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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #693

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2000
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      Part 2 in the "Story Behind The Photo"
      Series, New Japanese Mags & much more!


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Nothing to say today.....IWSE.COM will get revamped in a few days, just
      like all other W-O sites. If you have a wrestling site and you want to
      submit it to the biggest wrestling search engine, check out IWSE.COM .

      Back tomorrow.


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      - In the August edition of European magazine What DVD? a reader
      complained to the editors regarding lack of coverage on the magazine of
      WWF DVDs. The editors jokingly replied by saying that while the WWF DVDs
      where being delivered to their offices, Steve Austin came with a
      helicopter and stole the DVDs, but Undertaker came to the rescue. But
      then Chyna and Mankind came in and helped Austin fighting off the 'Taker
      to get back the DVDs! HAHA! The editors said they'll catch a copy of the
      Rock's DVD and cover it in a future edition. The letter and reply were
      accompanied by a picture of Mankind.

      - WWF.COM reports that WWF Chief Executive Officer Linda McMahon will be
      on RAW Is WAR tonight via a live feed broadcast from the Republican
      National Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

      - Yesterday, former Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho got married
      with his girlfriend of two years, Jessica Lockhart. Cyrus, Billy Kidman,
      Lance Storm, Disco Inferno, Christian and Edge were all at the ceremony,
      with the WWF tag champs flying all the way from Florida to attend the
      wedding! SLAM! Wrestling has four photos from the wedding which you can
      see at http://www.canoe.ca/SlamWrestlingJericho/wedding_jul00.html

      - Around 20,000 fans are expected to show up tonight on RAW Is WAR, as
      the WWF goes behind enemy lines with its flagship program! RAW will
      originate live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA.! Here are the
      matches announced on Code Red (Thanks to Erik Roth for these) Dudley
      Boyz vs Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle; Kane vs Big Show; Blackman & Snow vs
      Road Dogg & X-Pac; Edge & Christian vs; Hardy Boyz; Rikishi vs Tazz;
      Eddy Guerrero & Chyna vs. Perry Saturn & Val Venis.

      - While WWF superstars will be doing their thing in the Georgia Dome,
      WWF Lightheavyweight champion Dean Malenko will be partying at WWF New
      York with the fans! So if you're in the NY area tonight, drop by the WWF
      entertainment complex in Times Square for a chance to be on RAW and talk
      with the man of thousand holds! RAW will be broadcasted live on the big
      screens inside the restaurant.

      - On Saturday, August 26th, several WWF stars will be playing a softball
      game against the team of famous singer Michael Bolton, called the
      Michael Bolton Bombers. The game will be at the Durham Bulls Athletic
      Park, in Raleigh, NC, where WWF SummerSlam will be taking place the day
      after. All proceedings from the game will go to a local children’s
      charity and for a shelter for battered women in Connecticut. WWF.COM
      reports that tickets will go on sale early next week, and information
      will be available on the website.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks opened the week at 21 1/4, a 2.10% increase over the previous
      trade. The day's range was 20 1/2 - 21 3/4.

      - Newsletter reader "TERMAD63" sent in the results from the house show
      in Pensacola. Bull Buchanan defeated Al Snow; The Goodfather defeated
      Crash; Dudley Boyz defeated Kaientai & D-Lo & Chaz in a three way match;
      Kane defeated Chris Benoit; Steve Blackman defeated Mideon; Road Dogg &
      X-Pac defeated Too Cool; Hardy Boyz defeated T&A; Val Venis defeated
      Eddy Guerrero; Rikishi defeated Tazz.

      - Newsletter reader Chuck Bramble Jr. sent in the following, which
      appeared on the Knoxville News Sentinel newspaper on Sunday July 30th.

      Is it Fake ? Wrestling Promoter charges rival smacked him down.
      By Scott Barker News-Sentinel staff writer

      With Knoxville Police prepared to put him in a legal half nelson, a
      Louisville, Ky., wrestling promoter was a no-show at Friday night's
      K-Town Smackdown at Chilhowee Park. Jim Cornette faces charges of
      aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and disturbing the peace as
      the result of a melee in East Knoxville on July 21 that left one man
      with an injured shoulder.

