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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Tuesday, November 2nd, 1999

      I S S U E # 4 3 9

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

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      | Colin Vassallo |
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We saw Nash and Hall making fun of McMahon and basically on the WWF
      yesterday on Nitro. Nothing wrong with that..remember the
      Macho/Hogan/Billionare Ted skits during 1996? It's good entertainment,
      but I'm sure McMahon will retaliate in some way. Imagine Stevie Richards
      coming down with a toothpick in his mouth, his hair filled with gel,
      some gold chains around his neck....and a bottle of alcahol! Woooo! Does
      that ring a bell to you? Yep, Scott Hall. I'm sure they could cut a
      funny segment with him acting drunk. And for Nash, I have no idea what
      can they do to him. Maybe Kane coming down with his old Diesel
      costume...saying that when he was the champ during 1995 it was the worst
      year in WWF history? Could work!

      If you have some creative ideas on this subject, mail them to Charlie at
      Byte Back on charlie@... !


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      - Livewire did a 1.8 rating with a 5.4 share; Superstars did a 1.9
      rating with a 4.9 share; Heat did a a 2.8 rating with a 4.4 share. I
      guess Halloween really effected wrestling shows this week! (Scherer)

      - Bob Ryder over at 1wrestling.com says that Dr Death Steve Williams was
      released by the World Wrestling Federation. Just last week Williams won
      a court case against a woman who said she has his son.

      - Former WWF champion Stone Cold Steve Austin will be live on Byte
      This!, this coming Thursday. You can call 1-888-LIVEWWF between 6PM-7PM
      EST to get a chance to talk with Austin himself!

      - Today Lucas on WWF.com confirmed that Jim Neidhart signed with the
      World Wrestling Federation. However this time, his role will be
      different from his past ones. He won't be a wrestler, he's signed to be
      a teacher! Yes, you read right. He will help upcoming WWF superstars how
      to wrestle, take bumps etc!

      - According to Dave Meltzer, tickets for the 5 major WWF pay-per-views
      will go up. Starting with the Royal Rumble, a ring side seat will cost
      $400 (you keep the chair) and the rest will cost $90, $70, $50, $30 and

      - October 19 - Smackdown Tapings in Louisville, KY drew 12,963 paying
      - October 23 - Chicago, IL drew a sellout 17,114 paying $481,219.
      - October 24 - St. Louis, MO drew 8,929 paying $253,631.
      - October 25 - RAW from Providence, RI drew a sellout 9,555 paying
      - Merchandise for the week (excluding Louisville) was $297,767 coming
      out to $8.36 per head. (Observer)

      ATLANTA (AP) — A doll depicting a World Wrestling Federation wrestler
      carrying around a woman's head has been pulled from Wal-Mart shelves
      following a complaint that it makes light of violence against women.

      John Bisio, a company spokesman, said Monday that complaints from
      Sabrena Parton, assistant professor of communications at Kennesaw State
      University, and from the manager of a Wal-Mart in Cartersville spurred
      the company to pull Summer Slam '99: Road Rage Al Snow.

      The toy is modeled after Al Snow, a World Wrestling Federation
      competitor who carries a female mannequin's head into the ring. The doll
      comes with a woman's head with ``Help me'' scrawled backward across her
      forehead. `My sons are 6 and 11. What kind of message would this toy
      send them about brutalization of women?'' Ms. Parton said.

      ``Our management has decided it is at least a questionable item,'' Bisio
      said from Wal-Mart's Bentonville, Ark., headquarters. ``So we are
      removing it from the shelf,
      probably permanently.''

      Jim Byrne, WWF vice president for marketing, defended the doll. ``This
      is the first complaint we've had about the toy,'' he said from WWF
      headquarters in Stamford, Conn. ``Al Snow's act with the mannequin head
      is as silly as it gets — loads of fun.''

      Snow said the mannequin head is popular among wrestling fans. ``One
      match I lost, and I started beating the daylights out of that head. All
      of a sudden all those people who had cheered me got mad and started
      booing. Seems like everybody likes that head.''

      Said Ms. Parton: ``I could see if this was an adult novelty item, people
      could make a choice about whether to buy it. But the label says it's
      recommended for children ages 4 and older. That's terribly wrong.''

      BACK AT charlie@...)


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      - It's now being reported that what happened at the Survivor Series two
      years ago...might happen this year again. But this time, it's in a
      different federation, and actually an angle. WCW Mayhem will be live in
      Canada this month, and the finals for the WCW title tournament will take
      place there. There are some reports floating around that WCW might
      consider doing the angle where Bret will be screwed out of the title (if
      he reaches the finals), recreating the same story of November 97 at the
      Survivor Series! I wonder what Bret would say! We'd probably have to
      hear him cry for another two years.

