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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Thursday, May 9, 2013 Issue #3928

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Ah, back home. That was the quickest trip I've ever taken. Malta to London
      and then back to Malta in 24 hours. And yes, I am crazy.


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      > RAW RATING
      - Monday Night RAW this week pulled in less than 4 million viewers in
      total, getting an average of 3,917,000 viewers over three hours for a 2.9
      rating. That is down 368,000 viewers from last week. Hour one drew
      3,970,000, followed by 3,870,000 in hour two and then down to 3,910,000 in
      hour three. This has been the lowest number since the December 31, 2012
      edition of the show. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put
      online by PWInsider.com)

      - WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler will be wrestling for the
      first time since his heart attack when he teams up with fellow Hall of
      Famer Dory Funk Jr., on Saturday, May 25 as part of the !Bang! TV show in
      Florida. "The King" suffered a heart attack on the September 10, 2012,
      live edition of Monday Night RAW while doing commentary. The 63 year old
      Lawler was saved by the ringside WWE doctor who performed CPR and other
      life-saving measures on him. He had to be shocked several times backstage
      before he was brought back to life. Jim Ross, Lawler's long time
      broadcast partner said that he is getting back in the ring because he
      loves professional wrestling and not because he needs the cash. Ross
      admitted he didn't speak to Lawler about this decision and said that his
      cardiologist must have signed off on getting back in the ring.

      - Sin Cara will be returning to the ring next week according to a tweet by
      the man behind the mask. "Finally I was given the all-clear to go back to
      wrestling. Next week my comeback to the WWE ring," Sin Cara wrote. He has
      been out since mid March after he suffered a concussion and was kept off
      television because of his injury. The former Mistico had a rough journey
      in the WWE ever since he was signed and announced at a press conference in
      Mexico City in February 2011. His WWE career has been hit with several
      injuries as well as Wellness Program violations.

      - Variety is reporting that WWE opted not to be a part of YouTube's
      subscription-based model, keeping the popular WWEFanNation channel on the
      Google-owned website free of charge. The story says that YouTube tried to
      lure WWE into signing as a pay-channel however WWE is happy doing money
      with advertising running throughout their thousands of videos.
      Representatives from both YouTube and WWE declined to comment for the
      Variety story. The last time YouTube threw in a big party, WWE was one of
      the first to sign up, being named as original content partner for the
      popular video-sharing website. A couple of weeks ago WWE signed a new
      content deal with Yahoo! that will bring several shows - including a 30
      minute RAW preshow every week - to their additional digital home.

      - WWE.COM is reporting that World Heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler
      suffered a concussion during last night's Smackdown tapings when he
      interfered in a match involving Big E. Langston and Jack Swagger. "He
      [was] having some memory difficulties and a bit of a headache Š he
      definitely has a concussion,² said WWE doctor Michael Sampson. ³We're
      checking him out, and going to be doing neuropsychological testing and
      just keep it monitored," Sampson added. All WWE Superstars and Divas who
      are on the receiving end of a concussion are immediatley pulled out of
      action to avoid further medical problems. Those who suffer a concussion
      have to undergo a series of tests to determine when they can get back in
      the ring. Ziggler is supposed to be involved in a triple threat ladder
      match for the World title at Extreme Rules against Alberto Del Rio and
      Jack Swagger however this injury will certainly shake things up a bit.

      - WWE announced yesterday a new multi-year deal with The Bridge Direct, a
      toy manufacturer to develop and market WWE construction toys. The new toys
      will be marketed for kids of the ages between 4 and 14 and will include
      figures, accessories, and construction bricks to "build your own"
      playsets. "We are excited to partner with The Bridge Direct and bring
      WWE's new construction line to market for the first time," said Casey
      Collins, Executive Vice President of Consumer Products, WWE. "The new
      product line will provide the youngest members of the WWE Universe with an
      entirely new way to engage with our brand, further cementing their
      connection to WWE." Jay Foreman, President and CEO of The Bridge Direct
      described WWE as one of the greatest sports entertainment franchises in
      the world today. "We are thrilled to partner with WWE on an exciting
      product line that offers a compelling and interactive way for young fans
      to engage with one of their favorite entertainment franchises." The WWE
      construction toys are expected to begin rolling out at major mass
      retailers in Spring 2014.

      - TNA's flagship television show IMPACT will be moving back to its
      original time slot of 9PM EST starting on May 30. The big news was
      announced by TNA President Dixie Carter on Twitter earlier today. It was
      on May 31, 2012, that Spike and TNA agreed to move IMPACT an hour earlier
      to kick off at 8PM EST, a move which didn't bring much pluses when it came
      to viewership on Thursdays. The 8PM time slot was announced on the same
      day that it was revealed IMPACT would be going live every week. IMPACT is
      now airing live once every two weeks and is no longer taped at Universal
      Studios in Orlando, Florida. TNA took the old WWE model where they go
      around the country with their show, doing one live television show and
      then taping the next week's show immediately after.

      - WWE didn't take YouTube's subscription-based channel offer, but TNA
      Wrestling was ready to jump in and fill the wrestling void. Joining UFC,
      Cars.TV, National Geographic, 50 other companies, the TNA channel will be
      available for $4.99 a month and features the majority of the TNA
      pay-per-view library and DVD releases. Additional titles from 2012 and
      more premium content will be added on a weekly basis! The new TNA channel
      is available at http://www.youtube.com/TNAwrestlingPLUS. The old channel
      will still be available with free content.

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