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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #723

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2000
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      - The TVgameshows.net website is reporting that the WWF are trying to
      get Survivor stars Sue Hawk and Kelly Wiglesworth for a match between
      the two for this year's Survivor Series pay-per-view in November.
      Considering Survivor is a CBS production, and the WWF are now on the way
      to CBS/Viacom, the deal could possibly happen. Both women are hot over
      their Survivor confrontation and a match between the two on a WWF PPV
      would translate to millions of money for the World Wrestling Federation
      considering the tons of publicity they will get. Not to mention the nice
      sum both ladies would receive. Further reports released over the day
      indicate that WCW and ECW are also interested on having the ladies on
      their show!

      - The official paid attendance for the SummerSlam PPV in Raleigh, NC is
      15,603, with a gate of a whopping $1,151,940. The total crowd announced
      during the actual PPV was over 18,000, so I guess around 3,000 tickets
      were given away for free. The Observer also reports that a total of
      $147,815 was spent on WWF merchandise that night. Also from the
      Observer, RAW Is WAR next night in Greensboro, NC, drew a total of
      11,062 paid for a gate of $345,435 and $81,435 spent on merchandise.

      - Straight off his official website at StevieRichards.com comes the news
      that everyone's favorite censor tore the PCL in his right knee during
      Smackdown tapings this past Tuesday. This happened when Rikishi knocked
      him off the apron. No other information was released.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 21.38, a 4.27% increase over the previous trade. The
      day's range was 20.69 - 21.50.

      - Here's the Smackdown! preview for tonight. We're not giving out the
      main event since it will be built up during the broadcast. Road Dogg vs
      Bull Buchanan; Hardy Boyz & Lita vs Edge, Christian & Jacqueline; Al
      Snow vs Saturn; Undertaker vs Chris Benoit; Chris Jericho vs Tazz;
      Kaientai vs Dudley Boys; Val Venis vs Rikishi.


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      - Former WCW president Eric Bischoff met with WCW head-honcho Brad
      Siegel yesterday in Atlanta, GA. Earlier reports hinted that Bischoff
      may have offered to buy out WCW, but in a statement released by
      1wrestling.com later in the day, Bischoff denied those rumors. Bischoff
      said that the meeting was regarding some projects he's working on, that
      may or may not involve WCW.

      - After last week's 1.9 crushing thanks to Survivor, Thunder's rating
      increased to it's usual numbers. The show did a 2.4 composite with the
      following quarter hours: 2.2, 2.6, 2.6, 2.6; 2.6, 2.3, 2.5, 2.4

      - It was announced on WCW Live that the Wargames 2000 match featuring
      three cages on top of each other will be a WCW Title match. Whomever
      goes through all three cages and finishes on top, will be declared the
      WCW champion. Participants were also announced. Vince Russo, Jeff
      Jarrett, Scott Steiner & Kevin Nash will be taking on Goldberg, Booker
      T, Sting and The Cat.

      - Kronic d. Lance Storm and "Prime Time" Elix Skipper
      Major Gunns reluctantly came out as Team Canada's prisoner, waving the
      Maple Leaf flag while wearing a "Canada Rules" shirt. As the Canadian
      national anthem blared, Gunns ripped off her shirt, revealing a red,
      white and blue bikini top. Kronic made their way out and the match was
      on. Adams and Clark pounded the rookie Skipper, showing not only their
      advantage in experience, but in power as well. The tide turned for the
      Canadians when they started double-teaming the bigger Adams. Gunns hit
      her Canadian captor, Storm, in his midsection with the same flagpole he
      was trying to use as a weapon. Kronic then treated Storm to the High
      Time, a move that gave Kronic the opening match win. Skipper pushed
      Gunns around, but General Rection, followed by the rest of the MIA, made
      the save.

      Outside, the Natural Born Thrillers greeted Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner
      and the new WCW Champion, Kevin Nash, as the threesome arrived at the

      Interview: Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and the Natural Born
      As the boys made their way to the ring, Tony Schiavone announced that a
      Triple Cage Match would take place at Monday Nitro. A roughed up Scott
      Steiner told the world about the injuries he sustained Monday in Las
      Cruces. He promised Goldberg--even though his doctors said he shouldn't
      wrestle at Fall Brawl--he would be there to get revenge. Nash applauded
      Jarrett for his unbiased officiating at Monday's title match.
      Sarcastically laughing, Nash said his championship win was for the
      people. Daffney and her boyfriend came to the aisle as Kevin announced
      the NBT, calling them the future of the business. Backstage, Booker T
      threw furniture as he made his way to the stage. The former champion,
      summoning Big Vito, Mike Awesome and The Filthy Animals to join him,
      said he also had a click. Booker and his posse charged the ring, but the
      Thrillers were waiting in a human wall. T got through, but was soon
      pulled away by WCW security.

      Backstage, Kevin Nash told Terry Taylor he was taking over the show for
      the night. He called for Reno and told the newcomer it was on him to do
      the right thing.

      Mean Gene Interview: General Rection
      Rection challenged Lance Storm to a match for the United States Title at
      Fall Brawl.

      Tony, Mike and Stevie Ray debated whether Ric Flair will attend his son
      David's wedding to Ms. Hancock on Sept. 11.

      Mike Awesome d. Reno
      Showing some innovative moves, Reno started strong against Awesome.
      Then, briefly breaking away from the match, Reno went to the railing to
      taunt Daffney and her boyfriend, Ozzy. Once he returned, momentum
      shifted to Awesome, who used the Awesome Bomb to put Reno away. Before
      leaving, Reno pulled Ozzy over the rail and pounded him to the ground.

