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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #749

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      The NewsStation is working again, the problem has been fixed. The new
      Wrestling-Fan.com will be up by the end of this week hopefully with all
      new services! You don't want to miss that out!


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      - 1wrestling.com reports that the new record division that the WWF will
      create will be called "Smackdown Records" and not "RAW Records" as it's
      been previously advertised. During the conference call earlier today
      Linda McMahon announced that they will have a release in conjunction
      with record label giants Sony/Columbia. In the meantime, the WWF's move
      in the motion picture industry will start with The Rock's role in
      Universal's "The Scorpion King" (not Mummy 3 as we mentioned yesterday).
      Vince McMahon will serve as one of the executive producers and WWFE, Inc
      will get production credit.

      - Dave Meltzer of the Observer reports that Undertaker pulled a groin
      muscle and is not sure if he'll be doing any wrestling this coming week.
      TAKA Michinoku also suffered a shoulder injury in a match against Dean
      Malenko earlier this week. Their match ended quickly when Malenko pinned
      the injured TAKA.

      - Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley will be the special guest on tonight's Byte
      This! WWF.COM audio show. You can call on 1-888-LIVEWWF between 6PM and
      7PM EST to talk with the former Women's champ or else e-mail your
      questions to bytethis@... . Byte This! website can be found at
      http://www.wwf.com/webcasts/bytethis/ . You need Microsoft Media Player
      to listen to the show.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks dropped down by 7 points yesterday after the market closed. The
      trading was in the range of 12's. Today they closed at 15 1/2, a 21.52%
      decrease from the 19 3/4 they closed the previous day during market
      hours. The day's range was 14 1/16 - 16 7/16.

      - She's on the cover of the Playboy magazine, has a kick-ass pictorial
      inside and is now ready to 'take on' Howard Stern! The "Ninth Wonder Of
      The World" Chyna will be on Stern's show tomorrow morning to plug her
      new Playboy issue and of course the WWF. Check your local listings.

      - CBS Market Watch - World Wrestling Federation Entertainment has
      approved a $10 million stock buyback program. Currently, shares are down
      $3.81, or 19 percent, to $15.88. Shares have come off intraday lows of
      $14.06. The company said late Wednesday that fiscal 2001 earnings before
      interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization would be 8 percent to 10
      percent below previous estimates. This is expected to result in a
      "modest" impact to fiscal second, with the majority of the impact
      affecting the third quarter. Meanwhile, the fourth quarter is tracking
      in line with expectations.

      - Here are the matches scheduled for tonight's Smackdown! show on UPN.
      Lita vs Jackie; Steve Blackman vs Road Dogg; Tazz & Raven vs Jerry
      Lawler & Chris Jericho; Too Cool & Rikishi vs T & A and Kane; Chyna vs
      Steven Richards; Al Snow vs X-Pac; Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs The Rock
      & Triple H.


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      - Thunder received a low 2.0 rating for yesterday's show on TBS.

      - WCW's version of "WWF New York" is closing down this week. The Nitro
      Grill, which is located in the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas, NV., opened
      during mid 1999 and cost $2 million. Jeff Simpson of the Las Vegas
      Journal has a full article on this situation at

      - Despite several TV Guides not showing the airing of WCW Nitro on Bravo
      in the United Kingdom, the show is still airing as this newsletter is
      being sent. Not even the SKY Digital channel information lists Nitro's
      airing. The first episode being shown on Bravo is the Nitro of the day
      after Fall Brawl. Several ECW commercials ran before and during Nitro.

      - Dave Scherer reports that almost everyone in the WCW locker room
      signed a letter in support of Vince Russo. The letter is being sent to
      WCW management to tell them that they think they are on the right track
      with Russo in the driver's seat. Several in the company are fearing that
      sooner or later the fed will be sold to a group of investors which
      probably consists of Eric Bischoff and his friend Jason Harvey. If
      Bischoff's team gets hold of WCW, everyone knows that Russo's days as
      creative director are numbered, and many in the company were very
      unhappy under the leadership of Bischoff.

