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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #717

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2000
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      - In an interview by WWFDivas.com, Debra revealed that she'll be
      returning on WWF television sometime after SummerSlam, and definitely
      before her soon to be husband Steve Austin makes his return in around 2
      months. You can read the full interview at

      - Yesterday right after Byte This! went off the air, one half of the WWF
      tag team champions Edge joined the WWF.COM chat room for a chat with the
      fans. Edge talked about the TLC match, filming Highlander and much more.
      You can check it out at http://www.wwf.com/news/headlines/502821

      > BYTE THIS!
      = Tazz and Jerry Lawler were on Byte This! yesterday. Full report can be
      read at http://wrestling.ign.com/news/24002.html. The Rock will be next
      week's guest on WWF.com's audio show!

      - As all of you know, The Rock plays "Scorpion King" in the upcoming
      "Mummy Returns" movie from Universal. Jim Ross said that on September
      22nd, the WWF champ will be in New York City doing some publicity for
      the movie, which will be released nationwide on May 11th, 2001.

      - Smackdown received a 4.3 rating with a 7.6 share yesterday. Quarter
      hour breakdowns are as follows: 3.7, 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, 4.4, 4.4, 4.6, 5.1.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - It keeps going down down down! This week stocks closed at 18 3/8, a
      3.61% decrease over the previous trade. The day's range was 18 3/8 - 19

      - With just three days until SummerSlam, most of the World Wrestling
      Federation Superstars were already thinking about the Pay-Per-View
      spectacular. But one superstar definitely was not – Stephanie
      McMahon-Helmsley. As SmackDown! kicked off from New Orleans, the former
      Women’s Champion appeared both irate and saddened as she made her way to
      the ring. Stephanie said that she always carried her title with dignity,
      honor and pride. She said that Commissioner Mick Foley only had one job
      on Monday, which was to appoint a fair and impartial referee, and he
      couldn’t even do that! Stephanie then declared that she wasn’t leaving
      until she got a rematch against Lita that night!
      That brought Kurt Angle to the ring. Shame on Mick Foley, and shame on
      The Rock, said Kurt, and also shame on Triple H! Angle said that if it
      wasn’t for Triple H’s temper, then Stephanie might still be Women’s
      Champion. That caught the Game’s attention, and he headed to the ring.
      But he wasn’t in the mood to talk – he was in the mood to fight! Triple
      H and Angle brawled for a few moments until Commissioner Foley’s music

      The commish said he wanted to grant Stephanie a rematch, but he knew how
      much Triple H and Angle wanted a piece of The Rock. So he said he’d make
      a match pitting The Rock and Lita against Stephanie, Kurt Angle and
      Triple H. Then, realizing that a 3-on-2 match was unsportsmanlike, he
      said that it would be Triple H or Angle, and that Stephanie would have
      to decide which one it would be!

      Before taking on the Goodfather, Rikishi gave the Right to Censor a look
      at what they will face at SummerSlam – he mooned them! Then, Rikishi
      called out two of his friends. Federation fans were expecting Too Cool,
      but instead it was the two hos! Rikishi would dominate the match,
      pinning Goodfather with a sit-down splash. After the match, Steven
      Richards tried to attack Rikishi, but the 400-pounder was able to knock
      Steven out and had him set up for a Stink Face when the Goodfather and
      Bull Buchanan saved their leader. After the match, Rikishi, Too Cool and
      the hos danced for the fans!

      Backstage, Eddie Guerrero and Chyna debated over who should become
      Intercontinental Champion at SummerSlam. But they quickly put their
      argument aside, as they teamed up with Steve Blackman for six-person
      action against T&A and Val Venis. Val accidentally hit Test with
      Blackman’s nunchucks, allowing the Lethal Weapon to pin Test.

      In the parking lot, Tazz stood ominously next to a white rental car. The
      car was covered with graffiti, including such messages as “Just Another
      Victim” and “Thug Life.” Locked inside the car was Jim Ross! As Jerry
      Lawler watched on from the broadcast table, Tazz swung a baseball bat
      and shattered the car window, bloodying J.R.! Lawler ran out back to
      help his broadcast partner as Tazz looked on and laughed.

      Chris Jericho came to the ring with a smile on his face, and we would
      soon find out why.

      In preparation for his two-out-of-three-falls match-up with Chris Benoit
      at SummerSlam, Jericho had written a little poem: “I will fight Chris
      Benoit on a boat, I will fight Chris Benoit on a goat. I will fight
      Chris Benoit when the score is tied, I will fight Chris Benoit as a
      blushing bride. I will fight Chris Benoit while he’s taking a quiz, I
      will fight Chris Benoit as the total jackass he is!” All the while,
      doctored pictures of Benoit in each of the situations were displayed on
      the OvalTron! The crowd went wild, but Benoit wasn’t phased. The
      Wolverine came out and showed a picture of his own, called “Y2J loses
      conscienceness at the hands of the Crossface.” He then told Jericho,
      “Prove me wrong!”

