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  • Colin Vassallo
    TO UNSUBSCRIBE E-MAIL: wrestling-online-unsubscribe@egroups.com R A W & N I T R O R E P O R T S ... By WWF.COM The last RAW of the Millennium kicked off
    Message 1 of 51 , Dec 28, 1999
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      R A W & N I T R O R E P O R T S


      By WWF.COM

      The last RAW of the Millennium kicked off live from Greensboro with a
      bang, as DX and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came to ringside. Triple H
      made it clear that the fivesome was the "be all and end all," and that
      he would be challenging the Big Show for the Federation Championship
      later in the night. The group then singled out Mick Foley for his
      efforts to unify the rest of the Federation, causing the Hardcore Legend
      to appear from the backstage area. Foley then ran down DX, causing the
      degenerates to attack him! This brought The Rock out from the back to
      make the save, enraging Triple H! The head degenerate then announced
      that The Rock and Foley would fight later in the night in a "Pink Slip
      on a Pole" match, where the loser would be fired from the company.

      Chyna and The Kat were next up on RAW, with the Ninth Wonder of the
      World facing off against Crash Holly in singles competition. The
      superheavyweight took an early advantage in the bout with some
      underhanded tactics, but it didn't last long, as Chyna took a quick

      Tori then arrived at the arena, delivering the shocking news that her
      weekend with X-Pac went very well. Kane didn't take this news very well,
      even after Tori reassured him that she was happy to be back with him.
      This led to an usual incident where Tori went crazy after seeing Test in
      the backstage area. She later revealed that Test had taken some
      liberties with her in the recent past. Kane then demanded a match
      against Test, a request that was granted by Triple H!

      A Four Corners match was next on RAW between D'Lo & The Godfather, The
      Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian and the Acolytes. The Mean Street Posse
      served as special guest referee (Joey Abs), ring announcer (Rodney) and
      timekeepeer (Pete Gas) for the bout. As would be expected with so many
      superstars, the action was fast and furious. The Posse took the
      opportunity to attack the Acolytes, opening the door for Buh Buh Ray
      Dudley to score a surprise pinfall over Faarooq. After the match, the
      Acolytes laid a serious beating on the Greenwich natives.

      Kurt Angle was next on the card, taking on both Headbangers in a
      handicap match. The bout had barely begun when Steve Blackman appeared
      from the backstage, laying out Mosh with a cane shot, opening the door
      for Angle to continue his ongoing undefeated streak. Post-match, the
      'Bangers tried to attack Angle, but Blackman once again made the save.

      Al Snow then came to the ring to make clear his discontent with the
      fans, stating that he hated every single person at home and in the
      arena. His interview was interrupted by Chris Jericho, which led to a
      match between the two superstars. The ensuing action was wickedly fast
      but short-lived, as Chyna appeared to KO Snow, disqualifying Jericho in
      the process.

      Federation cameras then went backstage, where Mark Henry, who was
      looking for a double for himself and Mae Young, coerced Harvey
      Whippelman into a date with the Fabulous Moolah.

      The "Pink Slip on a Pole" match was next, with Mick Foley and The Rock
      putting aside their friendship in the name of gainful employment. Both
      superstars made countless attempts at getting the pink slip (thereby
      causing the termination of their opponent). At one point in the match,
      Al Snow ran in to lay out Rock, but Mick refused to win the match that
      way. The contest then continued on, with The People's Champ taking the
      win, apparently ending the career of Mankind in the World Wrestling
      Federation. After the match, Foley addressed the crowd, giving a
      heartfelt retirement speech to his millions and millions of fans.

      An Intergender Four-Corner tag team match followed, featuring The Kat &
      Val Venis, Jacqueline & Viscera, Ivory & Prince Albert and Luna &
      Gangrel. The match ended quickly, with Prince Albert taking the win for
      his team, pinning Val after a scissors kick to the chest!

      X-Pac made his way to the ring to face Jeff Hardy, who was accompanied
      by Terri and his brother, Matt, who is still recovering from an injury
      sustained last week. These two young high-flying superstars exchanged
      high-risk moves at a dizzying pace. X-Pac, after taking control in the
      bout, turned his attention towards Terri, a move which was nearly
      disastrous for the D-Generation X member. Jeff capitalized on the
      situation, scoring a near fall with a senton bomb. The degenerate turned
      the tide in his favor, however, following a low blow with an X-Factor
      for the win.

      Federation cameras picked up on Sexual Chocolate's date, where the two
      legendary female superstars took control of a potential situation in the
      diner. They put the boots to a
      patron who had some unkind words for Sexual Chocolate.

