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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2000
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      MJ Voytish updated his column on the website. Check the front page for
      the direct link to his work.


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      By Iain Burnside, [byteback@...]

      See what you make of it, folks...
      "Ok no more petty arguments for me either. Elliott I'd rather let
      bygones be bygones. But in all honesty one thing really got to me this
      past weekend. WCW Superbrawl, despite all of its problems, was an okay
      PPV (this is based on the previous three by the way). And now we have
      Uncensored to look forward to. How should it be booked though, and who
      should fight? Here is a card based on MY PERSONAL OPINION (thats for

      Match One: Vampiro .vs. Kidman (Ladder Match with a wad of cash
      suspended above the ring). This is a chance for Vampiro to turn heel,
      just as Kidman reaches for the
      loot after a great match The Demon comes out and knocks Kidman off the
      ladder. He then climbs the ladder grabs the cash and gives it too
      Vampiro. From now on these two represent all that is evil in WCW.

      Match Two: Jim Duggan .vs. The Wall (TV Title Match)
      Just to get the title some credibility. The Wall wins in easy fashion.

      Match Three: The Mamalukes & Disco .vs. Harlem Heat 2000 (Harlem Street
      Fight/Sicillian Stretcher Match) As much of a mouthful as it is this
      could start a great feud between both these teams over where is tougher,
      Harlem or Brooklyn. The Mamalukes win this one, but rematches will

      Match Four: 3 Count (Helms & Moore) .vs. Crowbar & David Flair
      Before the match starts 3 Count again refuse to sing. This match is won
      Helms performs a high risk move from the top rope.

      Match Five: The Artist .vs. Evan Karagias (Cruiserweight Title match)
      The Artist wins with help from Paisley.

      Match Six: Hulk Hogan & Sting .vs. Ric Flair & The Total Package (Caged
      Heat Tag Match)
      Flair and Luger win with help from Arn Anderson and Mike Rotunda. The
      four then announce themselves as the New Horsemen.

      Match Seven: Jeff Jarrett .vs. Sid Vicious (World Title Match)
      Viscious wins when he gets help from Kevin Nash. Nash then gets on the
      mic and says that since Hall has been shafted by WCW he and his other
      close friend big Sid are taking a holiday, and Sid throws down the title
      and walks away.

      Seven matches all with potential. And some typical WCW PPV play, raising
      a whole new issue at the end of the programme. So what does everyone
      think? Also, has anyone pointed out the extreme publicity that Tank
      Abbot's knife pulling on Big Al has got? I've got two words for
      everyone, 'Mark Out'. I'll bet you all that this is nothing more than a
      work. All we need now is a statement publicly apologising for it."
      - Scott McGinn

      Well apparently Kevin Sullivan gave the go-ahead for the knife incident,
      but whether or not he knew it was an actual knife he was going to pull
      out I'm not sure. Anyway, let's get straight onto your Uncensored card
      as there is nothing more I enjoy than faux-booking. I'm a man of simple
      pleasures. First of all, I'm all for a long-lasting feud between Vampiro
      and Kidman. When there was one going on (and it still is in some ways)
      between The Hardy's, Edge & Christian in the WWF it helped those four
      guys get over and this could do the same thing. And a ladder match
      between them? Yes please! But
      don't do a damn thing with The Demon because he is there simply to
      fulfill WCW's contract with KISS and the gimmick sucks anyway. Secondly,
      yes get the TV Title off Jim Duggan as soon as possible, but why give it
      to The Wall? Why not Norman Smiley, who isn't on the card and is very
      popular and entertaining? Third, I like the idea of the Brooklyn/Harlem
      feud, especially since it means Booker T won't have to fool around with
      Stevie Ray anymore and can finally get pushed to main-event status. The
      match...I'm sure there are more deserving people like Psychosis who
      deserve to have the title shot, but whatever. The last two matches are
      worryingly close to what has been predicted for the real PPV, unless Ric
      Flair winds up getting the title shot. I want to see Jeff Jarrett take
      the world title cleanly and run with it for a good few months until the
      main-event roster is, well, not injured. Having Sid dump the belt only
      damages it further which is exactly what they don't need, and if Sid
      really does want to leave
      WCW then he shouldn't care about losing to Jarrett. All in all, not too
      bad a card, some nice ideas, room for improvement, I'll give it a B.

