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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #86

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 1998
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      | Monday, June 1st, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 86
      | *Issue #86* |
      | | Wrestling-Online.com's Official Newsletter
      | Editor@... | Editor: Colin Vassallo

      TODAY'S TOP STORY: PC Wrestling game in the making, we need your help


      1- i - Opening Words From The Editor
      ii - Today's Top Story

      2- World Wrestling Federation
      i - News & Rumors

      3- World Championship Wrestling
      i - News & Rumors

      4- Columns
      i - Action and more: WWF means 'WAR'
      (from the Rockford Register Star Newspaper)

      5- Subscription Information
      i - Subscribe/Unsubscribe
      ii - E-mail Change

      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Issue number 86 is right here! We need someone to do WWF/WCW full PPV in
      depth reports, as well as a RAW Is WAR and Nitro reporter. Both reports
      have to be in depth. If you think you can do either or, drop me a line
      on Editor@... . I need the RAW, Nitro and PPV reports
      the day after they happen.

      Thanks to Scott Heisel who submitted the article from the Rockford
      Register Star newspaper. It has an interview with Bearer out of
      character, and more.


      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      A new PC wrestling game is in the making. First shots of the early
      stages can be seen at http://www.wrestling-online.com/win95.htm . Kevin
      Tallevi - the man in charge of the whole project - needs your help.

      "C++ programmers and 3D Studio users needed to help with wrestling game,
      e-mail tallevi@... for more info. Would prefer to see what kind
      of work you have done before hand."

      The screen shots available right now are only the beginning of what will
      be a huge wrestling game.

      ____ __ ______
      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
      \ \ / \ / __/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - The WWF are giving full refund to the ones who bought the
      Backstage@Over The Edge Internet PPV, or else free access to the next
      Backstage event, that is King Of The Ring. This is becuase there were
      some technical difficulties with the live video feed. For more info,
      visit wwf.com

      - Some of the WWF superstars who joined the Backstage staff where the
      Jackyl Paul Bearer, Co-host of Byte This Terri Filippetti, Jim Cornette,
      Al Snow, Marc Mero and Val Venis.

      - WWF will now tape only 1 RAW a week, instead of 2. USA Network signed
      a 3 year deal with the WWF a few weeks ago, and they will help with the
      costs of the show. To do a live show, it usually costs more than
      $100,000 each week.

      - Next IYH will be called 'Fully Loaded', and it's on July 26th. (WICN)

      - A total of 157 pictures from last night's PPV are on
      wrestling-online.com right now. The exclusive never seen before free
      picture of Sable that was sent to all those who bought the PPV is
      uploaded also (DON'T MISS IT!)

      - Tori Spelling of the hit TV Series Beverly Hills 90210 was in
      attendence yesterday at In Your House.

      __ __ ___ __ __
      3 \ \ /\ / // __\\ \ /\ / /
      \ \/ // /| | \ \/ // / WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
      \ // / | |___ \ // / ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \/ \/ \___/ \/ \/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - WCW Hotline Report: (By Gene Okerulnd)

      Nitro back in regular time slot, tonight. Benoit vs Booker T, Jericho,
      DDP, Saturn, Bret Hart and more, will be there.

      Tomorrow, Ross Foreman has an interview with the nWo's Buff Bagwell, on
      the hotline.

      Thunder live this week too. Thursday. DDP, Fit Finlay, Dean Malenko and

      Ratings...WCW finished in a tie with the USA Network's Wrestling
      Promotion. Thunder got 3.2

      WCW took in over 1 million dollars in ticket sales on Friday, for the
      card at the Georgia Dome.

      Talks some more about crowds, gives a Thunder recap.

      Talks about ECW's House Shows in Louisiana this weekend. Sabu defeated
      Candido on Saturday, Candido suffered shoulder injury, when Van Dam
      nailed him with a chair. Van Dam beat Lance Storm, and so on.

      Frank Shamrock is to be profiled on Real TV.

      A & E Show to be re-run.

      Promo Azteca IS NOT DEAD, despite Media reports. Returns in July.

      EMLL boss is looking to have La Parka and Psicosis.

      Gives some upcoming house show cards(find all these on this newsboard)

      Talks about Sting's new movie. Then goes on about what Sting will do,
      join Wolfpac? Hollywood? Or stay as himself?

      Scott Steiner has joined nWo Hollywood, and hes actually on the set of
      Hollywood's new movie! (WICN)

      - nWo Hotline Report:

      Candido suffered shoulder injury, took to hospital, after Van Dam hit
      him with a chair. Building had around 1500 people in it. No air
      conditioning, it was over 100 degrees.

