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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 1998
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      | Tuesday, June 30th, 1998 | W R E S T L I N G O N L I N E
      | | N E W S L E T T E R # 1 1 3
      | *Issue #113* |
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      ii - RAW Is WAR Report
      iii - King Of The Ring 98 Report

      3- World Championship Wrestling
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      ii - Nitro Report

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      By Colin Vassallo
      E-mail: Editor@...

      Ok, I have something to say here. I've been getting e-mails from one
      with the username "arniefam", and he's been bitching about the fact that
      the newsletter is daily..and that he gets too much newsletters. Well, Mr
      "Arniefam", I have two words for you, BITE ME! You can take all the
      bitching and shove them you know where. I get alot of e-mails, and
      certainly, I don't need your e-mails to fill in my mailbox. All you have
      to do, is read the first 3 damn lines of the newsletter, and
      UNSUBSCRIBE. That e-mail is there for that, so USE IT. So, either you
      shut the hell up, or else unsubscribe. It's simple as that.

      I wanna congratulate my big friend, Blake Norton, who yesterday became
      the new Editor of "The Bagpipe Report" newsletter. Good luck!


      As you may know, the phenomenal hit Titanic is scheduled for video
      release on September 1st for $29.95 SRP -- we will be taking pre-orders
      starting June 11, 1998 at the unbelievably low price of $9.99! To
      order, go to http://www.reel.com/cgi-bin/session/WRON/sale/sale.html

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      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - Mankind was in a Pittsburgh area hospital today undergoing tests,
      including an MRI.

      Mankind suffered numerous injuries in his "Hell in the Cell" match
      against the Undertaker, and may need reconstructive surgery to repair
      damage to his mouth and jaw.

      During the match, Mankind lost 3 teeth, including one that went through
      the top of his mouth and was hanging from his nose. (1Wrestling.com)

      - Shawn Michaels was backstage yesterday at the RAW event.

      - RAW Dark matches: Reno Richards defeated Brian Wellington, Taka
      Michinoku defeated Jimmy V, and after show went off the air, Undertaker
      chokeslammed Kane, then went on to attack Bearer.


      Credit: Joe De Leon

      WWF Raw is War Report for June 29, 1998 | Hosted by Jim Ross, Michael
      Cole, and Jerry Lawler | Live from Cleveland, Ohio

      • Vince McMahon Interview - (With Commissioner Slaughter and Gerald
      -The ring was decorated with red carpet, and the WWF World Title was set
      inside a clear case. Vince McMahon gave a long introduction for Kane.
      Kane made his way to the ring, along with Paul Bearer. Bearer showed
      that he was very proud of Kane's title victory, and began to taunt The
      Undertaker. As Vince McMahon awarded Kane the title, Stone Cold
      Steve Austin made his way down to the ring. Austin told McMahon he got
      busted open in the First Blood match, but Kane wasn't the one who caused
      the bleeding - it was The Undertaker. Austin demanded a rematch with
      Kane with the WWF World Title on-the-line. Vince McMahon said the
      rematch was okay with him, but Paul Bearer would have to make the
      decision. Bearer was afraid to answer, but eventually, he announced that
      Kane would have to be the one to decide. With pressure from Austin, Kane
      shook his head vertically, meaning that Austin would get the rematch
      later in the show.

      • Steven Regal defeated Darren "Puke" Drozdov via Submission.
      -Sable introduced Steven Regal to the ring and color commentated. She
      refused to answer any questions that pertained to her being involved
      with WWF front office. Regal was onto every maneuever Puke made. Regal
      finished off Drozdov with a combination of a figure-four and a half

      • Ken Shamrock Interview - (With Michael Cole)
      -Ken Shamrock said he was honored to be the 1998 King of the Ring
      Winner. It was one of the hardest competitions he had ever gone through.
      He gave credit to Rocky Maivia, but said things were not over. Owen Hart
      appeared, and challenged Ken Shamrock to a fight - that would happen
      later in the show - to decide who the real King of the Ring was. As
      Shamrock accepted the challenge, Hunter Hearst Helmsley appeared, along
      with Chyna. Triple H offered a triple threat match. Shamrock and Hart

      • Throughout the show, Marc Mero, Steve Blackman, Bradshaw, and Mark
      Cannaberry (Henry Godwinn) were shown preparing for their upcoming

      • Brawl for All Contest: Steve Blackman defeated Marc Mero.
      -The "Brawl for All" contest was a combination of wrestling and boxing.
      There would be 3-one minute rounds. The rules were: Most punches per
      round equaled 5 points, takedowns equaled 5 points, knockdowns equaled
      10 points, and a knockout ended the brawl. Danny Hodge was the referee,
      while Blackman and Mero were treated with trainers in their corners.
      Steve Blackman won the match after he scored the most points. He used
      many takedowns to advance. Afterwards, Blackman and Mero showed
      sportsmenship, when the two hugged each other.

