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  • Colin Vassallo
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Live coverage of Backlash tonight! Check the WWF news section for more!

      As far as news go, it was dead today. Nothing. We included Byte Back in
      this issue too since there was the available space.

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      By Iain Burnside, [iain.burnside@...]

      The bartender and the thief are lovers...
      "Do you think that The Rock and HHH would be better off leading a posse,
      i.e. Nation Of Domination or DX?"
      - Rockets105@

      Firstly, Triple H already leads his own little posse. You may have heard
      of them, they're called DX. Secondly, The Rock doesn't need any stable
      and I don't think he would work well if he had to carry people the whole
      time. What I would like to see is the Nation being reformed by someone
      like D-Lo Brown though, that would get him a decent damn push at long
      last. As long as they don't try to bring back Los Boricuas that is.

      Stealing what they need like sisters and brothers...
      "This whole thing with Austin/McMahon/Triple H/Rock is beginning to
      become all too familiar, I mean God help us, what's next? Linda turns on
      The Rock and then Stephanie, Stephanie turns face and wins the World
      Title?! I'm waiting for the Great Aunt of Vince McMahon to make an
      appearance on Raw. All I'm saying is Vince could use those high priced
      bookers to think up something different."
      - Steve Adams

      Oh yes, I've been saying that for a long time. My interest in the
      McMahon feuds ceased in 1998 after Stone Cold won the belt for the first
      time, then started a little bit after the excellently executed Survivor
      Series '98 turn by The Rock and quickly died off after they wasted the
      Ministry Of Darkness angle with people like Ken Shamrock and The
      Bossman. Still, Stephanie McMahon as World Champion couldn't possibly be
      any worse than David Arquette could it? Just you all look out for
      Courtney Cox's heel turn...

      This man is cool...
      "Again, I go to lunch, get slightly drunk and park my arse in front of
      my desk and aimlessly type. I just wanted to take an opportunity to
      stand up for the 'wrestling purists' out there, after reading one
      article by one Symington Sexuel. I read it and nearly knocked the person
      next to me to the floor and put on a figure four leglock, just for old
      times sake. To say that nobody cares about a figure four is just plain
      stupid, and just goes to show how bad it can become when you lick lead
      paint off your bedroom walls. Granted, wrestling is a business, but just
      because it doesn't involve the tope rope or tables doesn't mean it is
      worthless. I can't stand Flair, but when I see him put on the figure
      four, I still get tingly. Why? I have no bloody idea. I also enjoy T&A
      as much as the next red blooded male, and it does have a place, but it
      doesn't have to be an integral part of the matches. Different people get
      different things out of wrestling, and Mr. Simian Sex may enjoy the
      outside aspects of the industry, but I along with many others enjoy the
      artform. Besides catchphrases were still around years ago, and for god's
      sake, Moolah was once known to be a sexy valet. Keep your lunches down
      but it is true. I get as much of a kick out of watching the new breed,
      i.e. The Hardy Boys, Tazz, Kidman, the Luchadors etc., as I do watching
      the older guys, they are both completely different styles, but they are
      still essentially the same thing, only with more high impact moves. I
      agree with most of the stuff said, but I also disagree with it at the
      same time. Confusing for you guys? Try being here and writing it. I feel
      like a fricking dog chasing it's tail. This time I am not going to
      apologise for stereotyping people, because at the moment I feel nobody
      has done anything to prove me wrong. Anyhoo, I often get bored at work
      so mail me please with your comment/opinions/hate mail at:
      Benjamin.Marczyk@.... And call me Ben or Trailer Park Trash. I
      prefer it that way. All is calm in the ocean of my mind..."
      - Benjamin Marczyk

      There's nothing like a letter from a drunk Australian to stir up some
      excitement in ByteBack. How's life in cork-hat country, mate? I wasn't
      even aware that wrestling was popular down there, but you learn
      something new everyday I guess. Yesterday I learned that watching
      Worldwide is not a good idea. I snoozed my way through it after the
      first match and woke to yet another repeat of Friends. I'm just rambling
      because Ben here is so obviously a rambler like myself. I wouldn't say
      that I get all tingly while watching Ric Flair, but I can do a mean
      "whoo" and go for even longer than David Flair can without blinking.
      Makes me wonder if my mum maybe had a secret fling in North Carolina
      back in the early 80's...hmm, curious. Right, next! P.S. Do Australians
      *really* drink that god-awful Castlemaine XXXX stuff?

