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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Most of the times, the section Byte Back is huge and it takes most of
      the space in this newsletter. So due to this we're asking you for your

      1) Do you want ByteBack to be sent in a separate e-mail to the same
      mailing list?
      2) Or do you want a shorter Byte Back that can be fit in the daily

      E-mail me your preference, either 1 or 2 to Editor@...
      . We'll move on from there.


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      By Iain Burnside, [byteback@...]

      Teacher is in...
      "Greetings All! I would like to take the opportunity to correct Colin
      and all of those other WWF marks out there - let's call this History
      101. I have noticed that Chris Benoit is constantly referred to as a
      former WCW Champion. Officially, Chris Benoit has NEVER held the WCW
      Heavyweight Title. Seriously! If you do not believe me, then check out
      the official WCW website, wcw.com, and click on the link that shows the
      entire history of the WCW/NWA Heavyweight Title. Chris Benoit is not
      listed! When a match results in a title being 'held up' (rightly or
      wrongly, as was the case in the
      Benoit-Sid match), the challenger is not listed in the history books as
      the champion (especially since neither man was the champion going into
      this match). Officially, the following night on Nitro, a match was held
      between two top contenders, Sid and Nash, to fill the vacancy. You guys
      really should pay more attention to the facts regarding WCW. Or
      <shameless plug> you can just check out my weekly column, IN THE BUSCH,
      on Wrestling-Online.com to find out all about WCW."
      - Lukas Busch

      Can't wait till the new Oasis album comes out tomorrow, and you should
      check it out as well Lukas, even if it is just for the opening track
      called Fucking In The Bushes. Nicely spotted about Benoit not being
      officially recognised but I don't think it will make much difference to
      the fans. Fact is that he would probably still be the World Champion
      right now if it wasn't for the whole Kevin Sullivan saga rearing its
      ugly head once again, causing him to walk out on the company. WCW is
      pretty good at this sort of thing. Anyone remember The Harris Brothers
      winning the Tag Team Titles in Germany
      only to be completely forgotten about by the time they got back to the

      The Owen Incident...
      "To that dude Adam who wrote about Owen....You're a fucking nutcase
      dude. If you think that was all an act the night after your crazy. How
      are all those people gonna sit there and cry and why would Vince do that
      if he didn't care at least a little? About The Rock
      wearing sunglasses. How many people wear sunglasses at funerals? LOTS
      buddy lots. I guarantee that he wasn't disrespecting Owen and no-one
      else but you sees it that way. But I do agree about continuing the show,
      that was a little tasteless but it was what Owen would have wanted."
      - Fitzy

      Yeah, but how do you or Adam or Vince or anyone know what Owen would
      have wanted to happen if something like that happened? Its not as though
      all the WWF wrestlers signed a clause in their contracts saying the show
      should go on if something tragic happened to them. Personally I don't
      think the show should have carried on. So what if it would have cost
      Vince money? Some things are far more important. If a boxer is seriously
      injured at a major boxing event then the show is stopped. However,
      re-opening old wounds is not
      going to do anyone any favours. We all just have to try and remember
      Owen and move on, Bret Hart included.

