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Wrestling-Online Newsletter #3858

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      Friday, January 25, 2013 Issue #3858

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      Colin Vassallo -[editor@...]-

      Ah finally it's the weekend! Not much going on today, back tomorrow.

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      - The Hart Legacy Wrestling promotion in Calgary held its first event on
      the 18th of January with a show titled Resurrection at the Victoria
      Pavilion, in Calgary, Alberta. The sold out crowd at the Pavilion however
      was not aware what was going behind the scenes as during the intermission,
      the staff was informed that they would not be able to get paid that day.
      After the show was over, the promoter, John Oniston, held a meeting and
      asked for everyone's forgiveness and promised to pay with a $100 bonus on
      top of what everyone was owed by January 22. January 22 passed and the
      talent and staff has still not been paid. Jeff Jackson, co-host of
      Wrestling News Live, was one of the members of the broadcast team who
      called the action during the inaugural event but has since resigned from
      the promotion and will not be associated with Hart Legacy Wrestling any
      further due to what happened. "I wanna give kudos to the guys that went
      out in the main event and risked their lives to perform knowing that a
      payday would not be given at the end of the night and to Pete Wilson who
      was rushed to the ER after suffering a shoulder injury and who may not
      work for a while as a result," Jackson said in an e-mail. "Most of the
      talent work other jobs and a fair number of them took a day off to be a
      part of the show, myself included. Some even paid out of their pocket last
      minute for show necessities and of course were not reimbursed," he added.
      Jackson offered his apologies to the crowd who attended the show, saying
      that they all did their part and it's a pity that they were led to believe
      that a new wrestling promotion out of Calgary could work. "I find it
      disgusting that the Hart name is associated with this and it appears that
      stiffing your talent will be what Hart Legacy Wrestling leaves in its
      wake," Jackson continued in his e-mail. "HLW paid with broken promises. I
      only hope that those owed money get what they have coming to them, and to
      Stacy Angel and John Oniston, I really hope you get what's coming to you."
      Jackson noted that none of the staff and wrestlers - except those who were
      paid beforehand - were given a cent for all their work and yesterday
      everyone was given another excuse saying that they would be getting paid
      the week after.

      - For the next movie featuring The Rock, you will be able to see the
      people's champion as the largest you probably ever saw him - in IMAX 3D!
      Paramount Pictures announced in a press release that the G.I. Joe:
      Retaliation movie will be digitally re-mastered into the IMAX 3D format
      and released to select IMAX theatres internationally starting March 28 and
      for a one week run in North America beginning March 29. "Dwayne Johnson
      has resonated well with IMAX fans, and we believe his strong global
      appeal, coupled with the action spectacle of G.I. Joe: Retaliation in IMAX
      3D is sure to excite moviegoers," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President
      of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. The Rock will play the role of Roadblock in
      the G.I. Joe movie which also has Bruce Willis.

      > RAW RATING
      - Monday Night RAW this week scored a 3.04 rating with an average of
      4,320,000 viewers, down from the 3.2 rating it did the previous week and
      around 230,000 viewers less. Hour one of the show did 4,370,000 viewers,
      hour two did 4,420,000 viewers, and hour three dropped to 4,160,000
      viewers. (Ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research and put online by

      - Rumors are flying around that Take-Two Interactive has purchased the WWE
      video game license from the now-dissolved THQ. If the story checks out to
      be true, the sports arm of Take-Two, 2K Sports, will most likely be
      publishing the WWE '14 video game. Alan Lewis, Vice President of Corporate
      Communications & Public Affairs at Take-Two Interactive Software chose not
      to comment about the rumors when we contacted Take-Two today. "We do not
      comment on rumors and speculation," Lewis wrote in an e-mail. The sale of
      the WWE video game license is believed to have been separate from the
      auction that was held on January 22 to dissolve the THQ assets.

      - WWE and the Pearson Foundation today announced a partnership to expand
      WWE's WrestleMania Reading Challenge and promote the importance of
      literacy through a new digital reading program. Beginning February 4,
      students between the ages of 4 and 11 will have the opportunity to join
      the WrestleMania Reading Challenge at WWEReadingSuperstar.com. Through
      this new partnership with the Pearson Foundation's digital reading
      initiative, We Give Books, students will be able to read children's books
      online, virtually connect with WWE Superstar Reading Buddies and enter to
      win a trip to WrestleMania 29 or a school visit from a WWE Superstar. "WWE
      is proud to expand its commitment to literacy initiatives through this new
      partnership with the Pearson Foundation and We Give Books," said Michelle
      D. Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer, WWE. "Given that today's youth are
      digitally connected at such an early age, the WrestleMania Reading
      Challenge will now reach more children than ever before."

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