      Two for one...
      "I just have to say that WCW just lost my ratings points. To let a
      non-wrestler hold the belt is simply wrong. I have been a fan for over
      30 years now and I know its 'sports entertainment' but when they give
      the belt to somone that is not a wrestler just for ratings it is bull.
      People work long and hard in their climb to the top to hold that belt
      and just to give it a actor is a spit in all the workers faces. I can
      remember people like Bob Backlund who held the title for over 7 years,
      and in the WWF now HHH run
      as the champ is thought to be long. Its time to put some pride back into
      the world belts. Its time to show people who has worked the hardest and
      deserves the title. If anyone has any comments please e-mail me at
      - Don & Joyce

      What is it with people handing out their adresses today? This is not a
      dating agency, people! Anyway, back to wrestling. Triple H holding the
      belt for 7 years would be quite a feat. Unfortunately it would also be a
      way to kill off nearly all of the WWF's mainstream popularity. I can't
      say I blame them for wanting to hold onto it, but unfortunately it
      involves more title changes than are necessary in order to maintain the
      interest of the modern fan. Still, giving the belt to a guy for about 6
      months or so (which hopefully HHH, or someone else, will get to do)
      isn't that bad for a title reign I suppose. Its idiotic title reigns
      like those of Jeff Jarrett and DDP that just really annoy me. Can you
      imagine if you travelled back in time to 1995 and had a conversation
      with a wrestling fan? It'd go something like this...

      "So, who are the world champions in the year 2000 then?"
      "Well, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, David Arquette and Aldo Montoya."
      "Yeah, the folk with the big noses."
      "Quick, where is my shotgun?"

      That'd be enough to fix the flux capacitator in double quick time, I can
      tell you.

      I had a nice dream last night...
      "Is it my imagination or did I see the worst possible booking job by
      Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff on Wednesday's Thunder? What the **** was
      that all about? They sent wrestling back 1000 years by making Little
      David 'Call Att' Arquette-Cox the WCW World Champion. I cannot believe
      they did that. This is not how you get ratings but how you lose a
      company. I wish Ted Turner was watching. No wonder WCW will never win a
      ratings week again unless unopposed and I think unopposed would win.
      After a very strong April 10th comeback Nitro these guys have gone
      downhill ever since and it wont be long before Little Eric and Vinnie
      are sent packing once again. The whole integrity of wrestling (how
      little it had) has been put into question. That was a horrible idea that
      should be questioned right away. Right now if I were in that lockeroom I
      would want to resign immediately and go to the WWF."
      - Henry Allen Jr.

      I'm looking forward to seeing Christopher Reeve defeat Terry Funk for
      the Hardcore Title after his devastating Blink Of Doom. Sick I know, but
      its about the same level of stupidity as Arquette winning the belt.
      Russo and Bischoff were doing so well, I don't know why they had to do
      that. They had just crowned Jarrett World Champion for the first time in
      his career, had a good feud between him and Page going and could have
      built him as a credible heel until such time as Goldberg bothered to
      come back and win the title to shut up those annoying fans that cheer
      for him the whole time. They even managed
      to make me interested in a second PPV in a row thanks to the whole
      triple-cage thing. And then they go and give it to Arquette. And you all
      thought that Russo wanting to make Tank Abbott the champion was a bad
      idea. As far as I'm concerned it is a case of 'call