      • Backstage, Kevin Kelly announced that Kane would speak out on why he
      accepted Stone Cold Steve Austin's rematch. When WWF returned to a
      commercial, Kane - who was along with Mankind and Paul Bearer - stated
      that he was sure he could defeat Steve Austin once again. Bearer was
      very upset because Kevin Kelly questioned Kane.

      • The Undertaker was shown entering the arena.

      • Val Venis defeated Togo (w/Yamaguchi San) with The Money Shot.
      -During the match, Dustin Runnels came down to color commentate. Runnels
      stated many religious lines. After Togo missed a top-rope maneuever, Val
      Venis took full advantage, and finished off Togo with The Money Shot.
      Afterwards, Venis started to flirt with
      Yamaguchi San's wife. The wife ignored Venis, causing San to confront
      him. Venis attacked San. The rest of Kaientai came out to attack Venis,
      but all were taken out with a chair.

      • Before WWF went to a commercial break, Edge was shown standing in the
      crowd, while Stone Cold Steve Austin prepared for his World Title

      • Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin
      said he was very confident that he would defeat Kane. Cole was then
      kicked out of Austin's locker room.

      • King of Kings Contest: Ken Shamrock defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley
      (w/Chyna) and Owen Hart via Pinfall.

      -The match between the three superstars turned out to be very physical.
      When pinfalls were secured or submission maneuevers were executed, the
      extra opponent would interrupt. As Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart battled on
      the outside of the ring, Rocky Maivia nailed Hunter Hearst Helmsley with
      the Intercontinental Title. Shamrock knocked out Hart, and
      went to Triple H to secure the pin. Afterwards, Owen Hart went all over
      Shamrock's ankle. Maivia was attacked from behind by D-Generation X. The
      Nation came out, and the two stables began to brawl back into the locker
      room area.

      • Undertaker Interview - (With Michael Cole)
      -The Undertaker said he didn't owe an apology to no one for letting Kane
      take the victory at King of the Ring. He said he did what he did because
      he didn't want Kane to set himself on fire. Vince McMahon appeared, and
      said that Undertaker was lying. McMahon
      stated that Undertkaer let Kane win, because he knew he could beat Kane
      for the title, but couldn't beat Stone Cold Steve Austin. McMahon warned
      Undertaker not to interfere in the Austin vs. Kane WWF World Title

      • Brawl for All Contest: Bradshaw defeated Mark Cannaberry (Henry
      -Once again, Danny Hodge officiated the match, while Cannaberry and
      Bradshaw were treated with trainers. Both superstars used a combination
      of strategies. Although Cannaberry executed many takedowns, Bradshaw
      received the victory with all the punches he threw.

      • Edge was shown once again standing in the crowd.

      • LOD 2000 Interview.
      -LOD 2000 introduced Paul Ellering as their new manager. Animal and Hawk
      explained the Ellering was the one who took LOD 2000 to the top. Skull
      and 8-Ball made their ways down to the ring on the Titan Bikes. Ellering
      turned on LOD, and introduced Skull and
      8-Ball as his actual tag team. It was a three-on-one situation, and LOD
      2000 was left completely helpless.

      • Backstage, Kevin Kelly interviewed The Undertaker. The Undertaker said
      nobody tells him what to do, meaning he may just interfere in the Stone
      Cold Steve Austin vs. Kane match.

      • Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Kane with the Stone Cold Stunner, to
      become the new WWF World Champion.

      -The match was a pure brawl. As it continued, The Undertaker made his
      way down to the ring. Kane missed the Tombstone, and Stone Cold Steve
      Austin took advantage, and executed the Stone Cold Stunner to become the
      2-time WWF World Title. Afterwards, Austin delieved yet another Stone
      Cold Stunner to The Undertaker. The show went off the air
      went off the air with all three superstars staring at each other.


      By Josh Marion
      E-mail: RLQL29C@...

