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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #750

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Slow news day today, only a few bits and pieces! See ya tomorrow.


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      - Jim Ross reports in his latest Ross Report that the WWF are planning
      another of those eye-popping photo and video shoots of WWF Divas in
      November, and this time it will take place in Jamaica! Chyna, Debra,
      Lita, Jackie, Ivory, Terri, Tori, The Kat and Trish Stratus will be on
      hand in nice bikinis for the cameras!

      - The final broadcast rating for WWF Smackdown! on UPN is a 4.7 with a
      7.6 share. (Scherer)

      - Here are the scheduled appearances of several WWF superstars for the
      next month. WWF Champion The Rock will be on hand for the annual
      Make-A-Wish Foundation awards on Friday, October 20th in Phoenix, AZ.;
      Triple H will be in Vegas on Friday October 20th and Saturday October
      21st for some work at the Mr Universe contest; Val Venis will do a
      special appearance this coming Thursday at York University in Toronto,
      ON.; Commissioner Mick Foley will be at the Weber State University on
      Thursday October 26th in Utah; Chyna will be on the "Tonight Show" with
      Jay Leno and on MAD TV in October, but dates are still yet to be

      - Women's champion Lita and Al Snow are both supposed to sign another
      long term deal with the World Wrestling Federation in the next few
      weeks. Lita has been a tremendous addition to the "Women's division" -
      if that exists - and certainly a great plus for the Hardy Boyz. Al Snow
      is still "lost" but at least he has the European title at the moment.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 15 3/16, a 2.02% decrease over the previous trade.
      The day's range was 15 - 16 1/4.

      - "The King" Jerry Lawler and The Kat got married today in a small
      ceremony in Las Vegas, NV. Jim Ross and his wife along with NBA
      superstar Charles Barkley were among the guests.

      - Commissioner Mick Foley headed to the ring as SmackDown! kicked off
      from Pittsburgh. The commish talked a bit about one of the highlights of
      his wrestling career – the 1998 Hell in a Cell Match when he was thrown
      off the top of the cage, which just happened to take place in
      Pittsburgh! Foley said that he might not have been the greatest
      wrestler, but he wanted to be the greatest ex-wrestler. He said there
      was a storm cloud brewing in the form of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and
      that he would have to lay down the law on Austin’s investigation. He
      said that Austin would have to stop stunning everyone, and that the
      Rattlesnake had to follow his rules … or else.

      Chris Benoit then interrupted Foley’s speech, telling the Hardcore
      Legend that he was a terrible commissioner, and that he made unfair
      rulings. Benoit demanded a title match against The Rock that night, and
      demanded that it be one-on-one. He said that Shane McMahon, Stephanie
      McMahon-Helmsley, Triple H and Kurt Angle ruined his one-on-one match on
      RAW, and he demanded that Mick give him another match … or else.

      That brought Kurt Angle to the ring. The American Hero had a much
      different opinion of Foley, saying that he was a great commissioner and
      a snappy dresser. He asked that he be able to face Triple H one-on-one
      on SmackDown!, not just for him, but for his hometown fans – many of
      whom he said were out on bail just to see him!

      Angle then tore into his former partner Benoit, saying that Benoit had
      blown his chance at the World Wrestling Federation Championship and that
      he was a coward for attacking Stephanie. Angle said that it was bad
      enough that Stone Cold Steve Austin was back – they didn’t need Vince
      McMahon back too! Angle suggested that Benoit be fined and suspended
      instead of given a title shot after his actions towards Stephanie on
      Monday night. The Olympian then ended his rant towards the Wolverine by
      questioning Benoit’s claims that he was the best technical wrestler in
      the world – “Where are your gold medals?” asked Angle.

      The commish said he would grant both men’s wishes. He made a tag team
      match pitting Angle and Benoit against Rock and Triple H. Then, as
      Benoit went to leave the ring, Angle attacked him!

