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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #753

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      - Here's the RAW preview from DirecTV. Hour one is listed as "Where is
      Stephanie's heart?" and hour two is listed as "Stone Cold justice!".
      It's live on TNN in the US and TSN in Canada at 9PM EST.

      - A lot of beer will be available tonight at WWF New York as Bradshaw
      and Faarooq, collectively known as the Acolytes, will be on hand in the
      entertainment complex to host the RAW Is WAR party! RAW will be shown on
      the jumbo screens with live cut-ins from the broadcast. If you're in the
      NY area, join the APA for a beer fest!

      - The WWF.COM team relaunched the popular WWFDivas.com website with a
      new design and more pictures. Terri, Tori, Trish, The Kat, Debra, Ivory,
      Jacky, Lita and Chyna are featured on the website.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks closed the day at 15 1/2, a 2.06% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 15 1/8 - 15 11/16.

      - STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 2, 2000--World Wrestling
      Federation Entertainment, Inc. today filed suit in Federal Court in the
      Southern District of New York against the William Morris Agency.

      Prior to this suit, William Morris's Hollywood office asserted that it
      was entitled to receive monies on business ventures of WWFE which did
      not involve William Morris in any way, such as the XFL, the new football
      venture of WWFE and NBC.

      By filing suit today, WWFE intends to challenge William Morris's
      business practices as fraudulent in nature and to have William Morris's
      standard contracts declared to be unenforceable and illegal on several
      grounds set forth in the suit.

      WWFE, its employees, and its talent work very hard in the course of
      entertaining millions of fans live and on television each week. The
      court action today was intended to protect those hard-earned monies from
      a Hollywood agency that didn't earn it.

      - WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 2, 2000--Forget the young voters of
      America during your campaigns, and they may forget you on Election Day.

      That was the message sent to Presidential candidates George W. Bush and
      Al Gore by WWF Champion The Rock, Youth Vote 2000, and The National
      Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) at a Capitol Hill rally

      The rally was held by SMACKDOWN YOUR VOTE!, a non-partisan voter
      registration campaign sponsored by the National Association of
      Secretaries of State (NASS), Youth Vote 2000, Project Vote Smart, MTV's
      Choose or Loose, and World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. The
      rally celebrated the initiative's success in registering more than
      105,000 new voters within two months, and provided an opportunity for
      further voter registrations in the Washington, D.C. area.

      Speakers at the rally included Julia Cohen, Executive Director, Youth
      Vote 2000; Beverly Rivers, Secretary of the District of Columbia; Linda
      McMahon, CEO, WWFE, and WWF Champion, The Rock. WWF Commissioner Mick
      Foley, and WWF Superstars Al Snow, The Hardy Boyz, and Lita also

      Youth Vote 2000 and WWFE have endorsed the concept of the Commission on
      Presidential Debates making the Presidential debate on October 17 in St.
      Louis a youth debate. "The candidates and the Commission on Presidential
      Debates should make young adults more than half of the participants in
      the October 17 town hall debate in St. Louis. Bush and Gore need to
      listen to the overwhelming majority of Americans who support making one
      of the three presidential debates a youth debate," said Julia Cohen,
      Executive Director of Youth Vote 2000.

      Beverly Rivers, Secretary of the District of Columbia, said NASS
      supported the concept of a youth debate. "The bottom line is the cycle
      of neglect of our young voters must be broken," said Ms. Rivers. She
      told those attending the rally: "We will make sure the candidates are
      paying attention to you. Please smackdown your vote in return."

      The Rock said the patience of young voters was wearing thin. "Gov. Bush,
      Vice President Gore, it's time to step up and give us an answer. Let The
      Rock and his millions and millions of fans know if you are going to turn
      your back on the youth of America, or if you are going to, together,
      attend a forum where you both share your ideas and vision for this
      country as it relates to young people under 30," said The Rock.

      The Rock reiterated the WWF's invitation to have Gov. Bush and Vice
      President Gore take the SMACKDOWN CHALLENGE, which provides the
      candidates 5 minutes each to speak directly to the youth of America on
      the popular UPN program, WWF SMACKDOWN! Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura
      has agreed to moderate the discussion. "Appearing on WWF SMACKDOWN! will
      tell the millions and millions of young, middle class voters of America
      that you care about them and will keep their interests in mind as
      President of the United States," The Rock said.

