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  • Colin Vassallo
    TO UNSUBSCRIBE E-MAIL: wrestling-online-unsubscribe@egroups.com R A W & N I T R O R E P O R T S ... By UltimoWrestling.com * Big Bossman and Viscera
    Message 1 of 51 , Nov 30, 1999
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      R A W & N I T R O R E P O R T S


      By UltimoWrestling.com

      * Big Bossman and Viscera defeated Big Show and Kane w/ Tori via pin
      - The match looked in hand with Show pummeling Bossman early. In the
      latter part of the match as Kane was about to choke slam Viscera, X-Pac
      comes ringside and strikes Kane with a steel chair. Viscera then
      executed the big splash for the pin fall victory. X-Pac then channeled
      more of his aggression towards Tori to end the segment.

      - Degeneration X cut a promo next explaining that they have a temporary
      order of protection against Vince McMahon. Triple H also exclaimed that
      there would be no wedding whatsoever tonight.

      * Matt Hardy w/ Jeff and Tori versus Edge w/ Christian
      - Edge and Christian exchange several counter maneuvers to begin the
      contest. Edge is later caught with a devastating leg drop from the top
      rope. All four men then make their way inside the ring. While the
      official tries obtain some order, Christain is able to force Matt into
      Edge for the spear and victory.

      - Clips from Stephanie McMahon’s Las Vegas bachelorette party were shown
      following the match. The ladies are playing truth or dare and then a
      toast is made in honor of Stephanie and Andrew.

      - Chyna comes ringside and makes a challenge to Chris Jericho, boasting
      that she could probably beat him with one arm anyway. Jericho comes out
      and says he had a horrible Thanksgiving because of what Chyna did to him
      at last week’s Smackdown. Consequently, he wouldn’t be able to wrestle
      Chyna tonight and that Armageddon would be a more fitting place. Ms.
      Kitty then comes from behind and puts a fire extinguisher to Jericho.

      * Steve Blackman defeated The Godfather w/ Hos.
      - The Godfather began with some quick offense including some
      clotheslines and a well-placed boot. Steve Blackman not to be out done
      hits a big boot of his own to get the surprising quick victory.

      - A segment of The Acolytes and The Dudley Boyz playing poker were
      shown, followed by more clips of Stephanie’s party. Incidentally, Mae
      Young was doing her version of the crotch chop during the party, very
      hilarious stuff.

      * Too Cool w/ Rakishi defeated The Hollys via pin fall.
      - Hardcore begins the contest degrading Rakishi’s weight. Rakishi
      doesn’t take too kindly to the words and pummels Crash. Crash was thrown
      into the ring and hit with a devastating leg drop via Too Cool for the

      - More scenes of Stephanie’s party were revealed, which included a male
      dancer giving the ladies a show. Mae Young and Moolah break up the
      performance and take the guy to who knows where.

      * Test defeated Triple H via pin fall.
      - Following Test ringside was a referee in a mask with the likeness of
      Vince McMahon. Triple H stomps Test to begin the match. Triple H then
      locks a sleeper hold onto Test, slowing down the action considerably.
      Test powers out, but is quickly caught with a
      DDT and again is put down. Triple H has some words with the masked
      referee allowing Test to execute a gut wrench power bomb. Test then
      comes off the apron to the floor but is caught with a fist to the
      abdomen. Triple H was then able to hit a face buster, however, the
      referee refused to make the count. Triple H struck the ref and attempted
      to rip the mask off. In all the chaos, Shane made his way to the ring
      and caught Triple H with a chair shot and Test gets the quick three

      - More drinking scenes from Stephanie’s party were shown following
      Test/Triple H.

      - Michael Cole introduces the EMT, Barbara Bush (B.B) from last week’s
      Gravy match between Ivory and Jacqueline. B.B exclaims that she was
      humiliated at the hands of Ivory and challenges her to an evening gown
      match. The match doesn’t happen, however, B.B was stripped to her bra
      once again by Ivory.

      * Kurt Angle defeated Val Venis via pin fall.
      - Both men brawl on the outside early with Venis getting a taste of the
      steel steps. Back inside, Venis catches Angle with the two running knees
      and then a leg sweep. Angle distracts the referee, while surprising
      Bulldog interferes in the match allowing Angle to superplex Venis.
      Bulldog then hit Venis with a chair to the back and Angle is able hit
      the reverse fireman’s carry for the pin fall victory.

      - Al Snow and Mankind were shown backstage with a distraught Snow
      speaking badly about the Rock. What Al Snow didn’t know was Rock was
      behind him the whole time listening to him. The Rock then proceeded to
      lay the smack down on Al, with a giddy Mankind watching.

      * The New Age Outlaws/X-Pac defeated Mankind/The Rock/Mystery Partner
      - Kane and Bad Ass start out, with Kane getting an early advantage via a
      big foot to the face of Bad Ass. Kane makes a quick tag to Foley, but
      Foley is ambushed in the corner of DX. X-Pac is tagged in and attempts
      an early broncobuster but is caught with a mandible claw. The crowd
      explodes as Rock is tagged in. The Rock is then able to Rock Bottom Bad
      Ass, but an over zealous and emotional Al Snow interrupts costing Rock,
      Mankind, and Kane the match. The Rock is furious and went ahead and gave
      Snow the people’s elbow.