      Backstage, Austin arrived at the arena and found X-Pac and Road Dogg. He
      said he knew that neither man had driven the car that hit him, but he
      wanted to know if either of them had information about who was driving.
      They said no. The Rattlesnake responded by saying that if they were
      lying, he would get them.

      Prior to her Women’s Championship match against Jacqueline, Lita
      introduced the new Tag Team Champions – the Hardy Boyz! Little did she
      know that Jackie would come to the ring accompanied by the Hardys’
      archrivals, Edge & Christian! Despite Edge’s interference in the match,
      Lita was able to retain her title, pinning Jackie after a Twist of Fate!

      Next up, Steve Blackman defended his Hardcore Championship against the
      Road Dogg, a former Hardcore titleholder. The two men were brutal,
      eventually battling to the back where Stone Cold was waiting with a
      chair! The Rattlesnake creamed the Road Dogg over the head, allowing
      Blackman to score an easy pinfall win.

      Trish Stratus approached Kane in the locker room and tried using her
      womanly charms to get the Big Red Machine to be T&A’s partner in six-man
      action that night. Saying that Trish’s mammary glands didn’t impress
      him, Kane said no. But after finding out that Too Cool and Rikishi were
      the opposition, he accepted.

      Tazz came to the ring next and said that he and Michael Cole would be
      hosting Sunday Night HEAT on MTV this weekend, since they were the
      A-team and Jerry Lawler was the B-team. Tazz then introduced “one of his
      true friends,” Raven. Raven came out and said that Tazz understood his
      suffering and his pain, something he said Lawler wouldn’t know about.
      Raven explained his and Tazz’s suffering growing up, and then asked,
      “What about me? What about Raven?”

      That brought out Y2J, Chris Jericho. Jericho told “Raisin” to shut the
      hell up! In the commotion, a match was made for the evening pitting
      Lawler and Jericho against Tazz and Raven!

      The partnership between T&A and Kane was rocky, to put it mildly, as the
      trio took on Too Cool and Rikishi, accompanied by Mandy and Victoria.
      Neither Test nor Albert would tag in their 7-foot partner.

      Scotty 2 Hotty soon hit the Worm on Albert, who finally tagged Kane into
      the match. But the Big Red Machine – irate over how he was treated by
      his partners – chokeslammed Test and left! Rikishi then hit the
      Rumpshaker on Test for the win, and after the match, he danced with Too
      Cool and the ladies!

      In footage from earlier in the day, the Right to Censor protested
      Chyna’s appearance in Playboy. But their demonstration obviously fell on
      deaf ears, as next up on SmackDown!, a highlight package aired featuring
      behind-the-scenes footage of the Ninth Wonder of the World posing for
      the men’s magazine!

      Jerry Lawler and Chris Jericho seemed to have their tag match in
      control, as they battled Raven and Tazz. Y2J soon locked Raven in the
      Walls of Jericho. With the referee distracted, X-Pac tried to interfere
      – but Jericho saw him coming! Y2J nailed X-Pac with a Lionsault, but
      Raven was able to sneak up from behind and connect on Jericho with a
      DDT. Raven then pinned Y2J for the win.

      This month’s Playboy cover girl, Chyna, took on the man who is trying to
      censor her appearance, Steven Richards. Steven was accompanied to the
      ring by Val Venis, who held up a potato sack which he wanted Chyna to
      wear. Chyna asserted her dominance over Steven from the get-go, even
      locking on a testicular claw! Soon Chyna got frisky and stripped down to
      her bra and panties in the middle of the ring! Val tried to interfere,
      but Eddie Guerrero took care of him.

      The very scantily-clad Chyna then pinned Steven after a DDT!

      Commissioner Foley was approached backstage by Steven William Regal, who
      said he was appalled that Stone Cold Steve Austin had interrupted his
      Shakespeare reading on RAW. Foley said he would get a little more
      involved in controlling the Rattlesnake.

