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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #628

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      theactionzone.net domain is working, however the site will probably be
      launched on Monday. There will be screenshots of games, articles, press
      releases, downloads and much more! If you have anything to contribute
      like reviews etc, e-mail ColinWWF@...


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      - Wade Keller reported on the Pro Wrestling Torch Hotline that the main
      event for King Of The Ring is currently set to a 3 on 2 handicap match
      featuring Rock and The Undertaker taking on Triple H, Shane and Vince

      - Sgt Slaughter did a nice long interview with Alex Marvez of the
      Observer. Among many things, Slaughter explains the danger he had to go
      through while doing the Iraq angle in 1991 with Hogan and McMahon. You
      can read it all at

      - A Wrestling-Online Newsletter reader mailed me today to regarding the
      sucky editing Channel 4 in the UK perform on WWF programs. A website was
      setup for a campaign against C4, and you can check it out at
      http://go.to/c4willpay . And hey believe me, C4 are that bad!

      - Here are the matches for tonight's Smackdown on UPN! Latino Heat &
      Mamacita taking on Edge & Christian; Crash Holly fights one half of APA,
      Farooq; In a three way match for an IC title match, Chris Jericho
      battles Val Venis and Hardcore Holly; Matt Hardy vs Essa Rios; Too Cool
      & The Dudleys take on Road Dogg, X-Pac and T&A in an 8 men tag team
      match; Kurt Angle battles IC champ Chris Benoit; Bull Buchanon fights Al
      Snow and Undertaker is also in action!

      - The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels updated his commentary found on his
      website at http://www.hbk-twa.com/ . This week he talks about being the
      ref at the Iron Man Match and what the Internet people are saying about
      him. Check it out!


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      - After Thunder, Vince Russo joined the crew of WCW Live. Russo said
      that he likes to present a product filled with surprises, including
      changing titles when people less expect it. He continued to say that the
      current effort by the wrestlers is amazing and plans for the PPV are
      moving smoothly. Maybe someone should tell Russo that the WCW title is
      changing more faster then the WWF Hardcore title!

      - WCW Thunder on TBS received a 2.1 rating with a 3.7 share according to
      Dave Scherer. The show started a bit later then usual.

      - WCW blasted the WWF for giving out results of tapings on their
      website. Hell, even Tony Schaivone once or twice gave out results on
      Nitro of RAW when it was taped. Now WCW did it again! First a few weeks
      ago when Arquette won the title on Thunder, they posted the graphic of
      him holding the title, hoping that the news will get them nice
      mainstream media (which failed) and just yesterday, the WCW.COM website
      posted that Nash won the title during Thunder tapings. I wonder what WCW
      have to say about that...talk about being hungry for ratings!

      - Big Poppa Pump and Big Sexy pulled up to the arena in a Corvette.

      WCW Cruiserweight Title Match
      Daffney d. The Artist with Paisley and Chris Candido with Tammy
      Dressed in wedding black, Daffney avoided the action, while both her
      competitors and their valets became embroiled in competition. Breaking
      up and trying to steal pins throughout the match, Daffney was at the
      mercy of her foes, until Crowbar made the save. Miss Hancock then joined
      the action, but left after Tammy purchased the leggy exec's wooden
      clipboard. Tammy attempted to strike Daffney with the lethal office
      supply, but whacked her beau instead. Daffney stole the pin.

      Backstage, Vince Russo asked Eric Bischoff for help with Nash and Pump.
      Bischoff, flanked by Kimberly and The Cat, told WCW's writer to handle
      it himself, but did agree to let Kim watch Elizabeth in the interim.

      Backstage, Norman Smiley and Ralphus tried to sell The Franchise a
      variety of toiletries and lotions. Instead of making a purchase,
      Franchise told the duo he could get them reinstated, if they were
      willing to face him in a Hardcore Title match that evening.

      Backstage, Kimberly did her makeup and gabbed while Elizabeth sat

      Hardcore Title Match
      Terry Funk with Norman Smiley d. The Franchise
      Pre-match, The Franchise boasted about getting rid of both Terry Funk
      and Ric Flair. When Smiley and Ralphus arrived, Bischoff and The Cat
      watched in disbelief backstage. The Franchise dominated the duo at first
      (with Ralphus wearing a full gorilla suit), but Smiley finally managed
      several slivers of offense. Countering the Big Wiggle with a low blow,
      The Franchise regained momentum.

      Suplexing Smiley through a table, Franchise appeared ready for victory
      -- only to have Terry Funk make a monkey out of him. Pretending to be
      Ralphus, Funk clubbed The Franchise with a chain and took the pin.

      Backstage, Russo, David Flair and a mystery woman approached the ring.

      Backstage, Nash and Pump -- dressed in ski goggles -- approached the

      Interview: Vince Russo, David Flair... and Ms. Snodgrass
      Surrounded by R&B Security, Russo had Ms. Snodgrass, Reid Flair's sixth
      grade teacher, malign the youngest Flair for everything from making
      flatulent noises to putting mirrors on his shoes. Afterwards, David
      challenged Reid to a match at The Great American Bash.