      - The Acolytes and The Dudleys are shown backstage in a brawl due to a
      corrupt poker game.

      - Following the commercial break, the wedding events begin. The walk way
      is carpeted and the ring draped in flowers. An archway set in the middle
      of the ring where the bride and groom along with the minister stood. The
      bridesmaids and groomsmen were introduced, and then Stephanie and Vince
      were last to a nice ovation from the crowd. The minister began the
      ceremony and asked if there was anyone in the arena who was against the
      marriage. DX music played and Triple H introduces a clip of he and
      Stephanie in Las Vegas at a drive thru wedding chapel. Incidentally,
      Stephanie was unconscious throughout the brief ceremony. Back in the
      arena Stephanie was in tears and Test was outraged. Triple H then
      disrespectfully commented on how he and Stephanie supposedly consummated
      the marriage already, and Helmsley even called Vince Dad.


      By WCW.COM

      - Announcers Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan welcomed fans to the Pepsi
      Center in Denver.

      - Backstage, Goldberg walks toward the ring. Schiavone reminded fans
      that Goldberg would be facing Bret Hart for the World Title at
      Starrcade. In the ring, Goldberg chastised The Outsiders for their
      sophomoric behavior and constant cheating. The G-man promised to stop
      their "childish games" in Denver.

      Enter Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. The duo stood at the entrance and
      mocked Goldberg's seriousness. Hall boasted about whacking the phenom
      with a chair; Big Sexy offered to do his talking on the mat. As the
      Outsiders stood on the ring apron, Sid Vicious charged the ring. The
      four men battled until security broke up the melee.

      Schiavone announced the evening's triple main event: Nash vs. Goldberg,
      Sid vs. Hall and Bret Hart vs. Meng. The Powers mandated that all three
      matches must end with either a pinfall or submission.

      Schiavone also mentioned that Piper would make his officiating debut and
      Steve Williams would fight Jerry Only in a steel cage. The announcers
      then pointed to a pit of mud. In an unrelated story, the Nitro Girls
      were preparing for a match in the back.

      In the parking lot, Piper and a pair of queen-sized ladies entered the

      Backstage, The Total Package – dressed in a suit and tie – walked
      through the halls of the Pepsi Center.

      Backstage, Big Vito and Johnny the Bull spoke on the phone with their
      boss, Tony Marinara. The goons guaranteed that they would take out Disco
      Inferno and Lash LeRoux.

      * Creative Control with Curt Hennig d. Buff Bagwell and Booker T
      - Not only did Hennig survive the retirement mandate passed down from
      The Powers, the Minnesota-legend has quickly become a powerful player
      within their twisted hierarchy. Helping on the outside, Hennig helped
      Creative Control gain momentum in this bout, despite an inspired bout of
      offense from Booker T and Buff Daddy. The challengers made a comeback,
      however, giving Bagwell an opportunity to hit the Buff Blockbuster.
      Thanks to Hennig, CC managed a reversal of fortune by using a chair.
      Post-match, Midnight struck. Booker T's jacked valet cleared the ring
      with dropkicks.

      - Backstage, The Powers complained about Creative Control. When Juventud
      Guerrera arrived, The Powers asked Juvy about his immigration
      problems – the Luchador looked displeased. WCW's creative team then
      asked Juvy to defeat Jushin Thunder Liger that evening, in exchange
      for assistance with his green card. Guerrera looked nervous, but The
      Powers promised to take care of everything.

      - Backstage, The Total Package told Elizabeth that his attorneys were
      going to sue her for approaching Sting. Elizabeth begged for a chance to
      explain; TTP said he'd consider taking a meeting.

      Backstage, Piper waited in the office and boasted about his fat
      paycheck. Backstage, the queen-sized ladies compared their skimpy
      outfits (parents, put your kids to bed...)

      Backstage, Symphony received a bouquet of flowers from The Maestro via a
      delivery boy.

      - Mike Tenay Interview: Jeff Jarrett
      * Double-J reminded fans that he was hand-picked to be the World
      Champion. When Tenay questioned his relationship with The Powers,
      Jarrett el-kabonged the announcer with a guitar. Jarrett was scheduled
      to face Sting and Chris Benoit in a three-way dance – the winner would
      be the number one contender after Starrcade.

      In the ring, Brian Knobs complained about losing to "a woman" at WCW
      Mayhem. The Nasty Boy challenged Norman Smiley to a hardcore match.
      Backstage, Smiley seemed terrified by the challenge – and dove under a
      table when Fit Finlay walked by him.

      * Brian Knobs vs. Fit Finlay
      - Still sporting an injured leg, Finlay brought a bagful of toys to the
      ring – including kendo sticks and a pair of scissors. The Belfast
      Bruiser bludgeoned Knobs with the sticks and then cut his hair.