      The WWF, in late August, extended formal invitations to the candidates
      to appear on WWF SMACKDOWN!, the number one rated show in its time slot
      for Americans ages 18-34. A SMACKDOWN CHALLENGE petition, which also
      calls for a youth debate has garnered over 40,000 signatures within one

      WWF Commission Mick Foley said why he would get involved in this
      initiative. "As Commissioner of the WWF, I will not rest until all WWF
      Superstars have signed a letter to the Commission on Presidential
      Debates and letters to Al Gore and George Bush, urging them to hold a
      youth debate and appear on WWF SMACKDOWN! The Presidential candidates
      have an obligation to explain to
      America's youth how they will handle the issues that affect young
      voters," said Foley, also a number 1 best selling author on the New York
      Times Best Sellers list. "The candidates shouldn't avoid this chance to
      speak to the young people of our country. They should embrace it."

      "Our organizations have been working hard over the past two months to
      reach out to young people and encourage them to register. It's now up to
      the candidates to continue this momentum by engaging these potential
      voters," said Linda McMahon, CEO, WWFE. "We are offering the candidates
      a chance to speak to young people in a forum that is extremely popular
      among our nation's youth. The candidates should embrace, not ignore,
      this opportunity to reach out to young voters and speak to them about
      the issues that concern them."

      SMACKDOWN YOUR VOTE was launched on August 2, 2000, and has helped to
      register and bring election information to thousands of new voters over
      the past two months. The program does this through in-arena voter
      registration drives at WWF events, at the WWF New York entertainment
      complex in New York City's Times Square, through the Web sites of WWF's
      www.wwfvote.com, MTV's www.ChooseorLose.com, Youth Vote 2000's
      www.youthvote2000.org and through NASS' www.stateofthevote.org.

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      "By developing an affiliate program, we created a win-win opportunity
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      vice president of WWF New Media Sales and Marketing. "With nearly 12,000
      active members, not only do we extend our marketing reach, we allow fans
      to create a hot commodity commerce opportunity on their sites as well."

      A BizRate survey of more than 1,000 WWF customers recently earned
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      Online sales reports show affiliate members exactly how much was ordered
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      - There will be a special title match tonight on Nitro according to the
      folks at WCW Live. Four boxes will be on a pole in each corner, three of
      them will have special weapons inside, while the last one will have the
      WCW Heavyweight Title. The first one who gets to the box with the title,
      wins. DirecTV's Nitro preview lists that there will be a new WCW
      champion; David Flair will tell us who's the father of Stacy's baby; Rey
      Mysterio Jr vs Juventud Guerrero in a ladder match; and AWALL fights
      Reno for the Hardcore title.

      - WCW's Mean Gene Okerlund is opening yet another Burger franchise, this
      time in the capital city of Malta, in Europe. Mean Gene's Burgers will
      be one of the four food chains that will be in the brand new shopping
      and entertainment center in Valletta - capital city of the small island
      of Malta - which will launch in November of 2000. There are several Mean
      Gene Burgers in the United States but this is the first one overseas.


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      > ECW ON TNN
      - Rating for last Friday's show of ECW on TNN is a 0.7. Not too good for
      Heyman and company! (Scherer)

      > ECW ANARCHY RULZ 2000 REPORT, By Joe Onimus, UltimoWrestling.com
      - Joey Styles and Joel Gertner Intro
      Joel Gertner does his usual intro with sexual innuendo as always and
      Joey Styles welcomes everyone to Anarchy Rulz. The entrance video

      Danny Doring and Roadkill defeat Christian York and Joey Matthews by
      pinfall after the Buggy Bag
      Danny Doring and Joey Matthews start the match off with back and forth
      reversals and locks. Doring hits the G-Spot Sweep early in the match and
      tags in Roadkill while Matthews tags in York. Roadkill and York go back
      and forth for a while. Roadkill takes the advantage getting both York
      and Matthews. Doring tagged in and Roadkill and Doring hit the Lancaster
      Lariat of Lust on Matthews. On the outside York and Matthews hit a pair
      of suicide dives on Doring and Roadkill. Back in the ring, York and
      Matthews hit the Future Shock on Doring but turn around to get
      clotheslined by Roadkill who comes off the ropes. York and Matthews
      double team Doring in the corner after a bunch of nearfalls between the
      two teams. Doring reverses a reverse suplex into the Wham Bam thank you
      Ma'am on York. Roadkill tagged in and he takes out Matthews with the
      Barn Burner and then Matthews with a powerbomb. After a pair of splashes
      on the team of York and Matthews in the corner Roadkill and Doring hit
      the Buggy Bag on York for the pin and win. Afterwards, Simon and Swinger
      attack everyone and hits the problem solver on Danny Doring.

