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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Not much to say today, I have the flu so I better head to the bed!

      Lukas Busch, Lekisha Faith Oliver and Yung Wun updated their columns on
      the website. They columns are titled "In The Busch", "Belle Of The
      Brawl" and "All Eyez On Me" respectively. You can find the links on the
      main website!


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      By Iain Burnside, [byteback@...]

      "I've commented on ByteBack before about WCW and how the WWF needs them.
      I'm not pro-WCW, I'm WWF all the way, I grew up watching the WWF all of
      my life, but I don't critize WCW, I love to watch Hogan as I grew up
      watching the American hero and try to watch all of his matches as anyone
      could be his last. I hope they get through this
      struggling time...it sounds silly and ridiculous but what most people
      don't realize is that if WCW were to go under, then the WWF doesn't have
      to put out anything near the calibre of what they have now. Remember a
      couple of years ago when WCW was on top? They had a great thing going
      but got to lazy and didn't try to change the show. Instead they were
      making it stale because they thought they had the best product. It's
      possible, I hope not, that the WWF could fall into the same thing, it
      might not seem visible now because they are on such a high, but as we
      all know, anything could happen in the
      sports-entertainment business...I truly believe the root of the problem
      isn't the old guys, isn't Bill Busch, it's the owner, Ted Turner. It's
      not Bill Busch's falt for
      not knowing what he's doing, he's a business man, not a director. The
      old guys, surprisingly enough, are still drawing people, yeah their
      attitudes suck to the younger talent and just like ANY SPORT the younger
      talent needs to be exposed and to be given a great push or what's the
      future going to hold? Ted Turner is a great business man but he doesn't
      interact, participate, or control WCW wrestlers, which creates tension
      with his
      employees therefore the chain of command breaks down. Maybe that's why
      all the WCW superstars want out. Even Sid who's the top draw right now
      with the heavyweight title wants out. What will the WCW do? What should
      they do? My opinion of course is irrelivent but prudent in believeing
      that Turner needs to sell his company to someone who wants to entertain
      people as well as making a profit for the company. I read a report (I
      don't know if it's true or not) that WCW lost $10 million dollors last
      year from losing all of their sponsers and using too big venues. If they
      would start from scratch, get new talent, smaller venues, and a new
      owner and president, WCW would be on the path for competition again.
      Hopefully they will pull out. In a perfect world
      it would be nice to see WCW come back and ECW become a Monday night show
      as well. Will that happen? Only time will tell. Give me my own section
      to express my opinions, I have a lot of ideas I would like to express.
      Criticism is welcome."
      - Josh Kirkendall

      Well I don't know if Colin wants another writer or not, maybe there is
      someone out there interested in getting you on board. I don't see how
      Ted Turner should get the blame for WCW's recent failure though. He runs
      several different international companies and employs different people
      to take care of them. Bill Busch is the main man to do that for WCW
      right now, but if he cannot manage to get decent bookers to write decent
      angles and hire decent wrestlers to work them then that is his problem,
      not Uncle Ted's. Like I've
      said on many occasions, I am the man WCW should hire if they want to
      improve their show. Mind you a thousand monkeys typing on a thousand
      typewriters would be able to come up with better stories than WCW does
      at the moment.

      Kick the ball, Charlie Brown...
      "You know I'm sick and tired of folks complaining about Hogan and Ric
      Flair being on WCW TV. Well here's a quick remedy to that. DON'T WATCH
      WCW! It's that easy. When you don't watch WCW then the ratings drop,
      then when the ratings drop the powers that be try to figure out why.
      Then the powers that be go on the internet, log on to Wrestling-Online
      and find out what the f*ck is goin' on with all the internet marks. Then
      they call the folks in the Power Plant and try to recruit some new fresh
      talent with the charisma of
      The Rock, the mic skills of Jericho and a wrestling style like Kidman.
      Now we may have quality TV in the near future from the folks down south.
      Hey just think they already started changing the rope color on Monday
      and Wednesday nights, soon it could be the roster."
      - Illy Dixon, from Boston, Mass.

