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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Saturday, February 2, 2013 Issue #3864

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      - After eight years, TNA is finally taking their flagship show - IMPACT -
      on the road. The show has always been taped at the IMPACT Zone in
      Universal Studios in Orlando with the except of a couple of occasions. The
      announcement was made yesterday by TNA President Dixie Carter who also
      said that the last two shows to be filmed at Universal will be on February
      28 and March 7. "This is a tremendous step forward for TNA. Fans from
      around the world have been coming to us at Universal for more than 8 years
      to be a part of the IMPACT WRESTLING audience," said Carter. "It's now
      time for us to take the IMPACT WRESTLING television cameras to them."
      Taking the show on the road also means that TNA will finally be able to
      get gate money for their shows, something that they didn't get whenever
      the shows taped at Universal, including pay-per-views. "We are so grateful
      to Universal for being such fantastic partners and look forward to finding
      other ways to work together in the future," Carter added. The first show
      on the road will be on March 14 in Chicago at the Sears Centre Arena, with
      tickets on sale on February 8 at SearsCentre.com.

      - In comments given to the Orlando Sentinel yesterday, Universal Studios
      spokesman Tom Schroder said that the company is grateful for the
      partnership they had with TNA as the relationship between the two
      companies ends next month. "We look forward to the opportunity to work
      with them again in the future," he added. TNA will tape its last broadcast
      of IMPACT at the IMPACT Zone in Universal on March 7 and then the show
      will go on the road. Impact has been taping in one of the many of
      Universal's sound stages since 2004 and TNA gets no gate money for any of
      the shows - including pay-per-views - that are taped inside the theme
      park. Since the sound stage is part of the theme park, guests are allowed
      to enter any ride or show for free upon paying the ticket to enter
      Universal Studios.

      - Thomas Dotterer, the 77 year old who was shot in his eye last week but
      was more annoyed that Punk lost to The Rock than losing his eye, got a big
      surprise while he was on The Abe Kanan Show on SiriusXM Howard 101 this
      morning to discuss the incident. Dotterer explained how he's been a
      life-long wrestling fan and remembers him watching it with his dad in the
      early 40s. He said that CM Punk is one of his favorites as he is
      "outstanding in various aspects of wrestling" and because he does a
      masterful job. Dotterrer went on to say that he likes wrestling because of
      all the athleticism, determination, and skill and Punk is outstanding in
      his art. The hosts then told Dotterrer that they have CM Punk on the line
      and he's been listening the whole time. He thanked Punk and the WWE for
      their work with the Armed Forces and for the smiles they bring to
      children. "You gotta stop talking so I can put you over for a second,"
      joked Punk, as Dotterrer kept talking over with his excitement. Punk joked
      some more telling him that he's supposed to hate him and that he was
      ruining his gimmick but he wasn't there to talk wrestling, but rather to
      tell everyone how awesome Dotterrer is. You can listen to the segment at

      - Bret Hart never shared a big relationship with Triple H and their
      history dates back from when HHH aligned with HBK when both Bret and Shawn
      were going into a massive real-life feud towards Bret's final months with
      WWE back in 1997. In a recent interview with WrestleTalk TV Extra, the WWE
      Hall of Famer somewhat ripped into Triple H and while he admits that he
      has a certain amount of respect for Triple H, to him, he's just a good
      wrestler, but not great. "Triple H has always been a good wrestler. But
      great? What is he now, a 1,000 time world champion? How great really is
      he," Bret asked. He compared Triple H's accomplishments to those like CM
      Punk, and Rey Mysterio, who he called innovators. "But you look at someone
      like Hunter and you wonder, what has he really done," said Bret. "He¹s
      mostly a guy that just showed up and they made him. He¹s always been a
      decent wrestler. I would consider him a good wrestler and pretty talented.
      But great? I don¹t know, I don¹t think so." According to Hart, Triple H
      "never had a great match," not even his last one with the Undertaker would
      fall under the "great" category. "I don't really mean it as a knock, but I
      told myself before I watched it because I'm trying to like Paul now these
      days. That I want to see him do something to make me think he's got
      greatness in him." He said that he thought his match against Taker inside
      Hell In A Cell was "mediocre at best," giving it a rating of 3 or 4 out of
      10. He also called him overrated for being great and can't recall any
      match that he saw involving him that he could call great. When fellow WWE
      Hall of Famer Jim Ross was asked the question on Twitter about what he
      thought of Bret's comments regarding Triple H, Ross - who's a good friend
      of both Superstars - said, "Respectfully disagree." You can see the
      interview at http://w-o.it/11yl5zw

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