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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 1998
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      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Hey guys! Sorry for the lateness today, but I had another BBQ! Read
      tomorrow's newsletter for more info on the PBP of Fully Loaded, on
      Wrestling-Online.com !


      As you may know, the phenomenal hit Titanic is scheduled for video
      release on September 1st for $29.95 SRP -- we will be taking pre-orders
      starting June 11, 1998 at the unbelievably low price of $9.99! To
      order, go to http://www.reel.com/cgi-bin/session/WRON/sale/sale.html

      ____ __ ______
      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
      \ \ / \ / __/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - The New Age Outlaws were forced to stop wearing the jersey's of arch
      rival sports teams of the host city after a few threats were received.
      These threats came before similar threats were made to Shawn Michaels
      when he ripped on Boston's teams prior to Wrestlemania XIV. Wearing the
      shirt of a hated team was a regular feature of the New Age
      Outlaws before they joined DX and a way to get some loud negative heat
      for the team. The various shirts worn by The NAO include The New York
      Rangers in Uniondale, Green Bay Packers in San Francisco and Tennessee
      Oilers in Houston. It appears that you just can't rely on some sports
      fans to have a good sense of humor. (K2Sweet)

      - Al Snow should be returning soon to the WWF. He will be repackaged to
      a degree and probably without Head. There is a chance that Snow could be
      involved in SummerSlam in a 'mystery wrestler' role. (K2Sweet)

      - Commentators for the new WWF show "Sunday Night Heat" will be James E
      Cornette and Vince's son, Shane McMahon.



      __ __ ___ __ __
      3 \ \ /\ / // __\\ \ /\ / /
      \ \/ // /| | \ \/ // / WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING
      \ // / | |___ \ // / ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \/ \/ \___/ \/ \/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - The British Bulldog is currently out of action with bone chips
      floating around in his bad knee, that was injured a while back. In the
      meantime, Jim Niedhart will be wrestling in singles action, while
      Bulldog should undergo surgery. (Joe De Leon)

      - Jay Leno did more mocking of Hollywood Hogan on the Tonight Show. This
      time I DID tape it and here in an EXCLUSIVE transcript of what went on:
      (Credit: WiseGuy)

      Jay: I received a Video Gram from Hulk Hogan today.

      Kevin: You mean Hollywood Hogan. That's what he's calling himself now.

      Jay: Well, last night I was doing jokes about Hulk Hogan. Remember?

      Kevin: Yeah, you mean like when you said that you seen better Wrestlers
      on Jerry Springer? (Crowd chuckles)

      Jay: Yeah. Well, now Hollywood is upset.

      Kevin: Well, what did the video gram say?

      Jay: I'll show y- well, he started it. He was making fun of me on their
      dopey, whatever it is, Wrestling show.

      Kevin: Right, right.

      Jay: nWo, is that what it is?

      Kevin: Yeah, that's right, new World order.

      Jay: Yeah anyways, here's what I got today in the Federal Express.

      (A video a shown with Hollywood Hogan standing with the Disciple saying:
      "I heard what you said last night, and I know that your going to be in
      Sturgis, South Dakota. If I hear it again I'm going to come to LA and
      take of you personally, Leno.")

      (Crowd applauds and laughs. Jay Leno shakes his hands and says
      "oooohhhh", making fun of
      Hogan and pretty much daring him to come.)

      Jay: He's talking about that big Harley ride we go to every year at

      Kevin: Yeah, yeah. Right.

      Jay: Well look look. I'm not the kind of guy that likes to get in
      confrontations. You know, I don't want to build a whole thing up here.
      So, I said why not invite Hulk Hogan out here. OK, I am personally going
      to apologize to him. Alright, and I think that's the best way to do it.
      I'm going to say hey, I was wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, Hulk Hogan.
      Hulk come on out here.

      (The crowd applauds and cheers. The music plays and we see a fake Hogan
      come out. It's a short, fat, ugly little guy. He's wearing the bandanna,
      glasses, nWo t-shirt, and gloves. He's got the painted beard, blonde
      mustache, blond hair. He walks real stiff also. He comes out and shakes
      Leno's hand. It's funny as hell.)

