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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #87

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      | Tuesday, June 2nd, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 87
      | *Issue #87* |
      | | Wrestling-Online.com's Official Newsletter
      | Editor@... | Editor: Colin Vassallo

      TODAY'S TOP STORY: Sting turns NWO Wolpack | Kane gets title shot at


      1- i - Opening Words From The Editor
      ii - Today's Top Story

      2- World Wrestling Federation
      i - News & Rumors
      ii - RAW Is WAR Results

      3- World Championship Wrestling
      i - News & Rumors
      ii - Monday Nitro Report

      4- Columns
      i - Pot Shots

      5- Subscription Information
      i - Subscribe/Unsubscribe
      ii - E-mail Change

      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Welcome to another issue. We are getting tremendous amount of new
      subscribers, approximately 25 each day. Pretty good....

      We got the Thunder, RAW, Nitro and PPV reporters. Nitro report is in
      this issue, while the RAW report will start next week. I didn't get any
      word from the former RAW/PPV Reporter Chris Colbourne, so I guess he
      quit the 'job'.

      The new edition of Norton's Notes RA Show is up....here's the preview:

      " This week's show is 45 minutes; it includes a full review of both the
      WWF "Over The Edge" PPV last night AND the internet coverage of said
      event, courtesy of Wrestling Online co-owner Colin Vassallo, who
      indulged himself in all the event's online features during the live

      Joining us, as promised, are Sabotage and Father Time of the UWO, one of
      America's fastest growing hardcore federations. These guys went from
      wrestling in their garage to having a weekly radio show and regular
      cards in real rings in just months; it's an incredible story.

      From there, we review the Malenko/Jericho situation; "loser leaves WCW"
      match? Something's gotta give! Norton's Notes runs through all the
      possibilitys, some of which you will not have considered!

      If you haven't heard elsewhere, Ted DiBiase will be appearing on the
      show in the near future! If you have any questions to submit for the
      interview, send them to bnorton@..., and feel free to
      use voicemail, available on the page!"

      To listen, go to http://www.wrestling-online.com/getreal/nortonnotes/

      Back tomorrow.


      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      nWo Wolpack are getting stronger, with a lineup that now includes: Kevin
      Nash, Macho Man, Konan, Curt Hennig, Lex Luger, and their newest
      addition, Sting! Yesterday during Nitro, after a brawl between
      Nash/Luger and Hogan/Giant, Sting came down from the rafters, first
      revealing a black and white nWo t-shirt, then tearing it up, and reveals
      a red and black nWo Wolpack t-shirt underneath it.

      Also, yesterday we saw the return of Mankind, attacking the Undertaker
      during his title shot against Kane. Kane tombstoned Undertaker and got
      the pin, thus earning a title shot at the next King Of The Ring against
      current WWF champion Stone Cold Steve Austin. Will Kane do the job? Or
      will Mankind and Undertaker interfere in the match? We have to wait till
      King Of The Ring, and the full live coverage with pictures will be on

      In another surprise on RAW, former WCW employee Jacqueline, is the new
      female valet of Marc Mero.

      ____ __ ______
      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
      \ \ / \ / __/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Don't think that Sable is out for good. Mero and Sable both signed a 3
      year deal with the WWF a couple of weeks ago.

      - On August 8th, the WWF will have a show at the Foxborough Stadium. On
      the same night, there's WCW Road Wild.

      - In RAW dark matches, Golga pinned Dustin Runnels, and The Edge pinned
      Kevin Witt

      - Shotgun matches, Dick Togo/Funaki beat Steve Kaz and another jobber, 2
      Cold Scorpio pinned Jesus of Los Boricuas and Vader defeated a jobber.

      - The Edge debuts on the June 15th Raw (TSN)

      - Vince McMahon also got stunned after RAW went off the air. It was
      after a dark match between The Rock and Austin.



      RAW Is WAR report will start from next week. Sorry for any incoveniences
      this might caused.

      __ __ ___ __ __
      3 \ \ /\ / // __\\ \ /\ / /
      \ \/ // /| | \ \/ // / WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
      \ // / | |___ \ // / ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \/ \/ \___/ \/ \/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Could Jericho be on his way to the WWF? His match against Dean Malenko
      at the GAB certainly hints that. But, we have to wait and see what
      happens. Also, Jericho is interested in Ice Hockey...so probably, he can
      go to play Hockey.

      - WCW had fabulous first day ticket sales in numerous markets on Friday,
      5/29. They realesed seats for the 7/6 Nitro at the Georgia Dome in
      Atlanta and sold 14,500 tickets for over $540,000 in one day. By 6/1,
      they had broken $600,000 at the gate, which is a new WCW company record.
      The building is scaled for about 25,000 seats but could be expanded.
      Last time they ran the Dome, they had about 26,500 fans there. … They
      also put tickets on sale for 7/16 Thunder in Oakland, CA and did a
      $155,000 the first day and were nearing $200,000 by the end of the
      weekend. Tickets for the 7/10 house show in Los Angeles did $155,000
      while the 7/13 Nitro in Las Vegas did about $125,000 by Sunday evening.