      Kid Kash defeats EZ Money by pinfall for the right of Joel to wrestle
      Cyrus comes out and talks crap about Joel and states that "This is the
      time for Joel to prove he is a man and not a fat piece of sh*t". Cyrus
      says if Joel wants Cyrus he has to get through his men. EZ Money along
      with Julio Dinero, Chris Hamerick, and Elektra make there way to the
      ring. Then Spike Dudley makes his way to the ring. Spike Dudley says
      that he is the acting commishioner and that his man has to wrestle
      another man and if EZ Money wins Cyrus doesnt have to wrestle Gertner
      but if Spike's man wins Gertner gets the match immediately following
      with Cyrus. Spike's man is revealed...and it is Kid Kash. Kid Kash makes
      his way to the ring and the action immediately starts. Several reversals
      and quick paced action starts the match off. EZ gains the advantage on
      Kash and gets a nearfall early. Money misses a move which sends him to
      the outside knocking his men down. Kash hits a double springboard
      somersault plancha to the outside on to Money and his group. Back in the
      ring, Kash hits a springboard clothesline for a two count on Money.
      Money hits the moneyclip on Kash but Kash kicks out. Kash gets caught
      into the Pendulum of Pain from Money. Kash and oney trade chops back and
      forth. While Money gloats, Kash hits a springboard Sunset flip for a two
      count then follows it up with a springboard hurrincanrana. Kash then
      does a tornado ddt for yet another nearfall. EZ Money catches Kash as he
      bounces off the ropes with the Electric Dream named after Elektra. Money
      takes Kash to the corner who jumps off the top turnbuckle and hits a
      twisting somersault senton for a two count. Kash and Money then go into
      a series of pins and nearfalls. Kash hits the moneymaker but the referee
      is distracted by Elektra. Meanwhile, Dinero, Hamerick and Money double
      team Kash. After Hamerick hits the top rope leg drop, Money goes for the
      pin and Kash still kicks out. Money going to the top but Kash crotches
      Money. Money regains control and goes to powerbomb Kash but Kid Kash
      reverses it in mid air and hits a hurricanrana for the win. Joel gets to
      wrestle Cyrus. Afterwards, Julio Dinero and Chris Hamerick double team
      Kash. Spike comes to his rescueand gives Dinero the acid drop. Money
      hits the knee of Dudley and Money puts him in a figure four. Sandman now
      joins the party caning the Money party out of the ring. Elektra seduces
      Sandman but Sandman pours a beer down her cleavage and takes Joel and
      places his fae in between her breasts.

      Joel Gertner defeats Cyrus by pinfall after help from the Sandman
      Joel Gertner immediately takes it to Cyrus and then places Cyrus in the
      corner and he takes off his shirt to reveal stars on his breasts. He is
      the Uganda stud muffin and splashes Cyrus. Cyrus comes back and beats
      down Joel and takes him to the corner and chops him away. Sandman spits
      beer in the face of Cyrus and Joel rolls up Cyrus for the win.
      Afterwards, Sandman enters the ring and celebrates with Joel Gertner.
      Little Spike joins the party as well as Kid Kash and they go to every
      corner drinking beer. ** As a side note, Sandman got a new tattoo which
      is a barbed wire strand going down his right arm. **

      Da Baldies defeat Balls Mahoney and Chilly Willy by pinfall after three
      straight chair shots to the duo.
      The match starts off with Balls stabing the Baldies with a fork.
      Everyone makes there way to the outside. Devito hits a moonsault press
      off of the comentators stage onto Balls. Angel powerbombs Willy on a
      bunch of chairs in the ring. Balls and Devito make there way to the ring
      and go back and forth until Balls smashes the skull of Devito with a
      chair. Balls gets a two count. Da Baldies back in the ring get the
      chairs and hit both Balls and Willy with the chairs three straight times
      for the pin.

      Interviews with Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible
      Before the interviews, Lou E. attacks Joel and Cyrus takes over the
      commentary. Justin and Jerry do the usual about how they are going to be
      the world champions by the end of the match up.

