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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #414

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Tuesday, September 28th, 1999

      I S S U E # 4 1 4

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      This is the last newsletter for this week. On Thursday morning I'm
      leaving for England to attend the UK PPV Rebellion. Tomorrow I'll be
      packing my stuff in the evening, so I won't have any time to produce the
      newsletter. Anyways, I will return on Sunday evening, so Monday night is
      when the newsletter will return.

      Go to our NewsStation at [http://www.wrestling-online.com/newsstation%5d
      for the latest news while the newsletter is MIA.

      Just pray Rebellion will be worth the flight and hotel money, because if
      it's as bad as the last UK PPV, I'll run down to the ring and get my
      money right from McMahon's ass! :) Ok, I watch too much TV!

      Can you say VERY SLOW NEWS DAY today? It's one of those days! See ya
      next Monday folks!


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      >> RATINGS

      Once again RAW came out victorious in the Monday Night ratings.

      The first hour of RAW drew a 6.5 and the second hour drew a whopping
      7.0. Composite for the show was 6.8. Quarter hour breakdowns are as
      follows: 6.0, 6.7, 6.6, 6.9, 8.4, 6.8, 6.6, 6.1, and 7.0

      Nitro started with a 4.1 then lowered to 2.4 in the second hour and
      moved to 2.6 in the third and final hour. The composite for the show was
      3.0. Quarter hour breakdowns are as follows: 3.6, 4.0, 4.2, 4.7, 2.9,
      2.2, 2.2, 2.4, 1.6, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0, and 3.8.

      In head to head competition, RAW did 6.8 while Nitro did 2.5

      A rather interesting note is that Dave Scherer reports that the
      Rock/Mankind spot did the record 8.4 rating for that quarter hour. In
      head to head with that skit, Nitro came out with a 1.6.


      >> ON THE MATT
      By Matt Harrington, [mharrington@...]

      The "Mainstream" Effect

      The boundaries between pro wrestling and mainstream entertainment has
      always been a subject of controversy, and more than likely, always will

      Since the first surge of wrestling's popularity in the 80's, questions
      have a risen about the general public's acceptance of a "fixed sport."
      While ratings have always been high, and a wide variety of celebrities
      participate with wrestling, the majority of people still view it as
      being an "outsider."

      So, the question that lingers is: "Are viewers simply basing their
      outlook on wrestling by believing what the media tells them, or have
      they truly checked it out for themselves?"

      To me, people's reasons for tuning pro wrestling on or off does not

      Over the past year, the negative effects for this form of sports
      entertainment has been covered to death by almost every major news
      outlet in the country. And with every negative comment, Vince McMahon
      has been wrestling's crusader, as he diligently defends the business he
      helped build.

      Is this excess in coverage good for wrestling?

      It has always been said that any publicity is good publicity. However,
      too much bad publicity is another thing. Repeatedly hearing about
      children accidentally killing each other via wrestling moves they have
      learned is going to eventually slow the wrestling juggernaut down. It
      is only a matter of time.

      Speaking of bad publicity, the Rena Mero ordeal has certainly added to
      that. With a fair portion of the media on her side, Mero brought forth
      charges of basically all-out corruption within the confines of the
      backstage area. Believe her or not, Mero certainly helped in continuing
      the negative assault.

      Of course, the WWF did get payback with two lawsuits, and when Mrs. Mero
      practically embarrassed herself on the critically acclaimed "Larry King
      Live." I'm an avid viewer of the show, and have never seen Larry more
      bored during an interview.

      Let's not jump to conclusions, however, as there have been a lot of
      positive stories on pro wrestling.

      Perhaps the best one was done by U.S News & World Report, on its rise in
      business and popularity.

      But to sum it all up, what's the bottom line? (Sorry, Austin.)

      Pro wrestling is not mainstream, and it probably never will be. The
      media is currently covering what is hot, and as soon as it fades, the
      coverage will stop.



      - Sunday Night Heat did a 3.2; Livewire did a 1.9 and Superstars did a
      2.2 rating.

      - Mark Madden reports that former ECW valet Kimona Wanalaya has signed
      with the World Wrestling Federation and will be soon debuting as either
      Val Venus' valet or the valet of the soon to be returning Fatu. Fatu
      will return to the WWF to play a modern day version of Yokozuna.

      - Lucas on WWF.com says that this week the WWF will have three new sites
      up. wwfnomercy.com will be up and running tomorrow, and on Friday, there
      will be a site to celebrate the 'wedding' of Stephanie and Test and the
      other one is micktoberfest.com.

