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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #580

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We all know it's April Fools day, but we ain't pulling out any lame ass
      jokes in the newsletter. Basically every website is doing it...stupid

      There was a mistake in the last issue. Lukas Busch didn't write The
      Twisted Microphone as stated, Jeff Docherty did. Sorry for that!

      We did pass the 13,000 subscribers, but Egroups.com website is down and
      can't add subscribers till tonight!

      Check out wrestling-online.com, new design etc.


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      By Lekisha Faith Oliver, [lekisha@...]

      Well, hello people. I know that we are on the verge, the verge of a
      milestone in the entire wrestling world. The entire face of both WWF
      and WCW are ready to change.

      With WrestleMania and the return of Eric Bishoff, all of
      wrestling/sports-entertainment are in for a few unexpected surprises.
      But the question on every single person’s mind is, What is in the
      future? What will we see on Monday after WrestleMania and next week
      after Eric uses that devious mind of his? Who will be champion? Who
      will be remaining in the future? Who will be staying or going?

      But I will tell you that I will bet on one thing, things will change and
      hopefully for the better for everyone. What will happen with the
      wrestlers/entertainers/sports stars?

      As for the WCW, lets see what I can foresee. With all the talent either
      on the shelf or not appreciated, Eric and Vince Russo have their work
      cut out for them.

      I will hopefully see some changes involving Vampiro and Sting. Even
      though this matchup is more like a match made in heaven, I see a match
      made in hell. Sting has pretty much been setting up Vampiro to add up
      with him to make him (Vampiro) more popular. But from what I see with
      this individual, Vampiro has a tremendous future ahead of him. With the
      flying skills and the mat skills, he will go far. But instead of teaming
      up Sting and
      Vampiro, put the both of them against each other. The whole gimmick
      would probably go to something like you copied me type of thing.

      As for Billy Kidman, he is a sound wrestler and he has tremendous
      talent, but take away Torrie Wilson (Sorry Guys), but she is pulling him
      down. This trick was already played back with Terri and Shawn Steasiak
      (Meat) back a couple of months ago and look where it got him, out the
      door without even a goodbye. Put Kidman into the title race for the
      Heavyweight Championship or even back with the Tag Team but without
      Booker. Or even put him into a heated discussion with Booker and that
      turn into a pretty good feud for a
      little while and give both men a tremendous push into the upper levels.

      With the Dustin Rhodes “American Nightmare” thing, either drop it or
      make it a helluva lot better. He just is not as believable as he used to
      be. But if he upped it a bit, and be a little like he was when he was
      Golddust, he just might do a little better.

      Here is a twist of fate, instead of feuding with Meng, Tank Abbott
      should join with Meng. This would make the world of wrestling have two
      very strong maneuvers into a strong team and into the next Tag Team

      Harris brothers and Jeff Jarrett, I expressed myself about Jarrett in
      ByteBack a couple of days ago. The NWO needs to be disbanded and make
      something new and a little like the old ways with them. But take that
      guitar away from Jarrett and put him back where he was, a good wrestler
      with some mic skills and let him do the figure four and not talk about
      using the NWO girls.

      The Nitro Girls are definitely in need of some more new talent. Even
      though they can dance, put in a guy to make it a little interesting,
      like a manager of the gals who also wrestles on their behalf. Kinda
      like the male cheerleader of the WCW, underestimated and under

      Jim Duggan, nuff said. He still is a face in the sports entertainment
      world. So put him in the announcer’s table. Or make him into the
      security thing.

      But as for the question of the week, I have a little bitsy question for
      you guys and guys only, last week my fellow columnist Jeff wrote about
      who would you like to see in Playboy, well my question for the week is,
      who wouldn’t you want to see in the centerfold?

      But for my female readers, the question of the week for you is who would
      you like to see in the pages of PLAYGIRL? Last time Shawn did a great
      job for the magazine, and trust me it was worth it, but who would you
      like to see grace the cover and centerfold of Playgirl?

      Even though the guys have a limited playing field for Playboy, Playgirl
      doesn’t lack for prospects in the ring, right ladies?

      And thanks to all of the readers of this newsletter. And special props
      go to my fellow columnists of Lucas Busch, Jeff “The Doc” Docherty, and
      MJ Voytish. Stay cool guys.

      Well until next time, enjoy the pay-per-view this weekend and lets hope
      it is well worth the 12 hours of veggie-time on the couch, but you know
      I will have my popcorn ready. Until next time, See ya.


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      - In a recent edition of the Howard Stern show, Stern and his co-host
      Robin mentioned the XFL/NBC deal that was sealed this past Wednesday.
      Stern congratulated McMahon and thought that the league will be very
      successful. Then as always, he threw in some jokes stating that he might
      purchase a team to compete in the XFL! Howard Stern as the coach?
      Hmm......nah! But hey, that could be hilarious. I can imagine what type
      of cheerleaders his team would have!

      - The hype for WrestleMania managed to give Smackdown a very powerful
      5.3 rating last Thursday on UPN.

      > HARTS VS WWF
      - A date have finally been set for the trial of the Hart family vs the
      World Wrestling Federation and other companies for the tragic death of
      Owen Hart. The Hart family are suing WWFE, Kemper Arena, City of Kansas
      along with the stunt coordinators and harness & cable providers that
      were used for the stunt. The date is set for February 5th, 2001 and will
      take place in Kansas City. WWF attorneys tried to move this to
      Connecticut, but it seems they were unsuccessful.

      - Here's the RAW preview from DirecTV. Hour 1 is listed as "WrestleMania
      Results" while hour 2 is listed as "Have the McMahon's hit Rock Bottom?"

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks ended the trading at 17 23/32 yesterday, a 4.61% increase over
      the previous trade. The day's range was 16 1/2 - 17 7/8.


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      - The last Thunder tapings under the old creative team pulled in another
      humiliating rating, that of a 2.1 composite off hours 2.1 and 2.0.

      - Tony Schiavone and Mark Madden will host a "Best Of Nitro" this coming
      Monday on TNT. Footage expected to be aired are the contract signing of
      Hogan in 1994, the first ever Nitro, Luger returning, the arrival of the
      Outsiders and more! Can you say lowest rating ever? After all, it's head
      to head against RAW after WrestleMania, which usually tends to be one of
      the best shows of the year.

      - For the past few days, there have been several rumors around the net
      stating that Warrior is close of returning to World Championship
      Wrestling for another run! Scary! Vince Russo admitted in the past that
      he talked with Warrior regarding his status and WCW, and we know that
      Russo likes Warrior. Now that Russo is back in power with Eric Bischoff,
      the rumors might turn out to be true afterall. In the meantime you can
      check out Warrior's website at ultimatewarrior.com . Remember, as always
      keep a dictionary near your keyboard because you will need it.


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      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor. The editor can be
      reached at Editor@...

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