      Steve Corino defeats C.W. Anderson by pinfall after the Old School
      Explusion for the #1 contendership for the World Title
      C.W. and Steve square off in the middle of the ring and back and forth
      with tie ups they start the match. They go back and forth with old
      school wrestling such as arm drags, hip tosses, kicks, and sweeps. Both
      back to there feet as they start to slug it with chops and punches
      galore. After there chests start to glow from redness, Steve gets the
      advantage. C.W. out of nowhere catches Corino with a superkick. C.W.
      grabs a chair but throws it down to the disappointment of the crowd.
      Steve hits a modified T-bone suplex on C.W. who then goes to the outisde
      and grabs a pair of chairs and puts them in the ring. C.W. gets hit with
      a chair and then falls into the other. C.W. is now busted wide open in
      the forehead. C.W. takes Corino to the outside, folding up a chair he
      follows. Steve then takes the chair and sets it up against the ropes and
      tries to kick it in the face of Anderson. But, Anderson takes the chair
      and nails Steve with it which busts him open as well. C.W. and Steve
      just do some brawling on the outside before returning to the ring. With
      the chair set up in between the turnbuckles Corino is rammed shoulder
      first into the chair. C.W. slams Corino on his shoulder for a two count.
      C.W. then goes to work on the shoulder some more. As Corino tries to get
      up C.W. punts the chair into Corino's face. Steve starts to absorb
      C.W.'s shots and tries for the old school explusion but C.W. turns it
      into the ferris wheel. Corino reverses a sleeper hold into a atomic drop
      on the lip of the chair which just looked horribly nasty to the jewels
      of C.W. Corino hits a mule kick followed up by a bionic elbow on C.W.
      Simon and Swinger come to ringside but Jack Victory chases them to the
      back. Superkick by Corino gets a two count. C.W. goes for the
      spinebuster but Corino reverses it into the Old School Explusion onto
      some chairs for the pin.

      Promos by the Sinister Minister and Rhino
      Sinister Minister states that Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri are gonna burn
      the F.B.I.'s ass. Rhino goes crazy in the locker room and rants and
      raves about how he will remain the TV Champion and destroy Van Dam.

      The F.B.I. retains the world tag team titles by pinfall over Mikey
      Whipwreck and Tajiri
      Mikey and Tajiri start off the match attacking the F.B.I. Pair of kicks
      form the two on the Italians. The Italians are set up on seperate
      turnbuckles and dropkicked in the jewels. Tajiri does the tarantula on
      Guido and gulliotine leg drop on Mamaluke. On the outside Tajiri kicks
      the head off of Big Sal. Mamaluke tied to the tree of woe gets a
      dropkick to rhe face by Tajiri. Guido comes back in and Mikey drop toe's
      him and Tajiri kicks his head off. Mikey in the ring with Mamaluke and
      Guido gets planted with a leg sweep/powerbomb combination from the
      Italians for a nearfall. Guido off of the middle rope hits the Sicilian
      Slice for a two count. Guido at this is busted open and tags in
      Mamaluke. Mamaluke tries a body scissors but is caught by Mikey into a
      reverse powerbomb. Tajiri and Guido tagged in and Tajiri years Guido
      apart. Mamaluke back in suplexes Tajiri and Mikey gut busts Mamaluke
      afterwards. Guido looking for the Kiss of Death on Mikey but Tajiri
      spits the green mist and Guido receives a double whippersnapper. On the
      outside Big Sal squashes Sinister Minister. Big Sal passes the title
      belt to Mamaluke but Tajiri gets and throws it into the face of Big Sal.
      Mikey going for the whippersnapper off of the top rope on Mamaluke but
      Guido hits Mikey with the belt. Guido and Mamaluke hit a double team
      finisher for the win on Mikey Whipwreck.