      Jay: OK. There's nothing funny about picking on the elderly. My parents
      have always to me to respect my elders so listen. I just want you to
      know that the buck stops here. It won't happen again. OK, Hulk?

      Fake Hulk: I'm watching you Leno. (The crowd laughs. The man does a weak
      Hogan pose. It's a riot.)

      Jay: Alright that's OK, alright. Alright, Hollywood Hogan ladies and

      (The fake Hogan leaves the set.)

      Jay: You know, it's true, the camera really does add 10 pounds. (Crowd

      Kevin: It really does. He looked different.

      Jay: He looked so much bigger!

      Kevin: I know, it's strange.

      Jay: He doesn't look that big there. Strange. I'm diggin a whole here.

      (Kevin and Jay both crack up and the segment ends.)


      4 COLUMNS

      By Jason Cantwell
      E-mail: nbe0023@...-johns.nf.ca

      From: Ranma_k <ranma_k@...>

      The BEST Tag Team of all time are The Hart Foundation. Bret Hart and
      Jim the Andvil w/ Jimmy Hart. They were the best tage team cause
      they've defeated The Britch Buldog, the Killer Bees, Brutus
      Beefcake(not the Weight Gain 4000 guy)and Greg the Hammer Valentine.
      They've retain the tag team title the longest duration of time and
      rocked the 80's and surprising come back in the 90's when winning it
      back. They had the best finishing move which Jim would hold his
      opponent with a bear hug and Bret would make 2 passes and comes with
      a flying clothesline to take his opponent out. Who can ever forget
      them and Jimmy Hart hitting people with the megaphone. ^-^

      The WORST Tag Team would have to be the Killer Bees with their most
      hideous trick they had. The mask confusion. GACK!!!! What were they
      thinking. Those tight they weared.... NUFF SAID!!! I didn't find
      them spectacular and outstanding. Just another golden hair pretty

      The federation I do not like watching is WCW. I find it very
      annoying with the commentary talking about Hogan and NWO. I thought
      Doc was bad popping in and outta during the matches but it's the
      pits. I find the matches not specatuclar and bland. If the
      commentator can get into talking about the match when in proves
      instead of the replay, maybe the show maybe exciting. So WWF has my
      A-1 vote. Can;t comment on ECW cause I don't get it here in Canada.
      {{NOTE: Yeah, why can't TSN get ECW?! Or if FOX were to pick it up,
      I've been hearing a bit about lately.}} --Jason

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: RAMROOP <ramroop@...>

      1) The best tag team of all time was and still is the New Age Outlaws.
      Roaddog Jesse James is hilarious in and out of the ring. Billy Gunn has
      great skills as well and the team gets huge pops from the crowd. This is
      the team of the present and the future.

      2) The worst tag team of all time would have to be Public Enemy. These
      are horrible wrestlers and the only thing they have going for them is
      tables they bring to the ring. They are terrible mainly because nobody
      cares whether they win or lose a match. Plus, the tag team scene in WCW
      is... well there is no tag team scene! This doesn't help matters.

      3) I do NOT like watching WCW right now because they have so much wasted
      talent. I mean with all the big names (hart, hall, nash, hogan, savage,
      page, sting, luger etc.), you would think that the federation would be
      worth watching for competition among wrestlers. Instead, a guy named
      Goldberg is the champ and other guys who have waited so long are
      WCW has such an impressive roster and yet guys are still being
      because Eric Bischoff lives on money and lives for ratings. One piece of
      advice: watch the WWF .. with its minimized talent roster, it is still
      exciting and entertaining.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: Jeff <jcrni@...>

      Being an older fan, I'd have to go back to the old AWA days for the best
      tag team. I remember watching Dick the Bruiser and the Crusher in the
      early-mid 70's. Long before "hardcore" or "extreme" were catch phrases,
      these guys were it. I can't recall a match they were involved in where
      serious bleeding wasn't involved and many of these were televised. They
      were both down to earth guys outside of the ring too. Although I never
      met them, I have a few friends who grew up in there area that lived. It
      wasn't uncommon to see them in a local bar and they were both very
      approachable. Didn't have monumental mike skills, but the AWA was not
      really know for showcasing this aspect.