      - Backstage, Vito and Johnny introduced themselves to Gene Okerlund and
      invited him to a gentlemen's club. At first, Okerlund resisted, but the
      mention of exotic dancers quickly changed the commentating legend's

      Backstage, The Powers verbally assaulted Creative Control for getting
      attacked by a woman. When Hennig agreed, The Powers signed a match
      between Hennig and Midnight.

      Backstage, the queen-sized ladies applied makeup. Backstage, Piper
      continued to wait for The Powers.

      * Juventud Guerrera d. Jushin Thunder Liger
      - IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship (Special stipulation: If Juvy
      wins, he gets a work visa.)
      As these two amazing cruiserweights conducted battle, Buzzkill joined
      the commentating position. Liger – an internationally renowned superstar
      – found Juvy to be a worthy and lethal opponent. Both men appeared to
      suffer injuries on the arena floor, but they still managed to continue
      the match. Liger controlled the majority of this match with aerials and
      suplexes, but Guerrara struck with some wicked offense of his own. Near
      the end of the contest, Buzzkill distracted referee Johnny Boone and
      Liger with a sign. Juvy took advantage, clobbered his opponent with a
      bottle of tequila and took the win.

      - Backstage, Chavo Guerrero became the interviewer for the evening,
      intermixed with trying to sell some merchandise to the fans at home.
      Afterwards, Chavo's first guests – Oklahoma and Dr. Death – promised to
      destroy Jerry Only.

      - Backstage, Symphony received a box of chocolates from Maestro via a
      delivery boy. Backstage, Sid Vicious rambled maniacally in the locker
      room. Somewhere in Denver, a wide-eyed Okerlund, Vito and Johnny watched
      pretty girls dance. The goons were sure they could make it back before
      the end of the show.

      Backstage, Guerrera peddled a few products before turning his attention
      to The Outsiders. The duo mocked Hall's TV belt and – after a spirited
      game of one-on-one –
      slammed the title into a trash can.

      * The Revolution Interview
      - The foursome arrived with an American flag. Shane Douglas boasted
      about destroying The Filthy Animals, claiming they had destroyed the
      alliance from the inside. The Franchise and Malenko then chastised
      fans for cheering for Canada at Mayhem and booing The Revolution in
      Detroit. The group denounced their citizenship and disgraced the flag
      (they also renamed themselves after snakes). Enter Jim Duggan. The
      All-American took his trusty board and fought for the United States.
      Unfortunately, The Revolution outnumbered the maintenance man – and
      stuck the American flag in a very precarious place. Chris Benoit made
      the save.

      Backstage, both Hall and Vicious approached the ring. Backstage, The
      Powers asked Creative Control to find Piper. Backstage, Chavo spoke to
      Jerry Flynn. The martial artist explained his rules of combat.
      Backstage, Piper told Creative Control and Hennig that he wasn't ready
      for his meeting.

      * Scott Hall with Kevin Nash d. Sid Vicious U.S. Title Match
      - Pre-match, Nash joining the announcing position. After being decimated
      by Sid, Hall took control with a poke to the eye. Hall attempted The
      Outsiders Edge, but Sid countered with a chokeslam. The maneuver
      wrecked Hall, but knocked out referee Charles Robinson as well. While
      Hall was getting powerbombed, Nash charged the ring – only to receive
      some of the Millennium Man's uncompromising wrath. Enter Jarrett. The
      Chosen One struck Sid with a guitar, giving Hall the win. Post-match,
      Goldberg flattened Jarrett with a Jackhammer.

      Backstage, Piper mocked Creative Control; Oklahoma gave Williams a pep
      talk. Somewhere in Denver, Okerlund was partying like it was
      1999...Backstage, The Powers and Piper exchanged scathing words. WCW's
      creative team told the Hot Rod that he would be officiating a mud
      wrestling match between the queen-sized ladies. Piper was stunned, but
      decided to feign enthusiasm.

      Back in catering, Fyre and Storm had the most amazing food fight in the
      history of modern television. In an surprise twist, Juvy ended the
      segment by giving one of the queen-sized ladies the Heimlich maneuver.
      Guerrera then yelled for an ambulance.

      * Jerry Only with Vampiro and The Misfits d. Dr. Death with Oklahoma
      Cage Match
      - Pre-match, Oklahoma joined the announcing team. Considering Dr.
      Death's power advantage, Only had a surprising amount of offense – that
      lasted about 30 seconds. Outside the ring, The Misfits barbecued
      Oklahoma in his own bottled sauce. Dr. Death grew so angry with the
      attack he actually threw an unconscious Only through the cage door.

      Backstage, Juvy bragged to The Powers about saving one of the mud
      wrestlers. Backstage, The Total Package seemed strangely interested in
      the mud wrestling match.

      Backstage, Chavo asked Bret how he could possibly stop Meng – the
      monster who recently defeated both TTP and Sting. The Hitman said that
      the Tongan Warrior would have more difficulty with the Excellence of
      Execution. (Chavo ended the interview by plugging hair products).