      The lights in the arena went down and Kane made his way to the ring to
      take on Test, who he believed had wronged his girlfriend, Tori, earlier
      in the evening. Tori accompanied the Big Red Machine to the ring for
      this bout with the young superstar. Upon making his way to the ring,
      Test stressed the fact that he had never touched Tori in any way, but
      Kane wouldn't hear a word of it, starting the match before the bell was
      rung. Kane immediately took control of the match and dominated. The bout
      ended when Kane threw the referee to the mat in order to continue his
      assault on Test, earning him a DQ in the process. After the match, Tori
      slapped an unconscious Test, causing all to wonder what the complete
      story was between the two.

      The New Age Outlaws, who made their way out along with their fellow
      degenerate, X-Pac, put the tag titles on the line on RAW. They faced Too
      Cool in an intense match, which saw Rikishi accompany the challengers to
      the ring. The Outlaws dominated the match, but Grandmaster Sexy Brian
      Christopher was able to gain momentum with a reverse russian legsweep on
      the Road Dogg. Unfortunately for the Master, X-Pac was able to take
      advantage of a distracted referee and hit Christopher with the X-factor,
      allowing the Outlaws to get the win and retain their titles. Rikishi was
      able to get a measure of revenge for his homies, laying out the three
      members of DX. Too Cool and Rikishi then celebrated their moral victory
      with a dance in the center of the ring.

      Federation cameras then caught up with the newly fired Mick Foley who
      was being ejected from the building by Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and a
      group of police officers.

      The Federation title was on the line in the main event as Triple H
      challenged the Big Show for his belt. Triple H made his way to the ring
      with his usual entourage, his wife Stephanie and the members of
      D-Generation X. Before coming to the ring, Triple H announced the match
      would be fought under no DQ rules, and encouraged his friends and wife
      to stay at the top of the entrance ramp. Show dominated the earlier part
      of the match, using his superior strength to throw the degenerate
      around. Triple H countered with some underhanded tactics, but the Show
      was able to regain his momentum. Just when it appeared the Big Show was
      going to retain his title, referee Tim White was knocked out, allowing
      the rest of DX to gang up on the Show. Amazingly, Big Show was able to
      kick out after this assault. Stephanie attempted to help her husband by
      handing him a steel chair, but the deciding factor in the match was Mick
      Foley - he caught Triple H by surprise with a steel chair shot to Triple
      H's back, securing the win for the Big Show.


      By WCW.COM

      Backstage, Bret Hart, Jeff Jarrett and Kevin Nash were shown walking the
      halls, all sporting black, white and silver nWo shirts.

      Tony Schiavone announced that WCW President Bill Busch stripped Scott
      Hall and Kevin Nash of the WCW Tag Team Titles due to Hall not showing
      up at the arena by 7 PM. The Powers That Be ordered a Lethal Lottery tag
      team tournament.

      Chris "Champagne" Kanyon, along with J. Biggs and two lovely girls,
      joined Tony, Mike and Bobby at the broadcast table.

      Brian Knobs d. Bam Bam Bigelow
      Knobs attacked Bigelow with a trash can as he was arguing with Kanyon at
      ringside. The fight took to the crowd and Kanyon followed them with a
      wireless headset on, calling the action. As Bigelow went to deliver his
      Greetings From Asbury Park finisher, Kanyon attacked him, allowing
      Knobs to score the win.

      Outside, Sid Vicious and Chris Benoit were shown arriving at the arena
      and entering the building.

      Backstage, The nWo surrounded JJ Dillon and handed over the tag team
      title belts. Dillon said he was just the messenger, so Hart said he had
      a message for him, driving a knee into JJ's midsection.

      Backstage, the nWo looked over a monster truck with the nWo insignia on
      it. They then approached Sid's car outside.

      Interview: Sid Vicious and Chris Benoit
      Sid talked in the aisle, telling the nWo that payback would hell. He
      announced that he would be facing Bret Hart at Souled Out for the WCW
      world title. Benoit came out. The Crippler said he would wrestle Jarrett
      at Souled Out in three different matches, best out of three would win.

      Outside, while Vicious and Benoit talked, the nWo spray-painted Sid's
      car, defacing it
      and kicking in the headlights.

      Outside, Vicious and Benoit were shown at Sid's car, assessing the
      damage done by the nWo.

      Lethal Lottery Tag Team Title Tournament Match
      Buzzkill and Mike Rotunda with Leia Meow and The Varsity Club d. Dean
      Malenko with The Revolution and Konnan with The Filthy Animals
      Something had to go wrong with a member of the Animals and a member of
      the Revolution on the same team. The Revolution attacked Konnan outside
      the ring as Malenko went for the Cloverleaf inside. Jim Duggan broke up
      Malenko's move with a 2x4 shot as Leia and Asya had a catfight in the
      background. Buzzkill covered Malenko for the three-count win, advancing
      himself and Rotunda in the tournament.