      Backstage, Jeff Jarrett attacked Mike Awesome with a barrel full of
      plunder; Jimmy Hart and various road agents tried unsuccessfully to
      break it up.

      Tony Schiavone Interview: Paul Orndorff
      Orndorff talked about his Power Plant prodigies, calling them "his
      kids." He said the Power Plant is brutal, and only the best survive the
      physical and mental training. Schiavone told Paul the Natural Born
      Thrillers had been very disrespectful to Orndorff. The former Mr.
      Wonderful said he made all of them and claimed they wouldn't know what a
      wrist lock was if it weren't for him. Orndorff continued to get upset
      when Tony told him his group of former students have made him a laughing
      stock in the dressing room.

      During the Orndorff interview, the Natural Born Thrillers paraded in the
      arena with anti-Orndorff signs.

      Backstage, Scott Steiner punched Reno in the face for losing the match
      against Mike Awesome.

      Pamela Paulshock Interview: Booker T
      Booker said he's going to run through Mike Sanders on the way to his
      Fall Brawl match against Kevin Nash.

      WCW World Tag Team Title Match
      The Filthy Animals d. Mark Jindrak and Sean O' Haire
      The booking team of Nash, Steiner and Jarrett booked a title match
      against the NBT. Mark Jindrak worked on Disco, but DI turned it around
      and tagged in one of the champions. After a BroncoBuster, Rey went for a
      springboard bodypress, but was caught mid air with a side slam. Juvi
      tagged in and got in a brief flurry of offense before succumbing to the
      Thrillers' power. Jindrak and O' Haire gave Juvi a double hiptoss from
      the floor, into the ring and over the top rope. O'Haire went to the top
      for a Seanton Bomb, but Juvi stopped him and brought down with a
      huracanrana, which set Rey up for a match-winning top rope legdrop.

      Backstage, Kevin Nash told Mike Sanders to take out Booker before Fall
      Brawl. Jeff Jarrett came in and told Nash he wanted to wrestle the man
      on the paper he gave him. Big Sexy warned Jarrett it could be the match
      to end his career, but The Chosen One insisted.

      Backstage, O'Haire and Jindrak were laid out by Big Poppa Pump for not
      winning their match.

      Booker T d. "Above Average" Mike Sanders
      Sanders got on the mic and told Booker to get to the ring. The former
      champion came out with a crazed look in his eyes, before throttling
      Above Average from post to post. Booker annihilated Sanders, easily
      defeating him with the Bookend.

      Sanders gets a lesson from the former champ 28K | 56K | 100K
      Backstage, as Mike Sanders spoke with Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner came
      from behind and dropped Above Average to the floor with a lead pipe.

      Backstage, Jeff Jarrett spoke with the backstage doctor and intensely
      prepared for his upcoming match.

      Big Vito d. Chuck Palumbo
      Big Vito called Chuck Palumbo to the ring and another match was made.
      Stasiak joined the announcers and challenged anyone backstage to an arm
      wrestling match. Though he looked solid in the match, Palumbo eventually
      went down to Vito's spinning DDT.

      Backstage, Chuck Palumbo tried to hide, but Scott Steiner found him and
      beat him.

      Backstage, Jeff Jarrett prayed by candlelight before his match.

      General Rection and Sgt. AWOL d. The Harris Brothers
      The Harris Brothers faced off against Sgt. AWOL and General Rection,
      with both teams evenly matched in size and strength. Gripping Major
      Gunns' arm, Prime Time came to ringside and distracted AWOL long enough
      for him to be driven through a ringside table. Rection went up for the
      moonsault, but Lance Storm--with his flagpole--stopped him. Team Canada
      jumped the referee and hit the ring before Kronic came from the crowd
      and stopped them. After Kronic applied the High Time to Ron Harris,
      Rection connected with his second moonsault attempt to score the win.
      Storm attacked the General's knee after the bell.

      Backstage, Leia Meow slapped the Jung Dragons around and told them they
      would start winning or they would lick her boots. However, if they
      started to win, she would lick theirs.

      Backstage, Nash and Steiner interrupted Jarrett's prayer, telling him he
      didn't have to go through with the match.

      Jeff Jarrett d. Kwee Wee with Paisley
      Jarrett dedicated his match to all his fans in the crowd and at home.
      Kwee Wee, along with Paisley, came to fight Jeff. Paisley joined the
      broadcasters as Jarrett tore into the former WCW wardrobe designer. Kwee
      Wee fought back, but missed a dropkick off the top, which put The Chosen
      One in position to win. Mike Awesome came out to distract Jarrett, but
      the referees removed him. After a series of counters, Jarrett finally
      applied The Stroke for the victory. The Chosen One took the mic and
      claimed he'd had the match of the year.

      Arm Wrestling Match
      No Contest - Paul Orndorff vs. "PerfectShawn" Stasiak
      Stasiak came out and again posed his arm wrestling challenge. Paul
      Orndorff answered the challenge and dared Shawn to call him an old man
      to his face. The two locked up and, after a brief struggle, Orndorff
      slugged Stasiak with a left punch. Next, he delivered a piledriver and
      proceeded to drop each of the Thrillers with a steel chair as they ran
      into the ring.

      Outside, The Cat and Miss Jones arrived at the arena.

      Interview: The Cat with Miss Jones
      The Cat came to the ring and called out Big Sexy. He demanded to wrestle
      Nash in the main event. Steiner and Jarrett entered, but were fought
      off. Nash crushed the commissioner with a clothesline. The Chosen One
      brought his six-stringer down on Miss Jones' head. Booker T came in for
      the save, but was followed by the Thrillers, who helped destroy T and
      The Cat as Thunder came to a close.


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