      Road Dogg and X-Pac were forced to put their differences aside, as they
      took on the Undertaker in a Handicap Match. Before the match, X-Pac made
      the mistake of spitting on the Undertaker’s bike. As a result, the
      American Bad Ass was more fired up than usual. Midway through the match,
      Road Dogg just gave up on the match and headed back to the dressing
      room, abandoning his partner. That left X-Pac easy prey for a chokeslam
      and the Last Ride, as the Undertaker chalked up a victory.

      Terri tried to get involved as Al Snow challenged Perry Saturn for the
      European Title, but Snow was too quick for her. He threw her outside the
      ring, but that allowed Saturn to lock him in the Rings of Saturn. After
      Snow submitted, Saturn went outside the ring to check on his main

      Edge, Christian and Chris Benoit faced the Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho
      next. Before the match, Edge said that he and Christian wouldn’t pose
      again until they successfully retained their Tag Team Championship at
      the TLC Match at SummerSlam – and then they would then do a 37-second
      pose! The match ended when Jericho pinned Edge following a Lionsault,
      but the fun was just getting started. The Dudley Boyz hit the ring, and
      the three teams in the TLC Match assaulted one another with ladders and
      chairs! The table, however, was saved for Benoit and Jericho. As Y2J and
      the Wolverine battled on the top rope, their momentum carried them both
      off the top and through a table!

      After both men had tried to convince Stephanie throughout the night that
      she choose them as her partner, Triple H went into Kurt Angle’s dressing
      room to have it out. Stephanie had to separate the two men, and seeing
      their strong emotions, she decided that the only fair way to choose her
      partner would be to flip a coin.

      All night long, the Acolytes and Kaientai had been partying at a local
      Karaoke bar. In the final segment of the night, Taka and Funaki
      displayed their tough side, as they kicked some ass in the

      In an interview with Kevin Kelly, The Rock vowed to emerge from
      SummerSlam as the World Wrestling Federation Champion.

      Next up was the main event, pitting Lita and The Rock against Kurt Angle
      – who had won the coin toss – and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

      A few minutes into the match, The Rock sent Kurt Angle into his corner
      with an Irish whip, knocking Stephanie from the ring apron. Stephanie
      hit her head on the ring steps and was knocked nearly unconscious.
      Triple H immediately ran to ringside to bring his wife to safety. He put
      her on a couch in the back and called over several EMTs. As his wife
      began to come to, the Game went to the ring seeking revenge. That would
      prove to be a mistake, as The Rock, the Hardy Boyz and Lita pounded on
      Triple H, leaving him lying.
      It was also a mistake for another reason. As the Game was left lying in
      the ring, Kurt Angle went to the dressing room to check on Stephanie. He
      apologized repeatedly, and said, “you don’t realize how much I care
      about you.” Then, after giving her a hug, their eyes locked and Kurt
      kissed Stephanie on the lips! After a long embrace, Kurt smiled at
      Stephanie, and Mrs. Game looked at Kurt in shock as SmackDown! went off
      the air!


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      - The special guests for tonight's WCW Live are Spice, Disco Inferno,
      Mike Sanders, Kwee Wee, Paisley and Bill Banks! To listen to the show
      you need RealPlayer. More at http://www.wcw.com/2000/wcwlive/

      - WCW.com posted an update on the condition of Bam Bam Bigelow. Earlier
      this summer, Bam Bam saved a bunch of kids from a forest fire...only to
      injure himself and getting second degree burns. He was messed up badly
      and had to be hospitalized for around 14 days. "It was the most painful
      experience of my life, but I'm glad it was me and not any of those kids.
      Being an adult, the situation was easier to deal with. I'm glad that no
      one got hurt but me," Bigelow said. The monster from New Jersey said
      that he's 95% ready, but won't be back until he's fully 100%, which
      according to the beast from the east himself, will be in around three

      - Recently IGNWrestling.com conducted an interview with Macho Man Randy
      Savage. Here's what Macho had to say!

      Norton: What is your current relationship with WCW? You did a once-off
      with them a few months ago!
      Savage: You remember that!

      Norton: Thunder, the Battle Royal.
      Savage: I don't have a contract with them. They called me up about that
      one shot. I did it. I'm a free agent right now. I don't want to commit
      to WCW, because they're really hurting right now. The WWF is the place
      to be. I'm chilling on the sidelines right now. I can't do anything
      until I can have extreme impact!

      Norton: How did you end up wrestling Dennis Rodman?
      Savage: They figured he was a mental problem, so they called the first
      person who's spent more time in an institution than any other wrestler,
      that would be me! I was rocking those bars. I was the head cashew!