      Backstage, Jarrett and Hart pulled a cord out from the production truck,
      causing the
      screen and the whole show to go black.

      Outside, a limousine pulled up and Scott Steiner, with the help of his
      brother Rick, got
      out and entered the arena in a wheelchair.

      Tank Abbott d. Shane
      Abbot destroyed Shane, punching him senseless in the corner of the ring.
      Tank landed a good one behind Shane's ear, which knocked him out, giving
      the win to Abbott. After the match, security entered the ring, but kept
      their distance from the Ultimate Fighting monster.

      Backstage, the Steiner Brothers head to the ring.

      A video tribute was shown, recapping the WCW career of Scott Steiner.

      Interview: Scott Steiner
      Steiner was wheeled to the ring by his brother Rick and entered the
      arena to the old Steiner Brothers music. Visibly shaken, a choked up
      Steiner forced the words out as he explained the latest doctor's report
      on his condition. Scott broke down momentarily as the crowd erupted in a
      "Scotty" chant. As he was leaving the ring, the nWo music played and the
      band came to the ring.

      Interview: The nWo
      Bret Hart told Steiner that he was never really any good anyway and to
      get out of the ring before he got hurt some more. Jarrett threw Scott's
      wheelchair out of the ring as Bret told him to keep on rollin'. The
      three nWo members mocked the tribute and as a WCW production member at
      ringside signaled for them to rap up for a commercial, Jarrett took a
      guitar over his head. They took a break and when they came back, Nash
      sarcastically gave a shout out to WCW President Bill Busch. They ran
      down the Houston crowd, incensing the live audience. Hart told Sid he
      would go down at Souled Out. Jarrett said they should call the building
      not the Astrodome, but the a--holedome. The defaced Cadillac came down
      the aisle and out came Sid and Benoit, who chased the nWo away with
      their own baseball bats. Curt Hennig entered the ring, but was thrown
      over the ropes onto the hood of the car.

      Backstage, Hennig was shown being put into an ambulance.

      Lethal Lottery Tag Team Title Tournament Match
      Lash LeRoux and Midnight d. Harlem Heat
      Luck was on Harlem Heat's side as they drew each other as partners. They
      each worked over Lash for a while before he made the tag, bringing
      Midnight into the action. As Stevie Ray attempted move after move,
      Midnight came up with counter after counter. Booker T came in and took
      it easy on Midnight, which infuriated Stevie Ray. Ray came in and took
      out the Slapjack, using it on Lash, Midnight and his brother Booker T.
      LeRoux landed on top of Booker T and got the three-count, advancing in
      the tournament.

      Backstage, as Bret Hart was on his way to the ring, Chavo Guerrero Jr.
      tried to get his attention. Bret walked on and Chavo was attacked by an
      unknown masked assailant – the same person that attacked Shane last

      A pre-taped video package was shown of The Revolution on location in
      Washington, D.C. where they interviewed a DC resident and made fun of
      George Washington.

      WCW World Title Match
      Bret Hart d. Jerry Flynn
      Flynn wrestled in street clothes, taking the fight to the world
      champion. As they went outside the ring, Jarrett and Nash came to
      ringside. With Hart in trouble, Nash distracted referee Charles Robinson
      and Jarrett smashed a baseball bat over the head of Flynn, making him
      easy prey for Hart and his Sharpshooter. After the match, all three men
      beat Flynn with the bats. As the nWo left, Tank Abbott came out to check
      on Flynn, only to punch him in the face and walk away laughing.

      A video was shown of The Revolution outside the Library of Congress.
      Saturn pulled out "Green Eggs and Ham," quoting the literary
      masterpiece. The Revolution looked on in disbelief.

      Backstage, Kevin Nash was on the phone with Scott, telling him to get to
      the arena.

      Lethal Lottery Tag Team Title Tournament Match
      PG-13 d. Rick Steiner with Leia Meow and Berlyn
      PG-13 had the built-in advantage, having been tag team partners for
      years. Berlyn talked of German supremacy to Steiner in the corner, but
      was caught by Wolfie D from behind. Steiner tagged in and destroyed
      PG-13 in the corners as Berlyn walked to the back, deserting his
      partner. Steiner got the pin, but as he continued to beat on PG-13 after
      the match, referee Billy Silverman reversed the decision, awarding the
      win to Wolfie D and JC Ice.

      Backstage, Saturn told Jim Duggan that they were forced to be tag team
      partners later in the show. He told Hacksaw that as optically challenged
      as they were, there was no way that the "jacked-up hoochie" and the
      sissy in the football uniform could get out of their sight.

      Another video package was shown of The Revolution in Washington, D.C.
      This time they were outside of the White House where Saturn stumbled
      upon Bill Clinton. Turned out it was just a man in a Clinton mask.