      Methinks you over-estimate the power of Wrestling-Online somewhat. Also,
      people aren't watching WCW and the ratings have dropped. But have the
      people in charge tried to bring in fresh talent and give it a push? No.
      Have they tried to listen to what the fans want and make it happen?
      Unless you count all those dolts that still cheer Hogan's legdrop then
      no, they haven't. I'm beginning to wonder what the point of the damn
      Power Plant is, it certainly didn't do Tank Abbott any good.

      "Okay, so I was going in the wrong direction, so let's clear the air
      here, okay? Here's who I think needs to have a push - either Christian &
      Edge or The Hardy Boyz. They need a shot at the WWF titles sometime in
      the near future. Let's face it: The New Age Outlaws are the current
      title holders right? Well, come "No Way Out" someone will beat them
      (provided that B.A. Billy Gunn or the Road Dogg doesn't pull the ref
      away at the two count, HELLO! You know why? They are sneaky when it
      comes to doing that.) Now also
      I think that Cactus Jack/Mick Foley/Mankind is one of the most
      celebrated wrestlers in the WWF and he will beat HHH or should I say
      "The Game" in the Hell In The Cell match at "No Way Out." (That's just a
      guess). Oh, and if you are wondering, Mr. David Fisher, if you are
      listening out there I'm 22 years old so THERE :P. THAT make you happy,
      - Paul Day

      It makes me ecstatic, Paul. I imagine that David Fisher is cartwheeling
      his way across the moon at this very moment. Also, The Outlaws are
      taking on The Dudleys at No Way Out. Do you think they will win the
      titles? I hope not because I want Too Cool to be the ones that beat The
      Outlaws. While we're on the subject, why have two supposedly heel teams
      fight each other?

      The return of the bookerman...
      "Iain, you came up with a B for my excellent work. Actually I was just
      following normal WCW booking practices so really it should have got a C.
      But I had my reasons for doing what I did. Once Demon swears allegiance
      to Vampiro, this sets up an alliance of hellish proportions. It's a sad
      fact but some wrestling fans like the Marvel comics stuff. Plus WCW are
      trying to get rid of the KISS Demon gimmick, the way to do this would be
      to have
      Dale Torburg turn totally deranged, a short step away from what he is
      doing now. But having watched the guy wrestle, despite always jobbing
      he's actually quite good. I didn't give the belt to Smiley because I see
      the TV title as remaining a fifth title for when two jobbers meet and
      one has to win. The Wall is just a stepping stone as it is one title
      that can go around anyones waist. I have Smiley earmarked for the US
      title (that's a joke). Smiley should remain as a hardcore performer, it
      is what made him popular.
      Putting the TV title on him would be a waste. I see a feud between
      Vampiro and Kidman continuing, good thought. As for Viscious hurling the
      belt, it was brought to my attention by a friend that for a quick fix
      for the title he has held onto it for a while. Jarrett won't get the
      belt at Uncensored. It would kill the crowd. He would win it with help
      from Ron and Don. This won't happen. Viscious will hold the belt even
      longer. WCW is trying to make a natural heel babyface. They are trying
      hard. WCW should put the belt around someone else, but at the moment
      who? Please not the 15 time champ.
      Also, Starrcade is being built to Abbott .vs. Goldberg. Never have I
      felt so ill. PLEASE WCW don't. I need my own column on the internet. If
      anyone is looking for an arrogant, self-centred git, who is over
      opinionated to the point where he makes Dave Meltzer look like a
      journalist, I'm here."
      - Scott McGinn (scott.mcginn@...)