      - DISQO d. Konnan
      DISQO came to the ring with his duck in hand, ready to finally introduce
      his new partner. He "fired" The Filthy Animals, but Konnan ran to the
      ring, berating DISQO for costing Rey and Juvi the tag team titles. DISQO
      and his former teammate were soon going at it, with Konnan getting the
      best of the exchange. Alex Wright made his return, dropping Konnan's
      throat across the top rope to set up DISQO for the win. As Wright danced
      around, the rest of the Animals came out, sending the dancing fools
      scurrying to the back.


      Above Average Mike Sanders, dressed in a three-piece suit, entered Vince
      Russo's office and threw his feet up on the boss' desk. When WCW
      security head Doug Dellinger tried to kick him out, Sanders told Doug he
      was allowed in the office because he was in charge for the night.
      Sanders told the Natural Born Thrillers he was stripping Norman Smiley
      of the Hardcore Title and setting up a tournament involving his men.
      Scott Steiner almost destroyed a security guard with a lead pipe, before
      taking his frustrations out on DISQO's duck. General Rection told A-WALL
      to get his boots on and prepare for action.

      Interview: Jeff Jarrett
      While The Chosen One belittled Sting, saying he doesn't have what it
      takes to make it anymore, Lex Luger came through the crowd and into the
      ring. Lex apologized for helping Russo on Nitro, saying it made him sick
      to his stomach afterwards. General Rection entered and told Luger that
      he and all of the people forgave him for what he did. Lance Storm hit
      the ring; the Canadian Champion and double-J beat Rection and Luger and
      left them lying on the mat.


      General Rection and Lex Luger agreed they wanted a match against Jarrett
      and Storm.
      Mike Sanders sat Leia Meow down and gave her a verbal lashing. Above
      Average canceled her appearance on the Lava Lamp Lounge, as the rest of
      the Thrillers looked on giggling.

      Mean Gene Interview: The Filthy Animals
      Juventud told Rey he wanted a best of five series of matches against
      him. Mysterio accepted, as Konnan pulled them away to get ready.

      Hardcore Tournament match
      Sgt. A-WALL d. Johnny The Bull
      A-WALL used a kendo stick early, giving The Bull a welcome back present.
      Johnny got the stick and, hitting him several times, broke it over his
      massive opponent's head. From outside the ring, a trashcan was brought
      into play; both men felt the effects of the metal. Back inside, A-WALL
      put The Bull through a table for the win. Scott Steiner arrived and went
      to the announcers' table, prompting Stevie Ray to come out to the front.
      Stevie put the bad mouth to Big Poppa, but, as he turned to leave,
      Steiner cracked the pipe over his head.


      Sanders told the Thrillers not to let Kevin Nash know about The Bull's
      Stevie Ray challenged Scott Steiner to a match later in the show.

      The Lava Lamp Lounge: Midajah
      "That '70s Guy" Mike Awesome asked Midajah where Scott Steiner was. When
      she said he was backstage working out with no access to a monitor,
      Awesome made his move. She warned him Big Poppa might get mad, but he
      continued with his lame pick up lines. Leia Meow came out and asked why
      Midajah was on the show instead of her. The ladies started to fight,
      eventually destroying Awesome's set after throwing him over the back of
      the couch. Midajah put Meow in the Steiner Recliner before security
      broke things up.

      Backstage, Jimmy Hart told a depressed Crowbar Ozzy and Daffney were on
      their way to Australia.

      Mean Gene Interview: Scott Steiner with Midajah
      Big Poppa Pump said Booker T. and Stevie Ray were illegitimate children
      and not really even related. Steiner told Ray he would take him down
      later on Thunder.

      Backstage, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan screamed at Chad Damiani during an
      interview for WCW.com.

      Mark Jindrak and Sean O' Haire d. "Prime Time" Elix Skipper and
      "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan with Major Gunns Duggan started to sing the
      Canadian National Anthem, but stopped, telling the Wilkes-Barre crowd
      they didn't deserve to hear it. Skipper matched his speed against
      Jindrak's size, with both men coming through with a series of counters
      and reversals. O' Haire tagged in and almost took Skipper's head off
      with his huge clothesline. Duggan made his way in and choked Jindrak
      behind the referee's back, as the crowd started a "USA" chant. The
      Canadians continued to wear down the newly-crowned champions, making
      illegal switches as the ref kept an overzealous O' Haire in his corner.
      When Skipper went to the top rope, Major Gunns hit the ropes, crotching
      him on the turnbuckle. When the referee tried to confiscate Hacksaw's
      2x4, Sgt. A-WALL arrived and chokeslammed Skipper from the top. A-WALL's
      intervention set up the champions, Jindrak and O'Haire, for a win with a
      Seanton Bomb. Duggan and A-WALL brawled to the back.

