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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #609

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Another month has gone by! For this week, the newsletter won't be sent
      on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday due to me being in the UK. But
      I'll update you on things this Wednesday.

      Thanks to Ralph Aversa who did the play by play yesterday. He ended up
      doing it alone since we got it 1 hour delayed here. Nice job. We'll have
      the Judgment Day coverage in 20 days.


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      - After hearing throughout the whole show that Stone Cold Steve Austin
      wasn't in the arena, and then Vince announcing that he wasn't going to
      be at Backlash (a work, of course), the Rattlesnake himself appeared at
      the closing moments of the PPV helping the Rock win the title, and
      giving every McMahon-Helmsley member a 'front row seat'. Austin didn't
      look in great shape however. From what we could see, he gained quite a
      few of extra pounds (too much beer!) and even had trouble getting up
      after he laid down McMahon. After the match ended and the smoke was
      cleared, Stone Cold came down driving his Austin 3:16 pickup truck which
      had the blown DX Express bus towed to the back of the truck. Austin gave
      the Rock a beer, and both did a toast to a tremendous ovation from the

      - Who would have thought that we'd hear the Hulk Hogan music during a
      WWF PPV and the crowd actually chanting "Hogan"? Big Show's 'identity
      crisis' continued when yesterday the 7'4" monster came out in Hulk Hogan
      gear, complete with a wig and of course, the famous "Real American"
      song. Both Lawler and Ross seemed to get a kick out of it and the fans
      popped big time for the Showster. Wight also grabbed the mic before the
      match and did the Hogan routine and poses. He did 'Hulk-up' in the first
      part of the match, no selling every shot ala Hogan. Just pure funny

      - It wasn't a blade job, it wasn't planned. Sean Waltman's head was
      busted big time after he got hit with the bell last night in the ending
      of the DX vs Christian and Edge tag team title match. X-Pac needed a few
      stitches to close the cut.

      - Even though Backlash aired at 2AM GMT - 1 hour delayed - the idiots at
      Channel 4 still edited the show. They blurred X-Pac's bleeding, edited
      the preview thing of Buh Buh driving women through a table, they cut
      Trish going through a table by pausing the picture and letting the sound
      still play and again edited the chair shots from the
      Rock/McMahon-Helmsley video. I guess wrestling is hardcore for that
      timeslot too. Also they had like 15-20 minutes commercials during

      > WWFE STOCK
      - WWF stocks closed at 18 1/8, a 6.23% increase over their previous
      trade. The day's range was 17 - 18 1/8

      - Here are the matches confirmed for tonight's RAW Is WAR, thanks to
      WWF.com: Chris Benoit takes on Tazz; T&A get their revenge on the Dudley
      Boyz; Jericho battles X-Pac; In a mixed tag team action, Esse Rios with
      Lita wrestle Eddy Guerrero & Chyna; Jacky & The Kat take on Terri &
      Ivory; The returning Too Cool vs the Hardy Boyz; Godfather along with
      Kaientai vs Steve Blackman, Al Snow & D'Lo Brown! Plus, the new WWF
      champ is in the house, along with Triple H and the rest of the McMahon

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      of Internet delivered marketing software tools, announced a three-year
      endorsement agreement with World Wrestling Federation Entertainment,
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      desktops, or Pids, featuring images and sound bytes of World Wrestling
      Federation superstars, and information about WWF events.

      The first three WWF Pids, featuring The Rock, Stone Cold and Kane, are
      available at the i-xposure website (www.thepid.com), and World Wrestling
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      - Tag Team Title Match: Edge & Christian defeated Road Dogg & X-Pac
      We all knew that Stone Cold Steve Austin would be making his big return
      at Backlash. But in a surprise reappearance, Debra came out as the
      Pay-Per-View kicked off in front of the sold-out crowd in Washington,
      D.C. After months away, the queen of puppies was back, and she served as
      guest ring announcer for the first match of the evening - the Tag Team
      Title Match in which Edge and Christian defended against Road Dogg and
      X-Pac. Tori, who accompanied D-Generation X to the ring, jumped up on
      the ring apron and grabbed Edge, but the young Canadian ducked, and
      X-Pac went flying into Tori. Outside the ring, Christian went for a
      reverse neckbreaker on Tori, but Road Dogg made the save. While the
      referee attended to Road Dogg and Tori, Christian grabbed the ring bell
      and used it to clobber X-Pac, busting him wide open. That was enough for
      Edge and Christian to get the win and retain their Tag Team

