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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Thursday, October 7th, 1999

      I S S U E # 4 1 8

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      Thanks to everyone who corrected me over the PWI news post of
      yesterday's issue. Last year's winner was indeed Steve Austin and not
      Malenko. Malenko got the number one spot the year before. Thanks again!

      I've added WWF Rebellion pictures at http://www.wrestling-online.com !
      Check em out!


      ** C L A S S I C M O M E N T S **

      You can now relive wrestling's greatest moments at Wrestling-Online.com!
      Wrestling video clips from the 80s and early 90s. Jump in the time
      and get ready for a wild ride!

      By The King, [king@...]

      I must beg the pardon of my legion of followers who hang on every word
      herein more than they hang on each inhalation of the stagnant foetid air
      which infests the hovels in which they live. My recent absense from
      these pages comes due to a crisis which occurred
      over here in Royal Buckinghamshire. Word reached the Ministry of Culture
      early on Wednesday morning that Colin Vassallo would be visiting my fair
      realm for the weekend. I decided that it was of the utmost importance
      that I would not be in the country whilst the newsletter equivalent of
      Hillbilly Jim was infesting the isle with Maltese Fleas.
      So, in true Kingly fashion, I chartered a Jet for Italy and passed a
      very pleasant few days in Rome. I could describe a few sights to you all
      - the amazing things which I saw which you peasants will never get the
      chance to see, the exquisite things which I supped upon which you
      plebians will never get to taste, the fine local ladies who threw
      themselves at my Royal feet, tearing each others' hair out to be able to
      sniff at the heavenly aroma of my Gucci shoe polish, such a scene as you
      will never understand and
      a calibre of female which you will never get to sample. Yes, person with
      a young, overweight, tweely pony-tailed girlfriend who mangles the
      English language every time she opens her fat mouth, I'm talking to you.
      These were sights, dining and consorts fit for a King.

      Now, to the matter of the day. Vince Russo has chosen to flee the WWF
      and sign on with WCW. Whilst Russo has proven himself to be a huge
      hypocrite by constantly bad mouthing WCW over the past three years, he
      was critiscising a product which he had no
      sway over. The way he must see it is that WCW run by Bischoff was a
      waste of time, but WCW run by Russo is going to be a fine thing. I
      applaud this level of concieted arrogance - and I believe that Russo is
      on the right track. What needs to be done is to stop the age brigade
      muscling in on the top of the card and for those atheletes who can
      actually carry a match AND an angle to be pushed to the top. I'm talking
      about Bret Hart. I'm talking about Chris Benoit. I'm talking about
      Goldberg, Buff Bagwell, Disco
      Inferno, Booker T, Rey Misterio, Kidman and a host of other currently
      misguided atheletes. There are people who must be kicking themselves
      right now at the opportunity they have blow.

      Many people who have recently left the WCW would have been in for a huge
      push and are not going to make it now. Stand up Chris Jericho, defeated
      by the Rock and X-pac within his first 2 months and destined to hold
      nothing more than the IC title or the world title only if he gets the
      Triple H "undeserving but there's nobody else" treatment. Stand up
      Raven, who would have likely been pushed up to main event status by
      Russo but will continue being the huge fish in the stagnant pond in
      Foolidelphia. Stand up Konnan who, despite little talent, could have
      been a contender were it not for his being all mouth and no trousers
      backstage over the last few months. Hopefully we we start to see the
      winding down of Flair, Hogan, Sid, Nash, Hall and Luger, undeserving
      pushes of folks like David Flair and Ernest Miller should be put in the
      past and it should be onwards and upwards for the Atlanta based

      Although Bischoff managed to make WCW number one for the first time
      ever, he let the business success go to his head and forgot the main
      thing - entertainment. Eric was too much of a businessman and too little
      of a fan. You've got to have a lot of both, as Mr
      McMahon has exemplified. So, in closing, is Russo a bad person for going
      to WCW? Don't be ridiculous. The only people who are fools in the entire
      affair are the pathetic, blinkered fans who would cast Russo into the
      pits of hell for going against their federation of choice. They don't
      see the positive that this will create - hopefully,
      one good promotion - which is more than we have at the moment. Russo has
      done a stellar job making a feeble talent base like the WWF into a
      reasonably entertaining product. Watch now as the best Vince in
      wrestling makes the talent base in WCW work and
      provide some great action and as the lesser Vince flounders and the
      non-talent base in the WWF are showed up as the talentless goons which
      they are. A player is only as good as the script and the director -
      which means that things can only get better for WCW
      and the WWF seem to be, in your foul colloquial tongue, "screwed".

