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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Pretty slow news day today. We'll be back tomorrow, again, later than
      usual! Later.


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      - The WWF champ was the special guest of yesterday's Byte This WWF.COM
      audio show! The Rock talked about Summerslam, HHH, Angle, Rock 'n' Sock
      Connection, and more. You can read the report at

      - Smackdown received a broadcast rating of a 5.0 with an 8.5 share for
      yesterday's show. (Scherer)

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks closed the week at 21.75, a 1.75% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 21.25 - 22.00.

      - After weeks in the number one position on Billboard's Top 10
      Recreational Sports list, Rock's "People's Champ" lost its spot to a new
      video. Another video carrying the WWF Home Video label that is. "Tables
      Ladders & Chairs" is now in the first place, followed by Rock's
      "People's Champ". "Divas-Post Cards From The Caribbean" sits in the
      third place while Steve Austin's "Lord Of The Ring" is at four. "Eve Of
      Destruction" is at 5 and Rock's other video "Know Your Role" is placed
      seventh. "Austin Vs. McMahon" is in number eight and "WWF Insurrextion"
      is placed ninth. The only two non-WWF videos in the top 10 list are
      "2000 NBA Finals" in number six and "Xtreme Wrestling" in number ten.

      - Internet Week Online is running a feature story on the WWF.COM
      website. The website keeps breaking records almost every month with the
      amount of impressions they receive. It's an interesting article which
      also has some stuff on the 'business' side of the website. Check it out
      at http://www.internetwk.com/lead/lead083100.htm

      - After four days away from World Wrestling Federation programming,
      Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley made her return as SmackDown! kicked off from
      Fayetteville, N.C. Stephanie thanked the crowd for their concern as to
      her whereabouts, and for the record, she said that she was at Shane’s
      bedside as the “Boy Wonder” convalesced in a medical facility after
      SummerSlam. She added that she and Triple H were again in wedded bliss,
      and that the Game would arrive to the building shortly.

      That brought out Kurt Angle, who said he admired Stephanie for putting
      on such a brave face after the way Triple H “mandhandled” her at
      SummerSlam. He showed the replay of Triple H slugging Stephanie, and he
      tried to convince her that it wasn’t an accident. He then showed the
      replay of Triple H and Chyna hugging on Monday’s RAW – footage that
      Stephanie hadn’t seen! Mrs. Game was irate.

      Chyna then came to the stage and tried to tell Stephanie that Kurt was
      just manipulating her. Angle turned it around on the Ninth Wonder of the
      World, however, saying that Chyna attended to Triple H instead of Eddie
      Guerrero when Angle hit them both with chairs Monday night, again trying
      to show Stephanie that Chyna was trying to steal her man. Chyna then
      said she would shove Angle’s Olympic medals down his throat!

      The Ninth Wonder of the World entered in the ring, and immediately,
      Stephanie got up in her face.

      Angle, who just seconds earlier said he would only hit Chyna in
      self-defense, snuck up from behind and executed the Olympic slam on
      Chyna! Eddie Guerrero came down to save his Mamacita as Stephanie and
      Angle scampered away.

      Moments after the segment ended, Triple H arrived at the arena. He
      walked into his locker room to find Stephanie and Kurt. Kurt snuck out,
      and then Stephanie slapped her husband, asking why he didn’t tell her
      about his conversation with Chyna. Triple H then left and said he’d come
      back when he had cooled down.

      In a one-on-one match-up, the Road Dogg reversed a bicycle kick into a
      pump-handle slam, allowing him to pin Bull Buchanan.

      An incensed Chyna and Eddie Guerrero went to Commissioner Mick Foley’s
      office, and Mamacita demanded a match against Kurt Angle. But the
      commish refused, instead putting Angle in a Triple Threat Match against
      both Eddie Guerrero and Triple H.

      The Hardy Boyz and Lita promised to leave their home state of North
      Carolina as victors prior to their six-person tag team match against
      Edge, Christian and Jacqueline. Indeed, after a Swanton Bomb, Jeff
      pinned Christian for the win!

      Kurt Angle then approached Stephanie, hoping to clear up some confusion.
      He said that their kiss on last week’s SmackDown! was just what good
      friends do, and that’s what they are – good friends. Stephanie said OK,
      but she just needed space, and Kurt said he’d be there for her.

      Next up, Al Snow made Perry Saturn tap out to a dragon sleeper to become
      the new European Champion!

      The Game returned to his locker room for a little chat with his wife. He
      admitted that he should have told her about his conversation with Chyna,
      and that he was wrong. Stephanie said that it was OK, and that she was
      just disconcerted because he and Chyna had a relationship in the past.
      But when Stephanie went to kiss him, Triple H pulled away, saying that
      Stephanie could get upset about him and Chyna, but that she and Kurt
      didn’t have a past relationship, so what’s up with their recent trysts?
      Stephanie said, again, that she and Kurt were just friends. But Triple H
      soon grew enraged, even throwing furniture around the locker room as
      Stephanie screamed at him to stop.