      Christ, what is this turning into, a Situations Vacant column? Anyway, I
      guess I am just always too generous when it comes to marking things but
      if I were you I'd be happy with getting a B. Face it though, Demon is a
      nothing and he is never going to be a nothing. No matter how much
      Crowbar may like KISS, the gimmick is simply a contractual obligation
      that will be dumped as soon as they can. Respect to Torburg for putting
      in the effort anyway, even though he knows he isn't going to get
      anywhere with it. About the TV Title,
      I suggest you go and look at a listing of the people who have held that
      belt sometime, you might be surprised to see the quality of wrestlers
      who have won it. The Wall doesn't deserve to do a damn thing. If they
      really want him to be there then why not just make him another bodyguard
      of Jarrett's or something. Speaking of Jarrett, the damn guy deserves
      the World Title! Why is he not championship quality but someone like Sid
      is??? And all those people who moan about WCW always giving the belt to
      the same old people, yet when someone suggests Jarrett as a champion
      they still all moan. Talk about
      double standards! He is working his ass off in WCW, it certainly can't
      do them any more harm than they are already suffering if he was to get
      it and run with it for a while. I know I would like to see him feud with
      Bret Hart over the belt when Bret comes back.

      "The first rule of the WWF is that YOU DO NOT BOO AN OLYMPIC CHAMPION...
      "Hey, I just wanted to say that it was a stupid move on the WWF
      management, by putting the EUROPEAN title on our AMERICAN hero Kurt
      Angle! I mean think about it people! This guy's whole gimmick is
      centered around being a great AMERICAN hero olympics wrestler! Not the
      EUROPEAN olympic wrestling hero! It completely destroys his entire
      gimmick! I would hope some people actually start to realize this, and
      make him drop the Euro title, and start a feud with Jericho over the IC
      title because IC stands for INTERCONTINENTAL which
      would mean AMERICA!!! See the connection? Also, take that fuckin
      Hardcore belt off of Test, and give it to the guy the damn belt was made
      for, Tazz! Speaking of Hardcore belts, WCW needs to either trash theirs,
      or throw the TV belt back in the trash, because they have way too many
      titles now, and if I had the choice, it'd probably be the Hardcore title
      taking a trip to the junk yard simply because its a piece of shit, that
      doesnt mean anything, in an old promotion thats trying to bring
      WRESTLING back, and not dirty brawling! I happen to be a fan of both."
      - Ben D

      I think its a good idea. Think about Angle's gimmick, he is the perfect
      goodie-goodie babyface that the fans are all supposed to love but
      instead end up resenting him because he represents an era of wrestling
      that the WWF has long since moved on from. Just to make sure this
      happens, Angle constantly runs down the crowd on the mic in order to
      boost his heel heat. The icing on the cake is that he now represents
      Europe instead of the USA and can use this as further material to get
      heat off of. Its all very clever
      when you think about it. There's a good article about him at
      http://www.canoe.com/SlamWrestlingGuestColumn/home.html by a guy called
      Travis D. Smith that I urge you all to read. Also, the WWF and WCW both
      have seven titles at the moment, which I agree is far too much. They
      should both drop the Women's and Hardcore belts in my opinion. Speaking
      of "that fuckin Hardcore belt", it is now off Test and on Crash Holly.
      That any better for ya?

      Kayfabe snappin'...
      "In response to John Joyce's letter, I think that the lawsuit has to do
      with the fact of what Scott Hall and Kevin Nash did right before leaving
      the WWF. What I'm talking about is that night in Madison Square Garden.
      It was Triple H .vs. Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) and Shawn Michaels .vs.
      Kevin Nash (Diesel). What happened was that their angles were that they
      hated each other, but at the end they all came out and celebrated
      together, since they are really all best friends in real life. I think
      this is what that lawsuit is all about. That is also the reason why
      McMahon doesn't really want Hall back, he thinks Hall planned
      everything. Peace."
      - Wilfredo Betancourt from Killa Queenz, NY

      It was actually Shawn Michaels idea but as he was WWF Champion at the
      time, Vince made Triple H the scapegoat for the incident and buried him
      for months afterward as a kind of example to people about doing
      something similar. Maybe it is a part of the lawsuit, I don't think it
      is to be honest, but it is interesting to note that Triple H was
      originally slated to win the King Of The Ring '96 tournament before that
      happened. Now if he had won it instead of Austin then that is one hell
      of a "what if?" question for you all to think about...

