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  • Colin Vassallo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2013
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      Monday, April 8, 2013 Issue #3909

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      I thought WrestleMania was a major disappointment for me personally. Yes,
      it was nice to be there for the atmosphere, but the show sucked, apart
      from Taker/Punk. It felt like a very expensive four hour RAW with a large
      nice set.

      The presentation, set, fireworks, etc, were nice and pretty impressive to
      see in person but overall quality of content was lacking, big time. In 10
      WrestleManias that I attended, this is probably the least of my favorites.

      The opening with the Sandy tribute was a nice touch. But no singing? Come
      on, Lilian Garcia was there, she could have done it. And no fireworks to
      start the show? And Diddy taking what, 10 minutes, of a show that was
      already running late was stupid. I like the "Coming Home" song but they
      didn't need to play it live.

      Undertaker's entrance was pretty electric. Gave me goosebumps as always.
      Like I said, Taker vs Punk stole the show, the rest was avoidable. Just my
      2 cents. We are running a poll on our Facebook to get the opinions of fans
      regarding the show, participate at

      Photos from the show which I took can be accessed at

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      - WWE presented their WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view yesterday night with an
      almost four hour show plus a one hour pre-show at the MetLife Stadium in
      East Rutherford, New Jersey. In the pre-show match, Wade Barrett defended
      the Intercontinental title against The Miz. The Miz won in a short match
      with the figure four leg lock to capture the Intercontinental title; The
      PPV kicked off with a fantastic video recounting the tragedy of Hurricane
      Sandy and the determination of the people of New York and New Jersey to
      get their cities back in business. It was narrated by NJ Governor Chris
      Christie. Breaking away from tradition, there was no performance of
      America The Beautiful and no fireworks display to kick off the show; The
      first match on the PPV card was The Shield vs Orton, Big Show, and
      Sheamus. The Shield won the match after Orton was pissed and then Show
      knocked out both his tag team partners mainly because Orton stole the hot
      tag that and eventually led his team to a loss; Ryback vs Mark Henry was
      the second match, which saw Mark Henry pinning the artist formerly known
      as Skip Sheffield. Ryback hoisted Henry up on his shoulders however Henry
      grabbed the ropes and collapsed on him for the pin. After the match Ryback
      gave Henry the Shellshock; Daniel Bryan and Kane retained their tag team
      titles over Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston. AJ gave Dolph the kiss like
      she did to Bryan last year when he lost in record time and Bryan kicked
      Ziggler and quickly covered him but he kicked out. The finish saw Bryan
      going with a flying headbutt and pinning Ziggler after a chokeslam from
      Kane; Sean Combs was up next for a live performance including one of the
      WrestleMania themes "Coming Home"; Alberto Del Rio successfully defended
      the World Heavyweight title against Jack Swagger. Swagger came down to the
      ring with Zeb while the video was the only one who didn't get a proper
      ring entrance on the show. Swagger tapped out to the arm bar. The
      Undertaker's streak lives on as he managed to defeat CM Punk in the match
      of the night. Lots of near falls including some from CM Punk. Punk tried a
      flying elbow from the top rope to the Spanish announce table but came up
      short just a bit and the table did not break. It took two tombstone
      piledrivers to put Punk to sleep. Taker took the urn after the match;
      Lesnar vs HHH in a no holds barred with Triple H's career on the line was
      up next. Lesnar came out looking like a big monster with an impressive
      physique. Crowd was really dead for this match, probably cause they had to
      follow Taker/Punk. Lesnar gave HBK the F5 and then HBK hit the Sweet Chin
      Music on Paul Heyman. HHH locked in the kimura three times but Lesnar
      broke free. Eventually the sledge hammer came in play and a Pedigree on
      the steel steps afterward sealed the win for Triple; The Hall of Famers
      came out to take a bow in front of the live crowd, which was then
      announced at 80,676. Impressive; With the mixed eight person tag team
      match scrapped, it was time for the main event. John Cena became the new
      WWE champion after an Attitude Adjustment following tons of reversals and
      close calls by the two. Cena was being booed out of the building. After
      the match was over, Cena and Rock shook hands and hugged and then Cena
      left the ring, leaving Rock alone to soak up the crowd. Rock kissed his
      family and Betty Skaaland, the wife of the late Arnold Skaaland, before
      joining Cena at the top of the ramp and raising each other's arms.

      - The eight person mixed tag team match featuring Brodus Clay, Tensai,
      Naomi and Cameron taking on Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, and the Bella
      Twins was ditched from the card after the show was running late. The
      elimination of the match meant that for the first time in a very, very
      long time, there were no Divas at all on the card, not even on the
      pre-show, and the only Diva which appeared live on the show was AJ in the
      corner of Ziggler and Langston. "In life we have set backs and
      disappointments sometimes you need your heartbroken to know how much you
      love it #365toredemption," tweeted Brodus Clay around an hour after
      WrestleMania was done. His positive message was retweeted by none other
      than Triple H. The Bella Twins ironically enough posted a photo on their
      Twitter in a group hug with Sandow and Rhodes, writing, "Group Hug.
      Getting ready for our match." Unfortunately for all eight of them, the
      match never even started.