      International Man Of Wool...
      "WCW better start to do something soon. If they lose Buff, thats one
      more nail in the coffin. I still think that they could save the ship,
      just get rid of Scott Hall! Please, if he doesn't want to work, thats
      his problem! I think that Kevin Nash will live without Scott. And add
      some new people to fill in. And why are so many people mad about the
      older guys there? I still think that it's the stories that suck and not
      guys like Sting, but thats just me. I also think that if they teamed
      them up with some new people and
      some new stories to fill out some of the holes, that maybe WCW could
      save themselves. And about WrestleMania, I wish deep down that Mick
      would make it to WrestleMania and take on The Rock. Then after he goes
      undefeated, beating The Rock, have him turn the
      belt over the Vince and retire. But we all know that Mick will lose
      against HHH at No Way Out, and that HHH will take on The Rock at
      WrestleMania. It is there that The Rock will win. As my friend told me
      today, no heel has ever won at WrestleMania, it's always been a face
      that has......"
      - Donald Woolman

      Anyone else think they should turn Buff Bagwell into an Austin Powers
      type character? That'd be hilarious. Gene Okerlund could play Dr Evil,
      Rey Mysterio could play Mini-Me, Mark Madden is a Fat Bastard anyway,
      and the lovely April Hunter as Felicity Shagwell. Hey, its better than
      another bunch of Hogan/Flair matches anyway. About the old guys, I don't
      think its so much the fact they are there that people resent, its the
      fact that they are hogging all the limelight for themselves and burying
      the talented younger
      wrestlers instead of doing what they should be and helping to get them
      over with the crowd. You know Hogan, like what Andre The Giant did for
      you, huh? Remember that? Of course you don't you drugged-up,
      orange-skinned hippy. Bloated, that's what he is, bloated. He has the
      cheek to say that he wanted to give Benoit more of a role in the company
      but Bischoff wouldn't let him? Fuck that! Pardon my French, but if Hogan
      wanted Glacier to have more of a role in the company he could have done
      it. Feckin' arse.

      "I was reading a letter sent by Paul Day and just wanted to know exactly
      how old are you??? If you haven't figured it out yet, WRESTLING IS NOT
      REAL! NEITHER ARE THE ANGLES! Some are based on real things though. Oh
      yeah, it is physically impossible for a 70 year-old woman to give birth.
      It is even rare for someone over the age of 40. One more thing, why the
      hell is Colin not paying you??? I bet you work a lot harder than he
      does. I think you should just start your own ByteBack only newsletter
      because this is ridiculous!"
      - David Fisher

      Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YESSSS! Damn right I do. He
      spends his day cutting and pasting and I spend mine trying to sort out a
      shitload of e-mails and get them to make sense and answer them as best
      as I can and do I even get a birthday card? No, instead I get a demand
      to go phoning hotels for him. I mean, what the hell?? Funny you should
      mention a ByteBack only newsletter because it had crossed my mind to
      make a ByteBack website thingy. Dunno though.

      ( Editor's Note: For both of you....BITE ME! :) )

      Blast from the past...
      "I am a big fan of WCW and live in England. I have upgraded from Sky to
      Sky Digital and on the original service you could get TNT and WCW but
      now Sky refuse to put it the station on their new system after I wrote
      to them. Now I'm stuck with 3 week old highlights for 1 hour a week on
      Channel 5. No complete Nitro or Thunder which sucks. But when I was
      younger in the early 1990's they showed WCW on a national terrestrial
      station called ITV late at nights and as I was young I did not record
      it. I was wondering if anyone out there had any old WCW footage on VHS
      format. WCW Pro was the best wrestling program ever but any will do.
      They have also deleted all the official video's pre-1993 so I am also
      hunting down them. If you could help me in anyway e-mail me at:
      obsessed1984@... "
      - Adam, from England

      1984...you know I've had that book sitting on my shelf for about 6 years
      and still have never gotten around to reading it? One day I guess. I
      remember the program you were talking about. I could only get a very
      weak fuzzy signal through but I taped it every week anyway and watched
      it, even though at that time I had never seen WCW before and had no idea
      what was happening. All I remember thinking was that it was a helluva
      lot better than the WWF was at the time. I don't know if you remember
      but ITV put it on Saturday
      afternoons for a while in 1994/1995 after Hogan came along, but then
      they stopped it when Nitro came along and that was that. Pity. Now its
      WorldWide which truly is the most awful wrestling show I have ever seen.
      Not the actual wrestling because that is usually okay, but the way the
      show is put together is hideous. Stevie Wonder could do a better job of
      it. Anyway, if anyone can help Adam out then drop him a line. And if
      anyone is feeling incredibly generous, drop me a line as well because
      I'd be interested in
      some of the early stuff too.