      Old wounds...
      "Owen Hart's death - accident or not? Owen sadly passed away during
      WWF's May Pay-Per-View Over The Edge. During a descent from the roof
      somehow he became unattached from his rope which was lowering him in to
      the ring. At this time he was portraying his
      old character The Blue Blazer. Owen was in his tenth year with the WWF
      and had stayed with Vince after his brother was screwed out of the title
      and Vince had left him with a dead end character. The only thing keeping
      him with the company was the fact he could
      not find work anywhere else and had a family to support. He died for
      viewing ratings and a cheer from the crowd when he descended from the
      roof which was an unneeded ring entrance, as he had never entered the
      ring in this fashion when he was the Blue Blazer previously. He fell in
      to the ring and was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital after
      hard work from the EMT's and doctors to revive him. At this point if
      Vince had any compassion or knew what the right thing was, he should had
      stopped the show and
      offered a refund to fans. This was even more sickening than Owen's death
      and it shows what kind of person Vince is. The WWF performers are scared
      to strike or also lacked compassion because if I was a wrestler I would
      not have gone out and wrestled after Owen's death in the same ring on
      the same night at the same event.
      Owen was a pioneer for highflying wrestling moves in the early 90's as
      his character The Rocket and paved the way for people like The Hardys.
      The only title Owen had not won out of the big three was the World Title
      and in his character was never going to get it. The style of ring
      entrance he did on his fatal night had been tried before in the WWF by
      HBK at WM12 and at WM15 by The Brood so its not like the WWF did not
      know what they were doing but it was still unneeded. The night after the
      accident the WWF tried to regain its credibility by doing a special Raw
      trying to gain the public's faith back but the show they laid on in his
      honor was tacky to say the least but bought the fans over.
      Then all of the WWF starts going to the funeral, some disrespectful
      enough like The Rock to even wear sunglasses. But the question I pose is
      does Vince care about his wrestlers? The equipment was either poorly
      demonstrated and practiced with or just poor full stop.
      Now he is the fan's favorite all-time wrestler and it takes his death
      for them to realize it as they have The Rock jammed down their throats
      every show. One thing is very suspicious with his death though is that
      they had a pre-match interview that was not used and immediately as they
      notice something is wrong they have it on auto cue."
      - Adam

      Alright, I'm not going to say anything about this letter because I just
      know that there are going to be a veritable shitload of people writing
      in about it so I will talk about it then, okay?

      Legdrop (c) Terry Bollea, 1873...
      "Why the hell does everyone make a big deal of someone doing someone
      else's move? So Edge does a spear, big deal, The Undertaker does a
      legdrop but does anybody whine about that? The Big Show does the
      chokeslam and so does Kane is there anything wrong with that? My point
      is why do people whine about these things? And by the way the downward
      spiral isn't exactly the flatliner there is a slight difference."
      - Brad Hirata

      Stealing one or two moves that are used by many people is not a bad
      thing at all. But when you start nicking several moves from the one
      person then it really is a bit insulting. Kanyon ought to deck Edge if
      and when he goes to the WWF.

      And finally, a little request...
      "I just got done watching Smackdown and I have to admit the bit The Rock
      did was funny as hell. It was the first time in a long time I didn't
      flip through the channels or leave the room for a few mins, I was
      laughing my ass off. So if any of you out there taped it or know someone
      who did could you please send me an .avi or .mpeg or even real video
      format of that bit? I just love watching people imitate The Big Slow's
      chokeslam. Please send it to woody_311@... Thanks."
      - Woody

      Not much I can say here except make fun of your name, but I'm too kind
      to do that. Anyone who can help him out, drop him a line.

      Right, before I go I have a little plug of my own to make. Hey, after
      all the webshites I've plugged for other people on this column I think
      I'm deserved a little one of my own, don't you? This is for a brand new
      newsletter that started this Monday called Canuckleheads. I didn't come
      up with the name so don't blame me for that. Its run by Eric Benner and
      Stephanie Waters and features yours truly as Heat reporter and is
      especially very good for any Canadian readers out there as it features
      sections on
      Canadian indy feds and events, but is also a top notch read for any
      wrestling fans. If you'd like to subscribe then e-mail

      Back to normal now and you can e-mail me at
      iain@... if there are any comments or questions
      you would like to ask for ByteBack. Ah go on. You know you want to



      - Former WWF champion The Rock will be one of the special guests of Jay
      Leno on his "Tonight Show" on NBC on March 24th! BC on WWF.COM says that
      this will be just one week after The Rock hosts Saturday Night Live! The
      last wrestler to host this show was Hulk Hogan in the mid 80s!

