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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #725

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      The new design of the Internet Wrestling Search Engine is up at
      http://www.IWSE.com .

      Back tomorrow.


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      - The WWF.COM team opened up the new website for this month's
      pay-per-view extravaganza, Unforgiven 2000! You can check it out at

      - Billy Gunn, Tori, Hardcore Holly and Dave Hebner were recently
      interviewed on WWF.COM by columnist Phil Speer. All four talked about
      the injuries they suffered and their return dates! Pretty interesting,
      and you can read it at

      - The following tickets went on sale for future WWF shows. House show on
      Saturday October 7th, at the San Jose Arena in San Jose, CA.; From
      Toledo, OH., house show on Sunday October 15th at the Toledo Sports
      Arena; House show at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI., on Sunday
      October 15th.

      - WWF champion The Rock can be found on the George Magazine website for
      a feature they call "If I were president". The staff of George Mag asked
      the People's champ a couple of questions related to the presidency. Read
      it all at http://www.georgemag.com/xp6/George/Features/therock.xml .

      - WWF.COM and WebStakes.com are offering you a chance to win a trip for
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      - Triple H and the Big Red Machine Kane are currently on the cover of
      the September issue of Audio Media, a magazine focusing on the
      professional audio technology. Inside the mag there's a story about the
      use of the high-tech audio equipment the World Wrestling Federation uses
      for their production. You can check the cover at

      - Catch HEAT at a special time this week at 6:30/5:30 p.m. CT, and 9
      p.m. PT on USA Network! This Sunday on HEAT, Kane will explain his
      actions from the past several weeks. Knowing that Kane has finally
      delved into his demented psyche to become a true monster, this interview
      will be a can't-miss! Also, several matches have been signed for this
      Sunday. Grandmaster Sexay goes one-on-one with the Goodfather, while the
      APA takes on T&A. Also, Steve Blackman defends the Hardcore Title
      against Gangrel! (WWF.COM)


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      - Bret Hart's "Sharpshooter" column from the Calgary Sun is up online at

      - It was announced on the Insane Clown Posse official website that their
      JCW champion Evil Dead will be debuting on Nitro tomorrow night in
      Dallas, TX. Also announced is that the ICP will be getting a tag team
      title shot during the broadcast.


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      By Lekisha Faith Oliver, [lekisha@...]

      Russo, Russo, Russo. That is all that WCW is trying to be about lately.
      Over the past couple of weeks, all the storylines, rumors, and
      interviews have been about is Russo. From the “shoot” interviews on
      Nitro and on Thunder, all the superstars of World Championship Wrestling
      have been talking about is their “future” in the company.

      In these series of interviews the name Russo has come up many times.
      However, it is starting to look more like the World Wrestling Federation
      did when Russo started to leave. Basically, Russo is trying to bring the
      success in the World Wrestling Federation over state borders into World
      Championship Wrestling.

      The basic principles are there starting with making the boss into the
      major heel and pulling one of the fan based athletes along with him. Now
      Russo succeeded, once, but can lightening strike twice? That is what he
      is hoping for.

      Looking at the transition in the WWF, the same storylines are following
      Russo like a little lost puppy, as well as, following any and all
      instructions that is given.

      The storyline similarities are coming close to impossible to
      differentiate. For example, the feud with Russo and Goldberg, this feud
      is so close to the Austin/McMahon feud a couple years ago. This feud
      pretty much brought back faithful watchers and some new fans. This feud
      made Austin/McMahon a household name. This kind of lightening is what
      Russo is trying to bottle for another audience.

      His lightening in a bottle is starting to work. If ratings are what you
      are watching, they are on the rise, slowly. But will this superpower
      slack off and it all go? I hope not. Personally, I would rather see two
      strong companies, with similar products try to out do and out perform
      each other. That is what makes wrestling exciting by wondering what will
      happen next or who is coming from behind the curtain.

      By this right, Russo is starting out with a clean slate and he is making
      it into a copy of the WWF. He does have the right to make his talent do
      as he and the rest of the booking crew sees fit. Granted, the WCW is
      watered down a bit, but they are trying some things that will make their
      company great again. This way is by putting the young talent into the
      spotlight, especially with Booker T. I know that he did not get to keep
      his title for very long, but his title reign was not heavily pushed or
      put out in public
      like it should have been.

      If Russo really does want to make the company great, do all that you can
      to bring in the fans. Break taboos that have been so far in the past and
      break new ground. Instead of following another person’s footsteps, make
      your own. Walk your own path. But remember that all people will
      ultimately find their own favorites. No matter how much pushing is done,
      the fans will ultimately make or break you.

      So from one fan to a group of others, do not follow the beaten path.
      Even though it looks safer, it usually has its repercussions. Make an
      adventure when you make your own path and take a couple of friends with
      you cause it can be lonely at the top.

      If you have any questions, comments, gripes, etc,. email me at
      lekisha@... No matter what people say, I will answer
      your letter with truth and honesty.

      So onto my favorite part of the column, the question of the week. This
      week’s question is concerning Shane McMahon’s future. Al of us saw his
      performance at Summerslam and I was a little impressed. He has more guts
      than brains, especially after that fall. I know that it was staged but
      that was one hell of a ride. So, my question is do you think that Shane
      should stay in the back with his parents or come out and wrestle like
      employees? That ladies and gentleman is your opinion. Send your answers
      me at lekisha@...

      Until next column, stay safe and go a little crazy this weekend. And to
      all my American readers, have a safe Labor Day. But to all my fans
      around the world, stay cool.


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