      Kaientai vs. Headbangers & Taka Michinoku
      Very High flying matchup. This was one of the two startup matches that
      I missed 'cause I had to work, but I got the results. Taka and the
      Headbangers won win Taka Michinoku Drived the one with gold red hair.

      Sable introduced McMahon and Patterson. Pat got a bit 'friendly' and
      touched Sable's ass. Sable slapped him across his ugly mug. McMahon
      askes abunch o' questions about 'Who Came Here To See..' then said like
      'Kane set himself on fire, SCSA win, Etc. Then he
      just blabbed on and was pretty much boring. He insulted everyone,
      getting jeered.

      Jeff Jarrett vs. Ken Shamrock
      Tennessee Lee sucks. That's all I gotsta say <G>. Shamrock basically
      dominated the whole match, kicking the crap out of Double J from the get
      go. One point Double J used his quickness to get him off guard, but
      Shamrock retailiated. Shamrock's eye was swollen shut parcially (SP). It
      spilled to the outside, where Shamrock continued to whoop ass. T.
      Lee distracted several times, giving J the edge. Then Double J started
      to work on Shamrock's ankle. Great strategy. This match ended when
      Shamrock put the Ankle Lock Submission on Double J, then he beat up
      Tennessee Lee.

      Dan Severn vs. The Rock
      I was expecting a Shamrock/Severn match in the finals, but the Rock was
      laying the smack down pretty hard. :). Ross informs us about his UFC
      Title .. Yeah, like we didn't know that. Pretty boring match, Severn
      used nothing but submission holds and a few tech moves the whole match.
      Rock cheated a bit, but not much. D-Lo came out and got Severn back from
      tearing his tit, frog splashing him and Rock pinned him for the 3 count.

      Al Snow & Head vs. Too Much
      This match was FUNNY AS HELL. The KING Jerry Lawler was the special
      guest referee. Al Snow found a boy head in the crowd and was kissing it
      to the lady head, I was LMAO. Snow yelled at Head because Lawler was the
      ref. Pretty much text-book match. JR kept called Snow a psycho. He kept
      yelling at Head, losing momentum. Everytime Snow pinned, Jerry took 90
      seconds to count. Seriously. He checked their shoulders after each 1
      count. It was funny. The Head was tagged in and opened up a can. :).
      Brian Christoper ended it when he Pinned The Head. <G>.

      X-Pac vs. Owen Hart
      Chyna came down with X-Pac. Damn X-Pac's music sucks.. :). X-Pac didn't
      waist any time, starting off very aggresivally (SP). At this point, I
      went to take a dump.<G>. When I got back, they were fighting on the
      outside where Owen was dominating. Owen Hart then got him in the ring,
      wearing him down with sleepers and moves to weaken him up. Owen had
      a brace on his arm. At one point, it looked like X-Pac was humping Owen
      in the corner. <G>. Owen and X-Pac fell off the top rope and Mark Henry
      splashed X-Pac on the otside! Chyna got in Henry's face and Vader came
      down and beat Henry. Owen had the sharpshooter on when Chyna got in and
      DDT'd him!! Lots O' Action!! Then X-Pac rolled him over for the Three!!

      Paul Bearer comes out and blabs about Kane is going to whoop Undertakers
      butt. Nothing else.

      New Age Outlaws vs. New Midnight Express
      Second of the suprise matches, the titles WERE on the line. Don't see
      why they got the shot when Kane and Mankind won that crappy battle
      royal. I didn't watch this, cause I HATE Tag Team matches .. All I can
      tell you is the Outlaws won this one.

      HHH comes down and becomes a colored commentator.

      Shamrock vs. The Rock (KOTR Final)
      Rocky works on the ankle most of the match. After several counter moves,
      Shamrock nailed a kick to the gut. Chyna joins the spanish commentators.
      LOL. Rock then goes to rule-breaking rules, dominating the matchup for a
      while. The Rock comes to attack HH and they brawl for a bit, allowing no
      holds bar fighting by Shamrock on the Rock. HHH, while putting his mic
      back on goes "Testies 1-2-3..." LOL. Match went on for a while, blah
      blah, blah. This one ended when Shamrock put on the ankle lock submisson
      to become the KOTR!!!