      If you like ByteBack gimme an "Och Aye!"...
      "There is a fair WWF fanbase in Scotland, mainly because Sky have got
      most of the shows now, and there's less chance of missing a WWF program,
      so exposure has got them more fans, particularly in sixth year common
      rooms, where I saw someone nearly take a powerbomb before they slipped
      over the top. Anyhoo...Road Dogg is crap. Repetitive mic work and no
      in-ring talent. Ditto for Billy Gunn and X-Pac. HHH should ditch them.
      He's not the best wrestler, but he draws great heat and is a decent
      worker. The best mic worker in the WWF today - none other than your
      Olympic hero, Kurt Angle! He does some
      original stuff, improvises, and really gets under the skin of the crowd.
      Jericho started like this, but more recently has become repetitive and
      limited by a face persona. Angle is far and away the best mic worker, as
      he can draw heat and amuse the home audience, with some great lines.
      Also, Derrick Davis' title ideas were alright, but he limits the World
      Title too much. HHH, Foley and Kane deserve to be there, as the best
      examples of their roles, and the most talented of the seven or so
      mentioned. Rocky, Big Show, Austin et al don't deserve to hold a world
      title, for their lack of talent. Benoit, Jericho, Shamrock and one or
      two others should be competing for the world title. WCW did something
      right in recent months; not being afraid to give the title to new guys,
      like Benoit. The WWF has stuck with the same guys for a year or two
      now. They were smart to push HHH, but The Big Show's reign was merely a
      distraction. Austin, Rock and Taker are people we've seen with titles
      before. Okay, Foley too, but he's interesting as champion, just like
      HHH. If Kane got the title, I'm not sure how it'd go, but because of
      his lack of mic work I suspect the WWF would make it like Show's. But
      Jericho or Benoit over the world title? That's a feud. I still don't
      think Benoit is the greatest wrestler alive, but he's up there. Also,
      for the lower divisions, bring BACK KAIENTAI! They're some of the WWF's
      most talented wrestlers. I saw an ECW match with Taka, Funaki and I
      think Dick Togo, and it was amazing. Taka and Funaki take insane bumps,
      and Funaki (or
      was it Mens Teoih?) is a great technician. For one move, he reversed a
      hiptoss into a DDT. Looked cool. These guys can get over without mic
      work, just watch the matches and see the reactions. Rant over."
      - Kevin O'Neill, from Glasgow, Scotland.

      Well that's easy for you to say. I've been to the Virgin Megastore in
      Glasgow and they have the biggest WWF video selection I have ever seen!
      Hell, they were even selling some PPV's for about £7 which is half
      price! And they had some of the older ones as well, great stuff.
      Wouldn't like to go to your school though, not if people are getting
      powerbombed at lunchtime. I think you're right about Jericho and I'm
      glad to see that
      people are finally picking up on it. When I first said the WWF was
      mis-using him I got a shitload of complaints from a bunch of marks, now
      people seem to realise he isn't getting to do all the crazy antics he
      did back in WCW that made him such a cult icon among wrestling fans. As
      for Kaientai, I have no idea what happened to the other members (I think
      maybe they went back to Michinoku Pro) but Funaki is still here and
      active. Last week he had a brilliant match with Essa Rios and the week
      before he took on Viscera in the mismatch of the millennium. Poor old
      Taka is still out after splattering his
      noggin off the floor at the Royal Rumble but he'll be back. Rant over.

      Sue the bastards...
      "Can you tell me some more about this 'on-going lawsuit' that everyone
      mentions when weighing up whether or not Scott Hall will be released
      from WCW or not. I mean, I know it has something to do with The
      Outsiders appearing at Bash at the Beach, but what is the WWF
      complaining about? Did they not fulfil their contracts or something?"
      - John Joyce (From the UK - I might add!)