      The Owen Incident II...
      "This is in response to Adam's comment in the last ByteBack about Owen
      Hart's death. No-one can question that what happened was tragic and
      unfortunate. RIP forever Owen. About your belief that Vince McMahon
      doesn't care about his wrestlers, I must disagree with you. When you are
      running a live show and all of a sudden a performer gets injured, you
      have no time to think. You say now that it was wrong to let the show
      continue, but this is nine months after this incident. Imagine finding
      out that one of your performers just got injured live on TV. You don't
      know if he will live or not. Yet you have 30,000 people live at the
      event not knowing either, and millions across the world. With all the
      pressure, I guarantee you would make some bad decisions. You forget that
      Owen did not die on the spot, he was still alive when they took him to
      the hospital. People would probably say that letting the show go on
      would be okay if he survived. When Owen (big coincidence) tombstoned Dan
      Severn on Raw in December 1998, Servern looked to me to be legitimatly
      paralyzed. Thank god it was temporary, but no-one said anything about
      that. When Droz broke his neck and Smackdown went on, no-one complained.
      Wrestling is a type of sport, and accidents will happen a lot. Please
      don't judge anyone, including Vince McMahon, on one mistake they make
      under extreme pressure. As for your comment about The Rock wearing
      sunglasses to Owen's funeral, I can't believe you have never seen people
      wear sunglasses to a funeral before. Lots of people wear sunglasses to a
      funeral. Duane
      Johnson is definately not the first. I think most people wear sunglasses
      to hide their eyes from everyone so no-one sees their tears. Also, I
      think the Mcmahon-Helmsley era is entertaining, but I do feel it is time
      to end it. On Smackdown when The Rock got thrown through the glass
      window (wow), we see HHH and Steph actually driving away in their bus
      with Mick Foley in the cage attached to the bus (WOW)! Those two were
      messed up but entertaining. But at No Way Out, I think the break up of
      HHH and Steph should begin. Here is my prediction: during the Tag Team
      Title Match, Stephanie will come out to help The Outlaws. She takes a
      tag title belt and swings for Bubba who ducks and Steph hits Road Dogg.
      Bubba gets up and gets slapped by Steph. Bubba gets angry and grabs her
      hair. Mr. Ass trys to hit him but gets chair shotted by Devon. Devon
      brings out the table, sets it up in the ring, and Steph gets powerbombed
      through it like Terri and BB.
      Perfect way to start the end of the McMahon-Helmsley era. Also a great
      way to bring back Vince and Shane on Raw the next night. What do you
      people think?"
      - Sfetaz@

      Don't want to be pedantic or anything, but how can you compare neck
      injuries to Dan Severn and Droz to Owen Hart plumetting to his death
      from the roof of the arena? Severn and Droz were injured as a result of
      a wrestling move gone wrong, Owen died as a result of a stupid, needless
      stunt. Like I said above, I don't think the show ought to have gone on
      and if it was me that had to make that choice in the heat of the moment
      then that's what I would have done. I really don't want to keep going on
      about Vince being wrong to carry the show on though, it isn't going to
      bring Owen back or make the pain of
      what happened go away. About your ideas for No Way Out (9 hours to go as
      I write this...)...Vince has all but come out and admitted that he and
      Shane will be back on Raw this week to help build up WrestleMania and
      seeing their daughter get assaulted as an indirect result of her
      relationship with Triple H is as good a way as any. Or maybe they'll
      come back to ensure that Triple H honours his word to let new champion
      Cactus Jack go to WM2K as the champion? Or maybe they'll come back as
      they are fed up of Triple H and Stephanie screwing everyone around,
      including Mick Foley who's career is now
      over? Who knows what's gonna happen. Speaking of which, if Foley does
      lose at the PPV then they should at least let him have one final
      swansong on Raw against someone like Chris Benoit.

      A l'il business lesson...lunch is for wimps...
      "When business comes down to the bare bones of it, if the salespeople
      aren't out there selling away...when their managers aren't equipping
      them with the right products and wares...when their managers aren't
      making sure that goals are met...when their managers aren't paying
      attention to how the bottom line is affected...when the shareholders
      aren't taking care of business by electing new officers...someone's head
      has to roll. In this case, it's easier to identify Ted Turner than
      anyone else in the Time-Warner hierarchy (well, maybe Gerald Levin) as
      the person to go. I think that Time-Warner really couldn't care less and
      are using the losses in WCW as a write-off for other, more profitable
      enterprises. Take Cisco Systems, for example. If they were to branch out
      into things unrelated to servers, etc., (and I mean far, far afield) and
      flop, then someone would go...and it would probably be the CEO, CFO or
      Chairman of the Board of Directors along with a few of his cronies.
      Until heads roll at the top of Time-Warner (what will be
      AOL/Time-Warner), we know that they don't really care about this issue.
      things suffer where the rubber meets the road it is, ultimately, the
      responsibility of those at the top to make the personnel changes
      anywhere in the chain-of-command to make things better. Time-Warner
      hasn't. They obviously don't care."
      - D. Wagner, from Iowa

      Don't I know you from somewhere? Hmm, anyway, the possibility of
      somebody deliberately keeping WCW down seems a bit too X-Files-esque for
      my liking but it would make sense on some strange level because surely
      people can't be so stupid.