      Mankind vs. Undertaker (Hell In A Cell)
      Great, HARDCORE Match. One of the best matchs I have *EVER* seen before.
      It started on the top, where they dueled for a while. Soon, UT tossed
      Mankind OFF the cage through the spanish announcers table. (Ever notice
      how they always get theirs smashed?). The paramedics came out and took
      him back, but he came back. He climbed the top where UT
      chokeslammed him through the cage and onto the mat. Then they dueled a
      bit, then
      Mankind brought out some thumbtacks. UT turned the tides, chokeslamming
      him into the tacks, then Tombstoning him for the 1-2-3.

      Steve Austin vs. Kane (World Title Match)
      Kane and Austin dueled at first. Austin then took advantage and went to
      the outside where the cage began to descend and stopped right before the
      ground. Kane tossed him under and the cage tried to crush Austin, but he
      got out. Then Kane whipped him
      into the guarrail, sandwhich'n Earl Heber. Mankind came to fight, so did
      UT. UT beat
      all of them, cuttin Austin and making him bleed profusely. Then he
      doused Hebner in gas and left. Austin stunned Mankind and Kane, then
      Hebner got up. He saw Austin was bloodied and rang the bell. KANE is
      your NEW WWF WORLD CHAMP!!


      WRESTLING-ONLINE.COM, VISIT NOW @ http://www.wrestling-online.com

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      Wrestling-Online NewsStation

      - 14,000 fans were in attendance for last week's Thunder.

      - nWo Hollywood will have a new Tag Team to battle the Wolfpac. They
      will debut at the July 10 house show! (Hotline)

      - Giant & Bret Hart will team up somewhere down the line (Hotline)

      - Thunder is from the Civic center in Colombus Georgia this week.


      Credit: Joe De Leon

      WCW Monday Nitro Report for June 29, 1998 | Hosted by Tony Schiavone,
      Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan | Live from Tampa, Florida

      • Throughout the beginning of the show, an 18-wheeler Diamond Dallas
      Page and Karl Malone were traveling in was shown running along a Tampa
      freeway. Police cars guided the truck, and footage was courtesy of a

      • Kevin Greene came down to the ring to be interviewed by Gene Okerlund.
      He announced that he and Goldberg would team up to take on The Giant and
      Curt Hennig at Bash at the Beach.

      • Kanyon vs. Horace (w/Lodi)
      -Distractions from Lodi helped Horace take advantages when needed.
      However, after Horace missed a lariat, Kanyon took full advantage, and
      finished off Horace with the Flatliner. Afterwards, The Flock appeared
      and attack the helpless Kanyon. Raven got in front of Kanyon's face,
      taunted him, and gave him an Evenflow D.D.T.
      *Winner: Kanyon by Pinfall

      • Backstage, NWO-Hollywood passed out chains and crobars to each other.
      They discussed a strategy plan to attack Diamond Dallas Page and Karl

      • Stevie Ray came down the rampway to meet up with Gene Okerlund for an
      interview. On behalf of Stevie Ray's brother, Booker T., he announced
      that Harlem Heat would take on Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael later in
      the show.

      • Little Dragon vs. Eddie Guerrero
      -When Eddie Guerrero went for the Frog Splash maneuver, Chavo Guerrero,
      Jr. appeared, riding a hobby horse. Eddie took the horse away from
      Chavo. Little Dragon caught Eddie from behind, and rolled him up for the
      pin. Chavo grabbed his horse, and ran back to the locker room, with
      Eddie chasing after him.
      *Winner: Little Dragon by Pinfall

      • Backstage, Chris Jericho told Ultimo Dragon that if he could defeat
      Dean Malenko, he would get a shot at the Cruiserweight Title the
      following Thursday on Thunder.

      • The Giant (w/Curt Hennig and Rick Rude) vs. Judo Suwa and Sumo Fuji -
      *Handicapp Match*
      -The Giant executed a Double Chokeslam on both Japanese wrestlers, and
      secured a double pinfall for the win. Afterwards, Curt Henning, The
      Giant, and Rick Rude continued a beating on Suwa and Fuji. Hennig called
      out Kevin Greene and Goldberg. Greene and Goldberg ran down to the ring,
      causing NWO-Hollywood to leave.
      *Winner: The Giant by Pinfall

      • Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff came to the ring. Bischoff called
      Tampa Bay "the city that Hollywood built." Hogan said that he is going
      to make Karl Malone and Dallas Page famous when he tears them apart when
      they arrive at the arena. He said that the
      NWO is also going to tear apart their truck. He said Malone is going to
      be shining his shoes before the night is over. Hogan said Malone is
      going to embarrass himself again when he gets into the ring with himself
      and Rodman.