      In an interview with Kevin Kelly, Al Snow said that he wanted to restore
      prestige to the European Title – for all the people of Europa!

      Next up, the Undertaker faced Chris Benoit in a match to determine the
      No. 1 contender to The Rock’s World Wrestling Federation Championship. A
      winner had to be decided by pinfall or submission, and the Undertaker
      seemed to be well on his way to a title shot. But as he set the
      Wolverine up for a chokeslam, Kane interfered, just as the Undertaker
      had in Kane’s title match against The Rock on RAW. The Undertaker won
      the match by DQ, but did not earn the No. 1 contender position.

      After the bell, Kane and Benoit double-teamed the Undertaker until The
      Rock came out to make the save.

      Prior to his match against Chris Jericho, Tazz asked where Jim Ross was.
      He asked if J.R. was hiding, or if he was at home unfreezing his frozen
      face. During the match, he went to the commentator’s table and punched
      Jerry Lawler. Lawler then attacked Tazz. Jericho then gained control of
      the match, scoring a Lionsault for the pin.

      Just Joe entered Kurt Angle’s locker room and said that he’d just heard
      a lot of noise coming from the McMahon/Helmsley locker room. Angle
      hypothesized that Triple H had hit Stephanie again, and stormed away to
      check on his “good friend.”

      After Taka and Funaki had laughed at them for losing the TLC Match at
      SummerSlam, the Dudley Boyz were out for revenge against the tag team
      known as Kaientai. After the bell rang, the APA came to ringside with
      the black gloves on – meaning that someone had hired them! We would soon
      find out that it was Taka and Funaki who hired the two men, and thanks
      to the APA’s interference, Taka was able to pin D-Von Dudley. But
      apparently the Acolytes’ services ended after the closing bell, because
      after the match, the Dudleys put Taka on a table, and then Buh Buh
      powerbombed Funaki through both Taka and the table!

      As Stephanie got some coffee backstage, Kurt asked if she was OK and if
      Triple H had hit her. Stephanie said she was fine, which led Angle to
      believe that she was just protecting her husband.

      Trish Stratus approached Val Venis as he prepared for his match against
      Rikishi and demanded that he show her the proper respect after she made
      him Intercontinental Champion. She said that losing the title to Chyna
      was just a minor setback. Val said that he won the title on his own, and
      that it was all her fault that he had lost it. He said that he was sick
      of Trish, and that he was done with her. Trish said that Val would be

      Rikishi was accompanied by Mandy and Victoria for his match against Val,
      who was by himself. Midway through the match, the Right to Censor hit
      the ring, and Rikishi had to fight off all three men. Too Cool came down
      to even the odds, battling the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan on the
      outside. But the Right to Censor would soon get their revenge when
      Steven cracked the ring bell over Rikishi’s skull, allowing Val to score
      the pinfall.

      Backstage, Eddie Guerrero prepared for his Triple Threat Match, and
      Chyna promised that she would be in his corner and not Triple H’s.

      In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, the Game apologized for losing his
      cool. He said that his wife meant everything to him, and that whenever
      he saw Kurt Angle with her, it made him sick. The two reconciled, and
      then there was a knock at the door. It was Fayetteville’s Finest,
      several police officers investigating a call of spousal abuse. They
      asked Triple H to go downtown with them for some questioning.

      As Triple H made the long walk to the cop car, Stephanie swore
      up-and-down that she had nothing to do with the complaint. She even told
      the cops that she was the Game’s wife and that he hadn’t done anything,
      but the officers weren’t listening, and Triple H was driven away in the
      back of a squad car.

      As he was being put into the car, Commissioner Foley approached
      Stephanie and said that the main event on SmackDown! would now be Eddie
      against Kurt in a singles match. He also said that it would be unfair
      for Chyna to be in Eddie’s corner if no one was in Kurt’s corner – so he
      demanded that Stephanie be in Angle’s corner.

      The main event match between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle was emotional
      and brutal, with both Stephanie and Chyna getting involved on several
      occasions. Finally, Chyna threw her Intercontinental Title into the ring
      for Eddie, but Kurt picked it up instead, clobbering Eddie and scoring
      the pinfall win. After the pin, Chyna clotheslined Angle to the outside
      of the ring. Stephanie then again approached Chyna and got in her face,
      screaming “Who the hell do you think you are?” That enraged Mamacita,
      who then delivered a DDT to the Game’s wife! Kurt saved Stephanie and
      helped her to the back as SmackDown! went off the air.


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      > WCW UK TOUR
      - Tickets for the Nitro tapings at the London Arena went on sale this
      morning. They are priced £22.50 - £30.00, with the best tickets £2.50
      more expensive then the other shows. Tickets for the Newcastle's
      Telewest Arena show went also on sale, priced £17.50 - £27.50. Call the
      arena box office for more information.

      - Continuing the "shoot" style interviews on WCW programming, former WWF
      and WCW champion Bret "Hit Man" Hart is next on the list. This coming
      Monday on Nitro, Bret will have his time to speak to the world!