      charlie@... )



      - Funeral service for the late WWF Hall Of Famer Gorilla Monsoon will be
      on Friday, October 8th from 7:00-9:00pm at Goes-Scolieri Funeral Home at
      212 Levitt Parkway, Willingboro, NJ. Also after 9:00am on Saturday,
      October 9, with a pre-service at 10am. Phone Number is 609-871-1000. You
      can send cards to the The Marella Family at 56 Cove Rd., Moorestown, NJ
      08057-3950. (Georgiann Makropoulos)

      > WWF SEEK $75,000 IN HART LAWSUIT
      - During his new internet radio show, editor of the Wrestling Observer
      Dave Meltzer reported that the WWF are seeking $75,000, plus attorney
      fees, in the lawsuit they filed against The Hart Family for breach of

      - Tomorrow night at 8PM EST, hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley will
      chat on America OnLine. The chat is in association with TV Guide! (Big3)

      - UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- A former defensive tackle for the New York Jets and
      the Denver Broncos was paralyzed below the waist after fracturing his
      neck during a professional wrestling match at the Nassau Coliseum -- the
      second professional wrestling tragedy in five months.

      Darren Drozdov, now a World Wrestling Federation star, is a tattooed,
      body-pierced wrestler known simply as "The Droz." He underwent three
      hours of surgery Wednesday to relieve pressure on his damaged neck.

      "It's way too early to say whether or not he'll regain use of his legs,"
      said Dr. Laurence Mermelstein, an orthopedic surgeon at the Nassau
      County Medical Center.

      Drozdov, 30, of Mays Landing, N.J., suffered two dislocated and
      fractured discs in the mishap.

      Drozdov played football at the University of Maryland and was signed by
      the Jets as a free agent in 1993. He was claimed off waivers by the
      Broncos that same year, and spent two seasons with them before going
      into wrestling.

      The 6-foot-4, 270-pounder was wrestling against D'Lo Brown on Tuesday
      night when the accident occurred.

      Drozdov was rushed to the medical center, where doctors pumped him with
      the same steroid medication given to New York Jets defensive end Dennis
      Byrd and Chinese gymnast Sang Lan when they suffered spinal cord

      Byrd later regained use of his legs. Lan was paralyzed from the chest
      down in an accident -- also at the Nassau Coliseum -- during the 1998
      Goodwill Games.

      Drozdov's injury came just five months after an in-ring WWF fatality.

      Wrestler Owen Hart, 34, known professionally as the Blue Blazer, died
      May 23 during a live pay-per-view event when he fell from the ceiling of
      the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Mo. His family has since sued the WWF
      and its owner, Vince McMahon, for wrongful death.

      The WWF had no immediate comment Wednesday on Drozdov's accident. In an
      operation that began at 10:15 a.m. ET, surgeons removed a piece of
      Drozdov's pelvis to replace the injured discs. They also attached a
      plate and screws to the area in an effort to stabilize his neck,
      Mermelstein said.

      Despite the loss of feeling in his legs, Drozdov was in good spirits
      when he arrived at the hospital, the doctor said.

      - By Bob Matthews, Democrat and Chronicle

      (Oct. 7, 1999) -- Bob Marella, arguably the most famous pro wrestler to
      come out of Rochester as the world-famous Gorilla Monsoon, died
      yesterday at his home in Willingboro, N.J., of complications from a
      recent heart attack. He was 62.

      Mr. Marella was a star athlete at Jefferson High School (Class of 1955)
      and Ithaca College before becoming one of pro wrestling's best-known and
      best-paid performers in the 1960s and 1970s.

      Mr. Marella weighed around 300 pounds as a football player, wrestler and
      track and field athlete at Jefferson and was in the 350 range at Ithaca
      (where he was affectionately nicknamed "Tiny"). He topped 400 as one of
      the top drawing cards in pro wrestling.

