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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Tuesday, November 30th, 1999

      I S S U E # 4 6 3

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |


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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Ratings weren't out by time the newsletter was sent. I don't know if
      they are delayed due to Thanksgiving. Oh well, we'll try to post them
      here tomorrow.


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      By The King, [TheKing@...]

      Right-o, here we go again. When I last left you, a better Survivor
      Series had been created. Today, I continue to book the WWF and show
      what can be achieved when you have a booker with more than half a brain
      cell, despite the federation having next to no talent. As things were
      left, the women's title has been destroyed, the tag titles are with the
      NAO, the IC title has just been won in a tournament by D-Lo Brown, the
      Godfather holds the Euro gold and X pac is the new WWF world champion.

      In the RAWs leading up to the next PPV, Triple H and Xpac bully Kane
      around and make him do their dirty work in allowing Xpac to keep hold of
      the world title, The Outlaws join in the fun to pull DX back together.
      Kane does not explode but seems close on occasions. Through story lines
      and pushes, subtle or unsubtle, the people who would be more widely seen
      on television would be the Acolytes, The Hardys, Christian and Edge,
      Gangrel, D-Lo Brown, Test, Chris Jericho and The Godfather. At the top
      end of the federation, we throw The Rock and Mankind into a violent
      feud, The Big Show goes after Xpac's world title belt (which Xpac only
      manages to keep through running from matches, having DX jump Wight
      backstage, general underhandedness etc.). The Godfather's hos begin
      being brought envelopes from backstage, once a week, one or more of the
      hos leave the ringside area whilst the Godfather is in the middle of his
      match. This throws Wright and he challenges
      the person who is doing this to a bout for the Euro crown and return the
      hos should this intruder lose. Val Venis steals Head and holds her
      hostage. The Hardy Boyz end their connection wih Gangrel, who becomes
      involved again with Christian and Edge - who end up at odds through
      various mind games played on them by Gangrel. Triple H decides that DX
      should have all of the belts and goes after D-Lo - Test sticks his nose
      into this when the DX numbers start to bog D-Lo down. Triple H orders
      Kane to get in Test's way.

      The next supercard is set - and we'll stick with the current title for
      posterity. The difference is, well, my card is far better. Later in the
      week, I'll run what I would have done. For now, here is the line-up. I
      hope you find it appetising...

      WWF Armaggedon

      Head on a pole match: Val Venis vs Al Snow

      Gangrel vs Edge vs Christian

      Test vs Kane

      Tag Title Match:
      New Age Outlaws vs The Acolytes vs The Hardys vs The Hollys

      European Title Match: The Godfather vs The mystery man with hos.

      IC Title Match: D-Lo Brown vs Triple H

      World Title Match - Xpac vs The Big Show

      HELL IN A CELL: Mankind vs The Rock

      That's it for now. I'll show you how it would play out later in the
      week. All hail the King.



      - The WWF placed 3rd, 4th and 9th in this week's Neilsen Media cable
      3. ``WWF Entertainment'' (Monday, 9 p.m.), USA, 4.8, 4.82 million homes.
      4. ``WWF Entertainment'' (Monday, 10 p.m.), USA, 4.7, 4.75 million
      9. ``WWF Sunday Night Heat'' (Sunday, 7 p.m.), USA, 2.8, 2.82 million

      - Mick Foley and Miss Kitty will host the "Greatest Hits" special on UPN
      tonight! No one knows for sure what this show is about but the title
      pretty much explains it all.

      - The star of films such as "The Rock", "Con Air", and "8MM" might end
      up the one who will write the forward for the Rock's new book! Lucas on
      WWF.com says that they don't know what's the relationship between the
      Academy Award Winner and the People's Champ, but they will 'investigate'
      on it. Rock's book is now set to go on sale on January 5th, 2000!