      • The British Bulldog and Jim Neidhart vs. Sting and Lex Luger
      -Neidhart and Bulldog made quick tags to wear down Luger in the match.
      However, when Luger finally made the tag to Sting, Sting took the
      advantage on both men. As the Bulldog attempted a bodyslam, Sting slid
      off of Bulldog, and executed the Scorpion Death
      Drop on Bulldog for the win.
      *Winners: Sting and Luger by Pinfall

      • Saturn vs. Reese (w/Lodi)
      -After Saturn kicked Lodi off of the ring apron, he caught Reese and
      executed the Death Valley Driver on him for the win. At that point,
      Raven's Flock came down to the ring and attacked Saturn. Saturn was able
      to fend off Riggs, but the Flock was able to take
      him down. Raven then took the microphone and said it's Saturn's fault
      that their friendship is over. He then delivered the Evenflow D.D.T for
      his "punishment."
      *Winner: Saturn by Pinfall

      • El Vampiro vs. Brad Armstrong
      -A back and forth match between the two, with Vampiro getting the
      pinfall victory after hitting his "Nail in the Coffin" finishing
      *Winner: El Vampiro by Pinfall

      • Tokoyo Magnum and Shimo Nobanaga vs. Disco Inferno and Alex Wright
      -At the beginning of the match, Magnum and Nobanaga started to dance
      with Wright and Inferno, but Wright and Inferno didn't like it and threw
      both of them out of the ring. Wright ended up winning this match for the
      team after hitting a German Suplex on Magnum.
      *Winner: Disco & Wright by Pinfall

      • Dean Malenko vs. Ultimo Dragon
      -During the match, Jericho walked down to the ring, insulting Malenko.
      As Malenko was about to win the match with the Texas Cloverleaf, Jericho
      mentioned that Malenko's father was buried in Tampa. When hearing that,
      Malenko released the hold and ran after Jericho. Malenko was then
      counted out, giving Dragon the win.
      *Winner: Dragon by Count Out

      • Harlem Heat vs. Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael
      -Harlem Heat members pretty much had their way with both Benoit and
      McMichael at the beginning of the match. During the match, Bret Hart
      came down and nailed Booker T. with a chair in the back of the head.
      McMichael took advantage and covered Booker T.
      for the victory.
      *Winners: Benoit & McMichael by Pinfall

      • Backstage, Jericho told Dragon that he didn't deserve a title shot.
      However, Malenko interrupted and attacked Jericho, throwing him into
      the lockers. He also attacked the Dragon.

      • Eric Bischoff and Miss Elizabeth came out from the entrance way. They
      then proceded to walk in front of the band and sat on a stage that
      looked like the "Tonight Show" set. Bischoff called the show "NWO
      'Later'." Bischoff then introduced his first guest, Scott
      Steiner. Steiner, of course, showed off his muscles as Bischoff
      glorified him. Bischoff asked Steiner to compare Rodman and Malone.
      Steiner said it's like comparing winners to losers. He said Rodman has
      owned Malone for the past two years in the NBA finals. Steiner said
      Rodman has been working with Jean-Claude Van Dam, while Malone has been
      doing "Rogaine" commercials. He said it's not much of a comparison. He
      said Rodman will beat him one more time at Bash at the Beach. Bischoff
      then asked about Steiner's next co-star in his next movie. Steiner said
      that he will bring his co-star on Bischoff's
      show next week on Nitro.

      • Okerlund interviewed Booker T. Booker T. got straight to Hart hitting
      him with the chair. He called Hart a sissified punk for attacking him
      from behind again. Booker T. then challenged Hart to a match right then.
      Stevie Ray came out and told Booker T. that
      Hart hitting him was no big deal and that he should be able to take it.
      Bret Hart then came out and accepted Booker T's challenge. He said
      Booker T. would lose to the best technical wrestler in the game. Hart
      told him the match would take place in San Diego at
      The Bash at the Beach.

      • Backstage, Hogan and Bischoff were talking. Hogan said that he wasn't
      surprised that Malone and Bischoff hadn't showed up. Bischoff told Hogan
      that he doesn't need those two and that tonight is their night.