      Light Heavyweight Title Match: Dean Malenko def. Scotty Too Hotty
      The second of six title matches was up next as Dean Malenko defended the
      Light Heavyweight Championship against Scotty Too Hotty. Malenko worked
      relentlessly on Scotty's left leg, but in the end, it was a DDT off the
      top rope that did in Scotty. The challenger had Malenko in position for
      a superplex, but Malenko countered in midair and planted Scotty with an
      incredibly high-impact DDT. Malenko got the victory to retain his Light
      Heavyweight Championship.

      Bull Buchanan & Big Boss Man def. the Acolytes
      In rugged tag team competition, the Acolytes battled Bull Buchanan and
      the Big Boss Man. While the referee was distracted, Boss Man clobbered
      both Faarooq and Bradshaw with his nightstick. Buchanan followed up with
      a scissors kick off the top rope on Bradshaw to secure the victory.

      Hardcore Title Match: Crash Holly retains
      Crash Holly defended his Hardcore Championship against five other
      superstars - Matt and Jeff Hardy, Tazz, Perry Saturn and his cousin
      Hardcore Holly. The rules stipulated that the match ended either when
      Crash pinned one of his opponents or one of them pinned Crash. Because
      the five competitors knew they had to pin Crash, the "Houdini of
      Hardcore" was wearing the proverbial target. Crash took a beating from
      all five superstars, but each time one of them went for a pinfall,
      another interrupted the count. The match ended just after Tazz locked
      Crash in the Tazzmission. Saturn clobbered Tazz with a street sign to
      break up the hold, but seconds later, the Hardy Boyz flew off the top
      rope of parallel turnbuckles and splashed both Saturn and Hardcore Holly
      outside the ring. With the Hardys, Hardcore and Saturn recovering
      outside, and Tazz knocked cold in the ring, Crash Holly somehow made his
      way over and draped himself on top of an unconscious Tazz to steal a
      victory once again.

      The Big Show def. Kurt Angle
      In singles competition, Kurt Angle took on the Big Show. The Show came
      to the ring to the song "Real American," and he was dressed in a blonde
      wing, blonde goatee, yellow trunks, yellow boots and a shirt that read
      "Showster." He ripped off his shirt, grabbed a microphone and went on a
      tirade that began, "Well you know something Kurt Angle dude …," the
      "Showster" immediately went for the big boot to the face and the leg
      drop, but Angle miraculously kicked out. Angle went to work on the
      Show's knees, but then the Show got serious. Ripping off the "Showster"
      gear, the Big Show finished off the former Olympic champion with a

      T&A def. Dudley Boyz
      T&A, accompanied by Trish Stratus, battled the Dudley Boyz. As the
      action got underway, Buh Buh Ray immediately chased after Trish, but he
      was taken down with a clothesline by Test. In the end, the Dudley Boyz
      went for 3D on Test, but Trish Stratus jumped on the ring apron and
      distracted Buh Buh, who was promptly finished off with a big boot by
      Test. After the match, the Dudleys took out both Test and Albert, and
      then Buh Buh finally got his hands on Trish. The femme smooched him once
      again, which halted Buh Buh for a second, but then he snapped out of his
      trance, and he grabbed Trish once again. D-Von set up a table, and Buh
      Buh Ray powerbombed Trish off the second rope and through a table!
      Emergency crews had to carry Stratus out on a stretcher.

      European Title Match: Eddie Guerrero def. Essa Rios
      Eddie Guerrero and Chyna, dressed to the nines, arrived at the arena,
      and were informed by referee Jack Doan that they were late and would
      have to make their out to the ring immediately. Guerrero didn't even
      have time to change into his wrestling attire - he still had his bow tie
      on -- as he defended the European Championship against Essa Rios,
      accompanied by Lita. In spite of the fact that he was wrestling in
      tuxedo pants, Guerrero finished off the challenger with a modified
      airplane spin into a neckbreaker. After the match, Lita pounced on
      Chyna, and stripped off the Ninth Wonder of the World's evening gown,
      revealing her bra and panties underneath. But Chyna didn't much care,
      and Mamacita celebrated the victory with her man.