      2. As far as the worst tag team, we go back to the present for the LOD
      2000. The Road Warriors have been one of my favorite team (back in
      their AWA and NWA days), but have really lost quite a bit. Without that
      perspective they're still pretty good, but its sad when you can compare
      them to what they used to be. Its like when you see one of your
      favorite bands from a few years back playing bars again or at the local
      city "fest". If you cqan get tapes of their "war games" appearances,
      its worth your time.

      3. Re: the federations, I don't have a clear favorite. I'm always
      flipping back and forth between the WCW and WWF. ECW has become
      available in my area about a month ago and I'm still getting used to the
      players. The hour long program does seem to show alot from the previous
      week and spend a lot of time promoting their tapes and other

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: Johnny Hu <jhu64@...>

      First off, I would like to congratulate you on your column. What a great
      idea for all the fans to share their thoughts and opinions on
      professional wrestling's past and present.
      {{NOTE: Danka. . .}} --Jason

      Anyway, on to the answers...

      1) What was the best tag team of all time?
      This is a hard one. I'd say the Smoking Gunns. They were probably the
      greatest tag-team in the history of the WWF. Bart and Billy Gunn was
      incredible. However the angle broke apart when Sunny came in and turned
      them as heels. Yet, Billy is still the tag-team champions with Jesse
      James. But Bart is caught up in a stupid gimmick with Bob Holly and the
      New Midnight Express.

      2) What was the worst tag team of all time?
      Mankind and Vader. Man! who made those two be partners? Those two are
      alike at all. They are singles wrestlers not tag-team. I wonder how
      Bearer got them to tag in the first place!

      3) What federation, if any, do you NOT like watching, and why?
      This is probably the easiest question ever. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP
      NEW WORLD ORDER. I've said it time and time again, they have bad angles,
      their World champ has no wrestling skills what-so-ever. He's probably
      more caffine-additive than the Ultimate Warrior!!!! Their broadcasters
      suck, period. Tony Shivonie probably doesn't know a wrist-lock from a
      leg-sweep. His magic words are probably: "Fans we've gotta go" and "the
      biggest Nitro of all time". Simply put that WCW is the WWF in the
      Half their athletes only wrestles for once a month. And how can a guy
      like Eric Bischoff run a company? He just throws Uncle Ted's money out
      the window (ex: Eric Bischoff Show, one time use: $75,000). When can
      WCW realize why they are losing the ratings week-after-week??? IT'S NOT
      I can't even believe that people watch this! Anyway, if WCW doesn't get
      it's act together and realize why they suck so bad, they are going no
      where but downhill...

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: David Bloomer <dave@...>

      1) Tough one but I'd go with the Steiners. What the hell made Scott
      he'd be anything without Rick? He is a great singles wrestler but not as
      Poopa Pimp, get a life Scott! They were almost unstoppable in the early
      mid nineties and from what I've seen were extremely successful in Japan.

      2) The worst were probably Doom before they lost their masks. Ron
      (oops, should that be Farooq?) and "Hacksaw" Butch Reed were pathetic
      Woman managed them. Not that Teddy Long was a good manager to have by

      3) WCW/NWO, well, I might as well put that as WCW seems to think it's a
      legit part of the overall organisation. Two words, too dull. I only
      Goldberg getting a big pop after beating Curt"I really need retire and
      a little dignity"Hennig and wasn't impressed. I haven't watched a full
      'episode' for months but seeing Rey Jr against Dean Malenko is not what
      call fun. I blame Hogan and all his cheesey buddies who followed him in
      led to the sorry state WCW is in at the moment. Bischoff ditch NWO and
      back to what WCW should be about wrestling not pandering to Hogans

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: Scot Randall <scotslu@...>

      1. Best Team - The Road Warriors in the NWA. When you heard "Ironman"
      start, the air electrified because you knew someone was about to get
      their butt kicked. They didn't just beat their opponents, they dominated

      2. Worst Team - LOD 2000. It's like watching Ali and Mays at the end of
      their careers. Flashes of greatness but sad to watch because you can't
      help but remember how great they used to be.