      We would soon find out what Foley was talking about, as the commish took
      a seat right in front of the OvalTron prior to the European Championship
      match between Al Snow and X-Pac. Mick was apparently worried that Austin
      would try to attack X-Pac; therefore, the commish was ready to head him
      off before he could even get to the ring. Snow came out dressed in
      French attire, complete with french fries, a French poodle, and a framed
      lithograph of Pepe Le Pew!

      The match volleyed back and forth until X-Pac set up Al for a Bronco
      Buster. Suddenly, the Rattlesnake’s music hit! Foley prepared to head
      off Austin on the stage, but the Rattlesnake instead came through the
      crowd and delivered Stunners to X-Pac, Snow and even referee Mike
      Chiota! Austin walked right by Mick Foley on his way back to the locker
      room, and the commish had a few choice words for the Rattlesnake.

      Triple H approached The Rock backstage prior to their tag match and said
      that past history aside, he just wanted The Rock to get the job done.
      The Rock told Triple H to prove that he was that damn good. Triple H
      told The Rock to just bring it.

      The two superstars’ tag-team match against Angle and Benoit was up next.
      The momentum shifted on numerous occasions, and each man was full of
      intensity. At one point, The Rock and Triple H had a little competition
      at the announcer’s table to see who could bounce their opponents head
      off the table harder!

      The Rock wound up in the ring with Angle and a steel chair. But as the
      Federation Champion prepared to knock the Olympian into next week,
      Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley snuck up behind The Rock and grabbed the
      chair from him. As The Rock questioned the Game’s wife about her
      actions, Angle surprised The Rock with an Olympic slam and scored the
      pin! Even more surprisingly, Stephanie clapped for Angle after the match
      as SmackDown! went off the air!


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      - Several sources are reporting that the Insane Clown Posse has quit WCW
      once again. They entered and left WCW more then Hogan said he's going to
      retire! Why WCW keep taking them back is still unknown!

      - It was announced on WCW Live yesterday that the main event for this
      coming Nitro on Monday night will be unique and it has never been done
      before! No participants have been mentioned yet, or any other hints as
      to what the match will be, so I guess we have to wait and see.


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      By Josh Nason, [Joshua_Nason@...]

      Maybe the Grinch has a heart after all.

      With all of the drama surrounding the WWF's move to TNN, a little
      subnote was pushed off to the side but is equally as important. Instead
      of pushing ECW off of their Friday slot and into the obscurity of
      television free agency, Vince McMahon - evil, genius or both -
      requested they stay on TNN until they find a new deal.

      Quite simply, this was the most gracious move that the WWF could make
      and proves that there is civility in the world of wrestling after all.

      For Vince and co., the surprisingly strong relationship the two factions
      have formed bonds even more. One could expect Paul Heyman to hold Vince
      in somewhat of a higher regard due to this gesture, which is good for
      both. The talent that the WWF doesn't send to OVW, UPW or Memphis Power
      Pro can now go to ECW and work in Heyman's proven system. The man is a
      genius at bringing out the best in anyone and I am sure he can't wait to
      get his hands on more young up-and-comers.

      For the WWF, they now can throw some weight behind any future free-agent
      contract dealings. By all means, Raven should have been in the WWF
      sooner than later. However, I couldn't see ECW holding back anyone else
      that had the same opportunity due to this TV deal, but possibly dragging
      their feet when it comes to WCW. Alignment with power brings

      ECW also has the chance to boost their ratings as well. Those people
      drawn in to the WWF on Mondays and weekends may soon turn to ECW on
      Fridays if ECW is allowed to run commercials during WWF programming.
      Then when it comes to ECW jumping ship, they will have more leverage and
      more of an audience to watch when they do. Ratings are everything and if
      ECW gains even a point due to the WWF inhabitance, they are better off.

      In the end, this proves that there is civility in wrestling after all.
      Considering all of the lawsuits and backstabbing that goes on today,
      this decision may prove to be more important than we originally thought.

      Josh Nason also writes The Fight Club for 411wrestling.Com.


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