      Backstage, Mike Sanders ordered security to throw Duggan and A-WALL out
      of the building, saying they were ruining his show. Sanders stopped
      Skipper in the hall, telling Prime Time he had one more match to

      Kronik d. "Prime Time" Elix Skipper
      As Skipper awaited his opponent in the ring, Kronik's music came on the
      sound system to the delight of the crowd. The former tag team champions
      annihilated the 100-Kilogram and Under Champion, drilling him with big
      power moves, before a High Time for an easy win.

      Backstage, Storm and Jarrett talked about their upcoming contest against
      Luger and Rection.

      No Contest - Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. The Juice
      Rey and Juvi both played to the audience as they readied themselves for
      match two in the best of five series. Mysterio took the first lead,
      snapping The Juice down with an arm drag. After another exchange, Juvi
      was monkey flipped across the ring and hit his leg on the bottom rope.
      He rolled from the ring, grabbing his knee, which was obviously hurt on
      the last move. Konnan and Tygress got up from the announcers' table to
      check on him, with the match eventually being called off because of the

      Hardcore Tournament Match
      Reno d. Crowbar
      Crowbar was despondent coming to the ring, not ready for the hardcore
      battle as he thought of Daffney and Ozzy. Reno used the plunder early,
      but Crowbar threw a Northern Lights suplex to slow things down. Reno
      snapped a suplex of his own, dropping a knee onto a can lid over
      Crowbar's face. Reno was sent to the outside after a baseball bat shot
      and was flattened to the ground with a Crowbar dive from the ropes to
      the floor. Crowbar got a table from underneath the ring, delivering
      another splash from the inside of the ring onto Reno on the wooden
      fixture. Johnny The Bull used a ladder on Crowbar from the outside,
      setting Reno for the "Roll The Dice." After the bell, Bull and Reno beat
      on Crowbar until "That 70's Guy" Mike Awesome ran in for the save.

      Backstage, Mike Awesome told Crowbar he could help him with his chick

      Mike Tenay Interview: Vince Russo
      Russo said, right off the bat, he was the WCW Champion after the Caged
      Heat match against Booker T. Vince said he would no longer be competing
      in the ring, however, and would have a decision about the WCW Title this
      Monday on Nitro. He went on to say that Goldberg's future was in his
      hands and promised he would have an announcement regarding the former
      champion on Nitro as well. Russo said he had a bombshell regarding Ric
      Flair, warning The Nature Boy it could ruin his whole family. As Tenay
      started to get smart with Russo, Vince told Mike he needed to get some
      tights and boots, and to be ready for a different kind of job Monday

      Backstage, the Thrillers bragged about their Thunder victories.

      Mean Gene Interview: Lex Luger and General Rection
      Luger said he was prepared to right a lot of wrongs later in the main
      event, as Rection told Storm to lock and load.

      Scott Steiner with Midajah d. Stevie Ray Steiner and Ray went at it hard
      and heavy, familiar with each other after years of wrestling in tag team
      bouts. Big Poppa jawed with the crowd after delivering a huge T-Bone
      suplex. As Stevie made a comeback, Midajah jumped from the top rope, but
      was caught in Ray's arms. Steiner hit him low and, as "the freak"
      distracted the referee, Big Poppa used the pipe across Ray's back en
      route to a Steiner recliner victory.

      Jeff Jarrett and Lance Storm d. General Rection and Lex Luger
      Luger and Rection charged the ring, starting the main event with a bang.
      Luger pressed Jarrett up over his head, following with a series of
      clotheslines. Storm hit Lex low, turning the momentum of the match.
      Jarrett and Luger both fell as they threw a double clothesline. They
      made simultaneous hot tags, as Rection went to the top for the
      moonsault. Luger held Storm on the mat, but pulled him out of the way at
      the last second, sending the General crashing to the mat. Lex put the
      boots to Rection before leaving the ring to a chorus of boos.


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