      A talent developer affiliated with the World Wrestling Federation,
      Cornette is working with promoter Ron Fuller (the Tennessee Stud) to
      bring K-Town Smackdown series to town on Friday nights throughout the
      summer. Although wrestling promoters are known for concocting outlandish
      publicity stunts, police believe the altercation between Cornette and
      another local promoter, Terry "Who's Your Daddy" Landell (a former
      wrestler himself, I believe that he is kin to the Nature Boy Buddy
      Landell, but can't be sure) of Smokey Mountain Wrestling, was the real

      "There's a difference of opinion as to who did what to who first" said
      KPD Lt.. Mark Pressley, but "the bottom line is, one group went looking
      for a fight and found it." Pressley said Cornette and Landell have been
      engaged in a long-running feud. For the past few weeks, Landell has been
      holding free matches at the Magnolia Avenue Parking lot at the same time
      K-Town Smackdown has been held in nearby Chilhowee Park.

      Landell said he believes Cornette was mad that Landell's matches have
      been cutting into Smackdown's gate. No one disputes that Cornette and
      his fiancee, whose professional name is Synn, drove to Landell's free
      outdoor matches, being held in a parking lot at the corner of Prosser
      Road and Magnolia Avenue, about 7 p.m. on July 21.

      According to Landell, Cornette and KPD Officer Cary Gatlin, who was
      working off-duty as a security guard for Landell, Cornette fired two
      objects from a slingshot as the blue Toyota camry pulled up to the curb.
      Landell said Cornette sprayed at him with pepper spray, then emerged
      from the car swinging an aluminum baseball bat. Gatlin called for backup
      before he and another man tried to disarm Cornette. After a brief
      scuffle, Cornette threw the bat at Landell, who had been trying to fend
      off a chair-wielding Synn. The bat missed Landell, but hit a nearby

      Witnesses agree that Cornette and Synn scrambled back to their car.
      With Cornette at the wheel, the car surged toward the ring, striking
      Michael J. Lynch, who was working for Landell as a sound technician.
      Gatlin said Cornette then backed out onto Magnolia Avenue, executed a
      couple of doughnuts, then sped away toward Chilhowee Park. "We weren't
      involved in it at all," said Lynch, whose arm was in a sling on Friday.
      "We were just standing here watching it."

      On Friday, Synn disputed several points of Landell's story. Citing
      safety concerns, Synn didn't divulge her real name. She said Cornette
      told her he wouldn't comment on the incident at the request of WWF
      officials. Synn said Cornette didn't fire a slingshot, although he did
      keep one in the car. The remainder of her account roughly approximated
      Landell's, except that she maintained that Landell pushed Lynch into the
      path of the vehicle.

      Synn said she and Cornette fled the scene, stopped at Chilhowee Park to
      pick up their belongings and drove back to Kentucky. Meanwhile, Lynch
      swore out the warrants against Cornette. For now, police aren't
      planning to arrest Cornet unless the promoter returns to Tennessee. "The
      charges aren't serious
      enough to extradite," Pressley explained.

      Lynch was treated at the scene and said he went to a local hospital the
      day after the incident. More testes will be needed before he finds out
      if he will have to undergo surgery for his injuries, he said. In the
      meantime, he said he plans to file a civil suit against Cornette.


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      - 1wrestling.com reports that Golbderg will be off WCW television shows
      Nitro and Thunder this week, still nursing the shoulder injury he
      suffered last Monday on the show after his match. Too bad Goldberg has
      to listen to Nash running his mouth in front of a TV!

      - Here are the results from last night's WCW house show in Indianapolis,
      IN. Shannon Moore, Shane Helms & Tank Abbott defeated Jung Dragons; Mike
      Jindrak & Sean O'Hare defeated Corporal Cajun & General Rection; Kronic
      defeated Mike Jindrak & Sean O'Hare; Crowbar defeated David Flair; Big
      Vito defeated Norman Smiley; Mike Awesome defeated Rick Steiner; Shane
      Douglas defeated Lex Luger; Sting defeated Muta & Demon; Kevin Nash
      defeated Scott Steiner; Booker T defeated Jeff Jarrett. Interesting to
      mention is that Goldberg cut a promo after the break and Sting took off
      his mask.

      - Gary & Anita Robb, attorneys representing the Hart Family in the
      lawsuit against the World Wrestling Federation, are now in deep trouble,
      after papers revealing that the settlement money where arranged to be
      split between Stu and Helen Hart, Martha Hart, her kids, and other Hart
      family siblings! The papers finished in WWF hands thanks to Ellie
      Neidhart, the wife of Jim Neidhart. The Harts are suing the WWF for the
      wrongful death of Owen Hart. It's a long, confusing story, and the
      Kansas City star has a full report of what happened at



      > ECW RATING
      - ECW on TNN did a 1.0 rating with a 2.0 share for last Friday's show.
      Quarter hour breakdowns are as follows: 0.6, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.2. (Scherer)


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