      Rhino retains the TV title by pinfall on Rob Van Dam after a piledriver
      on a chair
      Rhino and RVD start the match on the outside brawling. They work there
      way into the crowd and right near the commentators stage. Rhino throws
      RVd into the guard rail and then gores him. Rhino gorilla presses RVD
      over the guard rail to ringside. Rhino clims over the guard rail but is
      crothced and receives a Van Daminator on the guard rail. RVD launches
      himself to the outside onto Rhino. Back in the ring RVD atomic drops
      Rhino into the corner of the ring and then he follows it up by
      dropkicking a chair into Rhino's face. RVD tries for the somersault into
      a monkey flip but Rhino comes off the middle rope and clothesline him
      nearly taking his head off. RVD sent to the corner and then gored by
      Rhino. Rhino getting a table and bringing it into the ring. Rhino also
      sets up the bell keepers table near ringside. The table in the ring is
      set up in the corner by Rhino. Rhino cathces the foot of Van Dam but RVD
      steps through and kicks the face of Rhino. RVD goes for the Van
      Daminaotr but it is blocked and Rhino hits Van Dam with the chair. RVD
      recovers and hits rolling somaon drop followed up by a moonsault and
      then the five star frog splash. RVD covers rhino..1,2,..and a kick out.
      RVd is amazed that Rhino kicked out and turns around and Rhino gores him
      inside out. Rhino takes RVD to the outside and he piledrives him through
      a tavle on the floor. Rhino drags RVD into the ring and gets only a two
      count. Bill Alphonso hits Rhino with the chair and then throws it at
      Rhino, Rhino catches it, and RVD with the Van Daminator. Rhino in the
      corner of the ring is set up for the Van Terminator but Credible canes
      RVD. RVD hits the Van Terminator but Rhino pulled Bill Alphonso in front
      of him who takes the blunt of the attack. Rhino then gores RVD through
      the table in the corner and piledrives him on a chair in the ring for
      the win.

      Jerry Lynn defeats Justin Credible by pinfall after a cradle tombstone
      piledriver to become the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion
      Justin Credible w/ Francine comes out wearing a Green Bay Packers jersey
      which every one starts a chant saying Green Bay sucks. Jerry Lynn comes
      out to a huge reception of cheers from hometown fans. Credible and Lynn
      start the match trading off techinical wrestling holds and moves. Both
      men go for there finishers early but to no avail. Lynn with a headlock
      takedown wears down Credible. Lynn whips Credible to the corner sending
      him to the outside. Lynn hits a baseball slide followed up by a plancha
      to the outside. Credible brings Lynn back in the ring and slams him as
      Lynn whips off of the ropes. Leg sweep into the chair gives Credible a
      two count on Lynn. Credible grabs Lynn and powerbombs him out of the
      corner onto a chair for another nearfall. The two find there ways back
      to the outside were they brawl in the aisle way and to the entrance
      setting. Credible rakes Lynn's face on the fencing around the entrance
      setting. Justin drags Lynn back into the ring and Lynn ddts him on the
      steel chair. Lynn tries to slam Credible, Credible falls back and
      catches Lynn with a reverse ddt. Credible hooks on a front chancery
      trying to wear down Lynn. Lynn tries for a come back but is planted face
      first into the mat. Credible takes the mic and starts to insult Lynn as
      he kicks him. The fans now start to throw beers into the ring. Once
      again, Credible hooks on the front chancery and tires out Lynn. The two
      men do a series of nearfalls that ends with Credible nailing Lynn with a
      modified tornado ddt. Credible whips Lynn into the ropes, Lynn then out
      of nowhere hits a tornado ddt on the steel chair. Lynn is now taking it
      to Credible. Lynn with a guillotine leg drop over the middle rope on
      Credible followed up by a middle rope leg drop for a two count. Lynn
      goes to the outside and grabs a table and sets it up in the ring.
      Credible is layed across the table and Lynn goes to the top but Francine
      crotches Lynn. Lynn is thrown through the table and covered for a two
      count by Credible. Credible gets crotched on the top but still hits a
      sunset flip on Lynn for a nearfall. Credible goes for thats incredible
      but Lynn blocks it and Credible snapmares him, Lynn up and kicks
      Credible in the gut and its the cradle piledriver. Lynn covers and gets
      a two count. Both men back to there feet and Credible hits thats
      incredible for another nearfall. Credible superkicks the referee H.C.
      Loc and Lynn rolls up Credible and Danny Daniels comes in the ring and
      doesnt do the count. Lynn grabs Daniels but Francine hits Lynn with the
      cane. Credible tries to cover, quick count and Lynn still kicks out in
      time. Lynn tries for the cradle piledriver but Daniels hits Lynn with
      the cane. Credible covers and as Daniels makes the count, New Jack's
      music hits and comes to the ring. New Jack takes it to Danny Daniels
      but, Credible canes New Jack. Lynn tries to tombstone Credible, Credible
      reverses, Lynn reverses again and cradle tombstone piledrives Credible
      for the win.

      Ending of the PPV
      The locker room empties out and praises Jerry Lynn on his victory. Lynn
      gets on the microphone. After some microphone problems Lynn doesnt end
      up saying anything. The show goes off the air with a music video of Limp
      Bizkits "Rollin" with clips of the stuff that went down on the ppv.


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