      - A total of 80,676 fans jam packed the MetLife Stadium in East
      Rutherford, New Jersey, yesterday for WrestleMania 29, with visitors from
      all 50 states and 34 different countries. WrestleMania 29 grossed $12.3
      million, breaking the record of MetLife Stadium's highest-grossing
      entertaining event. The show is also the highest grossing in WWE history.
      The previous record at the MetLife Stadium was held by U2 in 2011 which
      did $8.9 million. "On behalf of the great state of New Jersey, I want to
      thank all of the fans that came from around the world to beautiful MetLife
      Stadium for WrestleMania 29," New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said.
      "WWE put on a show like no other and electrified the capacity crowd."

      - Yesterday's attendance of 80,676 inside the MetLife Stadium was the
      second highest attendance for WWE for a WrestleMania show. The show is
      only beat to the number one spot by WrestleMania III, held at the
      Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan, where 93,173 fans packed the dome back in
      1987 for Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan. The three other shows which make
      up the top 5 attendances at a WrestleMania are WrestleMania 23 at Ford
      Field in Detroit with 80,103 in 2007, WrestleMania 28 at the Sun Life
      Stadium in Miami with 78,363 in 2012, and WrestleMania 24 at the Citrus
      Bowl in Orlando with 74,6435 in 2008.

      - WWE had a string of technical difficulties with the online pay-per-view
      offering yesterday on the website PPV.WWE.COM and the WWE Active app.
      Several readers reported that the pay-per-view got "restarted" at one
      point and had to watch it again from the very beginning when the show was
      already a couple of hours in. WWE apparently weren't ready to meet the
      massive demand online and it is costing them dearly as the company is
      already refunding customers for the trouble. WWE charged the full price
      for U.S. customers to order the pay-per-view online and $20 to customers
      in other countries.

      - Top industry insiders are reporting that The Rock sent WWE into frenzy
      today and not in a good way as he packed his bags and left home, leaving
      the plans for him in tonight's show in complete chaos. The Rock was
      scheduled to be a part of tonight's RAW to plant the seeds for next year's
      WrestleMania even though recently Rock said he's still not sure if he will
      be participating. The plan was to have him involved with Brock Lesnar in
      one of the major angles on the show however the word is that there is a
      big change in plans underway as the WWE creative team scrambles for a plan
      B. PWInsider reports that Rock leaving caught everyone off guard as he was
      advertised for tonight's show and there is some massive heat on the former
      WWE champion for bailing out like that.

      - Celebrity Maria Menounos issued an open letter to all WWE fans and
      members of the press regarding this past Saturday's Hall of Fame, where
      the crowd showed their hostility, booing her most of the time. "The fans
      were a little rough as another inductee and friend, Donald Trump, would
      likewise experience," Menounos wrote. "It's understandable as we are not
      pro wrestlers and the honesty of the WWE fans is what makes it fun," she
      then continued, saying that the speech was mainly to tell the world the
      "amazing things about Bob." Since she fears some of the things were not
      heard, she has decided to publish her speech in full in hopes that the
      media prints it in full "for a good friend, a great champion, and one of
      the most incredible human beings." You can read the speech at

      - Well that didn't take very long but less than 24 hours after winning the
      WWE title, WWEShop.com is already selling the brand new John Cena
      merchandise which refers to him as the WWE champion. The new authentic
      "The Champ Is Here" t-shirt features a white-only shirt colour with the
      words "THE CHAMP IS HERE" in big bold black font and an arrow pointing
      downwards. An image of the new WWE title is printed across the waist
      section of the shirt which the arrow points down toŠand not, you know,
      something else! The back has "RTIME=NOW" using the same font and color of
      the front text and the sleeve has the John Cena hand gesture. It's
      available to order now on WWEShop.com for $24.99 or $21.99 for a youth
      size. The shirt is expected to be in stock on April 15.

      - WWE announced yesterday at WrestleMania 29 that the company will be a
      founding partner for the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games, which ill take
      place between June 14 and June 21 of next year in New Jersey. WWE will
      utilise TV broadcasts, live events, digital and social media to create
      awareness and raise funds in support of the USA Games. Besides that, WWE
      will be the official production partner of the Games, filming the opening
      ceremonies as well as producing the daily recaps of the games. WWE will
      also produce an hour long TV show highlighting the Games. WWE Superstars
      and Divas will be involved in various events with promoting the 2014 USA
      Games and several WWE employees will serve as volunteers. The company will
      so make a financial contribution to support the Games. "WWE is proud to
      serve as a Founding Partner of the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games and
      utilize our global platforms to bring more attention to the
      accomplishments of so many determined and extraordinary athletes," said
      WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. "WWE, its Superstars and employees
      look forward to being a part of these important events."

      - Last week's number one movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation with The Rock in the
      leading role slipped down to the third place, with the usual average of a
      negative 47.9% change from the prior week according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.
      G.I. Joe did an additional $21,100,000 this past weekend, the same as The
      Croods movie, raising its total box office revenue domestically to
      $86,663,000. It has an additional $145,200,000 in foreign box office for a
      worldwide total of $231,863,000. In comparison to the previous G.I. Joe
      movie, Rise of Cobra did $150,201,498 domestically and $152,267,519
      foreign for a total of $302,469,017 in worldwide box office receipts.

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