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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #415

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Monday, October 4th, 1999

      I S S U E # 4 1 5

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Yep! After 4 days in England
      for Rebellion, I finally arrived in Malta at around 1:15AM of today. 4
      days of waiting, 4 days of f'n raining! Some stuff about my trip...

      THURSDAY, SEPT 30TH. - I arrived at around noon in the hotel, unpacked
      my stuff, watched some TV, and went to eat. At 4PM I headed to the
      Virgin Megastore to meet the Rock and the Big Show. There was a little
      problem....at 4PM there was already a HUGE line of people waiting.
      Thanks to my two friends Mark and Tara (Yes guys, I'll plug your sites
      before I end this article!) I managed to sneek in the start of the line.
      Then, the rain started! AAAA! No umbrella, no jacket, just a shirt and a
      cap. You can imagine how we all finished. At around 6, they let people a
      few people in the Megastore, we were one of the people who got in first.
      Show and Rock had to come at 7:30, but it was delayed like 30 minutes.
      After alot of waiting, we had the autographs, pictures and I went back
      to the hotel room. 10,000 people were in the line waiting to get in.

      FRIDAY, OCT 1ST. - I went shopping in the morning, returned at the hotel
      at noon, ate, slept and watched TV. That's all I did for the whole day!
      :) I got hungry at 9, so a pizza from Pizza Hut was enough. I watched a
      movie, and slept.

      SATURDAY, OCT 2ND. - It's PPV day! 6:30AM I wake up, pack my stuff, and
      head to Mark and Tara's house. Again, it was raining. At 9AM we left for
      Birmingham, arrived there at 11:30AM, and went to the wrestlers' hotel.
      We went to the Marriott, but we were in the wrong place, so we moved to
      the arena, and noticed that they were staying at the Hyatt! Went to buy
      some wrestling merchandise from the NIA, and walked down to the hotel.
      After a few words with the security guard who didn't let us in, we
      managed to get in. We waited, waited, and waited....then, we found out
      that the wrestlers were coming out from the back door! Ooops! We run
      near the two huge coaches, and there they are, coming one by one. Kane
      (with no mask), Road Dogg, D-Lo, Jericho, Ivory, Tori, X-Pac, Chyna,
      Hebners, and others came down. Only Earl Hebner and Tim White stopped
      for autographs. The others just waived, and got in, except for Triple H,
      who gave us the middle finger before getting in. "Triple H" chants from
      the crowd soon turned to "Asshole" chants. Off we go to the arena, at
      2AM we're in the starting of the line, with only like 5 other people in
      the line. A few rain showers after, the line started to fill up, and
      after 4 hours the doors opened! Security guards told us to open our
      arms, they searched everything, including bags! It's not like we're
      going in the White House for Christ's sake! We find our seats (pretty
      damn good seats too!) and watch the show. At 1AM we returned to London,
      and slept.

      SUNDAY, OCT 3RD. - Some shopping for lunch, watched RAW, and off to the
      airport at 1PM. A bye to Mark and Tara, and I'm in Heathrow waiting for
      the plane. At 8:15PM, we finally leave to Malta. Flight traffic, delays
      from the airport, waiting for the stuff, at 1:15AM I made it out of the
      airport! And there goes my holiday, now, back to the old story, sleep,
      wake up, work, eat, sleep, wake up, work blah blah blah.

      It was pretty nice, well, maybe if it didn't rain so much, it would have
      been better! England needs some sun big time. And for Mark and Tara's
      sites, go to http://ww...IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE THE SITE IS!
      Uahahhaaah! Ok, here we go http://fusemp.hypermart.net for Mark's site
      and http://the-ministry.hypermart.net for Tara's site!

      Check wrestling-online.com tomorrow for all the Rebellion pictures!


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      - "I am proud to work for Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling
      Federation, and I am sick and tired of people looking to make a name for
      themselves at Vince's expenses." - Vince Russo, RAW Magazine September

      "Regardless of what some people may think, or say, I have been blessed
      with the opportunity of working with Vince McMahon over the past five
      years. Talk about a Fountain of Information. This guy has lived, and
      learned his entire life. Not only is he my boss, but he's the best damn
      teacher I've ever had." - Vince Russo, RAW Magazine September 1999.