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      - IGNWrestling.com recently conducted an interview with Vic Grimes.
      Here's what he had to say!

      Norton: So how did you end up in this crazy game?
      Grimes: Way back when… I don't know what year, but I was a football
      player, and got speared in the back. I slipped a disc. I was playing the
      Hayward Outlaws on the minor leagues at the time. I tried to make a
      comeback but I couldn't do it. It was a bad time for me. I did the wrong
      things, danced on the wrong side of the tracks. So my mother shipped me
      off to my dad's in Missouri, and he straightened me out pretty good, got
      my life back together. One day we're talking outside a movie theatre,
      and he says "So what do you want to do with your life?" So I say I want
      to be a wrestler. "Why don't you try that fake stuff on TV?" he asks.
      Well, I tell him that I don't know how to do that. So he says "If I find
      out how to get you in, would you do it?" So I say "Yeah, sure."
      So the next day he comes back to me with a magazines which has an ad for
      a book, which reads "How to Become A Professional Wrestler." I don't
      know if you've ever seen it, one of the writers was Percy Pringle… (Paul

      Norton: Wow, yeah… I ordered the same thing like six years ago. That was
      a good book, it had information about all areas of wrestling…
      Grimes: …exactly, and one of those things was a list of wrestling
      schools you could go to. But there weren't any in Missouri. However,
      there WAS a bunch near where my mom was…

      Norton: …in California.
      Grimes: Exactly. So I go all the way back to California and check them
      out, and I saw one up the street; Roland Alexander's APW. It was one of
      the best ones. I didn't waste any time, I just walked in and said "let's
      do this."

      Norton: So who trained you there?
      Grimes: A bunch of people. Rick Thompson, the worked father of Robert
      Thompson. There's Matt Hyson (Spike Dudley), Mike Modest. Manny
      Fernandez had a part in it too. And Dory Funk Jr.

      Norton: He was out there for a period of time?
      Grimes: Yeah, I worked with him in the WWF training camp.

      Norton: So when did you start?
      Grimes: I started in March, 1995. I was so eager, there was a class
      ahead of me and I kept showing up for that one and pretend to be in that
      class. I'd bump with them and stuff, and ended up joining that class.

      Norton: What led to you getting a tryout with the WWF?
      Grimes: I was wrestling for APW. I liked documenting on film everything
      I was doing at the time. Roland had his . Peter Holmes, J.R. Benson.
      J.R. was one of the managers in APW at the time. He'd bring a camera.
      Roland didn't mind as long as he could get a copy of the footage. I
      didn't know at that time that J.R. himself took some of that footage and
      sent it off to ECW. So in ECW, I think it was Steve Richards or Blue
      Meanie who got a hold of it. They gave it to Tom Prichard, who gave it
      to Jim Cornette. Cornette saw it, liked it, but had no idea who I was.
      The tape wasn't labeled. J.R. sent some
      more stuff, directly to Cornette. He knew Jim from Smokey Mountain
      wrestling. Cornette asks him about me, and gets my number. So Jim calls
      me up and says (Vic puts on Cornette's voice) "Hi, this is Jim Cornette,
      with the WWF up in Stanford, Conneticut." So I'm thinking yeah,
      whatever, it's one of the boys, so I just reply "okay Kelly, I know it's
      you!" All of a sudden I say "I have to go," I'm getting out of the
      shower and all that, so I hung up on Jim Cornette. So he calls me back.
      He says "Is this Vic?" I say "Yeah." He says "This is Jim Cornette…
      again… from Titan Sports. I'd like you to get a pen and paper, I'll give
      you my number, you can do whatever you want with it." So from
      there we schedule a tryout!

      Norton: I understand you could bring someone along to work with for the
      tryout, and that person was Erin O' Grady, better known now as Crash
      Holly. Why did you pick him?
      Grimes: In actuality, this was my tryout. Erin himself was on a lot of
      footage that Jim saw, I guess, we used to work together a lot. So I
      asked "can I bring someone for the tryout, or will I be working with one
      of your boys?" So he says "why don't you bring along that guy you were
      working with, he looked pretty good." So it was my tryout, but instead
      of squashing him, I fed him some moves, gave him a lot. We went back and
      forth, and when it was over, they liked both of us. They said we had the
      best tryout match in the last five years, and that in the last ten
      years, this is the first time they've ever signed both guys.

      Norton: You've worked for Roland, Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman. What do
      you think is the one thing which makes each successful in this business?
      Grimes: I'd say Vince because of his creativity and storylines. Heyman
      is great for allowing people to be pretty much themselves and let them
      do what they want. Roland has a good eye for talent. He knows what to
      watch for in the moves. He's an old-schooler. He likes to keep it real
      on the mat. He knows what he's doing.

      Go to http://wrestling.ign.com/news/24268.html to read the rest of the
      interview. Vic talks about his big bumps, wrestling in an exploding
      barbed wire match, his short stint in the WWF, and more.


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