      Its at this point that I decided to stop writing on Sunday and go out
      for a little pint of Guiness. Then one thing led to another and KABAM,
      what d'ya know, its Wednesday now. Sorry bout that folks. So now we've
      seen No Way Out, we've witnessed Raw Is Shite, we've all gone out and
      bought the new Oasis album and we've seen the last (perhaps) of Mick
      Foley, of who I'll say more about in a moment. All this means that
      ByteBack will be a bit on the big side today, so if that means Colin has
      to send it out separately then, well, tough shit mate, you have to give
      the people their column...on we go then...

      Fudge alert...
      "I touched on this point in my last letter and I would like to expand on
      it. I grew up watching the Jim Crockett owned NWA. I saw stars like
      'Chief' Wahoo McDaniels, Black Jack Mulligan, Ivan and Nikita Koloff,
      and one of the all-time greats Johnny Weaver. I saw Ric Flair break
      Dusty Rhodes leg in Charlotte and Abdullah the Butcher put 150 stitches
      in Wahoo's head with a fork. The one thing that I remember most about
      these guys is that they realized when it was time to move on and they
      did. With the exception of Ric Flair. Ric, it is time to hang up the
      boots and tights and flashy robes. Don't let your fans remember you as a
      washed up old man who was ONCE a 15 time world champion. You have had a
      great career, let everyone remember it that way. To the WCW I say this,
      put the older 'icons' in the background and let the new talent thrive.
      Utilize the Power Plant and get the young guns going strong. You are on
      the same path that Vince McMahon was for so long. The difference is that
      Vince was smart enough to see where he was going
      wrong and correct his mistakes. My second topic is The Rock. Has anyone
      else noticed how the popularity has gone to his head? I have heard
      people say that he has no ring skills but I beg to differ. When he first
      came on the scene he was a house of fire. He gave it his all. From the
      tilt a whirl DDT, to the Rock Bottom he was all over the ring. Then he
      turned face, became a fan favorite and his skills have gone to SHIT! His
      arsenal consists of a lot of right hands, a clothesline here and there,
      the Rock Bottom, and the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, the
      People's Elbow. Rock, wake up. The fans will eventually catch on and you
      will start a downhill slide like you never imagined. Take a
      couple of months off, go down to Texas and work with HBK, go up and pay
      Killer Kowalski a visit, do something and show us the talent that is
      hidden beneath the surface. Finally I want to say keep up the good
      work Iain, congratulations Chris Benoit for the birth of your child and
      Undertaker come back soon."
      - Sandy Packer

      Cheers Sandy. You're not the only one to be fed up with The Rock, there
      are at least two of us out there. Surely after two or three years of
      hearing the same old crap from his mouth every week, the fans would get
      tired of singing along with him? That's what I would think anyway. The
      People's Elbow is pretty damn stupid too. I don't mind it as it can be
      quite funny and certainly gets the crowd excited, but as a finisher???
      No way. How the hell would that be expected to keep someone like The Big
      Show down? Speaking of The Big Waste, I would quite like to see him rip
      the piss out of Rocky's mannerisms by doing his own Giant's Elbow or
      something. I was certainly laughing my ass of at No Way Out when Shane
      levelled Rock with that leaping chairshot :)

      Teletubbies Attitude...
      "The WWF are milking in on a revoloution started by WCW in the UK. WCW
      were on TV first over here in the early 90's and on a national TV
      station then WWF went on SKY. The WCW did a tour of the UK going to
      little as well as big stadiums all across the country and now WWF set up
      a regular visit to the UK but they normally only do one show. I have
      wrote on this page for the last couple of days and I got in contact with
      Sky trying to get TNT on Sky Digital but they replied saying it is not
      in their future plans. E-mail byteback@... and help the cause by
      petitioning. Even if you do not recieve Sky Digital it is the right
      thing to do. I can't get hold of ITV's address at the moment as I am
      trying to get some old WCW footage still as I only had one reply, please
      e-mail me if you have any WCW footage on VHS format video. My e-mail
      address is obsessed1984@... if anyone can help in anyway it
      would be much appreciated."
      - Adam, from England