      - At Slamboree when Doug Dillenger was "waiting for Vince McMahon to
      arrive at the arena", several fans in the area were stubbornly chanting
      "We Want Flair." As a result, WCW taped the segment five times so that
      the chant could not be heard on camera. It appears that the company is
      willing to go to great lengths to not put Flair over while his problems
      with WCW persist. (Steven Slagle)


      By Dennis Adkins
      E-mail: Adkins1@...

      Nitro Report from the MCI Center, Washington D.C., June 1, 1998.

      *To start the show JJ Dillon, DDP, Booker T., and Goldberg were shown
      arriving in a limo. Later, during the first 20 minutes of the show, the
      Wolfpac arrived. In the second hour, nWo/Hollywood arrived.

      *The Cat vs. Jerry Flynn
      Both wrestlers used their martial arts skills, but The Cat was able to
      finish Flynn with his Spinning Heel Kick.

      *Wolpac Interview
      Nash did a survey to see if the fans were nWo/Hollywood or nWo/Wolfpac,
      nWo/Wolfpac got a huge ovation. Luger continued to persuade Sting that
      the nWo/Wolfpac was the right choice. Luger and Nash challenged
      nWo/Hollywood to a tag team match in the main event.

      *Saturn/Raven vs. Public Enemy
      Raven and Saturn had some confrontations, but were still able to work
      together. Rocco Rock accidently hit Johnny Grunge with a chair, allowing
      Saturn to nail the Death Valley Driver, Raven got the pin. Raven
      re-hired the Flock and signed Saturn with a match against Kanyon(Mortis)
      for the Great American Bash as a favor to Saturn.

      *Alex Wright vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
      Alex put Chavo in the STF just minutes into the match and Chavo gave up
      immediately. Chavo continued to attack Wright and Eddie came in to
      break it up. Eddie told Chavo they didn't have to wrestle each other,
      but Chavo insisted that they would, and that he could beat Eddie.

      *Randy Savage Interview
      Savage called out Piper. He continued to accuse Piper of not calling the
      Savage/Hart match at Slamboree correctly. They both agreed they would
      face each other after their tag match against Hart/Hogan at the Great
      American Bash.

      *JJ Dillon Interview
      Dillon said if Sting would stay on WCW's side, he and others would
      continue to support him.

      *nWo/Hollywood Interview
      Hogan bragged about himself and he and Hart discussed the Sting issue,
      saying without a doubt he would join nWo/Hollywood.

      *Konnan vs. Lenny Lane
      Lane brought out a bottle of ab-polish to the ring with him. Lane put
      up a tough fight throughout the match, but Konnan finished him off with
      his Tequilla Sunrise.

      *Curt Henning Interview
      Henning said that he couldn't wrestle at the Great American Bash against
      Goldberg due to a knee injury, he then called out Konnan and gave him
      the match for the Great American Bash against Goldberg.

      *Eddie Guerrero vs. Fit Finley(TV Title)
      Eddie had finally gained the advantage against Finley, but Chavo came
      out and attacked Eddie, giving Eddie the win by DQ. Finley retained the
      WCW TV Title.

      *Footage was shown of Chris Jericho roaming the streets of Washington
      D.C. looking for various things that would reinstate him as the WCW
      Cruiserweight Champion.

      *Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera
      Jericho called out JJ Dillon, but he never came down. Both men were
      executing their moves badly, but Jericho managed to put on the LionTamer
      for the win.

      *Chris Benoit vs. Booker T.(Match 4 of 7)
      Finey appeared an said neither of the two men were a match for him.
      Benoit would come out of nowhere during the match and slap the Crippler
      Crossface on the stunned Booker T. for the win. Benoit leads the best
      of seven matches 3 wins to 1.

      *Diamond Dallas Page vs. Riggs
      DDP clearly dominated Riggs throughout the entire match and finished
      Riggs off with a firemans carry into a Diamond Cutter, after DDP had
      pinned Riggs and got the win, Sick Boy ran in and attempted to attack
      DDP but was met with a Diamond Cutter.

      *Goldberg vs. LaParka
      Goldberg started out by telling LaParka to hit him with a chair, which
      LaParka did, and then he turned away to dance. When he turned around he
      was met by the spear and Goldberg followed with a Jackhammer and pinned
      LaParka to get the win. Signs all over the crowd read 94-0: WHO'S NEXT?

      *Nash/Luger vs. Hogan/The Giant
      As the slow match got toward the end, Hogan ran in and nailed Nash in
      the back with the World Title and Luger and Nash won by DQ. Sting then
      came down from the rafters, and revealed a white and black nWo shirt.
      However, Sting attacked Hogan and the Giant. He tore off the black and
      white shirt to reveal a red and black nWo shirt on underneath, showing
      his siding with the nWo/Wolfpac. The rest off the Wolfpac came down to
      celebrate, while the rest of nWo/Hollywood came down to hold back The
      Giant and Hollywood Hogan as the show goes off the air.