      5 words. What a load of crap.

      The biggest wrestling news since the demotion of Eric Bischoff from
      World Championship Wrestling has hit the wrestling world. Now former WWF
      head booker and WWF magazine editor Vince Russo re-signed from his job
      at WWF Entertaniment Inc, to go work with the 'enemy', WCW in Atlanta.
      Also joining him will be Ed Ferrera, one of the most experienced TV
      writers in this business.

      Russo was one of the man responsable in putting up both RAW and
      Smackdown shows, along with Ed Ferrera. These two people wrote
      storylines and interviews for the two shows. Also, Russo was one of the
      main bookers with the World Wrestling Federation.

      This comes in as a shocker, Russo, from New York, openly badmouthed WCW
      in RAW magazines. He didn't like the fact that WCW couldn't 'get it',
      didn't like that WCW keeps using old people, and didn't like the man who
      was in charge, Eric Bischoff. Ed Ferrera quit his job a few months ago
      due to alot of work time, but later arranged things with WWF owner Vince
      McMahon, and returned to his job.

      The news was broken by the official website of the World Wrestling
      Federation yesterday night, and said that effective at 9:45PM EST, the
      mind behind the creative team was no longer employed by the Stamford
      based company. Later on, Bob Ryder revealed that Ed Ferrera has quit
      too, and is moving to WCW.

      Reports are that yesterday night, Vince Russo called McMahon and told
      him that he got an offer from WCW, and asked him if he could 'match the
      offer'. Then they said that McMahon hung up on him. In an interview with
      WrestleLine, Russo denied this. "That is totally incorrect, I called WCW
      on Friday, they flew me in on Saturday, and on Sunday I signed a
      contract. The only deal I ever had with Titan was a verbal deal. Vince
      was expecting me to be at TV tonight at the Meadowlands. I was flying
      back to Connecticut from Atlanta, and changed planes in Philadelphia.
      While I was at the airport, I called Vince and said `I hate to do this
      this way, I would have liked to do it in person, but you were expecting
      me to be at TV (Monday) and I will not be there. I have signed a
      two-year deal with WCW.' "

      Russo continued "Of course Vince was shocked. He never expected it. I
      gave my life him for three years by my choice. I wanted to be the best I
      could be with him and sacrificed much of my life including my family."

      It is believed that now Russo will have total control of the creative
      department of WCW, and probably have the role of Eric Bischoff.

      Russo first got the position of editor of the WWF Magazines, he also
      wrote the articles "The Informer", which can be read in past magazines
      each month. Later Russo was given the opportunity to work as a booker
      and writer for television programs. He is said to be one of the most
      important people in the company.

      A new chapter starts for Russo and Ferrera now, down in Atlanta. In the
      crazy world of pro wrestling, you can never really tell what's going to
      happen. People like Russo and Ferrera will jump ship to any federation
      depending on how much money they get. In previous articles, Russo said
      he was 'loyal' to the Federation and to the McMahons. It's true, for
      most of these wrestlers/officials, where money go, they go. And these
      two are nothing different. I wouldn't be surprised if sooner or later
      Bischoff will be employed by the WWF!

      charlie@... )

      - According to Big Daddy Donnie, independent stars Joe E. Legend and
      Reckless Youth have been signed by the WWF to play "The New Freebirds"
      to be managed by Michael PS Hayes.

      - RETAIL: WWF New York Retail Store is looking for experienced,
      energetic, Selling & Receiving Associates. Full & Part Time positions
      available. A minimum of 2 years retail exp. is required. Opening in
      Nov. Please fax resume: 212-398-2564, the sooner the better. Or drop it
      off at 1501 Broadway, Ste 201, attn: Steve Wissman. We will not be
      interviewing until October 8. ``Know your role, Jabroni.''