      Lethal Lottery Tag Team Title Tournament Match
      "Screamin" Norman Smiley and Asya with The Revolution d. "Hacksaw" Jim
      Duggan and Perry Saturn
      Duggan's wife and two daughters were shown in the audience. Hacksaw
      attacked Saturn as soon as he came into the ring. As Norman was doing
      the Big Wiggle, Saturn caught him with a devastating German suplex. Asya
      tagged in and Saturn told her to tag back out. A shoving match ensued,
      with Asya catching him with a low blow. She took him to the top rope for
      a superplex. As she tagged in Norman, Duggan dropped a knee-drop across
      Saturn's chest. Smiley, seizing the moment, covered Saturn for the win.
      After the match, Hacksaw's wife and kids came into the ring to wave the
      red, white and blue flag.

      United States Title Match
      Jeff Jarrett d. Billy Kidman
      The match started fast-paced, with Kidman proving his worth. It was back
      and forth until Jarrett catapulted Kidman over the top rope. Nash and
      Hart came to ringside and threw Billy back in. Nash interfered, choking
      Kidman across the ropes as The Chosen One distracted the referee.
      Jarrett caught Kidman in a sleeper hold, but after the arm fell twice,
      Kidman fought back and reversed it. When Nash interfered again, The
      Filthy Animals came to ringside and a full-scale brawl ensued. As
      Billy went for the Shooting Star Press, Nash nailed him in the ankle
      with a bat, setting him up for Jarrett to deliver The Stroke for the
      victory. After the match, the nWo annihilated The Animals, leaving then
      lying, covered with the nWo insignia.

      Interview: The Total Package and Elizabeth
      Mean Gene said the interview that was about to take place was going to
      be a complete disgrace. Sting's music played and Package came to the
      ring in full Sting garb, face paint and all. Elizabeth, wielding a
      baseball bat, stood by laughing the whole time as Package mimicked and
      mocked The Stinger. The lights went out and when they came back on,
      Package and Liz stood in the ring, surrounded by black roses.

      Backstage, Kevin Nash was on the phone giving Scott directions to the

      Lethal Lottery Tag Team Title Tournament Match
      The Harris Boys d. Fit Finlay and Meng
      Meng and Finlay brawled before the match, as their opponents came to the
      ring. The Harris Boys kicked Meng and Finlay to the outside where the
      two partners fought up the aisle, getting counted out, giving the former
      Powers' henchmen the win in the tournament. After the bout, the lights
      went out momentarily. When they came on, The Harris Boys were on the
      ground, having been attacked.

      Finley and Meng can't settle their differences (2.7M QuickTime movie)

      Backstage, David Flair and Daphne watched Natural Born Killers. David
      said they could be just like them as they both giggled hysterically.

      Lethal Lottery Tag Team Title Tournament Match
      David Flair and Crowbar with Daphne d. Vampiro and Evan Karagias
      Three Count: Evan Karagias, Shannon Moore and Shane Helms berated the
      girls in the crowd. After a short dancing and lip-synching exhibition,
      Vampiro chased off Helms and Moore. Flair and Daphne came to the ring.
      As The Maestro's music played, and he made his way down the aisle,
      Crowbar knocked him out, putting himself into the match. It was total
      chaos throughout the match ending when Crowbar took a lead pipe over
      Vampiro's back and put Flair on top of him. After the match, the chaos
      continued as Flair and Crowbar attacked 3 Count. Two familiar gentlemen
      and a lady in business suits came into the ring and said they were GLADD
      to be there. They were attacked by Flair and Crowbar, as well.

      Backstage, Jeff Jarrett expressed his concern to Kevin Nash about the
      whereabouts of Scott Hall.

      Lethal Lottery Tag Team Title Tournament Match
      Buff Bagwell and Chris "Champagne" Kanyon with J Biggs d. Big Vito with
      Tony Marinara and Johnny the Bull and Disco Inferno
      The Bull and Marinara were hitting on Kanyon's girls outside the ring.
      After it happened
      again, Champagne took the girls to the back, leaving Buff to fight the
      match alone. Vito
      mocked Bagwell's strut and pose combo. As Johnny the Bull distracted the
      referee, Marinara gave Disco a chain to use on Buff. He swung, but hit
      Vito instead, allowing Bagwell to deliver the Blockbuster for the
      1-2-3 count.

      Backstage, Kevin Nash was shown walking down the hallway, alone, on his
      way to the ring.