      3. Least Favorite Organization - WCW/NWO. They were great until they
      came up with the NWO angle. Ever since then, it's been nothing but
      yakity-yak-yak, lots of predictable cheating, and very lame matches.
      Having to depend on an over-the-hill Hogan (who I've never thought had
      much skill, anyway) doesn't help much. It appears to me they let Hogan
      wrestle so he'll star in those stupid movies TNT makes. Right now, the
      WCW is a combination of a Senior's Tour for old WWF wrestlers and a
      Minor League for younger wrestlers who can't hack it in the WWF, yet,

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: kris gulya <krisgul@...>

      to answer you question about the best i would def. have to say is was
      the team of tully blanchard and arn anderson (both the days of nwa
      horseman and as the brainbusters of the wwf) these guys really had the
      stuff together and looked good in the ring. rarely did you see a major
      screwup on either part.if they were beat, they took it like men, if the
      won they didnt overcelebrate. they were all business. we need to have
      more teams like this today.it seems that everyone has to trash talk or
      have some kind of stupid gimmick to make it. what gimmik did arn and
      tully need to be wwf champs? nothing!!

      as for the worst team in wrestling?it would have to be high voltage in
      wcw. these guys are so dumb that they could be stars in any wrestling
      federation but they choose to be jobbers for bischoff. what a bunch of
      airheads. if vince mcmahon offered to make you as star and you were a
      jobber for someone else- wouldnt you not turn the chance down? these
      guys are even dumber than the bushwackers- who by the way arent any

      now for the real test. i HATE watching wcw for one reason. drum roll
      please--------tony shovane. i am tired of hearing the bs out of his
      mouth, hearing about how every main event is the greatest mach in
      wrestling history(this is another topic altogether)or his announcement
      every 30 seconds about staying tuned for tonights main event
      featuring.... if tony went back to his old ways of calling matches in
      the nwa/wwf/early wcw days i would watch more of it. hell half the time
      he doesnt even know what the hold/manuver is called. its just another
      version of the sidwalk slam!!!!!

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: LARRYg Vaughn <ANGELEYESLOVER@...>

      THE HART FOUNDATION were the best Tag-Team of all time. Bret Hart is 1
      of the Greatest wrestlers the world has Ever Known. If it were Legal I
      think Bret could have been Tag-Team Champs without the "Anvil". This
      Team is recored in History as the Greatest Tag-Team of All Time, Well at
      least that's what's in the Record Books.

      Owen Hart & Yokozuna were the worst Tag-Team of all Time. I don't like
      Owen & well lets face it, he isn't Good. I don't like Yoko & well lets
      face it, ig Guys can't do to much needless to say Yoko is not good.

      MY FED. is MCW- Why, MCW reminds me of wrestling from days gone by. you
      know the kind where there is Honor & Respect you know the kind that BRET
      likes & Rock-n-Roll Express & Fans that people say are not wrestling

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: Carl Reichenberg <spiceboy112@...>

      1. The best tag team of all time in my mind would have to be Owen Hart
      and The British Bulldog. This team had all the tools to be the best!
      First Owen, he was and still is one of the best technical wrestlers in
      the world and he can usually out-smart any opponent. The King of Harts
      is also very deadly. Remember what he did to pussy boy Michaels and
      Stone Cold? Owen also has one of the funniest ring personalities I've
      seen to rile up the crowd. Now Davey Boy, this guy was just plain
      overpowering! He could punish any and every wreslter including Diesel,
      King Mabel, Yokozuna, and Vader to name a few. Smith also had an
      entertaining ring personality (that little flip thing he did was cool).
      With the combination of Owen's technical and ariel skills and Davey's
      power and both men's acting abilities it's no wonder these two were the
      champs for so long.

