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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #627

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2000
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      The Ultimate Wrestling Search Engine


      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      A new section on Wrestling-Online will start hopefully next week. That's
      "Action Zone", for all you wrestling games fanatics. URL will be
      www.theactionzone.net ( Mr Burnside chose it, so if it sucks, mail him!
      :) ) The domain will be working in around 2 days since it was registered
      earlier today. In the meantime, you can just check out the logo at
      http://www.wrestling-online.com/actionzone/ . If you're a die hard
      wrestling games fan and want to contribute just drop me a line.

      Also if you're a regular on MP3.COM, you'll see some
      Wrestling-Online.com ads throught that website in the month of June.
      That should add some extra nice exposure.

      That's all for today!


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      By The Franchize, [thefranchize@...]

      Life is all about changes. The reason the Franchize has not penned a
      column in a few weeks is because of a big change - graduating from
      college. The road ahead will have many unknowns but I will face them as
      best I can and hope that things turn out for the best.

      The road is also filled with uncertainty for the WWF as well. With the
      return of the Undertaker this past weekend at Judgement Day and a better
      established second string of superstars (say that five times fast),
      things are about to change for the WWF - hopefully for the better. With
      his comeback, the shuffle at the top of the ladder becomes that much
      more convoluted, but that much more interesting. Seemingly
      returning as a face, the reaction for the big man was huge and that is
      key. In the last few months before he left, his character had become
      stale despite many updates and changes. With the UT becoming more like
      his real-life biker lifestyle, we can expect many big things from him -
      including a WWF title reign by the end of the year. But this one will
      last much longer than his previous two.

      Let's look at the top of the ladder: the Rock, UT, Triple-H, Rikishi,
      Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and that Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, Chris
      Jericho. Since the UT left, all have climbed this ladder to the top,
      except for Helmsley and Rocky. But keep this in mind - the Undertaker
      has not really had extended feuds with either the Rock or Triple-H,
      which will make for some new PPV main events and angles. It goes without
      saying that Vince and Co. could use them. The Rock vs. McMahon faction
      angle has become stale even with the IronMan match. If Vince is smart,
      he will start to juggle the top slots among those previously noted and
      keep the rotation fresh. Of course, there is still Kane, the Big Show,
      Billy Gunn and that Stone Cold guy that could make things very
      interesting come the end of summer.

      The second level: With Eddy Guerrero starting to get some good pops, he
      is now the leader of the second level of wrestlers who could make a big
      jump in the next year. It is now a question of whether they can make
      the leap to the top level of the food chain. Eddy G, Saturn, Val Venis,
      Malenko, Essa Rios, D-Lo Brown and others can carry the bottom ranks if
      they keep their eyes on the prize much like those who came before them.

      Finally, there is the under-appreciated tag team division which hasn't
      been better since the 1980s with Strike Force, the Hart Foundation, the
      Killer Bees, the British Bulldogs and the Islanders, who all gave the
      division some face and ticket value. After an industry-wide decline in
      good teams in one organization, the WWF has the Dudleys, Too Cool,
      Edge/Christian, the Acolytes, XPac/Road Dogg, the Hardyz and T&A leading
      the revitalized tag ranks. The Dudleys, APA and Too Cool have major
      face value, while Edge and Christian are playing the 'cocky card' to
      great success with the flash photography angle. Tag team wrestling is
      finally back, thanks to the philosophy of pairing two singles wrestlers
      who have no angle for their careers. Look at most of today's
      top teams - other than the Dudleys and Hardyz, everyone has been thrown
      together. It's a recipe for success. There was a point a few weeks ago
      where I was starting to get bored with RAW and the WWF in general. My
      opinion, thanks to the last couple of days, has changed.



      - On May 30th, WWF Home Video will release the VHS version of
      WrestleMania 2000! The three hour plus extravaganza has an exclusive
      "wrap up" section of the event inclded in the video. Triple H, Big Show,
      Mick Foley, Rock and the McMahon family grace the video cover.

      - In three days time, on May 27th, tickets for the next WWF UK PPV that
      will take place in the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield will be on for sale.
      You can purchase these tickets on the web by going to
      http://www.ticketweb.co.uk or else call the Box Office at 0870 2424 105.
      Ticket prices are £40.00, £25.00, £15.00. The event will be on Saturday,
      December 2nd.

      - STAMFORD, Conn.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--May 23, 2000--Due to a
      scheduling conflict, World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. has
      announced that it has cancelled its event scheduled for July 9, 2000 at
      the Centennial Gardens in Bakersfield, CA. Refunds are available at all
      point of purchases.

      - The current WWF heavyweight champion Triple H will be the special
      guest of Dr Tom and Kevin Kelly for this week's WWF.com audio show Byte
      This! Over the past 2 years, Triple H has improved greatly in wrestling
      and mic skills and the "Game" surely will have some things to say! You
      can call on the show between 6PM and 7PM EST on 1-888-LIVEWWF to talk
      with Hunter!

      - Good voice, nice personality, funny, but he didn't know jack about
      professional wrestling! Rick Scaia from WrestleLine today reported that
      according to some mails he received from NY residents, Todd Pettingill
      announced on his radio show that he agreed to a new WWF contract and
      will be returning soon. Among other TV-related jobs, Pettingill used to
      do the 30 minutes pre-PPV shows from 93 till around 96 after then he was
      dropped from the WWF's payroll. He also hosted the Slammies, which are
      returning next year on UPN!

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 16 11/16, a 0.37% decrease from the previous trade.
      The day's range was 16 1/4 - 16 3/4.


      G E T Y O U R W W F L I F E S I Z E S T A N D U P !
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      professional wrestler? The Standups are very life-line and
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      voice box containing each wrestler's most popular sayings.
      Prices are $24.95 each and $39.95 with the pre-recorded voice box.
      See our web site: www.guaranteedmerchandise.com "



      - Here are the matches slated for tonight's Thunder on TBS. Daffney
      takes onChris Candido and The Artist; Terry Funk vs Shane Douglas vs
      Norman Smiley; In an 8 men elimination match, the Filthy Animals fight
      Misfits In Action; The Wall battles Chuck Palumbo, Kronic take on the
      team of Kidman & Horace; Sean Stasiak fights GI Bro; Jeff Jarrett, Kevin
      Nash and Scott Steiner battle in a three way match for the WCW title.

      - Rumors have been floating around the past 2 days that the special
      surprise that WCW are working on is to bring Shaquille O'Neal to WCW for
      a nice ride. On WCW Reload the argument was brought up, but the hosts
      didn't confirm or deny any of these rumors. To my knowledge Shaq did
      appear in WCW before.

      - According to Wade Keller of the Torch, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is
      expected to get his medical release today and return to WCW after
      collapsing on Thunder last week. Keller says that Flair had to wear a
      neck brace for four days after a medical procedure was performed on him
      to resolve his equilibrium problems.




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