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[wrestling-online] Wrestling-Online Newsletter #397

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  • Colin Vassallo
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      W R E S T L I N G - O N L I N E
      N E W S L E T T E R

      Saturday, September 4th, 1999

      I S S U E # 3 9 7

      The Official daily newsletter of Wrestling-Online.com

      | Editor: |
      | Colin Vassallo |
      | Editor@... |

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      By Colin Vassallo, [Editor@...]

      We added a new section on Wrestling-Online.com . It's called Classic
      Moments! You'll like it, with stuff to download too. If it's very
      popular, it will be updated more then once a week! Check it out at


      **History of the Undertaker Videos**

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      By Stephanie Kirch, [APBNews.com Correspondent]

      WARNER ROBINS, Ga. (APBNews.com) -- A baby sitter who left seven
      children unattended
      watching a pro wrestling video may face charges after a 4-year-old
      killed a 15-month-old, apparently imitating moves on the tape, police

      "It sounds to us like the child who was doing the beating and kicking
      was imitating
      some of the moves he saw in that video," said Capt. Jerry Stewart,
      supervisor of the Juvenile Division of the Houston County Sheriff's

      Police say 24-year-old Earl Rose, who is engaged to the mother of one of
      the children, was in charge of watching them while their three mothers
      were at work Aug. 28, Stewart said.

      In the afternoon, he put on a copy of the World Wrestling Federation's
      (WWF) "Summer Slam" and sat down to watch with the children, said

      Boyfriend left the house

      When the 15-month-old, Ramone Francois King, started to fall asleep,
      Rose picked him up and tucked him into bed, then told a 9-year-old that
      he was going out to get cigarettes and make a phone call, he said.

      Rose was gone for about 15 minutes, during which time the fatal attack
      occurred, said

      "Three of the children saw the 4 1/2-year-old boy inside the bedroom
      kicking the baby and striking him with the hard plastic arm from a crib
      mobile," said Stewart.

      "They hollered at him to stop, and he did. The three children went back
      to watching the video, and at some point the baby was kicked or thrown
      onto the floor," Stewart said. "The 9-year-old put the baby back onto
      the bed and covered him up with a blanket."

      Sister may have watched

      When Rose returned, he found the baby semiconscious and called 911, said

      Emergency rescue personnel took the child to the Macon County Medical
      Center where he was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He
      was pronounced dead Sunday, the day after the attack. An autopsy ruled
      he died of multiple injuries including a fractured skull and liver

      Police are still deciding what crime Rose may have committed. "We are
      trying to sort
      out what charges may apply," Stewart said. "Reckless conduct or
      contributing to the deprivation of a minor are possibilities."

      Stewart told APBNews.com that the children should not have been left
      alone and they shouldn't have been allowed to watch the WWF video.
      Ramone was the youngest of the seven
      children in Rose's care; the oldest was 9 years old. Police believe the
      victim's 5-year-old sister witnessed the beating.

      Boy to be evaluated

      "I've raised two boys of my own," Stewart said, "and I observed how they
      would get up and start kicking and chopping after watching the Ninja
      videos. Children who are 4 or 5 years old can't distinguish fantasy from

      "Parents need to screen what their children watch, not only on the TV
      but also on the
      VCR," Stewart said.

      He said that the families of the victim and the perpetrator are both
      suffering "unspeakable losses," made more difficult by the fact that
      all three mothers know each other well.

      Plans are under way to have the 4 1/2-year-old evaluated by the
      Department of Family and Social Services, said Stewart.



      - Last Thursday, Smackdown on UPN got a 5.3 composite rating with a 9
      share. That number is down from the previous week, which was a 5.7 with
      a 10 share.

      - The WWF website WWF.com announced the card for the next UK PPV, called
      "Rebellion", to take place on October 2nd, 1999 in Birmingham at the
      NIA. What will be most noted about this event is that the Bulldog will
      indeed make his comeback in the WWF ring. The card announced is: Triple
      H vs. The Rock (Non title cage match); British Bulldog vs. Big Boss Man;
      Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho; X-Pac & Kane vs. Undertaker & Big Show vs.
      Acolytes;Mankind vs. Shane McMahon; Chyna & Mr. Ass vs. Jeff Jarrett,
      Mark Henry & Miss Kitty; Val Venis vs. Ken Shamrock; Ivory vs Tori vs
      Jacqueline vs. Luna; D'Lo Brown vs. Gangrel; Edge & Christian vs Crash &
      Hardcore Holly. Card is subject to change.