      About TLR and her see-through blouse...
      "I don't get your review, column or whatever you want to call it. First,
      you want us all to give our opinions yet, you totally shut us down on
      whatever we say and feel that your opinion is 100% right all the time.
      Not only do you do that, but then you call us names, say how stupid we
      may be, and most importantly...make fun of our grammar. Not everyone has
      perfect typing or grammar nor do they really care about those things
      when typing an e-mail. And also, I looked carefully at your grammar, and
      it isn't 100% right everywhere either. There's nothing wrong with making
      fun of somebody, but do you have to
      make fun of EVERYBODY? Lastly, you only print the letters that you can
      make good wise cracks and insults about. I very much doubt you'll print
      this letter, because you know it'll make you look bad. Or maybe you'll
      totally suprise us all and print it but then also in replying to it,
      call me a moron, insult my intelligience and then make a cap on some
      petty grammar error. In conclusion, I will never respect you nor your
      column until you respect us and our opinions."
      - Anon

      If you're talking about The King's ByteBack then I didn't write it so
      I'm not going to respond at all. If you're talking about me then you
      obviously just don't get it. No matter, your letter is printed. Happy?

      Just because its there don't mean you see it anyhow...
      "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??? Please get Iain back as soon as possible! Was
      Mr. King talking about Scream 3 or wrestling, at least when I have wrote
      in before there was a decent comment added to the end. He told me I
      should learn English, what the hell has that got to do with anything? I
      could spend hours typing in shit about the whole of Scotland not being
      able to speak English, but I will leave that out (INSERT SCOT JOKES
      HERE). I know there is a disclaimer at the beginning of the letter, but
      We don't all need to know about his strange fantasies. Sorry, just my
      second weekly bitch."
      - Tony Rimmer

      Yeah, well you can take your anti-Scottish comments and turn them into
      something about you that's mean. I had no idea that I was watching a
      wrestling superstar when I went to see Scream 3. I wouldn't be at all
      surprised if Ghostface didn't turn up on Nitro to be honest. Who's
      underneath the mask? My god, its Skeet Ulrich! He's challenging Arquette
      for the title! This is going to be the greatest match in the history of
      our sport! Yeah, whatever Tony...

      Maybe its a trick of the light, maybe its a trick of the light...
      "I really enjoy the comments of other wrestling 'fans'. Even though we
      are not experts, our views and predictions are expressed, no matter who
      reads them or criticize them. We have the opportunity to say what we
      believe. This is a great forum for the fans that you have created.
      However, on the last ByteBack, I don't know his name, I guess he calls
      himself The King, insulted almost everyone who wrote in. Not commenting
      on their articles or views (which I have nothing against) but you insult
      the integrity of the
      fans, insulting them personally, that's a bunch of bull shit. All we are
      trying to do is express our views and feelings and when you have a three
      year-old foetus trying to be funny by insulting, it just kills the
      credibility of the forum. Soon you will have people wanting to write in
      with their views, but be too intimidated to do anything because of fear
      of getting insulted, then the ByteBack section will be reduced to just
      staying in the newsletter. I got to the point of just reading the fans
      views and skipping the dumbass comments of The King. The only person who
      writes dumb ass shit is The King, not the fans. I agree there are some
      really stupid ass people, but to criticize them is dumb. Just leave them
      alone or don't publish them. If you have any plans of keeping this forum
      great, then I suggest that you, and only you, Iain, write the comments,
      if they are needed. I know there's a lot, then do maybe two or three a
      week if that's too much. Hell, I'll help, I would love to be a part of
      this. I enjoy reading it, it's great to find the views of others and
      maybe even broaden the horizon of what each of us believe what should
      happen and how well certain story lines are going.
      Just a short comment about Stone Cold. Turning Stone Cold heel? I think
      (if that could happen) that it would take more than a turn on The Rock.
      Stone Cold, for a couple of years, has been what a typical heel does.
      Except for insulting the crowd, he cusses, he attacks people from
      behind, he challenges baby faces (Mick Foley, Bret Hart, even though
      Hart was turning soon anyway) he did and does what a typical heel does.
      I believe turning Stone Cold heel will be the same as trying to turn
      Sting heel, the crowd loves him too damn much. And with his recent six
      month absence, coming out at Backlash would
      only cause the fans to cheer for him more, they will cheer for whatever
      he does or say because he brainwashes fans, that's great mic work. I
      guess there is another huge factor, having two baby faces I guess could
      cause a conflict of interest in the fans mind, 'who the hell do we cheer
      for?' I'm not a big Stone Cold fan, I'd like to see him come back and
      that's about it. He's turned out to be a brawler and not a wrestler
      (which is fine, that's his gimmick, to be a tough SOB). But my whole
      point is that Stone Cold
      will never be a heel with the crowd, he's too well liked. It took Hogan
      a very long time to turn, even when he went nWo, people loved Hogan and
      the nWo angle. No matter what happens anyway, Triple H, as much as you
      all hate him having the title, will win at Backlash, not The Rock, not
      Stone Cold (I don't know how he could), it will be The Game."
      - Josh Kirkendall