      - Reader "GenecentMan" was in attendance for RAW yesterday and he sent
      in the following note. "I just wanted to let you know that there was a
      great ROCK impersonator who
      would show up and stand in one of the isleways until people noticed him.
      People began cheering and showing him their signs and he would just walk
      back and disappear. It wasn't until he showed up six or seven times
      that people began to realize that it wasn't the REAL Rock, and there was
      even a, "You Suck Ass" chant that began during a commercial that got him
      to stop showing up. It was hilarious. Also, the entire crowd was
      amazed at what Triple H did to Stephanie and he got a trememdous cheer
      from the fans
      because it was SO hilarious. After the show, Degeneration X came down
      the ramp to, "take what was there's," and the Rock came down to get a
      piece of HHH and He and all the wrestlers in the Wedding march brawled
      into the back area."

      - By JUSTIN BACHMAN -- Associated Press - ATLANTA (AP) -- The World
      Wrestling Federation has decided to tone down the content on its popular
      telecasts in the wake of Coca-Cola's decision to end a two-year
      advertising deal.

      "As good business people, we are willing to initiate change," said Jim
      Byrne, senior vice president of marketing for the WWF. He said future
      shows will contain "less use of colorful language and less sexuality."

      The pledge, made late Monday, is to take effect on Thursday's edition of
      "Smackdown!" -- no stranger to fake blood, vulgarities and bikini-clad
      women yanking each other's hair.

      Such antics have made the WWF a winner among teen-age boys, who have
      helped WWF's ratings grow in recent years. Sponsoring the show gave the
      Coca-Cola Co. access to the coveted 12-to-34 male demographic, but left
      its officials cringing.

      Coke stopped advertising on WWF shows last month, citing objectionable
      language and content on broadcasts such as the Monday night cable
      program "RAW is WAR," which draws about 6 million viewers weekly.

      However, the world's biggest soft drink company continues to advertise
      with WWF's main rival, World Championship Wrestling, a subsidiary of
      Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting System.

      Although the WCW has recently been accused of making its programs more
      racy to compete with the WWF, Atlanta-based Coke says the WWF went too

      Stone Cold Steve Austin swills beers, spouts profanity and salutes other
      wrestlers with obscene gestures. The Godfather enters the ring dressed
      like a pimp and accompanied by scantily clad women.

      Nothing is off limits -- there are even cracks about masturbation.

      "It crossed the line in terms of content, particularly in terms of
      language and story lines," said Coke spokesman Bob Bertini said Monday,
      before the WWF's decision. "It's not about one episode or one particular
      character. It's what we observed over a period of time."

      Earlier this year, gum maker Wrigley said it would not renew its
      contract with WWF because of the content of the shows.

      Coke's decision comes as the Parents Television Council, a Los
      Angeles-based conservative group, pressures advertisers to drop "WWF
      Smackdown!" The show is the top-rated program on the fledgling UPN

      L. Brent Bozell III, the group's founder, said the council has sent
      letters about the program to 100 companies since it began its campaign
      six weeks ago. He said the group hopes the WWF will "shape up" the
      show's content

      On Monday, the WWF said it was changing the rating of "Smackdown!" from
      TV-14 to TV-PG, although such ratings are voluntary and generally do not
      affect content much. WWF officials said that change was unrelated to the
      council's campaign.

      Coke's decision won't reduce WWF income. Advertising money from Coke
      made up 3 percent of WWF revenue, but its ad slots were "immediately
      snapped up by the movie studios and video game manufacturers at a
      premium," Byrne said.

      > WRESTLEMANIA 2000 RANKS #1
      - CALABASAS HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 30, 1999-- THQ/JAKKS
      Pacific LLC,
      a joint venture consisting of THQ Inc. (Nasdaq:THQI - news) and JAKKS
      Pacific Inc.
      (Nasdaq:JAKK - news) today announced record sales for ``WWF
      Wrestlemania® 2000'' for the
      Nintendo® 64 game console.