      * Bret Hart d. Meng - World Heavyweight Title Match
      - The Hitman fought diligently, but was completely at the mercy of his
      opponent. After beating on the champion for over four minutes, Meng
      missed a somersault splash and lost the advantage. Bret delivered a
      flurry of moves but couldn't pin the former sumo wrestler. Enter Hall.
      The Lone Wolf stopped Bret from applying the Sharpshooter and slammed
      the Champ into the referee. The Outsiders' interference, however only
      angered the Tongan Warrior. Nash quickly rushed the ring and beat Meng
      down with a kendo stick (it took over a dozen shots just to stun the big
      man). While Nash powerbombed Meng, Hall tried to finish off Bret – but
      was thwarted by Benoit. Bret then applied the Sharpshooter to an
      unconscious Meng and scored the win.

      Backstage, Symphony received a teddy bear from The Maestro via a
      delivery boy. Backstage, The Total Package requested a meeting with The
      Powers. Backstage, Chavo tried to sell Tygress some make-up; Spice
      interrupted the deal and threw Tygress into the shower.

      Somewhere in Denver, Evan Karagias and Madusa made kissy-face. Madusa
      seduced Karagias into giving her a title shot at Starrcade. Backstage,
      The Total Package told The Powers that he could get Elizabeth to wrestle
      in the mud pit. Backstage, Chavo tried to talk to Sting about his
      three-way dance, but the interview was interrupted by Elizabeth. The
      First Lady of wrestling begged for help, but The Painted One couldn't be

      * Chris Benoit d. Jeff Jarrett and Sting
      - Three-way Dance (winner becomes the No. 1 contender after Starrcade)
      Since the first man to gain a pinfall would be declared the winner, all
      three of these superstars were fighting at a feverish pace. Benoit,
      Jarrett and Sting all managed to compromise their opponents, but no one
      could score a clean three count. That's when things got a bit kooky.
      Elizabeth and TTP nailed Sting with a chair, Jarrett whacked Benoit with
      a guitar and Dustin Runnels – arriving from the stands – smacked
      Double-J with the ring bell. The result: An unconscious Benoit pinned an
      unconscious Jarrett for the win.

      Backstage, Symphony discovered that David Flair had been sending her all
      the gifts and had The Maestro bound and stuffed in a piano. In the ring,
      Nash was waiting for Goldberg. Backstage, Hall tried to surprise
      Goldberg before his match with Nash. The G-man predicted the surprise
      attack and gave Hall a brutal beating. Nash ran back to help. After
      seeing the debacle on the monitor, Sid tried to join the fray, but was
      locked in his dressing room. The Millennium Man broke through the door
      and, soon, all four behemoths were fighting within the Pepsi Center.

      * Goldberg d. Kevin Nash
      - This melee barely resembled a match, but after several cameos, there
      was a definite winner. Goldberg dominated Nash until Hall decked the
      phenom (and the referee) with a steel chair. With the help of Sid, Bret
      came to the ring and doled out some steel justice of his own. In the
      end, Sid and the Hitman watched Goldberg spear and Jackhammer Nash. The
      Denver fans roared as the G-man made the pin.

      Backstage, Piper screamed about doing dirty work for The
      Powers.Backstage, Chavo nearly got killed when he tried to sell a
      product during The Outsiders interview. Nash challenged Goldberg, Sid,
      Bret and Benoit to a three-team cage match.

      * Mud Wrestling Match (Special referee: Roddy Piper)
      - Pre-match, Creative Control came out to watch Piper officiate the
      match. When Elizabeth refused to mud wrestle (despite TTP's threats),
      Rhonda pulled the Hot Rod in
      the mud and slapped the Scottish legend in the face. Piper leveled
      Rhonda; then
      dropped Creative Control into the slop.

      Somewhere in Denver, Vito and Johnny partied with a sexy pair of twins.
      The goons cooked for the girls and fought over the sauce. Backstage, Arn
      Anderson went to speak with The Powers. Backstage, The Powers yelled at
      the mud-covered Creative Control. Anderson charged into the meeting and
      demanded his job back. Backstage, Chavo asked Sky why she helped attack
      Spice. Chae bumrushed the show and straddled Sky into submission.

      * The Wall d. Jerry Flynn
      - Battling in no-holds barred competition, The Wall tried to use his
      size to equalize Flynn's tremendous foot speed. The German monster's
      plan almost worked – if you ignore the multiple bruises The Wall
      acquired in the process. After several minutes of grueling competition,
      Berlyn used a steel pipe to make the assist. Instead of being thankful,
      The Wall chased his former employer out of the basement.

      Backstage, Chavo tried to joke with Piper, but the Hot Rod wasn't
      laughing. Piper insulted Chavo's compliance and told him to stand up
      against The Powers. During the interview, Piper started brawling with
      The Outsiders. Backstage, Curly Bill tried to get in Hennig's favor.
      Backstage, The Total Package told The Powers that he would fight
      Elizabeth in the mud himself.

      * Curt Hennig d. Midnight
      - The female phenom did surprisingly well against Hennig, utilizing a
      series of right hooks and classic wrestling maneuvers. But the
      Minnesota legend had no plans on getting beaten. Hennig started grinding
      Midnight with an abdominal stretch.