      Enter Big Sexy and Steiner. The duo crushed security and jackknifed
      David within seconds, while Russo hid behind Ms. Snodgrass. Nash and
      Pump forced Russo to agree to a Three-Way Dance between Nash, Pump and
      Jarrett for the World Title that evening. Backstage, Jeff Jarrett yelled
      at Russo.

      Backstage, Bischoff and Cat chastised The Franchise for his actions and
      demanded the head of Funk.

      Six-Man Elimination Match
      Disqualification: MIA (Captain Rection, Major Stash, Corporal Cajun,
      Lieutenant Loco) with Major Gunns d. Filthy Animals (Konnan, Rey
      Mysterio Jr., Disco Inferno and Juice)
      After a blurring mix of aerials and power moves, Sean Stasiak prompted
      the disqualification by attacking Captain Rection. That's when Booker T
      arrived, dressed completely in camouflage. While Booker cleared the
      ring, The Filthy Animals and MIA continued to battle backstage.

      Backstage, Bischoff attempted to counsel the problems between Horace,
      Kidman and Torrie.

      Backstage, tired of Kimberly's constant droning, Elizabeth knocked the
      former Nitro Girl from her chair, grabbed a bat and ran from the room.

      Backstage, Russo discussed business with Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner.

      Backstage, The Franchise searched for Funk.

      Tables Match
      Chuck Palumbo d. The Wall
      Despite a tremendous performance from the Wall, Palumbo's Lex Flexer
      proved to be the most important component in this match. After whacking
      The Wall with the same item that destroyed The Total Package's face, The
      Wall fell through a table and lost the match. Post-match, The Wall
      recovered during Palumbo's pose down, and chased his opponent to the

      Interview: Eric Bischoff, Kidman, Horace Hogan and Torrie
      Bischoff spoke of the unity between these New Blood members, and Horace
      attacked his famous uncle. When Bischoff challenged anyone from the back
      to take on his team, Kronic quickly complied.

      Billy Kidman and Horace Hogan d. Kronic
      At first, Horace's relationship with Kidman seemed questionable.
      Refusing to tag, Horace watched his New Blood partner take a vicious
      beating and even threatened Bischoff with a chair. In the end, though,
      Horace introduced Brian Clark to the steel, allowing Kidman to steal the
      win. Post-match, Kidman and Horace continued to exchange angry words.

      Backstage, The Franchise forced Ralphus to head for the arena for a

      Wall destroys The Franchise
      Instead of dealing with Ralphus, The Franchise found himself facing the
      indomitable Wall -- and a chokeslam through the announcing table.

      Gene Okerlund Interview: GI Bro and MIA
      The Athlete, Formerly Known as Booker T explained the Bischoff had
      created the name Booker T when he joined WCW, and since Bischoff had
      fired Booker T this past Monday, the name no longer existed. Fans were
      then introduced to GI Bro, the new leader of MIA and soldier against
      Bischoff's oppression.

      GI Bro d. Shawn Stasiak
      No matter what you call him, GI Bro proved to be all business in front
      of the enthused Michigan crowd. Stasiak delivered a solid performance,
      but in the end, it was GI Bro with a clean pinfall.

      Mike Tenay Interview: Sting
      Tenay asked Sting about his problems with Vampiro and the similarities
      between the two athletes. But, when Tenay began discussing the Human
      Torch Match, WCW's Avenging Angel became visibly agitated. During the
      interview, the lights went out. A burning curtain illuminated the set
      and infuriated Sting.

      Gene Okerlund Interview: Kimberly
      Kim complained about Elizabeth, and blamed the First Lady of Wrestling
      for ruining her day. Enter Liz. The Total Package's former manager
      grabbed Kim by the throat and dragged her off the set.

      Diamond Dallas Page Interview
      Page claimed that he became successful in spite of Bischoff and insulted
      the New Blood leader for turning Kimberly against him and injuring
      Kanyon. During the interview, Liz dragged Kim to the ring. DDP spanked
      his wife, but was interrupted by the Nitro Tron. Mike Awesome was
      sitting next to Kanyon in the hospital, and told the camera man to stop
      filming. Page was left with no idea what would happen to his longtime

      World Title Match
      Kevin Nash d. Jeff Jarrett and Big Poppa Pump
      Pre-match, Russo tried to become this contest's special referee, but was
      stopped by Nash. Pump beat on Jarrett, but then ran to the back when
      Tank and Rick kidnapped Steiner's freaks. With Russo's help, Jarrett was
      able to strike Nash several times with a bat, and almost scored the win.
      Nash rebounded, but once again, Russo interfered and took out Billy

      On the outside, referee Mickey Jay tried to get to the ring, but was
      stopped by security. Pump cleared the way for Jay and chased Russo from
      ringside. Given a moments opportunity, Nash powerbombed Jarrett and took
      the win.


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