      You don't half have a lot to say do you? Reminds me of, well, me. Its
      nice to see that some people apparently think of me as a good columnist
      (although many don't, which provides constant amusement). Its not so
      nice to see that so many people are against The King. He is a good
      writer people, and has been doing this for a long, long time. Now I
      agree that his ByteBack wasn't the greatest thing he has written, but
      bear in mind it was done at about 3am after a heavy drinking session.
      Then go and read some of his other work and you will see that he does in
      fact know what he is talking about. Even if he
      does suck at SmackDown (you know you do mate, who was the 4-time world
      champ??). Onto Stone Cold then. I don't really expect him to turn at
      Backlash. We all know that The Rock is going to be away for at least a
      week or two and that Stone Cold can't actually do any major physical
      activity for at least another month or two, so why should they bother
      turning him at the moment? Especially when everybody is expecting it. I
      say that if they do want to turn him then my idea of him aligning
      himself with The Acolytes would work well. Then, when he was fit enough
      he could turn on those two and just go back to his good ol' days of not
      giving a damn about who he was fighting or what he was doing.
      Whatever. Like you said, I'm not that bothered about him either. Its not
      that I don't like the guy (I don't like Vince McMahon, but that's
      another rant altogether) its just that he means nothing to me. He isn't
      as good on the mic as he once was and will never be able to have a good
      match again. I would much rather watch people like Chris Jericho, Kurt
      Angle and Jeff Jarrett. Hell, I would even say that The Rock is more
      entertaining. If I was to pick some winners at Backlash though, I would

      1/ Plenty of interference, no turns but The Rock gets 'injured' and
      Triple H keeps the belt.
      2/ Chris Benoit keeps the Intercontinental Title as Chris Jericho is
      destined for greater things.
      3/ Kurt Angle because he deserves a push more than The Big Show and
      Rikishi will get involved somehow.
      4/ The Dudley Boys put Trish through a table. Doesn't matter if they win
      the match.
      5/ Essa Rios wins the European Title and one of the women turns on their
      6/ Tazz wins the Hardcore Title to shut everyone up a bit and keep ECW
      7/ The Acolytes, because they deserve to be the champions.
      8/ Edge & Christian keep their belts but the break-up tease begins.

      There. Now that's out the way tomorrow I can get back to my millennium
      list of reasons why its good to not be Colin. The adress is, as always,
      iain.burnside@... for all comments and questions and the
      usual stuff. This means plenty of lovely glamour shots of Katie,
      hopefully. Till next time, be good people. Bye bye.


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      The Rock with Austin in his corner fight Triple H with Vince in his
      corner for the WWF
      Heavyweight title, with Shane McMahon as the special referee;
      Intercontinental champion Chris Benoit defends his belt against Chris
      Jericho; The Damn Dudleyz fight Test & Albert with Trish Stratus in
      their corner; The Big Show takes on Kurt Angle; Christian & Edge battle
      Road Dogg & X-Pac in a Tag Team title match; Eddy Guerrero with Chyna
      wrestle Esse Rios with Lita; Dean Malenko defends his Lightheavyweight
      title against Scotty 2 Hottie of Too Cool; The Acolytes battle Big Boss
      Man & Bull Buchanan; and in the Hardcore title match, a six men match
      featuring Tazz, Saturn, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Hardcore Holly and the
      current champion Crash Holly.

      Wrestling-Online.com will have free live coverage of this event starting
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      - This next paragraph goes out to everyone who thinks they
      know...EVERYTHING when it comes to professional wrestling.

