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[wrestling-online] Update on what happened...

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  • Colin Vassallo
    Dear Subscribers, As you noticed, the mailing list was hacked. I *DID NOT* send that message. Oh, and for the record books, I m neither gay, nor homosexual ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 1998
      Dear Subscribers,

      As you noticed, the mailing list was hacked. I *DID NOT* send that
      message. Oh, and for the record books, I'm neither gay, nor homosexual
      :) I don't have anything against those type of people, but I'm not
      either or. Here are some notes of what happened/what I did in these 2

      #1 - The guy doesn't even know how to spell my name. "Colin Vasallo" ?
      He needs some spelling lessons.

      #2 - "From: Colin Valasso (sender identity not verified)" - He spelled
      the name wrong again. I wonder how old is he. Oh, and that "sender
      identity not verified" is because he used a form to mail service from a

      #3 - He forgot that his IP and router were LOGGED in the e-mail. The
      loser is a WebTV user, and his IP was while using the
      router proxy-215.iap.bryant.webtv.net .

      #4 - I phoned WebTV and they told me to send an e-mail to their "Abuse"
      section. They told me that as soon as they track down who he is, his
      account will be terminated.

      #5 - Makelist.com has to change their security system. It SUCKS. I
      already mailed them over that matter, and hope to get a reply from them

      #6 - The loser who sent that e-mail used shuster.com as the service. I
      already contacted the webmaster of that website, and he took the
      necessary actions so that crap like this doesn't happen again.

      #7 - As soon as I get more info regarding who the hacker was etc, I will
      give them out.

      #8 - Due to this incident, the newsletter won't be sent out today. I
      came home 2 hours ago, and found all that crap in my mail. I didn't work
      on the newsletter, but I worked to try and track down the loser.

      #9 - If the hacker is reading this, I have two words for you, *FUCK
      OFF*, and you can underline those two words. (sorry for the language,
      but I had to do it.)

      #10 - Nothing is gonna stop me from what I do, so whatever you try, you
      ain't shutting me down. I worked hard to be where I'm at, so BITE ME.

      #11 - If you receive any more 'suspected' e-mails, please try to read
      the HEADER of the e-mail. It will give you the IP of the user. If the IP
      doesn't start with 195.158.65, that means it's not me.

      Thanks for listening, and sorry for what happened, but it's not my

      Colin Vassallo

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