      2. The worst tag team of all time? Hmmm, can you say Skull and
      These guys are terrible! First they were the Blu twins and they stank
      (hardly won any matches), then they were the Grimm twins (they won even
      less), and now they're the Disciples of Apocolypse and they still suck!!
      No matter how many hair cuts or name changes these loser's get they
      still can't wrestle worth a damn and they never had a good gimmik. The
      crowd response for these two idiot's range from moderate to none at
      My advice to the DOA, leave and take your worthless brother Chainz with
      you! On a side note, act or not, I think what Paul Ellery did to LOD
      was plain sick!

      3. Without any shadow of a doubt, WCW is the worst excuse for wrestling
      I've ever seen! WCW is a disgrace to Pro Wrestling and I hope it gets
      cancelled (I wish)! I could sit here all night and bitch about Wheel
      Chair Wrestling but I'll keep this as short as I can. WCW gives pushes
      to washed up grandpa's (Hogan, Savage, Piper, etc.) and or overpaid,
      talentless trash (Goldberg, Raven, etc.) who don't know a an arm drag
      from a body slam. The real talent like Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Dean
      Malenko, Marc Bagwell, and Davey Boy Smith to name a few all get crapped
      WCW cannot market their talent at all, the commentators are total morons
      always seem to talk about NWO or Goldberg and not the current match, and
      only reason that WCW is what it is is not because Eric Bischoff is a
      (he probably just watches the WWF so he can copy them) or because WCW is
      better than anyone, it's because of that waste of semen Ted Turner who
      pissed becasue the WWF wouldn't sell out and Mr. "I want everything"
      needed a counter. I loath Eric Bischoff, James Dillon, Ted Turner, all
      former WWF superstars who sold out, Tony Shivone, Mike Tenney, Goldberg,
      and most anyone associated with WCW with a few exceptions (see real
      talent above). One last thing, I read in a previous article in this
      newsletter from some idiot who has a column that the only thing Bill
      Goldberg and Steve Austin have in common is they both have shaved
      Bull sh*t! Goldberg is the WCW's counter and rip-off to Stone Cold and
      the only thing these two don't have in common is that Goldberg doesn't
      trash talk over the mic and Austin does. Use your brain if you have one

      {{NOTE: far be it for me to dictate what people say in my article
      when I open up the floor for questions, but I'd prefer not to have my
      article as the soap box for bashers of other article writers' work. By
      all means, state your opinion, but one of the main criteria I ask is
      you give clear and concise {and preferably not riddled with profanity}
      reasons for your opinion. And PLEASE don't use my article as a forum to
      call anyone dumb. Not too much to ask, I think}} --Jason

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: Steve Cassell <mcgyver@...>

      1. One of my favourote tag teams of all time was King Kong Bundy And Big
      John Stud. These guys were really awsome, Their size, power, and general
      domination of their opponents was incredible. Although they played the
      heel role, they were truly one of the greatest tag teams.

      2. The worst tag team I think would have to be Doink & Dink. Although
      the wrestling skills were fair a guy dressed up as a clown with a
      matching midget as his tag partner and their antics were an absolute
      joke. Whoever came up with the idea of those two should be shot.

      3. I prefer WWF with WCW a close second. Although I think McMahon is a
      heel the goings on in the WWF could only be decribed as entertainment.
      the only reason WCW runs second is I'm starting to get a bot sick and
      tired of all this NWO bulls**t, and its wearing a bit thin.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: Greg F Godwin <ggodwin@...>

      1. Favorite tag team: Legion of Doom/Road Warriors.
      Reason: The only tag team to hold the world title in the AWA, NWA,
      and WWF.

      2. Worst tag team: New Midnight Express.
      Nowhere near as exciting as Cornette's original express.

      3. Federation not watching: WCW
      Goldberg is not that great of a wrestler, plus NWO versus WCW get
      after a while.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      From: DWill288@...

