’m only here to give my opinions, and if you like them, I thank you,
      and if you don’t, then
      I hope you’ll write me and tell me why.

      Anyway...first off, I’d like to talk about Triple H. As leader of DX, he
      had power, charisma, and a loyal group of individuals under his control.
      He had Chyna by his side, and the only thing that he had against him was
      the size of his nose.

      Now what? He’s married to a conniving slut, he’s without power, he is
      caught in midcard feuds again, and he has let DX fall apart.

      Chyna...by Triple H’s side, she was able to share in his power. She had
      the protection of a group of men. She was able to earn and keep the
      title of “9th Wonder of the World.” She was terrifying to look upon.

      And now? She is posing in Playboy, she is not nearly as imposing as the
      Chyna of old,
      and she is too caught up in being pretty to care about the quality of
      her matches.
      X-Pac...he was in one of my favorite all time matches, the loser shaves
      his head match with Jeff Jarrett. He helped piss on the DOA gear. He was
      hilarious when making fun of the Nation. But now I can’t even stand the
      sight of him. The fans constantly boo him, yet he is given feuds with
      the likes of Chris Jericho and such. He doesn’t deserve to have a good
      storyline. The WWF would be better off to lose him.

      The New Age Outlaws...Road Dogg and Billy Gunn had it all. Mic skills
      and ring ability. They were always friends, even when they were forced
      into an occasional match with each other. They saved each other’s
      careers by leaving back their heinous alter-egos of The Real Double J
      and Rock-a-Billy.

      Now? Well, with Billy Gunn just coming back, it’s hard to say. But
      seeing Road Dogg
      reduced to fighting on Sunday Night Heat just to keep his job… it’s a
      dangerous thing.

      And what is DX now? It’s HHH, Stephanie, X-Pac, Roadie, and Tori for
      God's sake. So this is what needs to happen. HHH needs to break up with
      Stephanie and resurrect his career by becoming champ again. He’s a
      talented wrestler who has way more moves than the Rock or Stone Cold. He
      isn’t afraid to put over the mid-carders. And he is certainly deserving
      of a new storyline...one that doesn’t suck.

      X-Pac needs to be put out to pasture. Let him join the ranks of Sgt
      Slaughter so we don’t have to look at him anymore. Better yet, send him
      to Ohio with the Paul Wight.
      Kick Tori out, as she was only there to excort X-Pac and make it seem as
      if he actually
      has a personality other than being a total idiot.

      Get Chyna to convince Billy Gunn to return to DX and bring back the New
      Age Outlaws. In short, reunite good old DX. Make the Outlaws the tag
      champs (as much as it would kill me
      to see the Hardys lose the belts), get HHH in the title position, and
      let Chyna feud with Lita for the women’s belt. She’s not had a good
      match with men in a while, and Lita needs a worthy contender.

      A DX reformation probably isn’t in the cards, and probably not a lot of
      people want to see it anyway. But I’m one of the few that do, and I
      thought I’d let it be known. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the
      mail. Keep it coming. Catch ya’ll on the flip side. Be well.


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