      Unbelievable, three letters in a row from the UK! The invasion starts
      here, just as soon as we find a way to get rid of the friggin' Bulldog.
      I guess that our REAL European representative, Kurt Angle, has brought
      out the best in us. Anyway the law-suit as I understand it is that when
      Hall and Nash left the WWF to go to WCW in 1996 they somehow let word
      get out that they were going and using the likenesses of the Diesel and
      Razor Ramon characters which were under the WWF's copyright. I'm not too
      sure to be honest but
      that's the basics of it. If you'll remember, the WWF brought back Diesel
      and Razor using different wrestlers, I guess just out of spite or to
      prove a point or something. Too much politics once again.

      I'll call it a day now because I need to go off to the library (fun).
      The adress is iain@... if there is anything you
      would like to add or ask to ByteBack the next time. Behave yourself
      kids, see you later...



      - Lucas on WWF.COM news says that starting from this Saturday at 8AM,
      RAW Is WAR will be on Channel Mas/MVS in Mexico! RAW will be repeated
      that same day at 6PM also. Go to http://www.wwfespanol.com for the full
      TV listings of WWF programming

      - Congratulations go to former WCW champ Chris Benoit and his partner
      Nancy for the birth of their first son! Dave Scherer reports that they
      are naming him Daniel Christopher, and he was born yesterday evening!

      - The "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels has started his online commentary
      on his official website at http://www.hbk-twa.com . Check it out. And
      just to clear some rumors, HBK never announced he's returning to a WWF
      show on March 21st, like other sites did. March 21st is a TWA show and
      he's making an appearance there. But since that's a Tuesday many said it
      will be HBK returning to the WWF during a Smackdown taping. The fact is
      that HBK didn't even mention WWF or Smackdown in that section, and the
      WWF won't be in Texas until the 27th and the 28th of March.

      > WWFE STOCK
      - Today stocks closed at 11 5/16, a 1.09% decrease from their previous
      trade. The day's range was 11 1/4 - 11 1/2.

      - NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Promotions.com Inc. (PRMO, news, msgs) will
      offer promotions to
      visitors to World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc.'s (WWFE, news,
      msgs) Web site in order to increase the federation's online advertising
      revenue and number of registered users. Financial terms of the one-year
      agreement weren't disclosed. In a press release Thursday, Promotions.com
      said the first monthly promotion features a giveaway to Wrestlemania
      2000 on April 2. Promotions.com said it will benefit by having access to
      World Wrestling Federation Entertainment customer information gained
      through promotions.

      - We're just a few days away from No Way Out, the World Wrestling
      Federation's February Pay-Per-View spectacular. All the superstars that
      are involved in this Sunday's Pay-Per-View will be in the house,
      making the potential for an explosion that much more likely! We
      understand that Triple H, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and D-Generation X
      will make their presence known, and that the WWF Champion has some
      matches in mind involving DX, the Radicals, and several of the
      superstars that have been at their throats for the past few weeks. We
      have also learned of some specific matches that are set to take place
      tonight. In tag team action, The Rock and Chris Jericho will team up to
      face Kurt Angle and the Big Show! In addition, Test puts his Hardcore
      Title on the line just days after returning from injury as he battles
      Crash Holly. Godfather and D'Lo Brown will undoubtedly be accompanied by
      several of Nashville's finest ladies, and the duo takes on Prince Albert
      and the Big Boss Man. "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry will look to take
      out his aggression on Viscera. Additionally, Jim Ross will have a
      special interview with Cactus Jack just a few days before his Hell in a
      Cell against Triple H. All this and much more tonight at 8 p.m./7 p.m.
      CT as UPN presents SmackDown! (WWF.COM)


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      - My God! They fooled us all! And big time I might say. After reports
      were released that Scott Hall was released from the hospital after
      getting hit by a guitar and powerbombed by big Sid, now it seems that it
      wasn't the case. Hall is still in the hospital receiving medical
      threatment. Why do such a thing, you might ask? Simple. The hopsital did
      this so the press get off their backs according to Meltzer.