      RESTAURANT: ``In our restaurant the china breaks you.'' WWF/NY now
      hiring Now hiring, Host, Hostesses, Waitstaff, Line Cooks, Bartenders,
      Prep Cooks, Bussers, Dishwashers, Bar Backs, Receptionists, Security
      Personnel, Food Runners, Stewards, General Cleaning. Management position
      still available. We need 500 outstanding personalities who want to work
      in the most exciting restaurant/entertainment complex in Times Square
      opening in November. Experience & a great attitude will put you at the
      head of the line. Please fax your resume: 212-398-2564, the sooner the
      better, or drop it off at: 1501 Broadway, Ste 201, attn: Carol Serena.
      We will not be interviewing until October 8. ``Cause Stone Cold said

      - The same producers who made the "Wrestling With Shadows" documentary,
      made a documenteary about the death of Owen Hart. Titled "The Life And
      Death Of Owen Hart", will air on TV Ontario's The View From Here
      November 3rd, and in U.S. on A&E Network on November 16th.


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      - Although the newest employee of WCW, former WWF booker Vince Russo was
      rumored to join WCW Live for an interview tonight, 1wrestling.com
      confirms that the interview will be rescheduled for sometime next week.

      - For tonight, WCW will bring you a free broadcast of Nitro on the
      Internet. It will be hosted by Chad Damiani, Jimmy Baron and other
      special guests. The URL to go is:

      - Bob Ryder reports that Lenny Lane will make his return to WCW
      television tonight on Nitro. He's rumored to wrestle Disco Inferno in a
      match for the Cruserweight title.

      - WCW will be hosting Nitro tonight from the Kemper Arena, in Kansas
      City, the arena where Owen Hart tragically died earlier this year during
      "Over The Edge" WWF PPV. Bret Hart requested a match against Chris
      Benoit as a tribute to his brother Owen.

      - In his latest Calgary Sun article, Bret "Hit Man" Hart attacked the
      Bulldog saying he had no idea that Bulldog's dream to wrestle in honor
      of Owen was getting beat up by a girl. To read the full article go to

      - It's being reported that Dustin Runnel's gimmick in WCW will be a
      cross between the Undertaker and Goldust. Talk about lack of creative

      - What a difference a week can make!!! After having two matches on
      Thunder last week, there was an absence of the West Hollywood Blondes on
      all WCW tv this week... Oh, we were allowed to do a house show in
      Alabama on Wednesday night, so maybe we should be estatic??? Not
      really... for reasons that have yet to be totally explained to Lenny and
      the Lodimonster himself, we have been removed from tv. Now we have news
      that Lenny is to be at Nitro on Monday for a title defense, without the
      Lodibomb, of course.... All we have to go on is second and third hand
      info from the other wrestlers, and none of it seems to be good... To say
      we are confused and disturbed is quite an understatement.... I suppose
      Monday's show will be some kind of answer for us??? We will see...

      Most of my week has been consumed by this unexpected turn of events. My
      career is being tampered with and as for now is out of my control. That
      is a feeling that I do not appreciate nor enjoy. My job is to entertain
      people, and I think that Lenny and I have been fufilling that goal as
      well as anyone in the company... To have that opportunity taken away
      from us disturbs me greatly and leaves me with too many unanswered
      questions.... The Lodiman is not in the best of spirits, to say the

      For the one shining spot in an otherwise horrible week, the outpouring
      of support from the fans of Lenny and Lodi has been incredible... I
      always try to respond to emails and this week I have been bombarded by
      hundreds of letters... Here is a group 'THANK YOU' for all of the
      letters... It has been one of the few things to bring a smile to my
      face, as it has made me realize that we have been successful in
      entertaining more people than we have turned off by our angle on the
      show. While many of the suggestions have been concerning us changing
      companies, that is not contractually possible at the present time. We
      have not spoke with anyone in a management position anywhere else about
      'jumping ship,' so now I hope these rumors have been laid to rest.

      Every week I talk about a positive attitude and believing in
      yourself...If this week's commentary sounded like I had given up on
      those ideas, I have not. Lenny and I both are quite sure, beyond a
      shadow of a doubt, that we will be around to entertain you for years
      to come... Out of small setbacks can come greater things...After all, if
      it was easy, everyone would do it.... We'll keep driving on and with
      your continued support, we'll do what we do best....Entertain and amuse
      you like only the West Hollywood Blondes


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

      Copyright 1996-1999 Wrestling-Online
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