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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #115

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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 1998
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      | Wednesday, July 1st, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 1 1 5
      | *Issue #115* |
      | | Wrestling-Online.com's Official
      | Editor@... | Editor: Colin Vassallo
      | |
      | Total Subscribers: 3,356 | HTTP://WWW.WRESTLING-ONLINE.COM


      1- i - Opening Words From The Editor

      2- World Wrestling Federation
      i - News & Rumors

      3- World Championship Wrestling
      i - News & Rumors

      4- Columns
      i - Real Thoughts

      5- Subscription Information
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      ii - E-mail Change


      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      I had an idea, to produce this newsletter in a much better format. It
      will include colors, different fonts, pictures, and much more enjoyable
      to read etc...but you need an HTML e-mail client compatible. Eudora,
      Netscape 3+, and IE 3+ all support this. Later on tonight, I will send
      an e-mail with a picture, different fonts and stuff like that. All
      subscribers have to see this good for me to do it, or else, I won't be
      able to send it in this format. If you get it good, do not reply to the
      mail, if you get it all messed up, throw me a line saying so.

      Back tomorrow!


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      2 \ \ \ / \ / ____/
      \ \ \/ /\ \/ /___ WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION
      \ \ / \ / __/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      \ \/ /\ \/ /
      \__/ \__/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Steve Austin won the Arm Wrestling match against Vince McMahon
      yesterday. After the match, Austin threw McMahon in the water...then
      helped him back up, and threw him back in. Hendrix tried to help
      McMahon, but McMahon pulled Dok in the water too.

      - Full card for FootBrawl:

      Triple Threat Title Match between Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and
      Steel Cage Match between Triple H and X-Pac against Owen Hart and Rocky
      Terry Funk vs. Mankind in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
      Vader vs. Mark Henry in a No DQ match
      New Age Outlaws vs. Southern Justice
      Ken Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett
      Farooq vs. Marc Mero
      LOD vs. DOA in a Lumberjack Match
      Sable vs Jacquiline in an Arm Wrestling Match

      Pretty strong card don't you think?

      - On July 10, the WWF are returning to the Fleet Center, in Boston MA!
      To get tickets (if any remaining) go to ticketmaster.com

      - It is no secret that WWF Officials are unhappy with Sunny`s constant
      attitude and no
      shows, for both the WWF and NWA.

      The WWF at this moment has no intentions of releasing Sunny from the
      WWF. She is still
      making money for the WWF, off screen as well as on screen. Her personal
      problems may
      mean that WWF could keep her off TV for a while, as they seem to have

      They are also considering keeping her off screen for the majority of
      time until after the August 2nd ECW PPV "Heatwave". Chris Candido is
      strongly rumored to be returning to
      the WWF in late August, with Sunny aligning herself with her off screen
      husband. (The Insider)



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      \/ \/ \___/ \/ \/

      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Expect Buff Bagwell to appear next Monday on Nitro.

      - Bret Hart / Chris Benoit 'Iron Man' Matches are in talks.

      - WCW US Title Holder Goldberg will be appearing on Atalanta based radio
      station 99x this coming Monday to promote that night`s massive Nitro
      from the Georgiadome. He will be on from 8am local time. For those of
      you unable to pick up 99x, visit www.99x.com to listen to the interview
      for free online. (The Insider)


      4 COLUMNS

      By Steve Morrison
      E-mail: lepjkm@...

      Welcome everyone to another edition of REAL THOUGHTS. I'd like to thank
      everyone for the feedback I got on my last Goldberg/Austing article.
      Hopefully, you all will keep sending me your thoughts.

      Anyway, Glen Jacobs (Kane) as WWF Champion. Doesn't sit well with me
      either. Anyhow, I've heard a lot of complaining that Glen Jacobs
      doesn't deserve the WWF title, and you know, I have to agree. However,
      while there is disgrace in Glen Jacobs winning the title, I don't
      really think there is disgrace in Kane winning the WWF Title.

      You see Vince didn't give Glen the Title, he gave it to his character,
      Kane. For example, Ultimate Warrior won the WWF Title, not Jim

      Anyway, Raw has been winning the Ratings, what could put them over the
      top? Kane versus Austin part 2 on RAW the night after King of the Ring,
      ya damn skippy. I'm sure the ratings will speak for themselves for that
      main event.

      At first I was angered by Kane as WWF champion, but then I realized what
      a smart buisness move it was. Think, now WWF has another legitamite
      main eventer, they sparked to fire into the Steve Austin/ Vince McMahon
      Angle, and now people can realize that Kane can beat top WWF superstars
      (and no, I am not a mark :)

      Well it's looked to be a pretty successful buisness move now that Austin
      is a 2-time WWF Champion.

      And, in closing, Shawn Michaels, where are you :)


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