      Lethal Lottery Tag Team Title Tournament Match
      Kevin Nash d. Sid Vicious and The Wall
      Nash got on the mic and asked for a few minutes more so Scott could make
      it to the arena. Scott didn't show, so Nash went at it himself. Big Sexy
      attacked The Wall at the bell, but the massive bodyguard fired back,
      rocking Nash in the corner. Hart and Jarrett surrounded the ring,
      interfering whenever possible. Finally Sid couldn't take anymore and
      charged into the ring. Everyone followed and, in the ruckus, Nash
      whacked The Wall in the head with a bat, covering him for the win.

      The nWo continued to beat on Sid and The Wall until Chris Benoit ran in,
      followed by Scott Steiner, walking with a cane, and baseball bat in the
      other hand. Steiner entered the ring and as he raised the bat to the nWo
      members, he smashed Sid in the back with it, instead. Steiner took off
      his back brace and shirt, revealing an nWo shirt underneath. They threw
      Sid into his vandalized car and drove through the curtain to the area
      behind the stage. As they held Sid in the car, Bret Hart drove he nWo
      monster truck over the top as the show went off the air.
    • Colin Vassallo
      CLICK TO UNSUBSCRIBE: mailto:wrestling-online-unsubscribe@egroups.com R A W & N I T R O R E P O R T S ... By WWF.COM Less than a week away from No Mercy,
      Message 51 of 51 , Oct 17, 2000
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        R A W & N I T R O R E P O R T S


        >> RAW IS WAR REPORT
        By WWF.COM

        Less than a week away from No Mercy, RAW began live from the Joe Louis
        Arena in Detroit, MI, the very same arena that saw Rikishi run over
        Stone Cold Steve Austin one year ago!

        Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero came to the ring to address his
        situation with a number of World Wrestling Federation Superstars. He
        said he was tired of Chyna's moaning and crying, and that she was a
        whimpering pain in the ass! Then, Guerrero told Mr. Ass he would find
        his right foot kicking his ass, just like what would happen to Chyna if
        she came begging for forgiveness! Eddie ended his tirade by yelling at
        Mick Foley about his poor skills as Commissioner, and he said that he
        would take on anyone Mick wanted him to face! Immediately, Chris Jericho
        rocked the arena and challenged Guerrero to his Intercontinental Title!

        After the match began it looked as if Guerrero injured his leg, and the
        referee called for the bell. As Jericho stood over the fallen Guerrero,
        X-Pac ran out and attacked Y2J! As X-Pac celebrated, Mr. Ass came out to
        get him some of X-Pac! After a Fame-Asser, Jericho and Mr. Ass watched
        as X-Pac and Guerrero retreated to the back.

        A limousine pulled up with in the parking lot, and Kurt Angle eagerly
        greeted it. His new business partner Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley got out,
        and told Kurt to grab her bags, which he eagerly did!

        Earlier on Monday, Jonathan Coachman sat down and interviewed Rikishi on
        his thoughts about why he ran over Stone Cold.

        Immediately, Rikishi said that his admission of his crime has been
        positive. He said that his people are proud that he stood up to make a
        change. When Coach told Rikishi that The Rock wasn't proud, the Phat Man
        said that The Rock seemed confused; that deep inside, Rock was happy
        with what he had done because they are family. Rikishi expressed no
        remorse at all - he meant what he did. In the past, his people were held
        back and he didn't want to see it happen again. Rikishi said he doesn't
        care one bit about Stone Cold, and that he would crush Austin at No

        In a match set up on HEAT, T&A took on the very angry Acolytes. The
        match was a slobberknocker, with both physical teams brutalizing each
        other. Test threw punch after punch at Faarooq and Bradshaw hammered on
        Albert. The beating finally stopped when Trish got up on the ring apron,
        distracting Bradshaw. Faarooq saved his partner and Bradshaw pinned
        Albert after a clothesline from hell.

        In the McMahon-Helmsley locker room, Triple H asked Stephanie why she
        was still assisting Angle. She said that when they had talked about it
        at home, she told Hunter she'd reconsider - like he told her he would
        do. But since he won't, she would continue to help Kurt. The Game asked
        what would happen if she was hurt. Steph just told him that it was a
        chance they'd have to take. The Game said he wouldn't be able to control
        himself if she got hurt somehow, and he walked away.

        Kurt came in and Stephanie guaranteed Kurt would win the title at No
        Mercy. The Game came back in and asked Stephanie to leave!

        In a European Title match, goodwill Ambassador William Regal took on
        Champion Al Snow, who was representing the United Kingdom, complete with
        a portrait of Regal! Regal, in great condition, took Snow from rope to
        rope. After Al missed a moonsault, Regal locked him in a submission
        hold, forcing Snow to tap out! William Regal waved graciously to the
        crowd as he accepted his new European Title!

