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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Nothing to say today. Check the Newsstation at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation for more updates throughout
      the day. More reporters where added a few days ago. Laters!


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      - JR announced that Chris Jericho will be getting married this coming
      Sunday in his hometown of Winnepeg, Canada. It's not known if he'll be
      on TV or not the next week.

      - The Associated Press revealed that WWF champion the Rock will be in
      Philadelphia, PA., this Wednesday for the Republican National
      Convention. The story confirmed that the champ will open the night, and
      will leave the mic to House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Dave Scherer adds to
      the story that Linda McMahon is also scheduled to to be at the
      convention two days before the Rock's appearance.

      - In his latest Ross Report, Jim Ross said that the Game is suffering
      from a bruise on his bicep, which he received thanks to the brawl
      between himself and Jericho backstage on RAW. Triple H is not expected
      to miss any TV time if the bruise doesn't get worse, which in that case,
      a surgery will be performed to remove the calcified blood.

      - Chris Benoit was on Byte This yesterday where he talked about the WWF,
      WCW, Radicalz, Shane, and Booker T. You can read the report at

      - Smackdown! on UPN received a 5.7 overnight broadcast rating with a 9.0
      share. Final rating isn't available by the time this issue was sent.

      - After canceling his last appearance on the "Tonight Show" with Jay
      Leno on NBC, the Rock will return to the king of late night shows on
      Wednesday, August 23rd to promote SummerSlam and of course his new movie
      Mummy Returns, scheduled for release next year.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 20 13/16, a 1.48% decrease over the previous trade.
      The day's range was 20 3/8 - 21 1/2.

      - STAMFORD, Conn. & MEMPHIS, Tenn.--(SportsWire)--July 28, 2000--The
      XFL, a professional football league jointly owned and operated by World
      Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. and NBC, named Steven E.
      Ehrhart, Vice President and General Manager of the Memphis team.
      Ehrhart comes to the XFL from the AXA Liberty Bowl where he is currently
      serving as Executive Director. As XFL-Memphis' Vice President and
      General Manager, Ehrhart will oversee all operations for the XFL in

      'Steve Ehrhart is an experienced sports executive both on the league and
      team level,' said Basil V. DeVito, Jr., President of the XFL. 'He has
      enjoyed tremendous success in Memphis and we're thrilled to have him on
      our team.'

      'The XFL provides Memphis with a tremendous opportunity to showcase the
      city to a worldwide audience,' said Ehrhart. 'I'm excited to assist with
      this effort and lead the development of a world-class football and
      entertainment experience for the entire Mid-South.'

      Mike Keller, XFL VP of Football Operations, said, 'Steve is the guy we
      wanted to get in Memphis. He has a great reputation around the country
      having built one of the most successful professional franchises in the
      country when he was President of the National League Colorado Rockies.'

      No stranger to major league sporting ventures, Ehrhart was awarded an
      NCAA post-graduate scholar-athlete scholarship to attend law school. He
      coached football at the University of Colorado and then practiced law
      with a specialization in sport and contract negotiations. A versatile
      sports executive, Ehrhart has served as Executive Director of the USFL
      in New York, President, General Manager and part owner of the Memphis
      Showboats, Commissioner of the World Basketball League, President and
      part owner of the Colorado Rockies, and General Manager of Memphis'
      Canadian Football League team.

      The Memphis organization has already received thousands of reservations
      for season ticket information through XFL.com, the league's official web
      site. Fans wishing to receive ticket information should visit:
      www.xfl.com. The team will host five home games in Liberty Bowl Memorial
      Stadium with the season commencing on February 3, 2001.

      - STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 28, 2000--The World Wresting
      Federation Entertainment, Inc. has launched the first stage of becoming
      a part of the political process. WWF kicks off its involvement with
      advertisements timed to coincide with the Republican National

      "WWF fans are a cross-section of Americana. They are the voice of the
      people, and they will elect the next president of the United States,"
      said Linda McMahon, Chief Executive Officer of World Wrestling
      Federation Entertainment, Inc. (WWFE). "More than 14 million eligible
      voters elect to watch WWF programming each week. We communicate with
      these fans on a regular basis, and this year's elections provide us with
      a unique opportunity to encourage them to exercise their freedom of

      Ms. McMahon, representing the WWFE, will attend both the Republican and
      Democratic conventions. She will work during the conventions with the
      National Foundation for Women Legislators, a non-profit, non-partisan
      organization dedicated to ensuring that women continue the gains they
      have made in assuming legislative office in America.