      The game launched Thursday, Nov. 18 with a national television launch
      event on UPN's ``WWF SmackDown!'' and has ranked as the top-selling
      console game among major software retailers for the past two weeks,
      including topping the charts over the busy post-Thanksgiving holiday

      ```WWF WrestleMania 2000' jumped to the number one position among all
      videogames the day it was released and really kicked-off the N64 holiday
      season,'' said Pete Roithmayr, VP
      Merchandising/Video Games, Electronics Boutique. ``We're selling it out
      as quickly as we can get it back in stock, and we anticipate that it
      will maintain its place at the top of the charts throughout the holiday

      ``We are thrilled with the initial response to `WWF Wrestlemania
      2000','' said Brian Farrell, president and chief executive officer of
      THQ. ``Even at this early date, signs indicate that `WWF Wrestlemania
      2000' is going to be one of the biggest hits of the holiday season.''

      ``We're delighted that major retailers are able to confirm the
      tremendous success of `WWF Wrestlemania 2000' for N64,'' said Stephen
      Berman, president and chief operating officer of Jakks Pacific. ``The
      release of the WWF video games on all platforms over the ten year WWF
      video game license, beginning with this one for N64, should continue to
      stimulate consumer interest and excitement for JAKKS Pacific's already
      popular WWF action figures and toys.''

      ``From the onset, we believed that our partnership with JAKKS Pacific
      and THQ would bring millions of fans the best game in
      sports-entertainment,'' said Jim Bell, senior vice president of
      licensing, World Wrestling Federation Entertainment. ``It's great to see
      that consumers agree.''

      WWF Wrestlemania 2000 sales are being fueled by an extensive marketing
      campaign utilizing every medium. The 6-week national TV campaign
      features WWF Superstar The Rock(tm) in 15- and 30-second spots created
      and produced by WWF's own, internal television producers.

      ``We have crafted a marketing campaign to accurately support what
      numerous critics have deemed `the best wrestling game ever','' said
      Peter Dille, vice president of marketing, THQ. ``The WWF's involvement
      in creating the `WWF Wrestlemania 2000' TV campaign is unprecedented.
      Their long-standing position at the top of the sports-entertainment
      industry is further solidified by their unfailing commitment to building
      the WWF brand across every medium.''

      ``WWF Wrestlemania 2000'' for the Nintendo 64 offers enthusiasts a
      comprehensive list of features and WWF Superstars including The Rock
      (tm), The Undertaker® and Stone Cold Steve Austin(tm). Intricate
      create-a-wrestler and edit modes will give players the chance to design
      new characters with specific appearances and mannerisms.

      Several game modes including cage matches are also featured in ``WWF
      Wrestlemania 2000,'' including the biggest Pay-Per-View events in the
      world and all new wrestler entrances complete with authentic
      Titantron(tm) clips and pyrotechnics.

      For more information on ``WWF Wrestlemania 2000,'' visit



      - Bob Ryder reports that several wrestlers and officials were injured
      during last night's Nitro. Head of security Doug Dillenger suffered a
      hamstring injury; Mike Tenay had cuts on his forehad and nose; Juventud
      Guerrera has an elbow injury; Misfits' Jerry Only received several
      stiches; and Johnny Boone a possible concussion. WCW medical team had
      one busy night!

      - Wade Keller of the Torch Newsletter says that Lodi is telling people
      that he requested WCW official JJ Dillon his release from the company.
      Dillon said that it wouldn't 'be in the best interest of the company' to
      release him.

      - According to Bob Ryder, Diamond Dallas Page and Buff Bagwell had a
      small altercation in the catering area of Nitro at the Pepsi Center in
      Denver. He says that DDP slapped Buff, and the two superstars began to
      fight. Other wrestlers broke up the whole thing a few seconds later.

      - The WCW TV title is now history. Madden says that there were too many
      belts for Russo, and he decided to get rid of it. Sweeet! The WWF should
      do the same with the European Title.


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

      Copyright 1996-1999 Wrestling-Online
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