      Norton: (Laughing) How hard was it to carry Rodman, with his
      inexperience in the ring?
      Savage: We were out there in Sturgis with all the motorcycles. He was
      nervous, because he was out of his element. It was my backyard. I used
      it all against him! He's a tremendous athlete; I have nothing bad to say
      about him. The fact that our personalities aren't the same is cool. If
      we were all the same, we'd live in the same house. When it came
      showtime, we went out there and rocked it.

      Norton: Was it all planned, the wrestling into the latrine and…
      Savage: That was not planned at all! I decided to give him a lesson in
      wrestling 101. It isn't a real book, but I'd write it if I had the time!

      Norton: On that note, any autobiography plans? Everybody's doing it
      these days.
      Savage: I know, everybody, but I don't know… I'm not motivated to do
      that. Right now, I want to express myself, share things with people… but
      that will be in the future. It seems that when people do that, they're
      reflecting back, and they've already reached the top. I'm not over the
      hill yet, because I haven't reached the top.

      Norton: One thing which really stood out in your career is that you were
      one of the few guys who could still go in the ring; then you suffered a
      severe leg injury two years ago which really slowed you down. Can you
      tell us a little bit about that?
      Savage: Man, you've done your homework. This guy's on it! (talking to
      the IGN film crew). It's great being interviewed by somebody who knows
      what's happening! I'm liking it, man. I never really… I thought I was
      bullet proof. Every injury, I'd just tape myself up and go back in. I
      had that old football, tough man mentality. So when I blew out my knee,
      it was like blowing out a tire going 150 miles an hour down the
      expressway. It slowed me down, but made me smarter and more hungry. It
      just makes you tougher. You
      become stronger than steel, harder than concrete. I liked being able to
      sit back and figure out what I was going to do. But I'm stronger than
      ever right now. I've gotten back in the gym, not traveling as much,
      bouncing around the country when you're chasing your tail. Now I'm
      sitting on the beach, lifting weights, getting ready.

      Go to http://wrestling.ign.com/news/24033.html to read the rest of the
      interview PLUS a huge video feature of Savage with match highlights.

      - REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)---Aug. 25, 2000--Bring
      it... backstage and out-of-the-ring. Chaos reigns supreme as EA breaks
      out of the ring with WCW(TM) Backstage Assault, the latest World
      Championship Wrestling (WCW) title licensed to EA by 4Kids Entertainment
      Inc. The fast, action-packed game will feature over 50 of the hottest
      WCW superstars, including Goldberg, Sting and Vampiro, in an all-out
      assault. WCW Backstage Assault for the PlayStation® and Nintendo® 64
      will ship late Fall 2000 and marks the first ever entirely
      out-of-the-ring wrestling game to date.

      ``Being the first company to offer an out-of-the-ring feature as we did
      last year with WCW Mayhem, it was a natural decision for us to create a
      completely interactive backstage wrestling experience,'' says Dean
      Elissat, product manager at Electronic Arts (``EA''). ``We're preserving
      all of the physics and gameplay mechanics of traditional wrestling, but
      adding many unique features and challenges that are presented in
      non-traditional settings.''

      Wrestling fans will have the ability to brawl in seven different
      interactive out-of-the-ring environments, each with up to three
      connecting rooms. Inside each room will be an assortment of items (lead
      pipes, 2x4s, bathroom sinks, etc.) and environmental hazards (fire,
      steam, sparks, etc.) that can be used to rock your opponent's world. The
      days of being confined to a conventional wrestling ring are over --
      players will finally have the freedom to battle their opponents in fully
      interactive 3D environments that act as a ring. For example, players can
      bounce off the rubber tires as if they were ropes in ``The Loading Bay''
      area or jump off crate boxes as if they were turnbuckles in the ``Semi
      Truck Arena.'' In addition, special weapons and power-ups can be
      unlocked through a comprehensive reward system as player's skill levels
      and progress increase.

      Skills are put to the ultimate test in the ``Hardcore Challenge'' mode,
      where players are given the opportunity to compete for three WCW
      championships: Hardcore, U.S. and World title. Win the Hardcore belt and
      try grabbing a spot in the Hall of Champions. Earning a ranking in the
      elite Hall of Champions will be based on four performance factors:
      number of matches won, title earned, numbers of replays used and attack
      style points. Be crowned the ultimate champion using your favorite WCW
      wrestler or customize your own superstar using the robust
      ``Create-A-Wrestler'' function to win the coveted belt. Either way,
      it'll all come down to a free-for-all where players will have to do
      whatever it takes to survive the assault.

      WCW Backstage Assault for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 game consoles
      is being developed by Kodiak Interactive Software Studios. EA is the
      worldwide publisher and distributor. More information on the product can
      be found on the general press web site: www.ea.com/press.


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