      That's when the arena went dark. When the lights returned, Stevie Ray
      was in the ring. But, before the Harlem Heater could crush Hennig, the
      arena went dark again. This time, Curly Bill arrived and began helping
      his former Redneck leader. Like a slow-motion strobe, the lights went
      out for a third and final time. This time, Anderson and his tire iron
      made the all-important cameo, helping Midnight and Stevie Ray clear the

      Backstage, The Total Package carried Elizabeth to the mud pit. Somewhere
      in Denver, Vito and Johnny served dinner to their identical dates. The
      girls refused to eat and asked the goons to join them in the bedroom.
      Instead of getting busy, the Italians found themselves tied to the bed –
      and not in a good way. The girls made an exit. A few seconds later,
      Disco and Lash entered the room with a few pounds of pasta.

      Disco and Lash covered Vito and Johnny in sauce, and then made a prank
      call to Marinara.
      In the arena, TTP carried Elizabeth to the mud pit. The Package's
      manager slapped his face; he responded by dumping her into the mud. TTP
      took off his suit, while Elizabeth wallowed in the filth. Before the
      Package could enter the mud, Sting decided to give him a surprise
      assist. The Painted One not only dumped his former friend into the mud,
      he dumped his expensive clothes into the mess as well. Sting then
      escorted Elizabeth to the back.

      Backstage, Sid-Goldberg, Bret-Benoit and The Outsiders marched toward
      the ring. Somewhere in Denver, the goons sulked in a pool of sauce.
      Schiavone announced that Tenay did suffer some lacerations but would be
      in attendance at Thunder.

      * Bret Hart and Chris Benoit d. The Outsiders and Sid Vicious and
      - Three-Team Cage Match (Special referee: Roddy Piper) Talk about a
      train wreck – these six men attacked each other like hungry dogs. For
      the most part, The Outsiders suffered the combined rage of their
      opponents – but the odds seemed to only make Hall and Nash even more
      dangerous. The Outsiders did eventually fall to the numbers. Enter Jeff
      Jarrett. Double-J brought a slew of weapons to the ring, decked Piper
      and took out Goldberg. The Outsiders shackled Bret to the cage, leaving
      Sid and Benoit to do all the fighting. The Crippler went to the top of
      the cage and hit an unbelievable headbutt splash. Piper crawled over to
      Benoit and counted the pin.
    • Colin Vassallo
      CLICK TO UNSUBSCRIBE: mailto:wrestling-online-unsubscribe@egroups.com R A W & N I T R O R E P O R T S ... By WWF.COM Less than a week away from No Mercy,
      Message 51 of 51 , Oct 17, 2000
        CLICK TO UNSUBSCRIBE: mailto:wrestling-online-unsubscribe@egroups.com

        R A W & N I T R O R E P O R T S


        >> RAW IS WAR REPORT
        By WWF.COM

        Less than a week away from No Mercy, RAW began live from the Joe Louis
        Arena in Detroit, MI, the very same arena that saw Rikishi run over
        Stone Cold Steve Austin one year ago!

        Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero came to the ring to address his
        situation with a number of World Wrestling Federation Superstars. He
        said he was tired of Chyna's moaning and crying, and that she was a
        whimpering pain in the ass! Then, Guerrero told Mr. Ass he would find
        his right foot kicking his ass, just like what would happen to Chyna if
        she came begging for forgiveness! Eddie ended his tirade by yelling at
        Mick Foley about his poor skills as Commissioner, and he said that he
        would take on anyone Mick wanted him to face! Immediately, Chris Jericho
        rocked the arena and challenged Guerrero to his Intercontinental Title!

        After the match began it looked as if Guerrero injured his leg, and the
        referee called for the bell. As Jericho stood over the fallen Guerrero,
        X-Pac ran out and attacked Y2J! As X-Pac celebrated, Mr. Ass came out to
        get him some of X-Pac! After a Fame-Asser, Jericho and Mr. Ass watched
        as X-Pac and Guerrero retreated to the back.

        A limousine pulled up with in the parking lot, and Kurt Angle eagerly
        greeted it. His new business partner Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley got out,
        and told Kurt to grab her bags, which he eagerly did!

        Earlier on Monday, Jonathan Coachman sat down and interviewed Rikishi on
        his thoughts about why he ran over Stone Cold.

        Immediately, Rikishi said that his admission of his crime has been
        positive. He said that his people are proud that he stood up to make a
        change. When Coach told Rikishi that The Rock wasn't proud, the Phat Man
        said that The Rock seemed confused; that deep inside, Rock was happy
        with what he had done because they are family. Rikishi expressed no
        remorse at all - he meant what he did. In the past, his people were held
        back and he didn't want to see it happen again. Rikishi said he doesn't
        care one bit about Stone Cold, and that he would crush Austin at No

        In a match set up on HEAT, T&A took on the very angry Acolytes. The
        match was a slobberknocker, with both physical teams brutalizing each
        other. Test threw punch after punch at Faarooq and Bradshaw hammered on
        Albert. The beating finally stopped when Trish got up on the ring apron,
        distracting Bradshaw. Faarooq saved his partner and Bradshaw pinned
        Albert after a clothesline from hell.