      > A MESSAGE FROM CHRIS BENOIT, chrisbenoit.com
      - "Nancy and I are very proud to announce the birth of Daniel
      Christopher on Friday February 25 at 3 A.M. He is a very healthy
      9lbs,.09oz! It's about 5:30 A.M now and I just came home to shower, eat
      and get back to the hospital. Nancy and I left for the hospital on
      Wednesday the 23rd to induce labour. I want to say how tired I am, but
      after having witnessed what Nancy has gone through, I don't have a leg
      to stand on. I feel like waking up the whole neighborhood to tell them.
      So many emotions, I can't find the words to express them right now. I
      feel AWESOME! What a RUSH!"

      - The chairman of the WWF Vince McMahon was on a radio show yesterday
      and hinted that "if HHH screws Foley on the PPV, he and Shane will
      return on RAW". He also said that Shawn Michaels and his girl could be
      on the PPV this coming Sunday! However, that remains to be seen.
      Michaels clearly stated on his website that he has no intentions to
      wrestle again so if he does appear he might do some kind of interview or
      else just join Lawler and Ross for the fun!

      > ROCK IN MUMMY 2?
      - The website "Coming Attractions by Corona" is reporting that The Rock
      will probably land a role on the sequel of the 1999 blockbuster movie
      "The Mummy". Although the deal is still in discussion, the website
      claims that this came in from an excellent source within the business.
      The website can be viewed at

      - Overnight ratings for yesterday's Smackdown is of a 6.4 with a 9.0
      share. This translates in around 4.9 national rating. (Meltzer)

      - Perry Saturn updated his commentary on his official website. Very
      interesting to read. Check it out at http://www.perrysaturn.com

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Stocks closed at 11 11/16, a 3.31% increase from their previous trade.
      The day's range was 11 5/16 - 12

      - SmackDown! kicked off from Nashville, Tenn., with a Hardcore
      Championship match between Test and Crash Holly. Angered that his cousin
      had the audacity to challenge for the title that was "named after him,"
      Hardcore Holly came down to the ring. The former champion eventually
      helped his cousin to the victory by slamming a chair over Test’s head,
      but no one seems to be sure whom the shot was actually intended for.
      What wasn’t in question though, was the fact that Crash Holly became the
      new WWF Hardcore Champion.

      Back in the DX bus, Triple H handed out everyone’s assignments for the
      night, making it perfectly clear that Cactus Jack is off limits. In his
      own words, "Cactus Jack is mine!"

      Big Show made his way to the ring with video footage that proved that
      The Rock’s feet hit the floor first at the Royal Rumble. Despite the
      evidence, the crowd refused to see his side of it. When the Big Show
      began to question their ethics, Kurt Angle – a man who loves integrity
      and the rules – made his way out to shake Big Show’s hand. Before the
      European Champion could get many words out, Y2J interrupted. Kurt Angle
      didn’t want to wait until No Way Out to get Jericho in the ring and
      challenged him to a tag team match. Who would join the Intercontinental
      Champion against Kirk Angel and Big Show? The Rock!!! The Great One went
      on to poke fun at the Big Show and even go so far as to have the truck
      roll footage of The Rock making fun of the Big Show backstage!

      In one of the D-Generation X/Revolution "you scratch our backs, we’ll
      scratch yours" matches, Chris Benoit took on Kane. It wasn’t long before
      Tori made her way ringside to lure the Big Red Machine up the ramp where
      X-Pac was waiting with a flame-thrower! The D-Generate used it to burn

      In eight-man tag team action, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, Al Snow and
      Steve Blackman took on Edge, Christian and the Hardy Boyz. Much of the
      action spilled outside of the ring, and when it did, Saturn and Malenko
      double-teamed Jeff on the inside and got the win. Following the bell the
      four young superstars who will meet this Sunday at No Way Out got into a
      heated argument and a vicious brawl!