        In his locker room, Triple H told Kurt that Stephanie was his
        responsibility - if she got hurt, it was Kurt's fault. Secondly, Triple
        H said, if Angle tried to make it anything other than a business
        relationship, it would be the last thing he ever did! Angle said okay,
        but smirked as the Game walked away!

        As Triple H was set to battle Kane, Chris Benoit came out to offer guest
        commentary. His entrance distracted the Game, who was immediately
        hammered by Kane. As Triple H was getting brutalized, Stephanie, who was
        watching in the back, told Kurt she needed to help Hunter because she
        knew Benoit would interfere. Before she could leave, Angle convinced her
        to stay in the back.

        In the ring, Kane continued to beat on Triple H. But after being down
        for most of the match, the Game came back and started throwing punches
        at the Big Red Machine. While Kane lie prone, Triple H went and attacked
        Benoit at the announce table!

        Then, Hunter gave Kane a Pedigree, only to get nailed by Benoit with a
        chair! After getting Triple H back in the ring, Benoit locked him in the
        Crossface, which the Game immediately tapped out of!

        Michael Cole introduced Stone Cold Steve Austin, who came out to a
        rousing ovation from the Detroit crowd. Cole then asked Austin how he
        felt returning to the scene of where he was hit by Rikishi, and Stone
        Cold said he was happy to be there, but upset because he couldn't whoop
        Rikishi's ass right then! Austin said he had Rikishi's picture
        everywhere, and every time he saw that picture, he was looking at a dead
        man! Cole asked Austin what he was going to do to him at No Mercy, and
        Austin said he was going to stomp a mud hole in Rikishi's huge ass, no
        matter how long it took!

        Rikishi interrupted from the parking lot - from the very spot he hit
        Austin! Then he said he may not be allowed in the ring, but he called
        Austin out to the back! Austin ran out to confront Rikishi, where he
        tried to run over Stone Cold again! As he drove away, Rikishi smiled and
        said that on Sunday, there would be No Mercy!

        X-Pac came out to the middle of the ring and called out Mr. Ass! When
        Mr. Ass came out, he laughed at X-Pac, only to be hit from behind by
        Eddie Guerrero, who had a huge wrap on his leg! As X-Pac beat on Mr.
        Ass, Chris Jericho ran out and started pounding on X-Pac with fists and
        a steel chair! Finally, the referees were able to restrain Y2J!

        Mr. Ass ran in to Commissioner Foley's office and demanded a piece of
        Eddie Guerrero. Foley replied by making a match for Mr. Ass against
        Eddie Guerrero at No Mercy!

        The Dudley Boyz took on Los Conquistadors, who J.R. said reminded him a
        lot of Edge and Christian. The match was surprisingly even, with the
        mysterious men in gold really taking it to the Dudley Boyz. After D-Von
        testified with a flying headbutt to the groin of one of the
        Conquistadors, Buh Buh called for a table! Before the table came out,
        one of the Conquistadors hit Buh Buh from behind and rolled him up for
        the win!

        The Road Dogg faced Right to Censor member Mr. Val Venis in a physical
        affair. The D-O-Double G really took it to Venis, but Val came back and
        started stomping on Road Dogg with his white shoes. After being locked
        in several submission holds, the Dogg came back and beat Mr. Venis when
        Naked Mideon ran out and distracted Val, allowing the Dogg to get the
        pin! Mideon even helped the Dogg out and laid out Mr. Steven Richards!

        Stephanie pounded on Kurt Angle's locker room door, telling him he
        wasn't focused. Angle looked overwhelmed and sighed deeply when
        Stephanie kept telling him he needed to focus more so he could beat The

        Stephanie then introduced next Sunday's HEAT host, the man who will
        interview The Rock and then beat him for the Federation Title, her new
        business associate, Kurt Angle!

        Angle said it was that the Joe Louis arena was famous, but not because
        it was where Stone Cold was ran down, but because it is the arena that
        Kurt Angle made his debut in! Stephanie said she would lead Kurt to the
        title, just like she led her husband there! Then Kurt went to the ring,
        where he would team with Edge and Christian against the Hardy Boyz and
        The Rock!

        The three-way tag team main event was action-packed. The Rock came out
        with his fists flying, nailing Edge and Christian and begging Kurt Angle
        to get into the ring. Angle got the tag and pummeled The Rock, as Triple
        H watch on from his locker room. As The Rock continued to be held back
        from making the tag, Edge came in and mocked the Hardys! The Rock was
        finally able to make the tag, and Matt Hardy entered the fracas and took
        out both Edge and Christian, even nearly pinning Edge! Again, Angle got
        the tag and had several near-falls on the isolated Matt Hardy. After
        recovering from some severe blows, Matt was able to tag in The Rock! The
        Rock was a house on fire, and had Angle pinned, but the referee was
        distracted by the Hardys and Lita fighting Edge and Christian on the
        outside of the ring. When the ref turned around to make the count,
        Stephanie pulled The Rock's leg, ending the count. Then, Jeff Hardy went
        to hit Angle with a Swanton Bomb, but Stephanie hit him in the knee
        before he could! Lita saw what she did, but Stephanie took the Women's
        Champions and slammed her into the ring stairs!