      WWFE will make more announcements over the coming weeks outlining the
      role it plans to take in the political process. The first announcement
      is expected to take place at the Republican National Convention this

      - X-Pac challenged Steve Blackman for the Hardcore Championship as
      SmackDown! kicked off from San Antonio, Texas. As X-Pac’s partner, the
      Road Dogg, did commentary at ringside, X-Pac and the Lethal Weapon tore
      into each other with belts, trash cans and kendo sticks. In the end, it
      was a brutal kendo stick shot to the head that secured the win for
      Blackman. After the match, Road Dogg and X-Pac brutally beat down the
      Hardcore Champion.

      After having some words with The Rock backstage, Commissioner Mick Foley
      got in the ring, and he wasn’t a happy man. He said that Rock wanted
      revenge on Big Show, Angle, Shane and Benoit after Shane duped all of us
      on RAW. To level the playing field, Foley made a match between Rock and
      Angle for SmackDown! He also made a mixed tag match pitting Trish
      Stratus and Triple H against Lita and Chris Jericho, and a six-man table
      match with the Dudleys and Kane facing Edge, Christian and the Big Show!

      The Big Show and Shane then came to the ring to confront the commish.
      Shane told Foley that he would always be a couple of steps ahead of him,
      because of his McMahon master manipulation. Big Show then explained why
      he got back together with Shane. According to the Show, when he was in
      the hospital recuperating from his knee surgery, he looked in the mirror
      and realized that he was a joke and a failure for trying to make the
      fans laugh. He said that Shane and Angle tried to help him realize that,
      but he didn’t listen. But now he realized it, and proclaimed, “I am the
      biggest, nastiest bastard to ever step foot in the WWF and I am damn
      proud of it!”

      Backstage, Stephanie and Triple H entered their locker room to find more
      roses. It turned out that they were from Triple H to his wife, and the
      couple embraced.
      The Hardy Boyz defeated Lo Down when Jeff Hardy scored with a Swanton
      Bomb onto Chaz. But after the match, Chaz and D’Lo brutally attacked the
      Hardy Boyz.

      Back in their locker room, Triple H complained to Stephanie about having
      Trish as a partner, saying that none of the women in the Federation
      could wrestle. Stephanie snapped at him, saying that she had been around
      wrestling her whole life. Mrs. Game then barged out of the locker room
      as Triple H tried to apologize.

      After fighting Rikishi at Fully Loaded and Scotty 2 Hotty on RAW, Tazz
      faced off with Grand Master Sexay on SmackDown! The orange-and-black
      attack managed to secure the Tazzmission on Grand Master, but Scotty
      interfered and got Sexay disqualified. After the match, Too Cool scored
      a measure of revenge, as Grand Master nailed the Hip Hop Drop and Scotty
      hit the Worm!

      Backstage, Trish asked Triple H to teach her some wrestling moves. As he
      was showing her the proper way to counter a hammerlock, Stephanie
      entered the dressing room to find her husband and Trish in a
      compromising position! Unaware that the Game was simply giving a
      wrestling lesson, Stephanie went balistic and again barged out of the
      dressing room. Triple H blamed Trish for the trouble, and then grabbed
      his things and left the arena. “To hell with Foley, to hell with the
      match, and to hell with my wife,” said Triple H to the Road Dogg as he
      got into his limo and rode away.

      Edge, Christian and the Big Show took on the Dudley Boyz and Kane in a
      six-man table match next. The Dudleys crushed Edge with a 3-D through a
      table to pick up the win for their team, but the action wasn’t done yet.
      As Kane prepared to flatten Shane with a chokeslam, the Big Show
      blindsided the Big Red Machine and threw him through another table!