      Intercontinental Title Match: Chris Benoit def. Chris Jericho by
      In the fifth title match of the night, Chris Benoit defended the
      Intercontinental Title against Chris Jericho. When the referee was
      inadvertently knocked out, Benoit picked up the Intercontinental Title
      and smashed Jericho across the face with it. He revived the referee, but
      Jericho was able to get a shoulder up. Benoit was shocked, and he
      climbed the ropes to go for his patented headbutt. However, Y2J moved,
      and Benoit crashed into the title belt. This time, the referee saw what
      happened, and he disqualified Jericho for using the belt as a weapon!
      Jericho was irate, and he locked referee Tim White into the Walls of

      WWF Championship: The Rock def. Triple H
      Stone Cold Steve Austin was nowhere to be found throughout the night,
      and according to Mr. McMahon "sources" told him that the Rattlesnake had
      transportation problems. Before the Federation Championship got
      underway, Mr. McMahon reminded everyone that the card is always subject
      to change, and he "regretted" to inform the crowd that Stone Cold would
      not be at the MCI Center. The crowd was vocally upset as special referee
      Shane McMahon called for the bell to start the match between Triple H
      and The Rock. At one point, The Rock had Triple H pinned, but Shane
      simply refused to administer the three count. The People's Champion was
      furious and he knocked Shane over the top rope and out of the ring with
      a right hand to the face. Both superstars battled outside the ring,
      where Triple H went for a Pedigree on the Spanish announcer's table. The
      Rock countered with a low blow and then set up the champion for the Rock
      Bottom. Shane jumped up on the table to try and stop The Rock, but the
      "Great One" simply pulled Shane behind Triple H and executed a double
      Rock Bottom, breaking through the table! Shane was knocked cold, and
      therefore unable to administer the three count when Triple H hit the
      Pedigree after some heavy interference by Vince. Mr. McMahon motioned
      toward the locker room, and Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco ran out in
      referee shirts, but by the time they got there, The Rock was able to
      kick out. The stooges stomped away on The Rock, and Vince hit the
      People's Champ with a steel chair. The Rock wasn't even able to stand,
      but the glass broke, the crowd went crazy, and Stone Cold Steve Austin
      appeared! Austin had a steel chair, and he clobbered everyone in his way
      - Shane, the stooges, Vince, and Triple H! As Austin retreated, Linda
      McMahon came out with referee Earl Hebner, who Triple H had fired two
      weeks ago. Linda shoved Stephanie down and proceeded to the ring. The
      Rock hit Triple H with a spinebuster, and followed up with a People's
      Elbow. Linda ordered Hebner into the ring, and he counted to three! The
      Rock became the World Wrestling Federation Champion once again! As The
      Rock celebrated, the glass broke again, and Austin drove out to the
      arena in his pickup, and he was towing the burned-up DX Express! Austin
      grabbed a couple of beers and he toasted the WWF Championship with The


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      - Current WCW champ David Arquette will be on the show tonight according
      WCW.COM, hopefully, losing the title to a wrestler this time. Norman
      Smiley is expected to introduce us to his mystery partner. Plus the full
      card for Slamboree will be announced. No matches have been announced as
      of this writing. Check WCW.COM later on today for an update on Nitro!

      - Alex Marvez of the Observer reports that Evan Karagias of Three Count
      is being offered a contract worth $85,000 a year. We'll see if he signs
      the deal or not!

      - Capital City Kyle did an interview with Bret Hart, here's a small
      paragraph of what was said about Arquette, thanks to 1wrestling.com: "I
      think it’s a joke. I think that anyone who really had a passion for this
      business or the profession, that’s a joke. It’s an insult to everybody
      who ever really busted their ass. I didn’t even know about it, I just
      heard about it maybe three days ago. And I guess you know, that’s the
      way wrestling is. You know, Vince McMahon was world champion too, at
      least for a couple of minutes, or his kid was. I think that if people
      find that entertaining, that’s fine, but I wish they would quit calling
      it professional wrestling. Vince McMahon never wrestled, and that David
      Arquette, I would like to wrestle David Arquette, in a real match. Cause
      I don’t think he has any business in the wrestling ring and I don’t
      think he has any regard for what wrestlers do." You can read the rest at


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      - Sandman has his new website up at http://www.hardcoreicon.com . Check
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