      Too Cool and Rikishi will be involved in a big six-man tag match with
      the Radicals this Sunday at No Way Out, but on SmackDown! the phat trio
      took on Triple H, Road Dogg and X-Pac. Smartly, DX zeroed in on
      Rikishi’s injured ankle, but Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay were
      able to keep their team in it. In the end though, Triple H used a steel
      chair on Rikishi’s leg, while X-Pac and Road Dogg used some great
      teamwork to grab the win. Backstage, the Radicals were ecstatic watching
      Triple H destroy Rikishi’s already tender ankle.

      The Godfather and D’Lo Brown picked up a strong victory over Big Boss
      Man and Prince Albert, thanks in part to some outside help from Tazz.

      Jim Ross joined the show and called Mick Foley to the ring for an
      interview. The superstar currently known as Cactus Jack talked about all
      he’s accomplished in his career and why he needs to compete in the Hell
      in a Cell this Sunday at No Way Out against Triple H. In a touching
      moment, Foley then went on to thank everyone who believed in him and
      supported him through the years. As the fans stood to applaud Cactus on
      his way out of the ring, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came out to tell
      Cactus Jack that he caused $5000 worth of damage to her new tour bus and
      this Sunday Triple H was going to collect payment. The First Woman of
      the WWF then informed Cactus that she had a warrant for his arrest.
      Cactus Jack was lead away by authorities and locked inside a cell.

      Badd Ass Billy Gunn picked up a disqualification win over Buh Buh Ray
      Dudley when D-Von got involved. After the bell, the Dudley Boyz
      dismantled Mr. Ass until the Road Dogg came in for the save. After the
      Dogg cleared the Dudleys off, Gunn connected with a Fame-Ass-Er on Buh
      Buh, sending him face-first through a table!

      Big Show and Kurt Angle picked up a huge win over The Rock and Chris
      Jericho via disqualification. After the bell, Jericho locked the
      Olympian in the Walls of Jericho, while Rock and Show battled backstage,
      where the Great One was eventually thrown through a glass window!

      Meanwhile, Triple H and Stephanie uncovered a master plan by relieving
      the cops -- and revealing that the DX Express was right behind Cactus’
      holding cell. The champion and his bride chain-linked the cell to the
      bus and drove off, dragging Cactus Jack behind them. Triple H swore he
      would drag Cactus straight to Hartford and into the Hell in a Cell!!!!


      G E T Y O U R W W F L I F E S I Z E S T A N D U P !
      "Who doesn't want a color, LIFE-SIZE STANDUP of their favorite
      professional wrestler? The Standups are very life-line and
      even come with an optional pre-recorded, motion-activated
      voice box containing each wrestler's most popular sayings.
      Prices are $24.95 each and $39.95 with the pre-recorded voice box.
      See our web site: www.guaranteedmerchandise.com "



      - Nicole Bass was on the "Rasslin Radio" show in NJ and she said that
      she attended the Nitro on Valentine's Day. However when she was
      backstage, Doug Dillinger who is the head of WCW security told her to
      leave the area. Bass said that she was invited by Alicia Webb who plays

      - Buff's days in WCW may be numbered. Dave Scherer reported that Bagwell
      requested a salary of $1 million to stay in the federation. Isn't he
      asking too much? Besides that, if he leaves WCW for the WWF, you think
      the WWF would give him $1 million? I think that's a one big "OH HELL

      > WCW LIVE
      - Daffney Unger was on WCW Live yesterday night. You can read the full
      report at


      ** W R E S T L I N G M E G A S T O R E **
      Visit the all new Wrestling Megastore! Faster and easier to
      navigate with over 50 new items added. Check it out at



      - Sabu will be working an ECW house show tonight in Toledo, OH. There's
      some friction between Sabu and Paul Heyman at the moment since Sabu
      wants to go to WCW, and he's still tied to an ECW contract. If Sabu
      fails to attend the shows, he can be sued for breach of contract.


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