      - October 22 - Oakland, CA drew 3,697 paying $95,366.
      - October 24 - PPV from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV drew a
      paid attendance of 8,464 paying approximately $314,000 along with
      another $68,898 in merchandise.
      - October 25 - Nitro from Phoenix, AZ drew 9,630 paying $217,857.

      > WCW LIVE REPORT, By J. Adam Price/Binx
      - Pre Nitro; And tonight we are live, behind the scenes of Nitro In The
      Target center in beautiful Minneapolis, MN.; Discussed the tournament
      matches for tonight.

      Bobby Heenan Joins the show; Bobby spent 13 or 14 years in the AWA;
      Raven was Brought up. He is working a verbal contract from what is
      understood; The doors have not been shut to Raven; The Brain Talked
      about his website. Lots of stuff available on the site.

      Bobby says that The powers that be are great. They keep things moving.
      That they keep things happening and the show goes faster; Can Bobby get
      away with saying different things. Bobby never held back, he just did
      what he thought was within the guidelines. Now they are getting more
      liberal, so he will change with the times; The Brains heat with Hogan.
      It's nothing wrestling related. It's personal, and he's not willing to
      go into it right now. He agrees that he's a great athlete, Just not a
      good person; Heenan's thoughts on Monsoon. Great sense of humour. Great
      person. A credit to the business; Said a lot of times, Monsoon was asked
      to sing before he wrestled; Bobby likes it when things just happen. He
      doesn't like to know what's going to happen in advance. Spontaneity is a
      good thing.

      Talked about being down by the ring. Doesn't like it because it's
      dangerous. The wrestlers like to beat people up on the table because
      they think that the announcers are on TV. Also, away from a ring, they
      are more focused on the monitors, therefore they can comment on what the
      people at home are seeing; A lot of good memories for Heenan from
      Minnesota; Bob brings up the insiders and smart marks. Bobby says it
      great. The fans deserve to know. The fans pay their bills and the
      deserve everything; Favorite co-commentator. Monsoon; Bobby is the only
      wrestler from the 60's still on television. What does Bobby Think of
      Harley Race. Is a gentleman. On him exposing the business on the special
      last year. It doesn't bother Heenan.

      What happened with Andre. Had a knee replacement and it didn't take that
      well, that's why he didn't stay in matches long. Bobby making a scene in
      convenience store. Says he just has fun with the people; On Bobby
      signing autographs. People don't get autographs if they come up and say
      "Sign this" Also in a hotel lobby or at a restaurant…that's his personal
      life; Bobby doesn't prepare for broadcast. He just goes with it.

      Bobby won't run for any type of political office; Heenan will publish a
      book eventually. It will not be released until he's out of the business;
      Use of women. Heenan likes to use women; Jerry Valiant isn't Heenan's
      brother. First guy that Bobby managed; Heenan leave trying to fight

      Steel cage with Malenko and Benoit tonight; There are some non wrestling
      celebrities that will be on Nitro tonight; Charles Robinson joins. There
      is a great match in the movie. Triple cage death match with a belt on a
      rope. DDP will be choke slammed through the cages; Insider stuff on TV.
      There will be more. Caller feels less important because everybody is
      able to access the smarts through the show on TV.

      There is Sonny money going around back stage…it is a certificate for
      promo stuff that you can buy; Charles lost his pants on the set of the
      movie; Charles went up to Goldberg and ribbed him for The gators beating
      the bulldogs on Saturday. So Goldberg Pantsed him. After being half
      nude, Charles still wants to be called "Lil Natche"

      Tomorrow night on WCW LIVE! will be Earnest "The Cat" Miller.

      Charles says there will be a girl/girl match tonight…Madusa against Evan
      Karagias; Bob and Jeremy Take time out to give mad props to the chat
      room….*The WCW LIVE Chat room is the largest Nitro party on Earth bruva

      Charles then makes fun of the WCW LIVE! fans that were whining that they
      didn't get mentioned; Talked about The NZWO…the fans from New Zealand;
      Nitro will be heavily involved tonight.

      THE MISFITS WILL BE ON TONIGHT…these guys make Marilyn Manson look like
      a school girl; The pre show wrapped up.