      He was a road agent and prominent TV commentator for the World Wrestling
      Federation for many years after retiring from the ring, often sharing
      the microphone with current Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. His last
      ring and TV appearance was at this year's Wrestlemania.

      "I was a physical education major at Ithaca, and the only thing I regret
      about becoming a professional wrestler is that I missed the opportunity
      to teach youngsters," Mr. Marella said in a 1978 interview. "Of course,
      there aren't many $100,000-a-year teachers walking around."

      At Ithaca, Mr. Marella finished second in the NCAA wrestling
      championships in 1959 and an 18-second pin win remains the quickest in
      the school's history. He set school records in the discus and shot put
      that lasted almost a decade after he graduated. He was was inducted into
      the Ithaca College Sports Hall of Fame in 1973. He proudly brought a WWF
      show to his alma mater in 1987.

      Bad knees ruled out a career in the NFL but Marella's size and athletic
      ability attracted the attention of western New York pro wrestling
      promoter Pedro Martinez.

      "I was proud of my success as an amateur wrestler but knew that Pedro
      was more interested in my physique than my technique," Mr. Marella said.
      "I was huge."

      Mr. Marella made his pro wrestling debut at the Rochester War Memorial
      in the summer of 1959 and 6,000 fans -- four times the normal turnout --
      saw him quickly pin bad-guy Pauncho Lopez.

      Mr. Marella was a "good guy" in the early years of his pro wrestling
      career but didn't hit it big until his Gorilla Monsoon gimmick began in
      1963. The story line said he was born on an isolated farm in Manchuria,
      earned his keep with a gypsy caravan wrestling bears, arrived in America
      speaking no English, and ate raw meat washed down with the blood of his

      "In short, I was a guy the fans loved to hate," he said.

      Mr. Marella wrestled at Madison Square Garden "hundreds of times,"
      including dozens of main events, often classics against popular world
      champion Bruno Sammartino.

      WOW magazine editor-in-chief Bill Apter yesterday hailed Gorilla Monoon
      as one of the all-time great pro wrestling heels. He dwarfed most
      wrestlers of his era and had a full beard and fierce growl that made
      fans genuinely afraid of him. Apter said that when Monsoon and
      Sammartino were in the ring, no one thought pro wrestling was fake.

      For being such a convincing bad guy in the ring, Mr. Marella often paid
      a price. He once said, "I've been stabbed, jabbed, poked and spat upon.
      One night in Puerto Rico, I got nailed in the head by a flying brick.
      But nothing hurts quite as much as having somebody use your back to
      snuff out a big fat burning cigar."

      Mr. Marella's most publicized fling in the ring was a confrontation with
      Muhammad Ali in the summer of 1976 in Philadelphia. It made newspapers
      and TV news reports around the world.

      "Ali was trying to get pubicity for an upcoming gimmick fight for a
      fortune against a Japanese wrestler (Antonio Inoki) and he apparently
      wanted to use me as a warmup for publicity," Mr. Marella recalled.

      "I was in the ring, waiting for my regular match, when Ali jumped
      through the ropes, kicked off his shoes, tore off his shirt and began
      screaming at me. I picked him up and tossed him to the mat with a Giant
      Swing. But I gave him a break and didn't use my Manchurian Splash."

      Mr. Marella insisted the episode was not contrived: "I never saw him
      (Ali) before and haven't seen him since."

      A shrewd businessman, Mr. Marella 20 years ago predicted that pro
      wrestling would someday enjoy a mammoth revival on cable TV. He was a
      major player in that becoming a reality as a minor partner and confidant
      of WWF boss Vince McMahon Jr.

      Mr. Marella often visited his parents and other relatives in Rochester
      and was proud of his part in building up his hometown.

      "In my college years, I worked heavy construction in Rochester," he
      said. "I helped put up buildings at Kodak, RIT and the University of
      Rochester. That's my lasting contribution."


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      - The WCW newcomers Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera had a chat on Yahoo
      yesterday. They answered alot of questions and it's a very interesting
      chat. You can read it at: http://www.wcw.com/1999/10/06/chat/

      - Wade Keller of the Wrestling Torch reports that Vince Russo will have
      creative control over everyone in World Championship Wrestling, except
      for one man, Hulk Hogan. This means that Hogan can still reject to do
      any angles he feels and even create his own angles.