      David Arquette, the Heavyweight World Champion. Three words…you’re
      kidding, right? No, it’s true. Thank God he didn’t pin one of our
      legitimate wrestlers. Stephanie McMahon, World Ladies Champion, Thank
      God she didn’t pin a legitimate wrestler...oh wait, she pinned
      Jacqueline. Vince McMahon Heavyweight World Champion…Thank God he didn’t
      pin one of their legitimate...oh wait, he did, he pinned Hunter...one of
      the most over guys in
      the business and...it helped his career. Guess what...it may be sports
      entertainment, but bottom line it’s entertainment. So what’s the big
      deal with David Arquette? It makes people talk. Did it get people
      talking? Damn right it did. One of the things that has always pissed me
      off about the Internet is that some of the people out there are
      constantly annoyed that things are so predictable at WCW but sometimes
      it’s not. By the same token, if you guess a thousand different finishes,
      then someone is bound to be right. Nobody guessed Arquette would become
      the champ including me going into Tuesday night. Nobody guessed Kimberly
      would turn on me and join Bischoff. Now that we are somewhat
      unpredictable, we get criticized because nobody guessed it. Whatever.

      I read some of the internet wrestling sites to see what people are
      saying. I wasn’t surprised to see how many people talked about the match
      on Tuesday night and Wednesday. The problem was that the match didn’t
      air until Wednesday night. Don’t you think you should at least see the
      match before you trash it? Some of the articles even stated that
      Arquette had pinned me to get the belt, which didn’t happen. Check your
      facts, people…oh right, facts…this is the Internet…no one needs to know
      facts…just opinions.

      This match was a fluke and David knows it. Does David want to get back
      in the ring again? The way I see it, no way. It’s a little too real for
      him out there, he’s an actor. If you watched the whole show then you
      know that Mickey J, the second ref, (Kimberly was the first) had been
      kicked in the head by Bischoff earlier. There are a lot of inlaid
      stories and a lot of different ways this can go. Where is it going? I
      guess we will find out Monday.

      A quote from Wade Keller regarding this match – “Diamond Dallas Page had
      a great deal of influence in Arquette winning the title, as he felt
      there would be shame in being defeated by Jeff Jarrett. He thought it
      would be better to have Arquette pin Eric Bischoff.”

      Let me respond - Keller…you’re an idiot. A spineless idiot who is
      constantly putting out false information just to try to sell some of
      your rag sheets. I had nothing to do with the finish. It’s irrelevant to
      me who wins. As far as I am concerned, besides Triple H, Jeff is the
      best heel in the business. Check my record…I put people over all the
      time. If you got the balls, monkey (which you don’t), yeah I’m talking
      to you Kelly…call me at my house. I know you got the number.

      What’s going to happen? Oh that’s right…you have no idea because if I
      don’t know, I know you don’t, but then again, Wade, you’ll make up a
      bunch of things and most likely one of them will be right.

      Sorry it took me awhile to get this email out, but I have been very
      busy. Last week, I did the Jon Stewart Show. After the show, I went out
      for dinner and drinks with Darius Rucker (from Hootie and the Blowfish).
      I think I mentioned this, but Darius has a new R&B CD that he is working
      on that is killer. We were playing it in the car in between clubs while
      he was singing along. I said, “Hey, you sound just like this guy.”
      Darius has been a friend for quite some time and is a big fan of
      wrestling and has been for years.

      I thought Kim did another great job this week. One of the bigger
      questions coming to me recently is do we think our real life marriage
      will survive the breakup angle. My answer to that: (Are you kidding me?)
      is of course it will. I know the track record is bad, but nobody talks
      as a couple as much as Kim and I do about everything. I actually help
      her at being a heel. Does she want you to boo her now? Yes…inside the
      arena, that is.

      If you had this sent to you or if you see it posted on a non-official
      site and would like to check out our news…check out Rich’s Wrestling
      Reality Check, Smoke Signals, and Madden’s latest column. Madden gives
      his viewpoint on the whole Arquette situation.

      As always, it’s been your pleasure… Diamond Dallas Page


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