      > LAWLER ON INSIDE EDITION, written by Mike Wisniewski
      - Today Inside Edition ran a piece in which they interview Lawler about
      the incident between him and Jim Carrey a few months ago. "Inside
      Edition" ran a piece today in which they interviewed Jerry Lawler about
      the skirmish he had with Jim Carrey on the set of the Andy Kaufman
      movie, "The Man in the Moon", several months ago. I should point out
      that most insiders believe that skirmish was a work to generate
      publicity for the film. The interview was conducted inside a WWF ring in
      an empty arena, apparently before a taping of Raw. The piece sold the
      neck injury and hospital visit Carrey had as if it was legit. They
      showed some clips from the movie, and classic Kaufman clips. Then, they
      gave a background of the history between Kaufman and Lawler. Then the
      interview began. Apparently, the altercation happened as in ring scenes
      from the matches Lawler and Kaufman had were being shot. Lawler said
      Carrey was big time in character before the altercation, and wanted
      Lawler to do the same moves to him that he did to Kaufman years ago.
      Carrey asked Lawler to perform a belly to back suplex on him instead of
      a stunt man. Lawler didn't think it was a good idea to perform moves on
      the untrained Carrey, and told the producers so, which angered Carrey,
      and he spit on Lawler. Then, Lawler chased him down in the ring, and a
      tug of war between Lawler and a member of Carrey's security team, who
      was trying to get Carrey out of the ring, ensued and that is, according
      to Lawler, when Carrey got hurt. Lawler said several months later, when
      Carrey and Lawler shot the final scene for the movie (the infamous
      Letterman Show appearance), Carrey was very cordial and polite. After
      that, Inside Edition talked about Lawler's mayoral bid, and they also
      reported that Lawler is engaged to Stacey (Miss Kitty). That was the
      piece, basically.

      - For a while it looked like the wildly anticipated Playboy Newsstand
      Special on the life and career of Rena was on the ropes. But now the
      fight is over and Playboy's Wrestling Superstar: Rena Mero is back
      on schedule and headed to newsstands all over the world.

      "The WWF had a problem with some of the words on our cover defining Rena
      when she was known as the character Sable, but the lawyers and a very
      understanding judge have worked it all out," says Jeff Cohen, the
      executive ed7itor of Playboy's Newsstand Specials. "Interest in the
      magazine has been incredible. All of our fans who were concerned about
      the status of the magazine will be happy to know that it should be at
      newsstands a little past our street date of October 19, and it's
      definitely worth the wait. Rena's first Playboy sold so fast that many
      of her fans never got a chance to see it. Our Newsstand Special is
      not only packed with unpublished nudes from that pictorial, but it also
      features new nudes from her second pictorial, a great Q&A and fantastic
      behind-the-scenes shots of Rena at home in Florida. All that plus a
      bonus nude poster make this a must buy for all fans of Rena, wrestling
      and Playboy."

      Playboy's Wrestling Superstar: Rena Mero will be available soon at a
      newsstand near you. If you can't wait that long, you'll be able to order
      the magazine online from the Playboy Store in the next few days
      (www.playboy.com). Get your order in soon because with all the buzz
      surrounding this magazine, it's bound to go fast.

      John D. Thomas, Managing Editor Playboy's Newsstand Specials
      (To see the cover go to:
      http://www.newscom.com/db/PRN/prnphotos/docs/008/574.htm) - Credit to
      Georgie of 1wrestling.com for the above.


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      - Alot of news were circulating around the status of Buff Bagwell in WCW
      lately. Some said he signed a new contract, some said the complete
      opposite. Mark Madden says that he may not have signed a contract
      renewal with WCW. The contract was originally proposed by Eric Bischoff,
      and Buff isn't that cooperative with the WCW management lately.

      - Brett Wolverton passes along that the segment for WCW that will be
      featured on "Popular Mechanics for Kids" on an upcoming date was filmed
      at the Saginaw Civic Center in Saginaw, Michigan September 2nd.
      Dave Penzer informed the crowd that the show had followed WCW all
      afternoon to show how Thunder was set up. Also, a match that had Brad
      Armstrong beating Norman Smiley was taped. The host of the show did the
      announcing for the match. He then had to announce the winner of it like
      seven times. (Curt Creighton)


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

      Copyright 1996-1999 Wrestling-Online
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