        When all was said and done, Kurt Angle pinned The Rock for the win, with
        a lot of help from his partner Stephanie! The two celebrated as RAW went
        off the air!


        >> NITRO REPORT
        By WCW.COM

        Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire d. The Boogie Knights
        The show started out with a match for the WCW World Tag Team Titles.
        DISQO and Wright talked smack on the mic before the action got underway.
        The challengers came out strong, sending their bigger opponents around
        the ring with quick, double-teaming maneuvers. After the patented double
        leapfrog, Jindrak and O'Haire took over on DISQO, with Jindrak bringing
        the Knight off the top with a huge Frankensteiner. Mickey Jay was
        knocked to the canvas as DISQO delivered the Chartbuster. Kronik ran in
        and gave both Boogie Knights the High Time, setting Jindrak and O'Haire
        up to retain their gold.

        Backstage, Kevin Nash told the Natural Born Thrillers to go talk to The
        Cat and not to book him for a match on the show.

        Outside, Goldberg arrived to the arena on his motorcycle.

        Backstage, The Thrillers came into The Cat's office. Sanders got a
        little overzealous and booked a match with Kevin Nash against Sting.
        Miller went one step further and made it a Lumberjack Match.

        Team Canada with Major Gunns d. Lieutenant Loco, Sgt. A-WALL, and
        Corporal Cajun
        Storm said the country of Australia was wearing thin on his nerves. He
        demanded that the Canadian national anthem play, but it was interrupted
        by the music of The MIA. A-WALL, Cajun, and Loco came to the ring, but
        conspicuous by his absence was their leader, General Rection. As the
        match got underway, Rection ran in from the crowd, pulling Storm off the
        apron to brawl, before WCW officials took the General to the back. Loco
        made a hot tag with A-WALL, who cleaned house on the entire Team Canada.
        With Loco back in, the Canadians once again gained the advantage. All
        six men hit the ring, with Duggan and A-WALL fighting up the aisle.
        Prime Time was put through a table on the outside. Major Gunns slid a
        chair into Cajun, but it backfired as it was dropkicked into his face.
        In the end, Storm took the win for his team after applying the single
        leg crab.

        Handicapped Match
        No Contest - "The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson vs. The
        Filthy Animals
        Douglas bragged to the crowd that the United States defeated the
        Australians in every event in the Olympics. He challenged Konnan and the
        rest of The Animals to come to the ring for a handicapped match. The
        Filthy Animals came out and accepted, with Konnan promising to show
        Torrie what a real man was all about. In the ring, The Animals
        brutalized Shane as Tygress and Rey gave him a dual "face full of
        stuff". The Franchise pulled out mace and sprayed Konnan and Mysterio in
        the eyes before he and Torrie ran Tygress into the metal guardrail. With
        Konnan handcuffed to the ropes, Rey was destroyed, with only Charles
        Robinson there to try and cover him from more punishment.

        Backstage, as Palumbo and Stasiak argued about their loss to Goldberg
        last week, Kevin Nash arrived, telling them to shake hands and get over

        Backstage, Billy Kidman arrived and helped the medics load Rey Mysterio
        into an ambulance.

        "That 70's Guy" Mike Awesome and Crowbar d. The Perfect Event
        Big Sexy sat down with the announcers to add color to the commentary.
        Crowbar and Awesome worked over Palumbo early, squashing him with a
        moonsault and big splash combo for a near fall. That 70's Guy took to
        the air with a dive over the ropes to the outside, bringing Stasiak and
        Palumbo to the floor. Crowbar was in trouble as the Perfect Event
        doubled on him on their side of the ring. "Perfectshawn" delivered a
        superplex off the top turnbuckle on Awesome, but dropped the ball as he
        hit Palumbo on accident after Mike ducked a punch. Awesome got the
        pinfall on Stasiak for the win, prompting "Coach" Nash to enter the
        ring. He forced his two men to hug in the ring, even though they were
        hot at each other.

        Backstage, Shane Douglas challenged Booker T to a match for later in the
        show. Torrie called Pamela a bitch before walking away, to which Pam
        replied that it "took one to know one."

        Backstage, David Flair asked Mike Sanders to book him in a DNA Match
        against Buff Bagwell. Sanders said he would at Havoc, but told Flair
        that he had a different job for him later in the show.