      Steven Richards and Bull Buchanan entered the ring, gloating about their
      win over the Godfather on Monday night, ridding the Federation of hos.
      Steven bragged that “pimping isn’t easy, it’s history.” Shockingly, they
      then introduced the newest member of their team – the “Goodfather,” who
      was the Godfather dressed in a shirt and tie! The Goodfather said he was
      sick of fighting for filth, and told the crowd he was sorry for
      corrupting so many for so long. The Goodfather then shook hands with
      Steven and Bull as the crowd watched in disbelief.

      Trish Stratus entered Mick Foley’s makeshift office in the back and
      tried to use her womanly charms to get the night off, since Triple H had
      left the arena. At first it seemed like Foley would go for it, but Mick
      then snapped at Trish, telling her that if she didn’t get in the ring,
      he would sue her for sexual harrassment! Mick then assigned her a new
      tag team partner – Chris Benoit!

      In his first defense of the European Championship, Perry Saturn pinned
      Crash after Terri’s interference allowed Saturn to score the pin with a
      small package.

      After the brutal attack on the Undertaker on Monday’s RAW, Michael Cole
      announced that the American Bad Ass had suffered severe knee and
      ligament damage.

      The match-up pitting Y2J & Lita against Benoit & Trish was a fast-paced,
      high-flying affair, with Lita taking to the skies on more than one
      occasion. In the end, Jericho pinned Benoit after a Lionsault.

      Jonathan Coachman interviewed Kurt Angle backstage, who said he couldn’t
      wait to face The Rock. As a result of Angle’s intensity, The Rock went
      to Commissioner Foley and demanded that their match be for the
      Federation Championship!

      Kevin Kelly then interviewed Chris Jericho, who ripped on Triple H and
      Chris Benoit. He said that Benoit couldn’t be the best technical
      wrestler in the world, since Jericho had beaten him, so he was instead
      the second-best. But since Rock had beaten him at Fully Loaded, he was
      the third-best. And since Lita had hit a few good moves in their match,
      he was the fourth-best! That was too much for Benoit. The Wolverine
      attacked Y2J from behind. He then sprawled Jericho across a doorway and
      dropped the steel door down onto his already-injured ribs. As Jericho
      coughed up blood, Benoit continued his assault, cracking Jericho across
      the skull with a steel chair!

      The Rock defended his Federation Championship against Kurt Angle in the
      main event on SmackDown! Midway through the match, Chris Benoit and
      Shane came to ringside, and took every opportunity to interfere in the
      match on Angle’s behalf. When Rock locked Angle in the sharpshooter,
      Shane distracted the referee, allowing Benoit to again interfere. The
      Rock snapped, grabbing a steel chair and walloping both Benoit and
      Angle, giving Angle a disqualification win. He then delivered a
      spinebuster to Benoit onto the steel rampway. The show ended with Rock
      staring down Shane and his co-conspirators with enough intensity to
      break glass.


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      - It's with great sadness to announce that legendary wrestling announcer
      Gordon Solie passed away late yesterday after losing his battle with
      cancer. Solie is the best wrestling announcer ever lived - yes, even
      better then Jim Ross - and those who listened to his commentary, will no
      doubt agree with that statement. Solie was 71 years old. Our condolences
      go to his friends and family.

      - A new match has been added to the New Blood Rising PPV that will take
      place on August 13th in Canada. The Great Muta vs The Cat is the new
      match on the card. The rest of the card includes Booker T vs Jeff
      Jarrett; Scott Steiner vs Kevin Nash vs Goldberg; Sting vs Demon; Kronic
      vs The Perfect Event vs General Rection and Corporal Cajun vs Mark
      Jindrak and Sean O'Haire; Lance Storm vs Mike Awesome; Shane Douglas vs
      Kidman; Major Gunns vs Ms Hancock; 3 Count vs Jung Dragons; Kanyon vs
      Buff Bagwell.

      - WCW sensation Billy Kidman was on WCW Live yesterday. He talked about
      Hulk Hogan, shoot angles, and his old finisher among other things. You
      can read the full report at http://wrestling.ign.com/news/22738.html




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