      - Post show; WOW…what a show; Top of the cage head butt was phenomenal
      from Benoit; Cough syrup caller kicks off the show; Caller: WCW was
      way better than the competition. Tonight demonstrated the depth of
      talent of the WCW, and how it overpowers the talent pool in WWFE; Across
      the street, The Misfits are performing across the street; It's good that
      there is intrigue in the show. Sting, The Filthy animals, Everything is
      building suspense.

      Scott Hudson and Damiani joined the show; How do the advertisers feel
      about the show's direction. Too early to tell. Bob admits that he was
      wrong thinking that advertisers will run away from risqué. They want the
      ratings; What's the deal with Hacksaw Jim Duggan-Hudson agrees that
      Duggan has a lot to offer. Great promo he cut. Bob-Duggan just goes to
      prove what Vince Russo said about everybody will have a story line.

      Huge pops in when Hennig was in the ring. And Larry "the Axe" Hennig
      (Curt's father) got good pops; The production problems issue was brought
      up. A lot of spots were messed up. The revolution, The Kidman cam. It
      will be easy to fix these problems. It's to be expected from the
      drastic changes and quick movement of the show.

      Damiani isn't sure that the fans in the arena knew it was Kevin Nash as
      the promoter. They didn't realize that who he was until Hall came out.
      Maybe the make up was too good and maybe he did the role of the promoter
      too well.

      Misfits- Got a good pop, a great look. They are 100% better fit for Vamp
      than ICP, they are fit and look like athletes and are terrifying. Jerry,
      the leader of the band, is the nicest guy in the world; Wednesday
      Vampiro will be on.

      Norman Smiley- Went out there for a long time with no story and got a
      great reaction. Now that he, and others, have stories, they will be over
      huge; The last two weeks on the post Nitro Shows, the calls have been
      more passionate and positive.

      Hopefully the Nitro girls will have their own PPV match; David Flair now
      has a personality that nobody thought possible; The ratings will be
      closer sooner than thought; Caller brings up that the cuts from the end
      of the match to promos in back are too quick. We're missing too much.
      Also, the commentators don't comment on the wrestlers coming down, they
      are talking about too much about the previous match.

      Bob on Ratings- they will get better quicker. Bob on the Rock Mankind 20
      minutes- Was a crash TV. downfall. Crash TV. is a good concept that
      works. You may even see WCW TV catch a quarter hour rating. It is
      possible to see them win a night before the end of the year; Some caller
      brings up lawn mower attachments for Madusa.

      Chad Damiani on ratings- The lack of creativity in New York and lack of
      the talent pool could turn people off from their product; Wrestling has
      always been up and down. You won't see wrestling fade any time soon. It
      is a billion dollar a year industry. It has to be a long term deal, and
      can't be a quick in out thing.

      Bob compliments Shane McMahon. Says he has done some things that he
      shouldn't or didn't have to…hats of to him; The only thing that has been
      done the past three weeks that couldn't have been done last year was the
      Outsider/stripper sketch. The secret is doing things that make people
      talk for days. Things that have been done lately on WCW television have
      kept people talking and will keep them talking….it's that that will turn
      things around.

      TNT probably realize that they were too tight on the standards side of
      WCW, and that could have been a part of the ratings problem; Hudson was
      pleasantly surprised at the organization. This was the first Nitro that
      he has attended with Vince/Ed. Said that everything was posted at noon
      and it was a breath of fresh air; WCW Mayhem the music comes out two
      weeks from tomorrow (Tuesday).

      Gimmick for Kaz Hayashi- Let him come out with the typical dubbed movie
      idea. Let him mouth words and make it obvious that he's being over
      dubbed; Will Nash as the promoter be continuous thing…Doubtful but there
      could be more parodies in the future.

      WCW LIVE has single handily kept WCW afloat; Again, Wednesday, Vampiro
      on WCW LIVE…he may bring a misfit or two. Damiani drools about Earnest
      Miller's mother. And I quote "SHE IS HOT"; Caller is complaining about
      Sting wrestling the Filthy Animals, Damiani says that If you don't
      Integrate wrestlers with each other, then you limit what can be done.
      You can't have the same guys over and over again. It has been a problem
      in the past where everybody was categorized and not aloud to face
      certain wrestlers, or groups.

      Jeff Jarrett and the term "Slap Nutts" and the pop that he got was huge.
      Total Package- A great new personality, an opportunist character. He has
      been accused for having no personality, but now he is overflowing; Scott
      Steiner interview. Obvious that the questions and answers were done
      separately. Infomercial feel. Interesting situation that Big Poppa pump
      was the biggest heel in the promotion, and now an interview where he was
      in a "pity" situation. The Show wrapped up.


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