        In the McMahon-Helmsley locker room, Triple H asked Stephanie why she
        was still assisting Angle. She said that when they had talked about it
        at home, she told Hunter she'd reconsider - like he told her he would
        do. But since he won't, she would continue to help Kurt. The Game asked
        what would happen if she was hurt. Steph just told him that it was a
        chance they'd have to take. The Game said he wouldn't be able to control
        himself if she got hurt somehow, and he walked away.

        Kurt came in and Stephanie guaranteed Kurt would win the title at No
        Mercy. The Game came back in and asked Stephanie to leave!

        In a European Title match, goodwill Ambassador William Regal took on
        Champion Al Snow, who was representing the United Kingdom, complete with
        a portrait of Regal! Regal, in great condition, took Snow from rope to
        rope. After Al missed a moonsault, Regal locked him in a submission
        hold, forcing Snow to tap out! William Regal waved graciously to the
        crowd as he accepted his new European Title!

        In his locker room, Triple H told Kurt that Stephanie was his
        responsibility - if she got hurt, it was Kurt's fault. Secondly, Triple
        H said, if Angle tried to make it anything other than a business
        relationship, it would be the last thing he ever did! Angle said okay,
        but smirked as the Game walked away!

        As Triple H was set to battle Kane, Chris Benoit came out to offer guest
        commentary. His entrance distracted the Game, who was immediately
        hammered by Kane. As Triple H was getting brutalized, Stephanie, who was
        watching in the back, told Kurt she needed to help Hunter because she
        knew Benoit would interfere. Before she could leave, Angle convinced her
        to stay in the back.

        In the ring, Kane continued to beat on Triple H. But after being down
        for most of the match, the Game came back and started throwing punches
        at the Big Red Machine. While Kane lie prone, Triple H went and attacked
        Benoit at the announce table!

        Then, Hunter gave Kane a Pedigree, only to get nailed by Benoit with a
        chair! After getting Triple H back in the ring, Benoit locked him in the
        Crossface, which the Game immediately tapped out of!

        Michael Cole introduced Stone Cold Steve Austin, who came out to a
        rousing ovation from the Detroit crowd. Cole then asked Austin how he
        felt returning to the scene of where he was hit by Rikishi, and Stone
        Cold said he was happy to be there, but upset because he couldn't whoop
        Rikishi's ass right then! Austin said he had Rikishi's picture
        everywhere, and every time he saw that picture, he was looking at a dead
        man! Cole asked Austin what he was going to do to him at No Mercy, and
        Austin said he was going to stomp a mud hole in Rikishi's huge ass, no
        matter how long it took!

        Rikishi interrupted from the parking lot - from the very spot he hit
        Austin! Then he said he may not be allowed in the ring, but he called
        Austin out to the back! Austin ran out to confront Rikishi, where he
        tried to run over Stone Cold again! As he drove away, Rikishi smiled and
        said that on Sunday, there would be No Mercy!

        X-Pac came out to the middle of the ring and called out Mr. Ass! When
        Mr. Ass came out, he laughed at X-Pac, only to be hit from behind by
        Eddie Guerrero, who had a huge wrap on his leg! As X-Pac beat on Mr.
        Ass, Chris Jericho ran out and started pounding on X-Pac with fists and
        a steel chair! Finally, the referees were able to restrain Y2J!

        Mr. Ass ran in to Commissioner Foley's office and demanded a piece of
        Eddie Guerrero. Foley replied by making a match for Mr. Ass against
        Eddie Guerrero at No Mercy!

        The Dudley Boyz took on Los Conquistadors, who J.R. said reminded him a
        lot of Edge and Christian. The match was surprisingly even, with the
        mysterious men in gold really taking it to the Dudley Boyz. After D-Von
        testified with a flying headbutt to the groin of one of the
        Conquistadors, Buh Buh called for a table! Before the table came out,
        one of the Conquistadors hit Buh Buh from behind and rolled him up for
        the win!

        The Road Dogg faced Right to Censor member Mr. Val Venis in a physical
        affair. The D-O-Double G really took it to Venis, but Val came back and
        started stomping on Road Dogg with his white shoes. After being locked
        in several submission holds, the Dogg came back and beat Mr. Venis when
        Naked Mideon ran out and distracted Val, allowing the Dogg to get the
        pin! Mideon even helped the Dogg out and laid out Mr. Steven Richards!

        Stephanie pounded on Kurt Angle's locker room door, telling him he
        wasn't focused. Angle looked overwhelmed and sighed deeply when
        Stephanie kept telling him he needed to focus more so he could beat The

        Stephanie then introduced next Sunday's HEAT host, the man who will
        interview The Rock and then beat him for the Federation Title, her new
        business associate, Kurt Angle!

        Angle said it was that the Joe Louis arena was famous, but not because
        it was where Stone Cold was ran down, but because it is the arena that
        Kurt Angle made his debut in! Stephanie said she would lead Kurt to the
        title, just like she led her husband there! Then Kurt went to the ring,
        where he would team with Edge and Christian against the Hardy Boyz and
        The Rock!