      • Goldberg vs. Glacier - *US Title Match*
      -Glacier used his martial arts knowledge to actually take Goldberg down
      at one point. However, Goldberg had no real problems with Glacier. He
      hit Glacier with the spear and executed the Jackhammer for the victory.
      *Winner: Goldberg by Pinfall (105-0)

      • Hollywood Hogan and Bischoff came down to the ring. The two came down
      much quicker than usual and seemed upset. Hogan said that he's going to
      turn Rodzilla loose and bury Page and Malone in San Diego because they
      didn't show up tonight. Hogan called both of them losers for not showing
      up. Outside, we saw the truck pulling up at the arena. NWO
      members were outside waiting for the truck to pull-up. When the truck
      finally stopped, Page and Malone came out with chairs in hand. They
      walked through the arena and made their way onto the arena floor. As
      Hogan continued to make fun of Page and Malone for not showing up, Page
      and Malone got into the ring and hit their chairs together to show Hogan
      they were there. Hogan pushed Bischoff into Page, who threw Bischoff out
      of the ring. As Malone dared him to touch him, Hogan tried to leave the
      ring to no avail. Finally, Hogan took off his bandana and actually got
      into it with Malone. Malone, however, actually bodyslammed Hogan and
      delivered two clotheslines to him. Hogan then quickly left the ring and
      was consoled by his NWO members on the outside. Page took a
      microphone and congratulated Malone for taking out Hogan. Page then
      challenged Rodman to show up at Nitro next week so that they could take
      both of them out next week.


      4 COLUMNS

      By Justin Hornung
      E-mail: morningkill@...

      "He's baaaaaaaack!" - Poltergeist 2

      Hey there hi there ho there, campers! Yes, I have returned, after an
      all-too-lengthy forced hiatus after my modem got zapped in one of the
      monster storms we've been having here on Long Island. Yes, it took me
      three and a half weeks to get a new one, but now I have returned! Did
      you miss me? Aw, I know you did! Well, without further ado, let's get
      right down to business.

      First order of business: Kane as the new WWF champion. I wish I could
      have told you, people, but I'm afraid I saw it coming. Not to fear,
      though...I'm predicting that tonight the Undertaker will step up to the
      plate and take the title from his brother, setting up the Austin - Taker
      main event for Summerslam.

      Now that Austin is no longer the champ, does this mean the conspiracy
      angle is over? Not by a long shot, kiddies! The Big Mac is going to
      dog Austin for some time to come, and personally, I'm loving every
      SECOND of it!

      On to Al Snow...I have to congratulate whoever booked the result of this
      match; that one took EVERYONE (including me) for a ride. I mean, it was
      so simple. Al Snow's first return match...PLUS if he loses he has to
      leave WWF? How could he lose? But he did, proving that wrestling
      angles can still be unpredictable...in the WWF, in any case. Does that
      sound biased? Well, it is, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've
      love for WCW, and none at all for Eric Bischoff. Now that the
      newsletter covers both feds, I'll be able to subject you all to my
      rants, bwhahahahaha! But not today.

      Regarding Shawn Michaels...there's a rumor that at a house show last
      week, our favorite Heartbreak Kid met with Vince McMahon to discuss his
      future with WWF, should he be unable to return to the ring...ever.

      Now calm down, folks, this does not mean that we'll never see HBK in the
      ring again, but it is a depressing situation. According to recent
      reports, HBK hasn't been able to sleep through a full night until very
      recently, and as of right now he is only able to stand for about an hour
      before the pain in his back becomes too great. Originally, he was set
      to make a ring return somewhere between the 1999 Royal Rumble and
      Wrestlemania 15. Now it doesn't look so promising.

      Rumors are that should he be unable to continue his career in the ring,
      he will be given a booking position in the front office...behind the
      scenes. That, IMHO, is a horrible idea. Shawn Michaels is all about
      the spotlight, being right there where the action is. If he can't
      continue to wrestle, I say give him a color commentary position! Get
      Michael Cole's wooden ass the hell out of the WWF, and replace him with
      Shawn Michaels!
      He's done color before, usually for one match, and once for a 1-hour
      Monday Night Raw, and the man is GOOD at it! Do you hear me, Big Mac?
      Dump Cole! The man doesn't belong in wrestling commentary! Give HBK
      Cole's spot if he can't wrestle!

      Okay, that's enough of that. This is a short column today, but I'll end
      it here with a PotShots Poll: What do you think Shawn Michaels should do
      if he can no longer wrestle? Send me your opinions, and I'll tally them
      and post them in the next PotShots. Until next time...

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