      WCW topped Ticketmaster sales chart.

      Discusses Bret Hart's Calgary Sun column.

      Rodman will wait a little longer till he joins the nWo, as Bulls got to
      the finals.

      Justin Credible has suffered concussions the past few weeks, and is
      suffering from dizzyness.

      Stevie Richards still recovering from neck surgery. Not likeley to make
      return. (WICN)


      4 COLUMNS

      Action and more: WWF means 'WAR'
      By Nolan Schramm - Rockford Register Star Newspaper
      Credit: Scott Heisel

      (Cover of section has a picture of the old LOD on it, and it says "Get
      Ready To Rumble! Pro Wrestling takes over the Metrocentre")

      (Inside article contains color photos of Kane w/Paul Bearer, Steve
      Austin, Dude Love, and the Undertaker)

      Action and more: WWF means 'WAR'
      Pro Wrestling event takes over Metrocentre on June 2
      By Nolan Schramm
      Rockford Register Star

      All the action and excitement of pro wrestling will hit the Rockford
      MetroCentre at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 2.

      Attitude is everything.

      On the roster for the World Wrestling Federation's "RAW is WAR," an
      all-out, non-sanctioned, eight-man, tag-team war, are champion "Stone
      Cold" Steve Austin, the Undertaker and Legion of Doom 2000 vs. Dude
      Love, Kane, Road Dog and B.A. Billy Gunn.

      Don't let the names fool you: these are normal guys.

      "I just love wrestling," says the character known as Paul Bearer,
      manager for the WWF wrestler Kane. "I'd be there even if I wasn't
      involved in the business. I'd be ringside."

      Well, almost normal.

      But they share one thing in common: They're into pro wrestling, a fusion
      of sports and entertainment that during the past 50 years has erased the
      fine line between sportsmanship and good taste. And bad taste, for that

      "My Lord, how would I describe the WWF?" chortled Bearer, in a telephone
      interview with the Rockford Register Star. "It's the glitz and the
      glamour. It's Broadway; it's the Sunset Strip. It's the Super Bowl,
      singin' and dancin' and fireworks -- all rolled into one."

      Bearer's soft Alabama accent grows stronger, taking on an excited edge
      as he speaks of his experiences in the WWF.

      "I enjoy the work, and I LOVE the money," he says.

      Starting salaries for pro wrestlers aren't often listed in U.S. News and
      World Report. But newcomers -- if they make it past managerial duties
      and other menial tasks into the ring -- can expect to start anywhere
      from $80,000 to $100,000 a year. At the top, professionals earn

      Yeah, but that stuff's all fake, right?

      "It is. What's the problem?" says Paul Bearer. "Everybody knows it's
      not real. We bill ourselves as 'sports entertainment,' and the people
      stand in line to buy tickets. In fact, this is a billion-dollar

      On the other hand, it may all depend on how one defines "fake." "When
      you pick up a guy and throw him over your back onto the rink floor,
      that's not fake," Bearer said. "We give 'em the best show in the world,
      and we're very successful. Look at the billion-dollar figures."

      The MetroCentre has been scheduling pro wrestling for 10 to 15 years,
      said Bob Sullivan, assisstant general manager. The early 1990s brought a
      dip in popularity, but now it is back, bigger than ever.

      Sullivan said show's capacity will be around 7,000 seats. The
      MetroCentre has been selling tickets since April 18, at a rate of about
      25 to 45 per day. Approximately 1,200 tickets had been sold as of May

      He expects the show to be sold out by opening day, because of the "huge
      appeal of pro wrestling." Sullivan's own children, ages 7 and 9, are big
      fans. "They boo and hiss for the bad guys and cheer and yell 'yeah' for
      the good guys. It goes back to the '40s and '50s: The good cowboys wore
      white hats. The bad cowboys wore black hats," he said. "These are the
      new cowboys."

      He compares the entertainment of pro wrestling to the flamboyance of
      NBA's Dennis Rodman.

      "Good or bad, Rodman puts people in the seats. And that's good."

      The generally graphic presentation of professional wrestling begets the
      question: What do these people do in their free time?

      "I have a life just like you do," Bear said, his voice losing some of
      it's edge. "I have to squeeze in time with my family when I'm not gone."

      Last year, Bearer spent 320 days on the road, sometimes bringing his
      children with him to see thw whole world.

      "I'm livin' out of a hotel room," he admits. "But they know I love it
      and that it will come to an end one day. They support me."

      Even though it's fake.

      "Years ago, some guys would fight you over saying that," Bearer said,
      chuckling. "But this is 1998; things are different now. We're good at
      what we do, and we're proud of it. We please the fans, and we do it


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      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
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