        The three-way tag team main event was action-packed. The Rock came out
        with his fists flying, nailing Edge and Christian and begging Kurt Angle
        to get into the ring. Angle got the tag and pummeled The Rock, as Triple
        H watch on from his locker room. As The Rock continued to be held back
        from making the tag, Edge came in and mocked the Hardys! The Rock was
        finally able to make the tag, and Matt Hardy entered the fracas and took
        out both Edge and Christian, even nearly pinning Edge! Again, Angle got
        the tag and had several near-falls on the isolated Matt Hardy. After
        recovering from some severe blows, Matt was able to tag in The Rock! The
        Rock was a house on fire, and had Angle pinned, but the referee was
        distracted by the Hardys and Lita fighting Edge and Christian on the
        outside of the ring. When the ref turned around to make the count,
        Stephanie pulled The Rock's leg, ending the count. Then, Jeff Hardy went
        to hit Angle with a Swanton Bomb, but Stephanie hit him in the knee
        before he could! Lita saw what she did, but Stephanie took the Women's
        Champions and slammed her into the ring stairs!

        When all was said and done, Kurt Angle pinned The Rock for the win, with
        a lot of help from his partner Stephanie! The two celebrated as RAW went
        off the air!


        >> NITRO REPORT
        By WCW.COM

        Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire d. The Boogie Knights
        The show started out with a match for the WCW World Tag Team Titles.
        DISQO and Wright talked smack on the mic before the action got underway.
        The challengers came out strong, sending their bigger opponents around
        the ring with quick, double-teaming maneuvers. After the patented double
        leapfrog, Jindrak and O'Haire took over on DISQO, with Jindrak bringing
        the Knight off the top with a huge Frankensteiner. Mickey Jay was
        knocked to the canvas as DISQO delivered the Chartbuster. Kronik ran in
        and gave both Boogie Knights the High Time, setting Jindrak and O'Haire
        up to retain their gold.

        Backstage, Kevin Nash told the Natural Born Thrillers to go talk to The
        Cat and not to book him for a match on the show.

        Outside, Goldberg arrived to the arena on his motorcycle.

        Backstage, The Thrillers came into The Cat's office. Sanders got a
        little overzealous and booked a match with Kevin Nash against Sting.
        Miller went one step further and made it a Lumberjack Match.

        Team Canada with Major Gunns d. Lieutenant Loco, Sgt. A-WALL, and
        Corporal Cajun
        Storm said the country of Australia was wearing thin on his nerves. He
        demanded that the Canadian national anthem play, but it was interrupted
        by the music of The MIA. A-WALL, Cajun, and Loco came to the ring, but
        conspicuous by his absence was their leader, General Rection. As the
        match got underway, Rection ran in from the crowd, pulling Storm off the
        apron to brawl, before WCW officials took the General to the back. Loco
        made a hot tag with A-WALL, who cleaned house on the entire Team Canada.
        With Loco back in, the Canadians once again gained the advantage. All
        six men hit the ring, with Duggan and A-WALL fighting up the aisle.
        Prime Time was put through a table on the outside. Major Gunns slid a
        chair into Cajun, but it backfired as it was dropkicked into his face.
        In the end, Storm took the win for his team after applying the single
        leg crab.

        Handicapped Match
        No Contest - "The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson vs. The
        Filthy Animals
        Douglas bragged to the crowd that the United States defeated the
        Australians in every event in the Olympics. He challenged Konnan and the
        rest of The Animals to come to the ring for a handicapped match. The
        Filthy Animals came out and accepted, with Konnan promising to show
        Torrie what a real man was all about. In the ring, The Animals
        brutalized Shane as Tygress and Rey gave him a dual "face full of
        stuff". The Franchise pulled out mace and sprayed Konnan and Mysterio in
        the eyes before he and Torrie ran Tygress into the metal guardrail. With
        Konnan handcuffed to the ropes, Rey was destroyed, with only Charles
        Robinson there to try and cover him from more punishment.

        Backstage, as Palumbo and Stasiak argued about their loss to Goldberg
        last week, Kevin Nash arrived, telling them to shake hands and get over

        Backstage, Billy Kidman arrived and helped the medics load Rey Mysterio
        into an ambulance.

        "That 70's Guy" Mike Awesome and Crowbar d. The Perfect Event
        Big Sexy sat down with the announcers to add color to the commentary.
        Crowbar and Awesome worked over Palumbo early, squashing him with a
        moonsault and big splash combo for a near fall. That 70's Guy took to
        the air with a dive over the ropes to the outside, bringing Stasiak and
        Palumbo to the floor. Crowbar was in trouble as the Perfect Event
        doubled on him on their side of the ring. "Perfectshawn" delivered a
        superplex off the top turnbuckle on Awesome, but dropped the ball as he
        hit Palumbo on accident after Mike ducked a punch. Awesome got the
        pinfall on Stasiak for the win, prompting "Coach" Nash to enter the
        ring. He forced his two men to hug in the ring, even though they were
        hot at each other.