      - While Al Snow was pleading to The Big Bossman to spare pepper on RAW,
      he showed some flyers that he had made. On them was a picture of Pepper,
      and a number where people could call should they find Pepper. The WWF
      confirmed that the number that Al Snow gave out was actually Val Venis'
      cell phone number! As you might guess, Venis wasn't exactly thrilled,
      and had to change his number!

      - Due to the U.S. Open, Heat will begin thirty minutes early--6:30 p.m.
      ET/ 5:30 p.m. CT--on the east coast and in the central time zone. If
      you're on the west coast, watch HEAT at the special time of 8 p.m. on
      USA Network this Sunday!

      In the past, we've seen Stone Cold Steve Austin use many interesting
      modes of transport to get to the ring. A pickup truck, a Zamboni, the
      "Stone Cold" Monster Truck, a blood
      mobile and a Coors Light Beer Truck! This Sunday night on HEAT, Deja
      Video presents "Stone Cold's Road Rage!" Last week, Deja Video treated
      us to a special look at the
      historic Hell In A Cell match between the Undertaker and Mankind--this
      week it's on to the Rattlesnake! Aside from some awesome footage, you'll
      see exclusive comments from Stone Cold himself and hear some kickin' new
      music to get the blood flowin'!

      He's mysterious, he's talented and damn he's popular…he's Edge! This
      week on HEAT, check out a look at the life and times of this young

      Who is the Mean Street Posse? That question is on everyone's mind these
      days, as Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs become more and more involved
      with each passing week. HEAT looks into the background of the
      silver-spoon crew, and then Joey Abs takes on Papi Chulo!

      GTV struck again last week on RAW and it may have been a blessing in
      disguise for Chaz. Now that the New Jersey native knows what kind of
      girl Marianna is, he's ready to show Meat exactly what he thinks of his
      lover-boy lifestyle! The two will meet one on one this Sunday night!

      Stone Cold Steve Austin's rehab for his injured knee is progressing very
      well and it is estimated that Stone Cold will be able to return to the
      ring in mid-October according to Health South medical personnel in San
      Antonio. The Rattlesnake is really pushing himself in a very aggressive
      rehab program for his torn PCL ligament. Even though Austin will not be
      released medially to wrestling until mid-October, I fully suspect Stone
      Cold to be in Albany,New York Tuesday for the taping of the September 9
      SmackDown! on UPN. I have spoken to Steve several times this week, and I
      have every reason to believe that he will be a big part of the next
      SmackDown! Stay tuned.

      Austin will be a guest on The Martin Short Show to be taped in L.A. on
      Wednesday, September 15. Air date has yet to be determined.

      Not only will Stone Cold be at the MTV Music Awards Show as a presenter,
      but the Undertaker and The Big Show have also been invited to be guests
      at the annual mega-event on Thursday, September 9 in NYC.

      The Road Dogg is set to return to action in early October as a result of
      his altercation with Chris (Y2J) Jericho. The Road Dogg and Mankind
      recently shot new commercials for Jakks toys. Road Dogg merchandise is
      really doing great, also.

      Test is really in demand for commercial work in Toronto. Don't be
      surprised if this young man becomes Canada's favorite wrestling in the
      next few years. The 6' 6" athlete has extraordinary potential… and he's

      I'm going to be writing the foreword for Mick Foley's book this weekend.

      The Rock will face Triple H in a Steel Cage Match in the UK on October
      2. This is a non-title contest that will be seen on Sky Box Office from
      the sold-out National Indoor Arena. Expect the British Bulldog to be a
      part of this event also.

      Chris Jericho just keeps getting better and better. The WWF is very
      fortunate to have signed such a young performer blessed with not only
      talent, but character as well.

      The Dudleys made quite an impact in their debut on SmackDown! last
      Thursday thanks to some lumber. The 2x4-weilding former ECW tag
      champions have excellent potential. However, Buh Buh Ray and D-Von will
      be challenged to continue to improve and become better than they've ever
      been. Expectations are high for this duo and I think they will get it

      The WWF will do a date at the Oklahoma State Fair on Thursday, Sept. 23.
      The Oklahoma City event will be headlined by Kane, among others.

      Sign Guy Dudley was never offered a contract in the WWF, for the record.

      I'm happy Michael Cole is announcing on SmackDown! Hopefully, The King
      will be replaced in the next few weeks, too. Seems to me SmackDown! will
      be better in the long run with separate announcers from RAW. I think
      Kevin Kelly could become an excellent analyst, if given the opportunity.
      Just my two cents…

      Oklahoma Sooner football is one of my passions and new coach Bob Stoops
      is going to do a super job!

      Test and Tori are not dating.