      How dare Sky nick my name?? Bastards. About the video tapes, read on my

      (Editor's Note: How can SKY have that e-mail when their website is at

      Cheap plug alert...
      "Here is the site I mentioned which has early WCW, WWF, ECW, and a lot
      in independant wrestling promotions, as well as boxing. The site isn't
      completely finished, but you can order anything that's there, either by
      e-mail or by calling the phone number. You can also have tapes custom
      made of certain wrestlers or certain types of matches. Check it out,
      thanks!!! http://jmwsr.tripod.com/Coliseum/coliseum_index.htm "
      - AnnMarie

      There you go Adam, hope that is of use to you. I've checked the site out
      myself and there is a HUGE selection of goodies to choose from. Happy



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      - USA Network wants the WWF. CBS wants the WWF. Who will come out on top
      of this bidding war? In a story published by the LA Times, it reveals
      that CBS is offering alot. An equity investment of $100 million or more
      in the McMahon company, billboards, radio and TV stations, advertising
      throught their cable channels, broadcast outlets and websites and more
      importantly for McMahon, the airing of the XFL league that's starting
      next year. A CBS source said "This is better than the NFL, it lasts only
      16 weeks, but WWF delivers 14 rating points every week of the year and
      there is no licensing fee." It will be very interesting to see where
      this ends. CBS will soon officially merge with media gaints Viacom.

      - Today THQ/JAKKS announced the release of their first Playstation game
      under the WWF license, WWF Smackdown! Yuke's Co. Ltd. of Japan are the
      developers of this sure to be hit while THQ publishes and distributes
      the game. "THQ has married the No. 1 license in Sports-Entertainment and
      the best PlayStation wrestling game development team in the world for
      what looks to be the biggest PlayStation launch in company history,"
      stated Alison Locke, senior vice president of sales and marketing, THQ.
      "Pre-orders at retail are incredibly strong, and we look forward to
      topping the PlayStation charts with `WWF SmackDown!'". You can purchase
      WWF Smackdown! from the Wrestling Megastore at
      http://www.wrestlingmegastore.com for a retail price of $36.99. (Credit
      to AP for the story)

      - After checking in for drug treatment, Davey Boy Smith did his first
      interview with Calgary Sun newspaper reporter Rick Bell. In the story,
      Smith reveals how he went to Vince McMahon for help, telling him he's
      not feeling good, and doesn't know where to go. That same night, WWF
      chairman Vince McMahon flew him to a drug treatment center in Atlanta.
      It was reported that Bulldog will stay there for three months, and
      McMahon will still pay Davey's normal salary. Besides that, McMahon is
      also paying him his treatment at the center, which is sums up to around
      a whopping $75,000. For the full interesting story go to

      > BYTE THIS!
      - Mick Foley will be the special guest on Byte This today starting at
      6PM EST. The program is hosted by Dr Tom Pritchard and Kevin Kelly and
      you can call the program between 6PM and 7PM EST or else send your
      questions via e-mail to bytethis@... . For more information visit

      - WWF superstar Gangrel is still out with an ear drum injury. Due to
      this, the WWF has cancelled him off the Canadian shows scheduled for
      this weekend in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks saw an increase of 7.21% over the previous trade, closing at 13
      15/16. The day's high was 14 1/2 while the lowest was 13 5/8.


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      - Here are the matches you will see on tonight's Thunder - spoiler free.
      Chavo Guerrero Jr. battles The Artist; Brian Knobs & Fit Finlay & The
      Dog take on 3 Count; Demon vs La Parka; Vampiro fights Lex Luger;
      Referees Mickey J and Mark Johnson battle it out; Crowbar fights the
      Wall; Flair takes on Buff Bagwell and in a 6 man tag team match Jeff
      Jarrett & The Harris Boys take on Sid & Booker & Kidman.

      - The rumored main event for next week's Nitro is for Sid to defend his
      WCW title against the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. I think it would be in the
      best interest of the company if WCW give Flair the title and build some
      angles around him. He can wrestle, he can cut a promo, he can do it all.

      - WCW superstars Hulk Hogan, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and hardcore legend
      Terry Funk will all appear on the March 15th edition of Larry King Live
      on CNN! The show will be about the movie "Beyond the Mat". Barry
      Blaustein who is the director of the movie is also scheduled to appear.


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      - Rob Van Dam updated his audio commentary on his website at
      http://www.robvandam.com . You need Real player to listen to it.


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