      - Bad...very bad! Thunder only drew a 2.0 with a 3.0 share for
      yesterday's show. Hour one received a 2.1 with a 3.0 share and the
      second received a 2.0 with a 3.1 share! (Scherer)

      - Dave Meltzer reports that next Monday we might see a Tank Abbott vs
      Sid match for a possible main event on Nitro. Talk about ratings killer
      folks. Abbott gets a crack at Sid's title, and the WWF will be in MSG
      for their RAW coming off their No Way Out PPV. That's bad thinking from
      WCW management.

      - Backstage, Mike Graham asked Kevin Nash how he felt after taking a
      guitar shot from Jeff Jarrett. Nash acted as if he didn't know who
      Graham was, but since Kevin is told he was the commissioner, the
      commissioner he will be.

      Hardcore Match
      Fit Finlay d. Evan Karagias with 3 Count
      3 Count entered the ring, performing their hit song, but were cut short
      by Fit Finlay, who laid in to Karagias right away. It was hardcore
      rules, which meant since Helms and Moore were at ringside, Finlay could
      beat on them as well. Helms attacked with one of the heavy green
      circles, giving the dancing trio the advantage. Finlay recovered, and
      took all three out with a trashcan before finishing Karagias with a
      tombstone piledriver.

      Backstage, Kevin Nash believed he was Commissioner Gordon of Gotham
      City, telling his nurses to contact Batman.

      Interview: The nWo
      In the New World Order's dressing room, Jeff Jarrett told Mean Gene that
      the countdown had started to Superbrawl, where the chosen reign would
      begin for Jarrett. There, he promises to defeat Sid Vicious.

      Backstage, the Kid Cam catches Buff Bagwell making moves on Daffney
      Unger. When Buff asks her whether she is going to choose him or David
      Flair, she screams in his face, laughing hysterically as she ran away.

      Interview: Nature Boy Ric Flair
      Flair told the Reno fans that they were living in a nothing-happenin'
      town and asked a girl at ringside if she wanted to ride Space Mountain.
      The Nature Boy, carrying Hulk Hogan's yellow-and-red weightlifting belt,
      said he defeated Hulkamania and challenged anyone to wrestle him later
      in the night. Vampiro came to the ramp, and said that although he
      respected Flair, he would kick the Nature Boy's ass all over the ring.

      Interview: La Parka
      Mean Gene looked surprised as La Parka told him, in English, that the
      chairman was checking back into WCW and "Parkamania" would run wild
      later in the broadcast.

      Backstage, David Flair questioned Daffney about her conversation with
      Buff, as Crowbar looked on from behind a cage in the background.

      Backstage, Kevin Nash, er... Commissioner Gordon called "Alfred" on the
      Bat Phone to find out what to do. Ralphus sat in utter confusion on the
      other end of the phone.

      La Parka d. Berlyn
      Berlyn attacked La Parka at the bell, trying to get the upper hand at
      the start. The fans chanted USA, however referee Mickey Jay, the only
      American in the ring, failed to acknowledge the crowd's accolades. The
      Chairman got the win with a corkscrew from the top rope.

      Backstage, Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson tell Buff that the Kid Cam was
      stolen from them on Monday.

      Interview: Tank Abbott
      Tank told Mean Gene that Big Al was out of the way, and Abbott was on to
      the next level of play. Mike Jones, formerly everyone, including Curly
      Bill, Vincent and Shane, interrupted the interview and challenged Tank
      to a match.

      Buff Bagwell d. David Flair with Daffney Unger
      Bagwell threw Flair around the ring, as David seemed distracted with
      protecting Daffney. The Maestro and Symphony came to ringside, but Unger
      dove from the apron onto the blond pianist. As this was going on, Buff
      scored the pin on Flair for the victory. After the bell, Maestro
      attacked Bagwell.

      Tank Abbott d. Mike Jones by TKO
      Jones was psyched and ready to finally have his own identity. Jones
      fought a valiant effort, but in the end he, much like his past aliases,
      was left lying in the ring counting the ring lights, as Tank scored
      another knockout win.

      Backstage, Commissioner Gordon speaks with Bruce "Ralphus" Wayne, asking
      him if he is up for the task.