      Expect a huge announcement regarding the WWF Title match for Sept. 26's
      Unforgiven either Monday night on RAW 11E/10C/9P or Thursday on
      SmackDown! My sources tell me that several opponents are in line to
      challenge Triple H for the WWF Title.

      No return date has been set for Thrasher's (Glenn Ruth) full-time return
      to the ring. It all depends on how quickly Glenn can get himself
      physically ready to go after getting out of shape during his knee
      surgery and rehab. I hope Glenn succeeds because it would be a shame if
      he doesn't.

      Oh, man I can smell that BBQ sauce cooking as we speak! I guess I need
      more hobbies because as you can tell, I'm pretty damned excited about my
      sauce! Hopefully, it will be
      on grocery store shelves in January. It will be so good you won't be
      able to sit still and eat it.

      I'm not too crazy about musical concerts at wrestling events, angles
      with animals, incoherent promos, paranoid veterans who stifle the growth
      of young competitors or matches with cheap endings. I realize I just
      dated myself so does that make me an old-timer?

      My sincere thanks to all of you for spending some time reading this
      stuff and for all your support as I continue to overcome my facial
      paralysis due to Bell's Palsy. Your support is a wonderful reward of
      the business we all love. Take care. - JR



      - Another record was set last Thursday by WCW with their Thunder program
      on TBS. The first hour drew a 1.7 rating while the second hour got a 2.1
      rating, for a 1.9 composite. This is the lowest rating ever for Thunder.

      - In his Calgary Sun article, Bret Hart said that he got a call from WCW
      to return on Monday for Nitro. Bret accepted, but no opponent has been
      mentioned. He says that he did not decide yet if he's fully returning to
      wrestling. To read his article go to:

      > WCW LIVE REPORT, by Dave Scherer & Danny A
      - Where are they now? Ax from Demolition. He has worked some Independent
      shows but he is pretty much retired; WCW had a big storyline planned for
      the Revolution but due to the Ric Flair situation, plans were changed;
      WCW has to have a big show this week to build towards the next head to
      head next week with Raw.

      Where are they now? Marc Mero. He is serving as a manager for Rena Mero;
      Rena Mero will be appearing at the New York State Fair. Marc does not
      plan to return to wrestling, but he says never say never.

      Jeremy played some messages from the Comment Line with many callers
      bashing Mark Madden;
      Bob recapped his feelings about letting Sid beat Chris Benoit; Bob feels
      that Chris Benoit is the best wrestling talent today. In other words,
      Bob feels that he is "tremendous" and "there is not a bigger Chris
      Benoit fan," than him.

      Chastity may be back on WCW Live soon and should return to TV when Hak
      comes back from his injury; Where are they now? Jake the Milkman. Jeremy
      thinks that he is in Illinois.

      WCW Live as a show for wrestlers and fans to vent their frustrations or
      talk about wrestling in general; Brother Love may be returning to WWF TV

      Bob said that the New Year's Eve WCW/Kiss PPV is a reality. It may
      either be in Vegas or the Fiesta Bowl. WCW Live will be involved with a
      webcast; Ted Dibiase may be returning to Backstage Blast; Bob will be
      having dinner with a former World Champion but he would not reveal who
      it is.

      Brief discussion about certain hotline guys saying that the Internet is
      not as much an influence on wrestling that people think. Bob feels very
      differently and spoke about this in his column.

      The show led into Thunder; Post Thunder

      Mark Madden joined the show. He was on Sportsfan Radio this morning;
      Callers have been calling the WCW Comment Line and insulting Madden;
      Discussion about if Sid's winning streak is over because of his DQ loss
      to Saturn on Thunder.

      Thunder is not scheduled for November Thursdays due to Thanksgiving and
      the European tour; Ric Flair is pretty much retired but it is not
      definite; The Dudley Boyz appearing on Smackdown. Buh Buh Ray returning
      to his stuttering gimmick because he can't challenge the WWF fans to

      The disgusting dog skit that was run on Smackdown; Where are they now?
      Shockmaster. He owns 2 strip clubs in Tampa. Shawn Michael's wife
      (Whisper) is a former dancer from one of his clubs; Discussion about Ric
      Flair's contribution to wrestling; Luger has about 3 weeks before he can
      return to active wrestling; Luther Biggs is Coach Buzz Stern's first
      pupil; Plug for Backstage Blast on Monday.


      Wrestling-Online Newsletter is copyright of Colin
      Vassallo/Wrestling-Online. Do not print any of the information contained
      in the newsletter before first contacting the editor.

      The editor can be reached at Editor@...

      Copyright 1996-1999 Wrestling-Online
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