      1 > The best tag team ....After a lot of thought I must go for the
      Blonds , Steve Ausin & Brian Pilman were a team that had so many
      abilities and
      took on the best , they were one of the best things the WCW offered and
      it's a
      shame because the WCW tag teams are now in disarray .

      2 > the Worst tag team .. The worst tag team as got to be when the WWF
      to put Doink & Dink together , Doink was bad enough on his own but these
      made me want to grab a sick bag and brought the WWF down to the lowest
      they have ever been .

      3 > What federation don't you like watching ... I watch all the
      but prefer the WWF at the moment due to tighter programmes and better
      angles ,
      although Steve Austin / Vincent McMahon / The Undertaker on every week
      starting to get a little boring , if they don't start bringing in some
      talent soon ( like Edge and Val Venis ) there going to be left high and
      dry if
      several superstars have to leave at once or get seriously injured and
      have to
      retire ( nearly happened to Austin and Michaels )

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Here it is! Since it was the last email I received before sending out
      article, it was relegated to the last-response position.

      From: Mike Hunt <mikehunt12@...>

      In response to your recent column, I was surprised to find out how
      time it takes for you to write a column. You want the readers that
      respond to check their spelling, but misspelled Larry Zbyszko's name
      yourself. The spelling issue is a minor thing. Your lack of knowledge
      the answer to your own trivia question is my main problem. The question
      was "Which WCW wrestlers were the AWA Tag champs?", a fairly simple
      question. Scott Hall & Curt Hennig was the answer you expected, but
      Bloom & Mike Enos also held the belts. I realize that they are currently
      jobbers in the WCW, but they deserve the credit also. Enos & Bloom
      as "The Destruction Crew" won the vacant AWA World Tag Team titles by
      defeating Greg Gagne & Paul Diamond on October 1, 1989. They lost the
      titles to The Trooper (Del Wilkes) & D.J. Peterson on August 11, 1990.
      Bloom & Enos were the first team named Rookies of the Year in PWI during
      this time. Next time take a little time to research your own question
      the answers you receive.

      You also said you needed a picture to confirm this. If you look a
      of Bloom & Enos with the belts closely you will find the belts are also
      mislabeled. The belts are imprinted with "American Wrestling Alliance",
      instead of American Wrestling Association. Now that's a piece of trivia.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Well, after that little bit of email, it occurs to me that there may be
      some of you out there who may not like my article as much as the more
      vocal fans. Well, here's your chance!

      1) What do you like or dislike about Memory Lane? Again,
      always, I ask that you be CONCISE and *NOT* say stuff like "it sucks,
      because!" That stuff will NOT get printed in my article. 'Nuff said!

      2) Which wrestling personality{s} do you feel should "jump
      to another federation? For example, maybe Bret Hart should go to ECW,
      Shawn Michaels should join his Kliq in the WCW. Something like that.

      3) Which wrestling personality{s} do you feel should retire
      the world of professional wrestling? For instance, I've noticed in your
      response that a number of people don't like LOD anymore, so maybe many
      of you
      feel they should retire.

      As mentioned, a lot of LOD bashers out there in Memory Lane land! Well,
      here's the questions above, and I hope to hear from everyone out there,
      even my detractors! I meant what I said earlier: if you have a beef
      my column, feel free to send me a line at MADKLINGON@... --
      keep it all bottled up! Don't skip over my article because you read
      something that you didn't agree with! This is an open forum, here for
      fans to discuss what matters most, and to get their opinions known!

      Like always, send all responses to MADKLINGON@..., *not* to
      or anyone else on the list. If Colin has any misdirected responses to
      me, out they go! Plus, I've also noticed that a number of you have HTML
      in your responses, and some of you don't even realize it. It seems to
      the most when you just reply to the newsletter with my address. Try
      forwarding to my address, or just composing a new message with an
      subject line. That may help. ;)

      Well, let the responses flow!


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