      Vampiro d. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair by reversed decision
      Flair came to the ring, stylin' and profilin', in a glittering
      silver-and-black robe. A nervous Vampiro looked white as a ghost as he
      locked up for the first time ever with the legendary Flair. Vamp
      flustered the Nature Boy, who hit the floor to regain his thoughts. Back
      inside, the two exchanged stinging chops to the chest, before Flair went
      to work on the knee of his gothic opponent. The Total Package and
      Elizabeth arrived at ringside, toting a baseball bat. As Elizabeth
      distracted referee Billy Silverman, Package clubbed Vamp in the leg with
      the bat, setting up the dirtiest player in the game to apply the figure
      four leglock for the shady win. After the commercial, it was announced
      that the decision had been reversed.

      Backstage, Vampiro sat on the floor stretching his injured knee. Fit
      Finlay came out of nowhere and attacked the already injured leg.

      Interview: Dustin Rhodes
      Rhodes started the interview by telling a man in the front row to shut
      the hell up. Dustin told Terry Funk he was an old bag of bones and told
      The Funker he would put him out of wrestling. Funk came onto the big
      screen and told Rhodes that he and his father were nothing but piles of
      horse crap. Dustin flipped out and left the ring, attacking several crew
      members on his way.

      Backstage, Mickey Jay asks Terry Taylor if suspended referee Mark
      Johnson can be reinstated so he can settle some personal issues with
      him. Taylor said he would let Johnson wrestle if Jay gives him a good
      ass kicking.

      Backstage, Booker tells Billy Kidman that they need to watch each
      other's backs.

      The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea d. Crowbar
      As usual, Paisley introduced her man, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion.
      Crowbar entered with his lead pipe and did three free falls to the
      canvas, as everyone looked on in confusion. On the outside, Crowbar
      delivered his patented big splash to Iaukea on the hard floor. As both
      men crashed to the canvas from the top rope, Daffney distracted The
      Artist with her purple wig. Paisley pulled the wig from her head and the
      two girls started a catfight. As Charles Robinson broke up the cats, The
      Artist came from the top, catching Crowbar with a DDT for the win.

      Interview: Sid Vicious
      Vicious tells The Total Package that he will fall like all the rest and
      laughs uncontrollably.

      Backstage, Nash, watching Sid laugh, says he knows the Joker has
      something to do with what's going on. When the nurses ask Nash if he
      should call Superman, he says everyone knows Superman is just a comic
      book character.

      Backstage, The Mamalukes brawl with Lane and Idol, as Disco approached
      the ring.

      The Wall d. Disco Inferno
      Disco told The Wall that since The Mamalukes weren't there to defend the
      titles against him, that Wall and Inferno could have the night off. The
      former bodyguard thought differentla and started throwing DI around the
      ring like a rag doll. The Wall won the match with his devastating

      Interview: The Total Package and Elizabeth
      Package, with Elizabeth, and his 4 percent body fat, told Sid that he
      would fall to the Total Package later in the main event.

      The Harris Brothers d. Booker and Billy Kidman with Torrie Wilson
      The brothers Harris had the tag team advantage over the first-time team
      of Booker and Kidman. Don Harris slammed Billy from pillar to post,
      wearing down the back of the youngster. Booker finally tagged in,
      cleaning house on the Harris twins. As Wilson tended to Kidman on the
      outside, Big Ron and Heavy D finished Booker off with the H-Bomb for the
      very impressive win.

      Backstage, The nWo watches on as Sid Vicious made his way to the ring.

      Non-Title Match
      DISQUALIFICATION: Sid Vicious d. The Total Package with Elizabeth
      The WCW Champion took it to the challenger, sending him rolling to the
      outside in this non-title match. Package brought Sid to his knees in a
      test of strength, but Vicious powered back and put Package onto his
      back. Just as the champion was setting up for the chokeslam, Ric Flair
      ran in, but was quickly sent to the floor. Vicious powerbombed TTP, but
      as the black bat came into play, it was Sid left lying after being
      struck in the leg.

      Backstage, Jeff Jarrett whacked a guitar over the head of referee Mickey
      Jay as Thunder went off the air.


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      - Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch had to get their ECW releases this past
      Tuesday, but missed their appointment with the ECW legal consultant
      because the couple had to meet the buyers of their house. Today Dave
      Scherer confirms that both superstars got their ECW release during the
      day and now are free to go wherever they want to!


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