        Kwee Wee with Paisley d. Johnny The Bull
        As the bell rang, Kwee Wee backed Johnny into the corner, bringing him
        out with a monkey flip. The Bull seemed to have injured his ankle on the
        move, giving Kwee Wee the opportunity to cover and score the quick win.

        Interview: The Cat
        Miller came out and immediately told Mark Madden that he "hated his fat
        ass." The commissioner and Ms. Jones proceeded to dance all over the
        ring, before Miller called for the music to stop. He called Mike Sanders
        to the ring, saying that they needed to put an end to the "dual
        commissioners." Sanders said that he would not fight The Cat on Nitro,
        but would face him for the commissioner's job at Halloween Havoc. After
        an exchange of insults, Kronik came out to take out The Cat. Goldberg's
        music played, and as Adams and Clark turned around on the stage to face
        him, he came through the crowd and headed into the ring. Goldberg told
        Kronik that they were both "next."

        WCW World Title Match
        Booker T d. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson
        Scott Steiner joined the announcers at ringside, putting Torrie Wilson
        down. Backstage, Konnan told Tygress to wait in the back, as he had
        something to take care of. Booker started off on the offense, dropping
        Douglas to the mat twice with two big sidekicks. T brought Shane to the
        outside, but was reversed on a whip to the guardrail, slamming into it
        himself. Douglas focused on the upper body and neck of Booker, slowing
        the champion down. Booker fired back with a scissors kick, a sidekick,
        and a spinarooni. Kidman came out and grabbed Douglas, but was knocked
        off the apron and into Midajah at ringside. Steiner took exception and
        blasted Kidman from behind. Konnan and Jarrett joined the brawl outside
        the ring, as Booker hit the Bookend for the win over Douglas.

        Pamela Paulshock Interview: Scott Steiner with Midajah and Jeff Jarrett
        Midajah berated Billy Kidman in a different language, as Steiner echoed
        her sentiments in English. Big Poppa told Kidman that he would pay for
        running into Midajah. Jeff Jarrett told Konnan that he would put him in
        the hospital next to Mysterio.

        Goldberg d. David Flair
        The Nature Boy Ric Flair joined the commentators at ringside, as David
        awaited his opponent. Goldberg's music played, and the mystery was over.
        The young Flair jumped Bill from behind, but was immediately speared to
        the canvas. One Jackhammer for the road, and the streak continued. After
        Goldberg left the ring, Flair got up to help his son.

        Pamela Paulshock Interview: Billy Kidman and Konnan
        Kidman said he would take the challenge from Steiner. Konnan told
        Jarrett that he was going to take out his anger for Douglas on The
        Chosen One.

        "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner with Midajah d. Billy Kidman
        Big Poppa beat up an Australian fan at ringside before locking up with
        Kidman. Steiner used his power to his advantage, whipping Billy hard
        from corner to corner. After delivering a Samoan drop from the top rope,
        the Steiner Recliner was all that was needed to give Scott Steiner
        another check in the win column.

        "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett d. Konnan with Tygress
        As Konnan went through his pre match ritual on the mic, Jarrett
        attacked, getting this challenge match underway. The Chosen One brought
        a chair across Konnan's back several times on the outside, before
        heading back in. Tygress set up to deliver a "face full of stuff" on
        Jarrett, but Douglas came out and grabbed her by the hair. She slapped
        Torrie and Shane across the face, before getting blasted by Jarrett's
        guitar after Konnan ducked out of the way from Jeff's attack. The Chosen
        One brought K-Dogg down with The Stroke to get the 1-2-3. Jarrett
        applied the Scorpion Deathlock after the match in yet another attempt to
        get under Sting's skin.

        A clip was shown of Kevin Nash's visit to one of Australia's brewing
        companies. At the end of the day, the higher ups designed Big Sexy his
        very own Bottle label for "Big Sexxxxy Brew."

        Lumberjack Match
        "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash d. Sting
        Nash backed Sting into the corner on the first lockup, delivering a
        series of big knees and elbows. The Stinger slid down the back of Nash
        on a bodyslam attempt, throwing some heavy punches to the head of the
        "coach." Sting was able to turn Nash over in the Scorpion Deathlock, but
        The Natural Born Thrillers pulled their mentor to the ropes for the
        break. On a splash attempt, Sting was caught with a huge boot to the
        face, swinging the match back into Big Sexy's hands. Scott Steiner ran
        to ringside and jumped on Booker T, prompting the entire locker room to
        brawl from ringside to the back. Charles Robinson was knocked down in
        the ring, as Jeff Jarrett snuck up to ringside with his guitar. When
        Sting ran in for another splash, Nash ducked and Jeff took the
        six-stringer over The Stinger's head. Big Sexy fell on top of Sting just
        as Robinson awoke to count the tainted three-count.
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