      - Yo Cutters…What’s up?

      First of all, I have to send a special prayer out to another Jersey boy,
      Droz. I don’t know the whole story yet, but I got a call in to the Big
      Show. Right now, I only know what I have read. According to ESPN, Droz
      was “paralyzed below the waist after fracturing his neck during a
      professional wrestling match at the Nassau Coliseum…He
      underwent three hours of surgery Wednesday to relieve pressure on his
      damaged neck.” I don’t really know Droz, but I wish him the best. I
      was there the night Bagwell broke his neck and had to do an interview
      right afterwards. Buff played it off really light about the broken neck
      when he came back, but there was nothing light about it that
      night. Get well, Droz. We’re with you, bro. You can send get-well
      cards to Droz at:

      Darren Drozdov
      c/o WWF
      1241 East Main St.
      Stamford, CT 06902

      My condolences go out to Gorilla Monsoon’s family. Robert Marella aka
      Gorilla Monsoon passed away this morning, October 6th. Gorilla was
      actually the first wrestler I ever talked to. It was at the Asbury Park
      Convention Center when I was 20. The Gorilla will be sorely missed. We
      do not have an address for condolence cards for the family,
      but we will keep an eye out.

      To address rumors about Kimberly quitting the Nitro Girls…she will do
      that herself later in the email. If you want the news, always go to the

      What’s DDP jacked about lately?

      GOOD GAWD.

      Vince Russo and Bob Ferrera, the WWF’s head writers are coming to WCW.
      Not one, but two time, two time, two times the talent. Our shows have
      gotten better lately, but I see direction and story line right around
      the corner. I also see some of the young talent getting some good
      opportunities in WCW which, contrary to the morons out there who don’t
      know any better who think that would be my worst nightmare. I don’t
      think so. I am all for the younger guys getting the breaks and working
      their ways up to the top spots. I don’t think there should be eight to
      ten top spots, I think there should be twenty or more. I long for the
      day when every match goes off and nobody knows who is going to win.
      That’s just the icing because the story lines get you involved
      beforehand. But then again, you will hear that from the horse’s mouths
      when you read my book. This week’s quote will come from Chapter 11.

      More on that later…if you’re a member. If you’re not, sign up at

      Big news - ddpbang.com will launch a brand new site with videos,
      shockwave animation, calendar of events, monster photo gallery,
      thumbnails, and a whole lot of Kimberly. Good gawd.

      I’m heading out to L.A. this Sunday to start the Warner Brothers movie
      Get Ready To Rumble, which will feature David Arquette, Scotty Caan,
      Oliver Platt, Rose McGowan, and Joey Panz along with DDP, Goldberg, and
      a host of other wrestlers. Before I get into that, let me tell you a
      funny story.

      I was talking to Marc Mero tonight. We went over Rena’s site
      (http://www.renamero.com) getting ideas for my site. It was really Marc
      who got me turned onto the computer and the Internet in the first
      place. Hell, he introed me to RichInKC in the first place. He said he
      was heading out Sunday to L.A., but wouldn’t get there until late. He
      was going to try to get an earlier flight to meet me for dinner. Right
      before, I started this email, he called me up laughing saying he was
      going to get there early because of me. I said, “What does that mean?”

      He told me that he had called Delta and talked to the Delta rep. There
      was only one seat left in first class, so Marc asked the guy if he could
      help him out…and played the Rena Mero/Sable card. (Something I do all
      the time…play the DDP card…wherever needed.) The guy on the phone says,
      “Oh, I know who she is. Let me tell you about this
      wrestler I met. Diamond Dallas Page came to see my son in the
      hospital.” Marc starts laughing and told the guy he had just gotten off
      the phone with me. In fact, the reason he was trying to get an earlier
      flight was so he could meet me for dinner. The guy said, “Then I am
      definitely getting you on this flight.” I told Marc the story
      about meeting Bud, his kid, and we both laughed our asses off. I will
      see them for dinner on Sunday.