      4 COLUMNS

      By Justin Hornung
      E-mail: Morningkill@...

      Howdy howdy howdy! It's that time again! Time to oil up that SMG, get
      all liquored up, and blast away at anything that moves, baby! Hells
      yeah! It's time for PotShots!

      Well, we're just coming off of the latest PPV offering, Over the Edge,
      and to be honest, I thought it was going to SUCK! The DOA vs. LOD match
      looked unremarkable, the Sable's dude vs. Mero match looked predictable,
      and the main event looked just plain stupid. HOwever, I was wrong.

      First, let's go to LOD 2000 and DOA. Neither of these two teams is
      enjoying very much popularity right now. IN the case of DOA, it's
      simply because they really aren't given enough (or any) mike time, in
      order to make room for DX, the Nation, and Jeff Jarrett every week. I
      told you all about my one beef with DOA last time, so I won't use up any
      more time with them. Personally, I like them, but they're not being
      used to their fullest potential. Give them a mike, you'll see what I

      Anyway, moving on to LOD 2000, I'm going to risk the ire of fans all
      over the world and say that Hawk and Animal just aren't up to snuff. I
      mean, sure, their new look is cool, and being a male, I've no objection
      to seeing more of Sunny, but as someone once told me, you can dress a
      turd up all you like and make it as pretty as you want, but no matter
      what you do, it'll still stink. And it's true. You can give them
      facepaint, cool new outfits with armor and helments, and a pin-up girl
      as their manager, but you can't hide the fact that LOD just plain
      stinks. Their style does not match with the high-action environment the
      WWF has adopted. They simply do not have what it takes to keep up, and
      they should admit that. DDP did. In a recent interview, he stated that
      he thinks he only has "12-14 months" left in him as far as his in-ring
      career is concerned. He knows he cannot wrestle forever. Animal,

      On to Sable and Mero. I like what happened there. I truly do. If Sable
      were really going to leave the WWF, this is the style in which it would
      have been done best. However, as many of you probably know, Sable and
      Mero have both signed for a contract extension of three years, so Sable
      won't be going anywhere. Oh, she might be given a vacation of sorts,
      but she'll be back. Hell, maybe she'll be back tonight on RAW.
      Yes, folks, I'm writing this before RAW, although you folks will be
      getting this a bit later in the week. That way, you'll be able to look
      back and as you read this column, say "Oh, that Justin...what a maroon!"
      Say it. SAY IT, DAMN YOU! I know where you live...ahem. Yes, I forgot
      this was a public forum. Yes, well, er...let's move on.

      I liked the main event. I LOVED the main event. I LOVED how Finkel,
      and then Patterson, drew out the intros for ten minutes. I LOVED Ross'
      outrage at all the pandering. I LOVED that the Undertaker was Austin's
      volunteer. I LOVED that Ross threw us off the track earlier in the
      night by mentioning it. I LOVED the fact that UT kept out of the match
      till the end. I LOVED how not just the Spanish table took the fall.
      I LOVED how they kept adding stipulations midmatch. I LOVED Lawler's
      comments throughout. I LOVED everything about it! I have nothing at
      all bad to say about it, except this: McMahon should now ease back on
      his direct involvement in angles. Like I said last week, I'm loving the
      Evil Boss angle, but no more in-ring stuff for awhile. We don't need
      TWO Bischoffs.

      For you new readers out there, I know the past couple of weeks PotShots
      has been talking solely about the WWF. Well, now that the
      Wrestling-Online newsletter covers both feds, I'll be expanding PotShots
      to encompass both feds, and my opinions of them. Yes, this means I'll
      have to start taping the Nitro replays, and I'll have to actually watch
      Thunder once in awhile, but it's what I must do to remain informed, and
      thus entertain you, my loving PotShots family.

      While I'm on the subject, I want to personally congratulate our editor,
      Colin, for working so hard week after week to put out the newsletter,
      even if there was nothing in it, for putting up with mailbombers and
      spammers, for the sake of the newsletter, and for delivering what he
      promised, and making the newsletter a daily. Okay everyone, you know
      what to do, let's hear it! CO-LIN! CO-LIN! CO-LIN! CO-LIN! CO-LIN!
      CO-LIN! CO-LIN! Excuse me a moment...I have to wipe something off my

      Okay, kiddies, it's now time for the Trivia Question! Last week's
      Question was: Name the person who held each current WWF title the
      longest! The answers?

      World - Bruno Sammartino
      IC - Honky Tonk Man
      European - British Bulldog
      Tag Team - Demolition
      Light Heavyweight - TAKA Michinoku
      The first person to answer correctly was ShowStopa7@...!

      Congratulations, ShowStopa7!

      Now on to this week's Question. Continuing the WWF title string, the
      Question is: Six times the WWF Title was held for over one year in one
      single reign. Guess the five men who did it, and for a bonus, guess the
      man who did it twice.

      The answer, as well as the person who first answers correctly, will be
      posted in the next PotShots! Until then, keep wrestling in your


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