        Backstage, Shane Douglas challenged Booker T to a match for later in the
        show. Torrie called Pamela a bitch before walking away, to which Pam
        replied that it "took one to know one."

        Backstage, David Flair asked Mike Sanders to book him in a DNA Match
        against Buff Bagwell. Sanders said he would at Havoc, but told Flair
        that he had a different job for him later in the show.

        Kwee Wee with Paisley d. Johnny The Bull
        As the bell rang, Kwee Wee backed Johnny into the corner, bringing him
        out with a monkey flip. The Bull seemed to have injured his ankle on the
        move, giving Kwee Wee the opportunity to cover and score the quick win.

        Interview: The Cat
        Miller came out and immediately told Mark Madden that he "hated his fat
        ass." The commissioner and Ms. Jones proceeded to dance all over the
        ring, before Miller called for the music to stop. He called Mike Sanders
        to the ring, saying that they needed to put an end to the "dual
        commissioners." Sanders said that he would not fight The Cat on Nitro,
        but would face him for the commissioner's job at Halloween Havoc. After
        an exchange of insults, Kronik came out to take out The Cat. Goldberg's
        music played, and as Adams and Clark turned around on the stage to face
        him, he came through the crowd and headed into the ring. Goldberg told
        Kronik that they were both "next."

        WCW World Title Match
        Booker T d. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas with Torrie Wilson
        Scott Steiner joined the announcers at ringside, putting Torrie Wilson
        down. Backstage, Konnan told Tygress to wait in the back, as he had
        something to take care of. Booker started off on the offense, dropping
        Douglas to the mat twice with two big sidekicks. T brought Shane to the
        outside, but was reversed on a whip to the guardrail, slamming into it
        himself. Douglas focused on the upper body and neck of Booker, slowing
        the champion down. Booker fired back with a scissors kick, a sidekick,
        and a spinarooni. Kidman came out and grabbed Douglas, but was knocked
        off the apron and into Midajah at ringside. Steiner took exception and
        blasted Kidman from behind. Konnan and Jarrett joined the brawl outside
        the ring, as Booker hit the Bookend for the win over Douglas.

        Pamela Paulshock Interview: Scott Steiner with Midajah and Jeff Jarrett
        Midajah berated Billy Kidman in a different language, as Steiner echoed
        her sentiments in English. Big Poppa told Kidman that he would pay for
        running into Midajah. Jeff Jarrett told Konnan that he would put him in
        the hospital next to Mysterio.

        Goldberg d. David Flair
        The Nature Boy Ric Flair joined the commentators at ringside, as David
        awaited his opponent. Goldberg's music played, and the mystery was over.
        The young Flair jumped Bill from behind, but was immediately speared to
        the canvas. One Jackhammer for the road, and the streak continued. After
        Goldberg left the ring, Flair got up to help his son.

        Pamela Paulshock Interview: Billy Kidman and Konnan
        Kidman said he would take the challenge from Steiner. Konnan told
        Jarrett that he was going to take out his anger for Douglas on The
        Chosen One.

        "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner with Midajah d. Billy Kidman
        Big Poppa beat up an Australian fan at ringside before locking up with
        Kidman. Steiner used his power to his advantage, whipping Billy hard
        from corner to corner. After delivering a Samoan drop from the top rope,
        the Steiner Recliner was all that was needed to give Scott Steiner
        another check in the win column.

        "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett d. Konnan with Tygress
        As Konnan went through his pre match ritual on the mic, Jarrett
        attacked, getting this challenge match underway. The Chosen One brought
        a chair across Konnan's back several times on the outside, before
        heading back in. Tygress set up to deliver a "face full of stuff" on
        Jarrett, but Douglas came out and grabbed her by the hair. She slapped
        Torrie and Shane across the face, before getting blasted by Jarrett's
        guitar after Konnan ducked out of the way from Jeff's attack. The Chosen
        One brought K-Dogg down with The Stroke to get the 1-2-3. Jarrett
        applied the Scorpion Deathlock after the match in yet another attempt to
        get under Sting's skin.

        A clip was shown of Kevin Nash's visit to one of Australia's brewing
        companies. At the end of the day, the higher ups designed Big Sexy his
        very own Bottle label for "Big Sexxxxy Brew."

        Lumberjack Match
        "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash d. Sting
        Nash backed Sting into the corner on the first lockup, delivering a
        series of big knees and elbows. The Stinger slid down the back of Nash
        on a bodyslam attempt, throwing some heavy punches to the head of the
        "coach." Sting was able to turn Nash over in the Scorpion Deathlock, but
        The Natural Born Thrillers pulled their mentor to the ropes for the
        break. On a splash attempt, Sting was caught with a huge boot to the
        face, swinging the match back into Big Sexy's hands. Scott Steiner ran
        to ringside and jumped on Booker T, prompting the entire locker room to
        brawl from ringside to the back. Charles Robinson was knocked down in
        the ring, as Jeff Jarrett snuck up to ringside with his guitar. When
        Sting ran in for another splash, Nash ducked and Jeff took the
        six-stringer over The Stinger's head. Big Sexy fell on top of Sting just
        as Robinson awoke to count the tainted three-count.
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