      I had gone to a hospital in Salt Lake City to see some kids who had
      terminal cancer and couldn’t make it to the Karl Malone Foundation
      concert this summer. On the way up the elevator, I ran into this guy
      who was freaking out because his son was a huge DDP fan. I said, “How
      old is he?” The kid was four or five years old. He told me, “My son,
      Bud, loves you, man.” I remember saying to him, “Even though I am a bad
      guy now?” He said, “You can’t do anything wrong with him.” and asked
      me to sign his hat for him. Then I had to go see the kids I was
      scheduled to see. As I was leaving, Bud’s dad ran up to me and asked if
      I wouldn’t mind going to the fourth floor to see Bud.

      When I got in the room, Bud was scared to death. Everyone is saying,
      “Bud, show him the Diamond Sign.” Bud didn’t care at all. He was
      concentrating on the doctor coming in to see him. I said, “He doesn’t
      have to do the sign.” I leaned over to Bud and said, “Hey man, it’s
      ok. Doctors scare me, too.” I stuck my head around, so the parents
      could take pictures of us. I am sure Bud likes those photos…now that
      the doctor isn’t around. I guess it goes to prove my theory of life.
      Treat others the way you want to be treated…that’s out of the ring, of
      course. And now my buddy meets me for dinner in LA. Seems like a good
      trade to me.

      Now, let’s bring on Kimberly, to bring you the real scoop on what’s

      The Nitro Girl Search went well this week. We found two good winners in
      Kansas City, Nicole and Lovena. RichInKC sacrificed his time and
      rigorously judged the girls in the physique category. Nicole won the
      voting this week and will advance to the finals.

      On to other topics…I will be signing autographs in Indianapolis to kick
      off ticket sales on Saturday the 8th from 10AM to 11AM at the Kroeger on
      West 71st Street in Indianapolis. Come on down, and don’t forget to
      tell me you’re down with Spooki.

      I guess I should address the continuing gossip about the Nitro Girls.
      Mark Madden’s report was completely inaccurate. I have not quit the
      Nitro Girls. I have decided to bring on a coordinator to run the
      administrative aspect of our program. I will continue to dance and act
      as the leader of the Nitro Girls, however, you can also add to my role
      doing some stuff with Page in the near future. I am very excited by
      that prospect. I don’t know where that rumor came from.

      There has been a lot of stuff about me on the Internet lately. I don’t
      know where it came from, but it is all inaccurate. Can someone please
      tell me when I became a heel? To my knowledge, I have never hurt anyone
      in this business and I have always conducted myself with professionalism
      and honesty. If would like to address this, email
      richinkc@..., put TO KIMBERLY in the subject line, and Rich will
      make sure I get the message.

      Back to Page…

      Before we close, I want to thank all the Cutters who came out to see me
      and Rich at the Planet Comicon Convention in Kansas City. I also want
      to thank Smokey and William for setting up our meeting with the
      Woodland-Edison School. Their principal, Evelyn Williams, sets a great
      example for those kids and I left them on a positive high.

      And now, if you are a member, you get to see this week’s quote from the
      unedited version of Positively Page.

      You want to know how Bischoff and I really ended up as neighbors?
      Here’s the real deal.

      Kimberly and I had been renting an apartment for the first year
      Atlanta, as was Eric and his wife and his two children. We had both
      been looking for the right home in the right area far enough out and
      close enough in to be a good investment for whatever ‘future’ was ahead
      in WCW.
      I think we may have both had the same mindset. We both wanted
      purchase homes while we were under contract and could qualify for
      loans, and with ‘Cowboy’ Bill Watts at the helm nothing at all was
      secure…for anyone.

      Dusty Rhodes wife, Michele had recently gotten her Real Estate
      license, and showed us a few listings and pretty quickly, Kim and I
      decided on a split level home in Mableton.

      The next time Eric and I rode together we both had news about our ‘home
      search’. The irony was unbelievable.

      Page: ‘Hey we bought a house!’
      Bischoff: “So did we!”

      Page: ‘ Really? We picked up a sweet house in Mableton.’
      Bischoff: “ We did too!”

      Page: ‘Bullsh*t. Are you ribbing me?

      Bischoff: “I’m not kidding we bought a house in Mableton in a real nice
      area, its on ****** Street”

      It was just one of those things. Neither of us knew about the other
      guy’s plans…despite what you may have heard elsewhere.

      As always, it’s been your pleasure…

      Diamond Dallas Page


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

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